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Burning Questions

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Honour, Hope, Love

Burning Questions

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 15. Burning Questions

«Scene: A pair of blue and yellow eyed creatures are conversing in a dark cave.»

Luminous Wyrm: HE DID WHAT???
Arctic Horror: You’re surprised? I thought you were supposed to be the "bright" one. Did you really not think someone as hot headed as him wouldn’t jump at this chance?
Luminous Wyrm: I’d think he’d have enough sense not to- I mean this…
Luminous Wyrm: …I’m surrounded by morons.
Luminous Wyrm: Do you have any idea how much this could set back our mistress’s plans?
Artic Horror: Oh, do enlighten me. Your criticism of our brother’s action should be most illuminating.
Luminous Wyrm: … You’re mocking me, aren’t you? Do you have no sense of duty at all?
Terrapin: Far from it.

«A pair of green eyes open.»

Terrapin: He just has faith in our mistress’s plans.

Meanwhile, in another part of lore…

«Scene: You're in a jail where Karuna is locked behind bars.»

Karuna: "Why don’t we just go through this village, Karuna?" "I’m sure it’s nothing, Karuna." "TRUST ME, Karuna." "I’m sure you’re overreacting, Karuna"
Karuna: …Now do you see why I didn’t want to come here??
«You»: It was the fastest route to Deren!
Karuna: Which I was avoiding for a reason! Do I really have to spell it out? They. Don’t. Like. Me. Here.
«You»: I’m sorry, alright! I didn’t know!
Karuna: *Snort*
«You»: Hey, you weren’t exactly Ms. Exposition back there!
Karuna: Is it too much to ask that you take some things on faith??
«You»: *sigh* Listen, I said I’d get you out of this, didn’t I? Can’t you just trust me to do that?
Karuna: My trust in you is what got me in here in the first place.

«Karuna walks out of the scene.»

«You»: (thinking) …I swear, make one mistake and-

«Kamui walks in the scene.»

«You»: Kamui?
Kamui: «You»?
«You»: What are you doing in here?

After catching Kamui up on the recent events…

«You»: …and then they just took the statue and tossed her in here.
Kamui: Interesting. Does she have a criminal record?
«You»: I don’t think so. But…you know, come to think of it, I’ve never heard her talk about her past.
Kamui: Have you tried asking?
«You»: Somehow, I doubt she’s feeling very chatty. I don’t know if you noticed, but she’s kinda angry at me right now.
Kamui: Well that’s where you use your noggin. Ask her questions, see where she’s being deceptive and zero in on those details.
«You»: Uh-huh…and how exactly do you expect me to do that?
Kamui: Well you just use your…oh right, 'deception' isn’t usually a part of the visible spectrum, is it? Hang on a second, I think I have something for that.

«Kamui opens up a portal and tries to grab something in it.»

Kamui: Hmm… no that’s the makeup gun… and that’s the bacteria culture… instant cooking tools, salamander cannon, absolute zero fridge… huh, so that’s where I put my sink….
Kamui: Aha! That feels like them!

«Kamui took out a necklace from the portal and closes it.»

Kamui: Wait… that blue eye’s not right. That’s my incendiary suppression project. Hmm… well I guess one eye work well enough for this. Here you go.

  • Take the necklace

    Kamui: As the name suggests, the Occular Parser for Truth In Conversations (OPTIC, for short)….
    Kamui: … is designed to analyze the physical and chemical signals the speaker displays as he or she speaks.
    Kamui: Thereby determining whether or not that person is hiding something, and showing results on a convenient Heads-Up-Display.
    Kamui: Quite simple, it will show you when someone’s being deceptive, evasive and/or belligerent. Guaranteed to occassionaly get you answers most of the time, maybe.
    Kamui: Now if you’ll excuse me, the maintenance of my LSN should be finishing up pretty soon.

    «Kamui starts to walk out.»

