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Lupin II

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3/22/2018 7:39:10   

Honour, Hope, Love

Lupin II
DrakelCube E Gads Prequel

Location: Travel Map » Darkovia » Dracopyre Legacy » The Hall of Memories » right » Lupin 2

«Scene: A group of wolf riders are next to Battleon talking»

Gedden: I’m not sure I understand this, general. Why are we seeking this person again?
Lupin: I was a mighty general of the wolf riders. I stood astride the world. All of the wilderness looked upon my work and trembled.
Lupin: Yet «You», with Ravil’s aid, defeated me.
Lupin: They rendered my efforts as dust. It causes one to gain a certain perspective.
Stapimahn: It’s like that strange poem we found when raiding that library last month.
Lupin: Exactly! What was it called again?
Gedden: Ozymandias.
Lupin: Bless you.
Stapimahn: To your health. I can’t remember either.
Gedden: ....
Lupin: Is everything okay, Gedden?
«You»: No everything is not okay General. What are you doing in Battleon?

«Your character enters the scene.»

Lupin: «You»! Just who we were coming to see!
«You»: Oh really?
Lupin: Really. I have news of a plot against Battleon!
«You»: You... you have news? Of a plot? Against Battleon?
Lupin: Yes, I already said that.

«If you choose to listen to Lupin.»

«You»: And why would General Lupin of the wolf riders want to help Battleon? And more to the point, why would I trust you?
Lupin: You’re right. You wouldn’t. You were right, Gedden. We’ll leave...
«If you choose to subdue Lupin.»
    2 BATTLES: Wolf Rider
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE: General Lupin
    Full Heal
«A shop named Special Title opens and after closing it, there is the option to continue the quest.»

Lupin: Fine then, we’re leaving. I know when I’m not wanted.
«Regardless of what was chosen.»

«Falerin enters the scene.»

Falerin: No you won’t. When you chose to take your profiteering to my library, the terms of your surrender were quite clear.
Falerin: Chosen, you need to hear what he has to say. I... Things are happening quickly. Strange things.
«You»: Why are you not just telling me this, Loremaster?
Falerin: There are complications, my friend. I cannot help in this, but he will aid you.
Falerin: Or else.

«Arden enters the scene by some kind of light portal.»

Falerin: Arden? Why are you in clerical robes? You detest such frumpery.
Arden: Because I am your avatar and priest, and the Caelestian council has begun their action.
Falerin: Already? Where is Eldron?
Arden: Trying to delay. He is at the Menagerie.
«You»: Is something wrong on Caelestia?
Arden: You could say that.
Falerin: They are seeking to have me deposed, but this is only a prelude to far more serious things. I have to go back to Caelestia now.

«Arden and Falerin leave to Caelestia using the light portal.»

«You»: You tried to raid Falerin’s library?!
Lupin: Err... it depends on your definition of “raid“?
«You»: I’m so so sorry.....
Gedden: Sorry? Why are you sorry?
«You»: I know the loremaster, and I’ve seem what he is capable of. He’s a friend. And the results of that attempt....
«You»: I wouldn’t wish those on my worst enemy.
Lupin: Thank you. So, a truce?
«You»: For the moment. What is this about?
Lupin: After we last met, I was cast out by the pack. They sided with Ravil.
Lupin: My dreams were in tatters; I had no food, no supplies. Only my two most loyal henchmen remained by my side.
Gedden: Yeah... I’m beginning to regret that bit....
Lupin: Gedden, you wound me! After all we have been through together?!
Stapimahn: All we have been through together is probably why he regrets it.
Lupin: Point.
Lupin: I have reliable intel. The Drakel Minister who rules the K’eld near here is planning an attack.
«You»: Bree’ha? He is planning an attack? And how did you come by this intel?
Lupin: Well, it began a week or two ago....

2 weeks earlier

«Flashback starts.»

Gedden: Why are we doing this again?
Lupin: Because Ardendor has detected weirdinesses coming from this area.
Gedden: I mean, why are we doing the Caelestian’s dirty work?
Stapiman: Do we REALLY need to remind you what would happen if we didn’t cooperate?
Gedden: Eep! No, please don’t....
Computer: First Passphrase Please.
Lupin: Geronimo.
Computer: Password Accepted. Second Passphrase Please.
Lupin: Allons-y.
Computer: Password Accepted. Third Passphrase Please.
Lupin: Jelly baby.
Computer: Password Accepted.
Lupin: And we’re in—
Computer: Fourth Passphrase Please.
Lupin: Fourth password? What!? The paper we stole from that arms dealer never listed a fourth password!
Stapiman: Well now. Isn’t that....
Gedden: Typical?
Stapiman: No, that’s not the word I was thinking of. Like, in a story.
Gedden: Ironic?
Stapiman: No! It’s... ugh, what’s the word? When you’re like the opposite of like...
Gedden: Fantastic?
Computer: Password Accepted. Access Granted.

«Flashback ends.»

Lupin: So we gained access to the computer. We learned that he’s used Drakel Tech, Order Tech, and something called a “Strange Flack”.
Stapimahn: No, it was Odd Flick
Gedden: No, I’m sure it was a –
«You»: Bizarre Fleck? Seriously... I thought we were done with those.
Lupin: It gets much worse.
Lupin: He’s used these to gain a Drakel Cube, and has stolen the other Drakel Cubes. He plans to use them.
«You»: ....
«You»: I told Jano that plan made no sense... but did he listen to me? NO, of COURSE not. *sigh* You’re sure about this?
Lupin: Absolutely sure.
«You»: Well, time to go to Deren.

«Lupin II shop opens.»

Lupin II - Special Title

  • Puppy Kicker

    Lupin II

  • Wolf Maul [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G]
  • Wolf Spear [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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