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Cancel the Apocalypse (War of the Giants part 1)

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3/12/2018 7:06:07   

Honour, Hope, Love

War of the Giants Part 1
Cancel the Apocalypse

Travel Map » Sail East » Stonerule » To Stonerule! » Riona Shadowgale » Aw » What do you feel? » War of the Giants! » Part 1: Cancel the Apocalypse!

«Scene: Battleon»

«You»: (thinking) Ah, Battleon. The town where legends are made!
«You»: (thinking) Hmm... Where is everyone? The place is normally bustling around this time!

«Valencia enters from the right, walking toward Yulgar's Inn.»

«You»: (thinking) Hey! That's Valencia!
Valencia: «You»!! Hurry up and get down here! You need to follow me to Kamui's lab!
«You»: Okay, hold on just a second!

«Scene: Battleon, on the road to the Guardian Tower.»

«You»: Whew. Okay, now just what's going on around here? Where IS everyone?
Valencia: We've evacuated the town. The old and infirm are underground, safe beneath the Guardian Tower.
«You»: All right, now I'm worried... Why??
Valencia: There's... something. Something seriously BIG. There's trouble on the horizon.
«You»: Val, I deal with big trouble every. Single. Day. I need more to go on than that.
Valencia: No, I'm being literal here. You haven't seen trouble this big for a-- Uh-oh.

«The ground shakes.»

«You»: Whuuuuuut was thaaaat?
Valencia: Here comes another one! Get behind me!
«You»: You get behind me!
Valencia: No, you get be-- Ah, never mind! Get ready. It looks like danger is afoot!
  • Fight with Valencia's help!
  • Fight by yourself!
      1 BATTLE: Kaiju Foot
      Full Heal
    «You»: You were right-- Danger WAS a foot!
    «You»: I've seen titan-sized beasts before. Was that it?
    Valencia: That, «You», was a small one. And there are a LOT more where that came from.
    Valencia: No time to explain-- Kamui and Warlic will be able to better than I, anyway. Now, come on!!

    «Scene: Kamui's laboratory.»

    Warlic: «You», thank you for joining us. What delayed you?
    «You»: Someone decided that their sole purpose in life was to toe-tally annihilate me. Lucky I had some heel-ing potions with me--
    Warlic: Enough with the foot puns, already. You had a run-in with one of our kaiju invaders?
    «You»: One... of our Kaiju... invaders? This is a thing now?

    «Kamui enters.»

    Kamui: Indeed it is. We are facing what is without a doubt our next potential apocalypse!!
    «You»: Aw no, not another one!
    Kamui: Warlic and I have been putting our heads together trying to locate the source of this scourge...
    Kamui: ... unfortunately, something is clouding Warlic's far-vision, and my satellites haven't been able to pick up anything.
    Warlic: I believe it to be some form of extraplanar interference, though neither of us has encountered anything like this before.
    «You»: Extra-- like from some other dimension?
    Kamui: You could say that. But my scans have also detected energy signatures similar to those found in the ancient Taladosian ruins and on creatures that come from there.
    «You»: The continent destroyed when a cult summoned forth the massive monster Carnax...
    Warlic: Indeed. The connection has not escaped our interest. Carnax was a titanic creature, and we are being invaded by an apparent army of such huge things.

    «Valencia enters.»

    Valencia: Another caravan of the beasts has been spotted heading due southeast toward Lolosia! Whoever cannot flee aboard ship will be crushed between the giant horde and the tides!
    «You»: That's not good. Lolosia has had its share of being stomped on before.
    Kamui: We need you to follow our best guess as to where the creatures may be coming from. While you do that, Warlic will be helping turn the approaching horde from Lolosia--
    Kamui: -- while I track down the prophetess Riona Shadowgale who helped us defeat Carnax once before, years ago.
    «You»: You can count on me! Val, are you coming with?
    Valencia: Sorry, «You», I have to stay here and help Yulgar and Aria watch over the townsfolk that remain.
    Warlic: I've assembled a few heroes to help you. They await you outside. Good luck, friend. I pray Lorithia can help us protect her creations from this new threat.

