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Grenwog '16

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3/27/2018 9:40:07   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Grenwog Festival 2016

Location: Grenwog Portal Painting » Click on the Grenwog Festival! logo

  • 2008: Egghead! - An odd new animal has showed up in town just as Grenwog arrived, quest to find out what it is!
  • 2009: Food Chain! - It looks like the Grenwog isn't quite the top of the festival food chain!
  • 2010: Bun-Bit War! - Cuddly bunnies have emerged from their burrows, and they're MAD!
  • 2011: Bun Rangers! - They're the cuddliest defenders of justice you'll ever meet!
  • 2012: Bun Rangers Nitro! - The Bun Rangers return with souped up hot rods!
  • 2013: Night of the Grenwog! - The Grenwog undergoes a dark transformation this year! (Hope you brought garlic!)
  • 2014: Missing Eggs! - It's a catastrophe - who stole all the Festival's eggs!
  • 2015: Bad Eggs! - Nerfits have left their eggs all over Zorbak's house! - (when clicked) Click the Grenwog Festival logo to play!
  • 2016: Dino Eggs! - Watch out - there's some dangerous eggs mixed in with the Grenwog eggs! - (when clicked) Click the Grenwog Festival logo to play!
  • 2017: ??? - Coming in 2017!
  • 2018: ??? - Coming in 2018!
  • 2019: ??? - Coming in 2019!
  • Grenwog Festival - Click the Grenwog Festival logo to gather eggs!

    «You can skip this cutscene at any time.»

    «Scene: Yulgar's Inn. Hans has his left arm wrapped in a bandage while speaking to you.»

    Hans: What happened was, I was thinking of getting Aria some Tiger Lillies.
    «You»: Oooooffff. THAT explains it.
    Hans: And I thought it would be easy! They're FLOWERS!
    Hans: I could both get her a cute pet that she'd love, AND get her some romantic flowers at the same time! I didn't expect them to come at me with claws and fangs!

    «From outside the inn, Zorbak yells:»

    Zorbak: Hey «You»! Get out here! NOW!
    Hans: ... Is that Zorbak?
    «You»: Sounds like him. Anyway, do you need some help? I could go and beat up and trap a few pansies for you.
    Hans: Nah, I'm good. I have a better plan: snapdragons.
    «You»: Like, the pretty flower kind, or the kind that breathes fire?

    «Unhappy that he's being ignored, Zorbak threatens you:»

    Zorbak: Get out here NOW before I start burning the town down!
    Hans: Um... just the flower. I figured the pun would be enough and... hey, shouldn't you go see what Zorbak wants?
    «You»: Nah, we'll be fine. I mean, he's ZORBAK. What's the worst he could do?
    «You»: And it's good that you're just going to pick a few flowers. Galanoth took me hunting snapdragons once and--

    «A rumble shakes the inn.»

    Zorbak: NOW!
    «You»: *Sigh*

    «Outside the inn, you find Zorbak standing beside a pile of eggs.»

    «You»: Alright, you got my attention.
    Zorbak: Good! I need you to get rid of some eggs.... well a lot of eggs. Some Nerfits snuck into my hideout and laid eggs all over the place!
    «You»: ...Huh? Nerfits?
    Zorbak: Yes, horrible little rabbit-things.
    «You»: ...and that's it? Getting rid of eggs?
    Zorbak: I certainly HOPE that this is it! It took me forever to clean out the place!
    Zorbak: Ugh, what IS it with you idiots and garish color schemes like this? Are you TRYING to make me gouge out my eyes, and everyone else's in the process?
    «You»: Hey, don't look at us! Werehare eggs (and apparently Nerfit eggs too) are naturally brightly colored to--
    Zorbak: Does it look like I care?
    «You»: No, but it looks like you're about to leave before I rethink helping you. Hint hint.
    Zorbak: Meh, fine, whatever. Later, loser.

    «Zorbak exits the scene, leaving behind the eggs.»

    Hans: Well that was oddly generous of him! It'll really help the Grenwog Festival this year!
    «You»: Heh. Yeah, I guess we finally get a break.

    «The scene focuses on one of the eggs in the pile Zorbak left behind. The egg hops up and legs burst through from within. The scene fades to black and you are brought to the Grenwog Festival menu.

    The time has come for the yearly Grenwog Festival, when eggs are hidden throughout town. Collect as many as you can and trade them in for special things! If you save up over enough eggs you can open shops to buy permanent versions of these items!
  • Egg Hunt!
    • Any time you beat a monster - You loot «» eggs off the monster!
    • Any time you lose against a monster - The monster loots «1/2» eggs off your corpse!
    • There is a chance you will lose some eggs when you run from a monster - You drop «» eggs as you flee!
    • You can randomly trigger the event with the Tyrannochicken Rex during the Egg Hunt.
        You found some eggs...
        But one looks out of place!