    «You»: Wait, you’re leaving? Why? I KNOW you didn’t just come here to give these to me!
    Kamui: True. In all honesty, I was trying to get a hold of your friend, but seeing how she’s in jail and I’m not comfortable getting people to sign testing waivers under duress.
    Kamui: It’s not exactly a good time for that. I am a principled scientist, after all.
    «You»: … And here I thought you were a Mad Scientist.
    Kamui: Don’t be silly, «You». The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    «Kamui exits the scene.»

    «You»: (thinking) …What a strange guy.
    Karuna: So then, is your great plan to get me out of here "stand around in the jail"?

    «Karuna re-enters the scene.»

    Karuna: Because really, I think I have that covered on my own.
    «You»: *sigh* Listen, Karuna, I want to help you, but I need to know something first. Why do these people hate you?
    Karuna: ….

    «A transparent vault appears below Karuna.»

    «You»: What the?
    Karuna: ?

    «The vault fades away.»

    «You»: Did you just see that?
    Karuna: See what?
    «You»: (thinking) OK, she didn’t... so what-oh right, the OPTIC thing Kamui gave me. This must be what he was talking about.

    Detective Time! Click on a location to explore it!

    «You are shown an overview of the town. On the top right corner a credibility counter is shown. There are four main locations that you can explore. From left to right: The Jail, Fritz's House, Town Crossroads, and the Lada House. You need to collect clues from these places to determine the truth about Karuna.»


    «After meeting certain conditions, Fritz will be present when you visit Karuna and a Yes option is would be added.»

    «You»: (thinking) Ok, Karuna obviously didn’t want to talk about this, but if I want to help her, I’ll need to know. But do I really know enough to make her talk?

  • YES!

    «You»: Alright, Karuna. I know you don’t want to talk to me right now, but if I’m going to get you out of here, I need you to trust me and be able to talk to me.
    «You»: So, before we go anywhere else, let’s talk about this town and your family.
    Karuna: ….

    «A transparent vault appears below Karuna.»

    «You»: (thinking) It’s never easy with her, is it?
    «You»: I’m starting to get an idea of what happened. Fritz confirmed that you lived here as a kid. Probably until you were around seven years old?
    Karuna: ….
    «You»: At least that’s what the height marks in the Lada House suggest. After all they simply stop at 6. Am I wrong, Karuna Lada?
    Karuna: ….
    «You»: And that that was, what, about 20 years ago now?
    Karuna: … yes.
    «You»: About the same time as the lightbringer attack?
    Karuna: !!
    «You»: Given that the villages apparently blame you for the attack, I’d venture to guess that the two events were related. Do you want to fill me in, or should I guess?
    «You»: Guessing it is then.
    «You»: So why did the lightbringers attack?
    • You drew them in!

      «You»: You were probably out playing in the woods, angered a group of lightbringers and ran back to town with them hot on your heels! I’m right, aren’t I?
      Karuna: …Oh gee. I have been found out. The villagers hate me because I was a careless child in the woods, like so many before me.
      Karuna: They hold me personally responsible for having the forethought of a child…when I was child. How ever did you figure it out?
      «You»: (thinking) …Ok, it was a bad idea, but I’m not sure it deserved that kind of snark.

    • You defended them!

      «You»: It’s simple really. After the attack, while the town was still licking its wounds you suggested that they weren’t all bad. The adults didn’t like that and ran you out of town.
      Fritz: …They ran a six year old girl out of town for holding an unpopular opinion? Just what kind of monsters do you think live here?
      «You»: (thinking) ….Yeah, I guess that is kinda an extreme reaction even if I assumed the town was crazy. Whoops.

    • They came for you!

      «You»: The lightbringers didn’t just attack for no reason. They were looking for something. Or rather, they were looking for someone. They were looking for you, weren’t they?
      Karuna: !!
      Karuna: That’s – no. What makes you think that they’d have any reason to look for me??
      «You»: What reason indeed?

      • Present Marks!

        Fritz: Er…what does that probe exactly?
        «You»: They prove that…wait, wrong evidence.

      • Present The’Galin Statue

        Fritz: Ooh, that’s a nice statue. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.
        Karuna: …You? Baldev just made that a few week ago, remember?
        Fritz: Baldev?
        Karuna: My son.
        Fritz: Oh…
        «You»: (thinking) Well, that didn’t work out.