    «Mentana, Mercuria, and Blackhawke are assembled outside.»

    Mentana: «You», we're ready to go when you are!
    «You»: I'd love to catch up with you all, but we haven't time to waste. Let's get moving. It looks like we'll be moving north and west--
    «You»: -- backtracking in the wake of the titans' path as they tread toward Lolosia.
    Blackhawke: We'll find whatever hole they've crawled out of and shove them back through it!
    Mercuria: Thank you for that somewhat disturbing image, Blackhawke.
  • Fight with Mercuria's help!
  • Fight with Blackhawke's help!
  • Fight with Mentana's help!
  • Fight by yourself!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
  • Fight with Mercuria's help!
  • Fight with Blackhawke's help!
  • Fight with Mentana's help!
  • Fight by yourself!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «Your party comes upon a ruined town.»

    Blackhawke: By the Elemental Lords, this is Ormora! I've spent many a night here recovering from adventuring. Not a single building stands!
    Mercuria: A fate that may be in store for Lolosia, Battleon, and any other place we call home.
    Mentana: We're getting close to the source, according to Warlic and Kamui's projections. «You», in which direction should we proceed? What does your intuition tell you?
    Blackhawke: If you get this wrong, we'll need to keep looking.

    Find the source!
    You are close to the origin of the titan invasion. Let your wisdom lead the way!
    Difficulty: 70
    Stat Used: Intelligence

    «Scene: Atop a mountain, where a portal characterized by a stone frame and roiling colors within hangs in the air.»

    «You»: I think that may be what we're looking for.
    Mentana: A portal-- it's absolutely HUGE. It must be a mile away, but I can feel the mana flow caused by its power!
    «You»: Now that we know where it is, we can at least begin to formulate a plan to shut it down. But what caused it?
    Blackhawke: More importantly, what has me worried is: Why is it not being guarded by anything??
    Mercuria: What was that?!
    «You»: Ugh. I've had a recent bad experience with a loud noise preceding an unwanted arrival.
    Mentana: Look! About halfway between us and the portal, in the middle of that glacier-scoured field!

    «Carnax appears.»

    «You»: Spoke too soon, 'Hawke. I'm pretty sure we can't fight HIM right now.
    Mercuria: Carnax. So Kamui was right. He's involved. But did he make this portal?
    Mentana: I am pretty certain something is wrong, here. Carnax's left and right arms seem to be switched...
    «You»: Let's make a hassty retreat back to Battleon before we get trampled!

    «Scene: Battleon, where Warlic and Kamui have met you.»

    «You»: So there we were, and Mentana noticed that Carnax's arms were reversed! The Carnax defeated years ago had a metal arm on the right and ice on the left.
    «You»: This one has the opposite... So it may not be the same one after all.
    Warlic: It most definitely is NOT. In fact, this is almost indisputable proof that we are dealing with a portal to another version of our universe.
    Kamui: There is other evidence that has come to light as well, as you will see in a moment.
    «You»: Were you able to find Riona Shadowgale? Can she help us against this Carnax?
    Kamui: I've contacted her, and she's on her way. Ah! Here we are--

    «A Dragon Rider enters.»

    «You»: Whoa! That guy's actually riding a GIGANTIC dragon! I've never seen anything like it!
    Warlic: That is because on OUR Lore, the bond between dragonkind and other races is much different. On ANOTHER Lore, dragonriders are the greatest heroes of all.
    «You»: Wait-- So he's not from here, either??
    Kamui: Nope! Luckily, some of these heroes from other Lores have managed to make their way through the portal alongside the monsters.
    Kamui: They've come to help us... Dragonriders, and even mech pilots -- warriors who pilot tremendous machines as tall as the Guardian Tower itself!
    Kamui: We'll need them in the war that has already begun. Come, «You»-- We must defend Lolosia from the army of titanic kaiju from another dimension!!!

    Next: Ride huge dragons into battle in the WAR OF THE GIANTS!
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