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Battle at Sea

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3/17/2018 8:46:01   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Battle at Sea!

Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2017: Battle at Sea

«You can skip this cutscene at any time to proceed straight to the war.»

Captain Rhubarb has been hard at work gathering funds to reinforce the defenses of Lolosia. After a particularly lucrative journey he has requested you to help him haul it back home...

«You and Captain Rhubarb stand in a room on the Red Betty filled with stacks of gold coins and bars»

«You»: *Whew* Thats all the treasure loaded!
Captain Rhubarb: My thanks to ye, «You». This would have taken Frolgar days to haul onto me boat!
«You»: I can't believe someone buried this much treasure and just left it here.
«You»: It's a pirate thing, difficult for you land lubbers to understand. This tre-

«The room shakes»

«You»: What was that?! Are you letting Floyd drive the boat again?

«Captain Rhubarb and You in Guardian plate as black silhouettes walks across the deck of the ship and there black stream of smoke from the fire of an oval hole next to the stern of the ship»

Captain Rhubarb: ARRRRR! Looks like me Red Betty has taken a direct hit!
Captain Rhubarb: Frolgar! Damage report?
Froglar: Blasted a gaping hole right through the hull. She ain't taking on water but the cannon battery be in bad shape We can't afford another hit like that Captain!
«You»: I'll help patch-

«Two silhouettes of small boats speed past the Red Betty towards the right offscreen»

«You»: Were those ships?
Captain Rhubarb: Couldn't be, «You». I've not seen boats move that fast-

«Two small boats piloted by leprechauns speed past the Red Betty. Uncle Sham in a naval commander outfit leads three other boats of leprechauns to face the Red Betty»

Uncle Sham: Attention, tall-folk! I, Sham, President of the Leprechaun Nation, do hereby claim these waters and all-
«You»: SHAM?! What are you doing here?
Uncle Sham: Well shiver me shamrocks, if it ain't «You». I've been looking to diversify me portfolio and piratin' seemed like a good choice. It's been easy money!
Uncle Sham: We be harnessin' the power of rainbow magic that cannae be matched by any wind, and as yer about to witness, after we cripple a ship we loot it clean!
Captain Rhubarb: Bah, ye wretched green vermin! Step foot on me ship and I'll have ye for braken bait.
Uncle Sham: Here that lads? Sounds like an invitation for a rumble to me. You boys get aboard that ship, Ive got money ta count!

«Uncle Sham's boat powered by rainbows sails away»

Captain Rhubarb: So you want to play pirates? I'll patch my hull with ye wee little bones!


Blarney War
Battle At Sea

Sham has turned to piracy to serve his greed! The leprechaun fleet now surround you and the crew of the Red Betty. With the Red Betty crippled you must fight off the Leprechauns before you, the ship, and all the treasure resides with Davey Jones!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five
      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle! or press the X button which will send you back to camp after a set of fights equal to 1 wave.»

      «Momentum: Each time you defeat a monster without fleeing or dying, it increases the bonus by .5% in each category: +damage, +BTH, -Monster damage, -monster BTH. Fleeing causes you to lose 30% of your momentum. Dying or logging out causes momentum boost to reset. Caps at +50% or 100 kills.»

      *+x% damage and +x BTH on outgoing attacks; -x% damage and -x BTH on incoming attacks.
      [X] - Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.
  • Past Loot! - Opens the Blarney shop.
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Twilly's not afraid of Lepwechauns! They're tiny like Twilly!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please.
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
    • Thank you!

  • Let me handle this!

  • Captain Rhubarb - Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Captain Rhubarb's hat - Captain Rhubarb will join you in battle!
  • Froglar - Click on Froglar's cutlass if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Froglar's cutlass - Froglar joins you in battle!
  • Floyd - "MEEP"!
  • Four-leaf clover - The magical four-leafed clover just healed you!
  • Leprechaun top hat - You are now wearing a Leprechaun's top hat!
  • Cannon - Click on the cannonballs under Cap'n's foot to play a special Guardian Mission mini-game!
  • Cannonballs - Play a mini-game to shoot Leprechaun ships. Hitting the ship will give you the following battle:

    1 BATTLE: Treasure Chest

    *If you're not a guardian - Become a Guardian to go on a special mission!
  • Chest - You now ride the Radiant Warhorse! It will disappear when you log out. *If you're not a guardian - If you become a Guardian you can ride the Radiant Warhorse into battle!
  • Potion bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Stairs - These stairs will take you to the quarter deck.
  • Door - This door leads to Captain's Cabin
  • Deck - Froglar must be a master at deck swabbing!

    «Once War Meter reaches 100%»

    Full Heal after every second battle

    «You face Sham on the deck of the Red Betty as a Leprechaun flees the ship with stolen gold»
    Sham: That's it, lads, make yerrselves useful an'haul what ye can back to the ships!

    «Captain Rhubarb swings in from the right with a rope and kicks a leprechaun holding bars of gold, causing them to fall on the deck, Rhubarb stands on the stairs to face Uncle Sham»

    Captain Rhubarb: The only thing getting hauled is yer miserable carcass off'a me ship after I swab the deck with ye!
    Sham: *Sigh* Well, I didn't get dressed up for nuthin...

    1 BATTLE: Captain Sham
    Full Heal

    «Captain Rhubarb stands on the stairs to facing Uncle Sham»

    Sham: Bah! A curse on yet tall folk *hiss*

    «Uncle Sham teleports away in a rainbow coloured column of light»

    «Back in the room on the Red Betty with Captain Rhubarb»

    Captain Rhubarb: My thanks to ye «You»! Yer mettle be as stout as Froglar's wooden leg.
    Captain Rhubarb: I have just the right treasure in mind for your heroism. Take it, you've earned it... just don't be getting used to me sharing me treasure. HA! HA!

    «A column of light emits from the interior of the chest as you click to open»

  • Get War Reward
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It

    Blarney 2017- Battle at Sea

  • Blunderlass [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]
  • Musket Blade [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Piratechaun [L. 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 135 | 150 G]

  • Copper Doubloon [L. 5]
  • Silver Doubloon [L. 10]
  • Gold Doubloon [L. 25]
  • Warmonger [L. 50]
  • Warlord [L. 75]
  • The Conqueror [L. 100]

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Past Loot Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Dialogue thanks to Legendary Ash.

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