      • Present Drawing

        Karuna: Is that…?
        «You»: A drawing that I found in your old house. It’s a picture of you and Fritz.

        «The paper drawing is shown on the screen.»

        «You»: And I can’t help but notice that you aren’t wearing your headband in it.
        «You»: Funny thing about that mark on your head, I’ve only ever seen anything like that…
        «You»: On a Lightbringer.
        Karuna: !!

        «The vault dial turns.»

        «You»: You’re half-lightbringer, aren’t you Karuna?
        Karuna: ….

        «The vault opens before promptly disappearing.»

        Karuna: I suppose there is no point in hiding it any more. Figures, every time I think you’re just going to charge forward, you go and attack from a different angle.

        «Zooms in on Karuna without her headband on which shows the mark on her forehead.»

        Karuna: You got me. My mother was lightbringer. It wasn’t until the attack that l learned what that meant to the village.
        Karuna: *wry chuckle* They probably never liked us, really. I think Fritz was the only one to stand up for me after the attack, and the adults weren’t going to listen to an eight year old.

        «Zooms back.»

        Fritz: *mutter* insufferable jerks.
        «You»: Holding a grudge, are we?
        Fritz: They exile my best friend because some lightbringers thought she was “impure” – or some other nonsense – and attacked the town to get to her!
        Fritz: Of course I’m holding a grudge!
        «You»: Impure?
        Fritz: I dunno, that’s what they were muttering about when they attacked. By the end of it, Karuna had lost her parents and what did the elders do?
        Fritz: They blamed her for it! Even at 8 years old I knew how dumb that was!
        «You»: …and that’s what they blame you for? The Lightbringer attack?
        Karuna: Pretty much. So, what now? Are you going to see that “justice” is served?
        «You»: Of course. I said that I was going to get you out of here, didn’t I?
        Karuna: Huh?
        «You»: I’m going to get you out. I already knew that you were innocent of the theft charge, I just had to know what you were being so dodgy about.
        «You»: If I’d known that you were just sensitive about your heritage…
        Karuna: I – Thank you, You.
        «You»: Hey, that’s what friends do, isn’t it?
  • NO!

    «You»: (thinking) Hmm, guess I should probably look around a bit more before I ask…


    «You»: Hm, no one here. And I probably shouldn’t be breaking and entering unless I have a good reason.

    «After going through certain scenes. You knock on the door.»

    «You»: Fritz! Come on! I need to talk to you!’
    Fritz: Sorry, can’t help you! I’ve got an…infestation! Yeah that’s it! I’ve got to deal with an infestation of…wait what’s that rabbit doing?

    «The area shakes.»

    Fritz: OH GODS! Somebody help me!
    «You»: (thinking) Well, I’ve had worse reasons to break in a door!
      2 BATTLE : Bun-Broiler, Bun-Bard (Random order)
      Full Heal
    «You»: …Bun-Bits again? I swear those things are everywhere these days.
    Fritz: Oh thank you! I don’t know how I can replay you for your help.
    «You»: You could start by answering my questions.
    Fritz: Oh… right….

    «A transparent vault appears below Fritz.»

    «You»: (thinking) This again?
    «You»: Is something wrong, Fritz? You seem nervous,
    Fritz: Nervous? Aheh… why ever would I be nervous?
    «You»: (thinking) I wonder…maybe it’s…
    • Ill be back! Return to town

      «You»: Excuse me, I need to check something.
      «You»: Don’t leave town.
      Fritz: Er…ok?

    • You’ve done something sinister!

      «You»: You’ve clearly done something wrong! Admit it!
      Fritz: …Is this your first interrogation or something?
      «You»: Er…yes…
      Fritz: It shows. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually.
      «You»: (thinking) Smooth, You. You’re lucky this guy is humoring you after that stunt.

    • You’re a thief!

      «You»: I caught you while you were stealing from the Lada House!
      Fritz: ….
      «You»: ….
      Both: ……..
      Fritz: So wait…you think I was stealing from a house that nobody lived in for nearly twenty years? I’m sorry, but are you daft?
      «You»: (thinking) Well, when he puts it like that, it does sound silly.