        «The screen shakes.»

        ...and the egg's parent
        doesn't sound happy!

      • Outrun it!

          You enter into a mini-game similar to the game in The Memories of a Gecko/Pae's quest. Use the up arrow to dodge objects when they come.

          If you fail, a cutscene happens where the Tyrannochicken Rex CHOMP! you causing instant death. You don't lose SP when this happens but you do lose half of the eggs you collected.

          If you win.

            «You»: *Huff* *huuf* *Wheeze* Gotta.... catch my breath. Who knew egg collecting could be so hazardous? I hope I don't run into anymore of those!
            «You»: Now I just need to find out where I am. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and nothing around here looks--
            «You»: Why hello, giant pile of eggs. Have I got a nice home for YOU!

      • Fight!
          1 BATTLE: Tyrannochicken Rex
  • Egg Trade!
      You can trade some of the eggs you've found for temporary items in the spirit of the season. For just 5000 eggs, you can visit one of these shops and purchase a weapon, armor, or other item to help you remember and celebrate the Grenwog Festival all year long!
    • Temporary Items!
      • Were-Bunny Form - 4000 Eggs
      • Eggbeater - 3000 Eggs
      • Were-Bunny Helper - 2000 Eggs
      • Eggshell Shield - 1000 Eggs

      • Back

          «If you attempt to buy an item without having enough eggs:»
          Whoops... you do not have enough eggs to get this item! You need to keep hunting for eggs!
        • Specials! - Return to temp items shop menu
        • Back - Return to main Grenwog Festival menu

          «Once you purchase any of the temporary items:»
          Congratulations! You have purchased a special Grenwog Festival item! Remember, these special items are temporary and will go away when you log out.
        • Specials! - Return to temp items shop menu
        • Back - Return to main Grenwog Festival menu

    • Permanent Shops!
        «If you lack the 5000 eggs for any of the shops, the message "You don't have enough eggs to open this shop! You have «X» and need 5000." is shown. Each shop below is titled Eggstra-Secret Shop: «Item Name».»

      • Wabbit Armor
      • Egg Staff
      • Grenwog pet
      • Eggsecutioner (sword)
      • Eggscruciating Force (maul)
      • Eggsessive Force (gun)
      • Carrot Weapons
      • Nerfit Pet
      • T-C-Rex Rider
      • Invoke T-C-Rex

      • Go Back

        «If you enter any shop, after leaving it Robina speaks to you.»

        Robina: I hope you enjoy those items! They'll probably all be gone after Grenwog Festival is over, so be sure to get what you need now.
      • Okay!

    • Find Out Who's Behind This! - This option skips the Bad Eggs dialogue below, beginning from the point where you confront Zorbak, if you have at least 20,000 eggs on hand. If you do not have that amount, you get the message "Keep searching to find out! You should find out by the time you reach 20,000 eggs!".
    • Done Shopping
  • Eat Some Eggs - -100 Eggs (or all eggs if <100) in your possession, full heals you. If you have no eggs, you get the message "You do not have any eggs."
  • Missing Eggs Quest!
  • Older Quests!
  • Back to town...

    «You can speak to various NPCs standing beside the Grenwog Festival menu.»

    Valencia: There's nothing I love more than an egg hunt! Well, maybe a treasure hunt. But since you can trade the eggs for items, that's fine with me!
    Valencia: Say hi to my friendly pack-salamander Grumbugly if you get a chance!
    Valencia: Oh, and before I forget-- There is a rumor going around that there is actually a NEW monster out there that is hunting the Grenwogs!! So be careful!
  • Okay!

    Robina: This holiday just recently began. Not only does it celebrate the arrival of Spring, it has another purpose...
    Robina: You see, last year many of the Werebunny eggs were stolen and-- gulp-- eaten by some strange creature with, well, an appetite for werebunny eggs.
    Robina: Yes, that IS a strange appetite. I searched for that creature for months in the forests of Lore. All I found were clues... clues which led me to believe the creature is none other than--
    Robina: --the fabled GRENWOG! This year, we need to collect all the eggs we can, AND try to stop the Grenwog from getting them! Good luck!
  • Right on!

    Artix: Spring is here! Time to find all the eggs we can before the nasty Grenwog finds them!
  • Okay!

    «Clicking on Grumbugly causes it to walk into the scene, carrying health potions on its back. You can refill potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).»

    Dialogue thanks to whackybeanz and Tep Itaki.

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