    • You knew Karuna.

      «You»: It’s obvious really. You knew Karuna when you were younger!
      Fritz: !!!

      «The vault dial turns.»

      Fritz: …Yeah…I knew her. I don’t see what that matters though. It’s not a crime to know someone.
      «You»: No, but you didn’t just know her in passing, did you?
      Fritz: And how would you know that?

      • A HUNCH!

        «You»: It’s natural conclusion!
        Fritz: …and?
        «You»: (thinking) …I really did not think that one through, did I?

      • The Marks! [Appears only after a certain condition is met]

        «You»: I found marks on the wall at the Lada house.
        Fritz: …I’m sorry, but have you seen the state of that house lately? I’d be surprised if there WEREN’T marks.
        «You»: Oh that house has certainly seen better days, but I’m not talking about that kind of mark.
        «You»: I’m talking about something deliberate, something that would have been put there by the people leaving there.
        «You»: HEIGHT MARKS! Labeled D and K, to track “K”’s growth. “K” stands for “Karuna”, doesn’t it?
        Fritz: !!

        «The vault dial turns.»

        Fritz: That…so what? Karuna lived there, sure. Most people in town could tell you that. But that doesn’t prove anything about how I might have known her.
        «You»: (thinking) I’m making progress, but he’s right. I’m not going to make any headway unless I can probe he knew Karuna well. It’s do or die now!

        • The drawing! [Appears only after a certain condition is met]

          «You»: I found THIS!

          «The paper drawing is shown on the screen.»

          Fritz: !!! That’s-
          «You»: I found it in the Lada house. And given the town’s frosty reception towards her, I think it’s pretty obvious that the girl in this picture is Karuna.
          Fritz: ….
          «You»: And the other child in it…

          «The paper drawing is taken off the screen.»

          «You»: That’s you, isn’t it Fritz? You and Karuna were friends when you were younger.
          Fritz: Yes…

          «The vault dial turns.»

          «You»: And that never changed, did it Fritz? The rest of the town obviously hates her, but you’re still willing to risk it all for her well-being, aren’t you?
          Fritz: Aheh…I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about. I mean what would even make you think that?
          «You»: Well you DID run home to get a hacksaw as soon as you heard that Karuna was in jail. It doesn’t take an archmage to connect the dots there.
          Fritz: !!!

          «The vault dial turns and it opens before promptly disappearing.»

          Fritz: Alright. You caught me. I know this town well enough to say that Karuna won’t get a fair trial here, and I’m not about to let her rot in jail.
          «You»: Wait, trial?
          Fritz: Yeah. She’ll be found guilty though. They still hold her responsible for the lightbringer attack.
          «You»: What lightbringer attack?
          Fritz: The – it doesn’t matter right now. We can discuss what happened twenty years ago when Karuna is safe.
          «You»: (thinking) "Twenty years ago" again? The same time that the Lada house was abandoned? Are the two connected?
          «You»: You’re right. Wait for me at the prison and don’t do anything rash. Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get Karuna out.
          Fritz: Alright. But I make no promises. If things look bad for Karuna, I’m not going to sit back and let it happen.

          «Fritz leave the scene.»

          «You»: (thinking) Well, I have to give the guy points for determination.

        • Ill be back! Return to town

          «You»: Excuse me, I need to check something.
          «You»: Don’t leave town.
          Fritz: Er…ok?

      • Ill be back! Return to town

        «You»: Excuse me, I need to check something.
        «You»: Don’t leave town.
        Fritz: Er…ok?

    Town Crossroads

    Gastoff: Aha! If it isn’t the hero of the hour! You’re going to get his a lot, but perhaps it will mean a little more from the most charming and handsome man in the village.
    «You»: And you’re so humble too…
    Gastoff: Thank you! Nobody’s ever noticed before, and I’ve always said that’s my best trait!
    «You»: Yeah… I think I can believe that.
    Gastoff: At any rate, let me be the first to thank you for helping us capture that vicious monster.
    «You»: …Wait, monster?
    Gastoff: Yes. The beast with the purple skin. The one who undoubtedly stole this statuette from some poor unfortunate soul. I know! It’s sad, but true.
    Gastoff: Rapscallions like her are always causing trouble. It falls upon us as heroes to right their many wrongdoings.
    Gastoff: I only wish my father could have lived to see that evil woman brought to justice.
    «You»: He knew Karuna?
    Gastoff: Oh yes. Her people caused quite a stir here when I was younger. We all suffered for it. Especially Fritz, poor fellow.
    «You»: (thinking) Hmm… Fritz… maybe he’ll know more about what’s going on around here.
    «You»: Do you know where Fritz is right now?
    Gastoff: Well, if I were to apply my – not inconsiderable – intellect to it, I’d guess that he was at the old Lada house.
    «You»: The what house?
    Gastoff: The Lada hohuse. The one with all the holes in it. Such a sorry tale, that one. Perhaps I’ll tell you the story someday. But alas, I have to locate the owner of this exquisite piece.
    «You»: Let me help you with that. She’s in the prison right now.
    Gastoff: Truly this will be a great search that might last as long as –
    Gastoff: What was that?
    «You»: She’s in the prison. That statue was made by her son, a guy by the name of Baldev, she added the glow though for a bit of 'razzle dazzle'.
    Gastoff: HAHA! Fate is truly a funny thing! To think the owner of this would follow the thief to our own quaint little village!
    «You»: That’s not – You know what, sure, let’s go with that.
    Gastoff: I trust you can return this to its rightful owner on my behalf then. And if she’s easy on the eyes, be sure that she hears about my heroic rescue of her property.

    «Gastoff throws the statuette on the ground and leaves.»

    «You»: (thinking) Oh believe me, she knows about that already…

    Lada House»

    «You»: Hm. Nothing here.

    «After going through certain scenes.»

    Fritz: Hey, stranger, what brings you here?
    «You»: I’m looking for Fritz.
    Fritz: Well, I’d say you found him. What do you need?
    «You»: Well, I was hoping you could answer some questions.
    Fritz: Alright, shoot.
    «You»: What happened here with Karuna?
    Fritz: With who?
    «You»: Karuna. See, she’s kinda in prison right now and-

    «A transparent vault appears below Fritz.»

    Fritz: Wow, would you just look at my wrist! Is it that late already?

    «Fritz walk out of the scene and the vault disappears.»

    Fritz: Sorrygottagobye!
    «You»: (thinking) … Well that wasn’t at all suspicious, was it?
    «You»: (thinking) Hmm…I wonder what this house’s story is….

    Click around to search for clues!

    «At this point you have the option to go back to town or click around to look for clues.»

    «Click on the wall markings. You will zoom in on the wall markings»

    «You»: (thinking) Those marks…K2, K3, K4…

    «Click on the paper on the floor. You will zoom in on the paper drawing.»

    «You»: (thinking) What’s this?
    «You»: (thinking) Hmm… this might help loosen some lips. I’d better hold onto it for now

    «Click on the left are of the wall. You will go to the attic.» [

    «You»: (thinking) Hmmm, what could be in this old, creepy attic?
      2 Battles: Dust Bunny
      Full Heal
    «You»: (thinking) Pests in a rundown house. Who’d have thought? Don’t think I’m going to find anything up there…well except more pests.

    «When the Credibility Counter reaches zero.»

    «Fritz and Gastoff confront you at the center of the town.»

    Fritz: You’ve worn out your welcome, You. There is something about you I don’t trust.
    Gastoff: Indeed, with your oddball questions... something isn’t right about you.
    «You»: (thinking) Oh great, my line of questioning has just made them suspicious of me. I better leave quietly if I want another chance to return.

    «Scene: You appear outside of town.»

    «You»: (thinking) Great… now how am I gonna get Karuna out? They don’t trust me, and I don’t have anyone here to help me talk them out of it.
    «You»: (thinking) Actually—!!
    «You»: Kamui? Hello? Is this ear communicator thingy working?
    Kamui: (offscreen) «You»? I’m here. What’s up?
    «You»: I.. kinda screwed up. The whole town hates me, and I can’t get Karuna out.
    Kamui:: (offscreen) Oof. I hate when that happens. I usually hate to wipe everyone’s memory if I want to keep going.
    «You»: … Is that safe?
    Kamui:: (offscreen) Well, it really depends on how you define "safe". See, there’s various degrees—
    «You»: Never mind. Could you do that? Make everyone forget me screwing up, so that I can start my investigation again?
    Kamui:: (offscreen) I… hmm. My radar says that you’re out of city limits, so yes… a localised ray from my satellite….
    Kamui:: (offscreen) Okay, here it comes. Cover your eyes!

    «Screen flashes red for a moment.»

    Kamui:: (offscreen) All done! Everyone’s forgotten everything from the last ten minutes. You should be clear to begin investigating again.
    «You»: Thanks! I owe you one!

    «Your Credibility Counter is reset to 5 and you restart the investigation from the start.»

    Correct order of events:

    Town Crossroads » Lada House (Click on both the wall markings and paper drawing) » Fritz's House » "You knew Karuna." » "The Marks!" » "The drawing!" » Jail » "Yes" » "They came for you!" » "Present Drawing"

    «After discovering the truth about Karuna the credibility counter disappears.»

    «You»: Alright, the trial should be starting soon. I think I know how to win this. All we have to do is keep calm, take things slowly and –
    Kamui:: (offscreen) You! You! Listen! The LSN just finished rebooting!
    «You»: Now’s not the time, Kamui!
    Kamui:: (offscreen) Oh yes it is. I just got two hits on the Fire Orb 200 metres southeast of your position!
    «You»: WHAT?
    «You»: Ok, change of plans. Fritz? Start sawing. Quickly.

    «Scene changes to the center of the town. A fire monster with the Fire Orb appears.»

    Blazing Serpent: AHAHAHAHA! I’ve never felt so alive!

    «You enter the scene.»

    Blazing Serpent: You again???
    «You»: Guilty as charged. And I believe we have some unfinished business
      1 BATTLE: Scorching Serpent
      Full Heal
    Blazing Serpent: Oh no no no. I can’t lose here! Not while I have the orb!
    «You»: I believe the evidence suggests otherwise.
    Blazing Serpent: You smug little…

    «Fritz, Karuna and Gastoff enters the scene.»

    Karuna: I’ve had a very bad day, so I’m only going to say this once. Leave.
    Gastoff: If you couldn’t hold up against this hero, how do you expect to face off against the mighty Gastoff? ..and everyone else?
    Blazing Serpent: ….
    Blazing Serpent: Fine. I know when I’m beaten. I’ll remember this, «You». And I’ll etch the memory on your bones the next time we meet.

    «The Blazing Serpent leaves. You and Karuna goes outside the town.»

    «You»: Well, that went better than I’d hoped.
    «You»: Er…after the fire beast, I mean. With how the villagers just let you go.
    Karuna: They owed you, they wanted to get rid of me again, and their prison had a hole in it.
    «You»: I’ll take that as a victory.
    Karuna: Maybe next time you’ll listen to me when I say that I don’t want to go somewhere.
    «You»: I promise.
    Karuna: Then I’ll take THAT as a victory.
    «You»: You know, there’s one thing’s still bothering me, Karuna.
    Karuna: You don’t say?
    «You»: Yeah. You had to left this town when you were…what? Six or seven?
    Karuna: Something like that.
    «You»: Well you had to have gone somewhere after that. What did you do after you left?

    «Three vaults appear that keep on fading in and out of existence.»


    «More vaults appear and they all suddenly disappear after a moment.»

    Karuna: Sorry I don’t feel like talking about that right now.

    «Karuna leaves the scene. »

    «You»: OH COME ON!

    «The Burning Questions shop opens. After you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Burning Questions

  • Hacksaw [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127, 137 G, 147 G]

  • OPTIC [L. 7, 27, 47, 67, 87, 107, 127, 137 G, 147 G]

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