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The Swordhaven Stables

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4/1/2018 5:35:25   

The Official BluuHorseOfficial Character Info!

He goes by multiple aliases—BluuHorse and Marce his most often used ones, and that is not just because of his persona making him a secretive person—but what he’d chosen to do...

Ever since his young age, he’d attended various small SoulWeaving Schools in Edelia, due to his family having moved for a variety of weird unexplained reasons that have always remained a mystery to him. He’d never really been the best nor the worst one, but he was an above average weaver. He was always mysterious and lonely, not due to rejection, but rather by choice. He’d had people wanting to be his friends, but he turned them all down due to him never trusting anyone enough to be able to confide in them about even the slightest of matters. He would often skip classes to walk in silence in the fields and woods during the day, because after all, who cared about the fact that the extinct species of AzureFlies glowed bright before resting in peace? He was often thought to have been constantly thinking about something, and was known to appreciate silence and solitude. When the other weavers played during recess and spoke about things like how impossible it was for them to have an animal as a soul-allu, he sat by himself atop a tree in silence, enjoying the breeze. When they wove during practicals, he stood at the edge of a cliff at the mercy of the wind. He’d sneak out at night to the woods and sit in silence as the fireflies sat around him. However, he’d always focus on weaving when he had to. He’d never wanted to be like the other weavers. He’d never found a Soul-Ally when he was in school, but has spoken to some before.

He was always fascinated by telekinesis in that the kinetic could control objects around them to their will to do their bidding. He’d been practicing it in secret with spoons whenever he was alone, but when he had a spoon in hand, he couldn’t resist gelatin. But he loved SoulWeaving, too. He wanted to master it as much as possible and use it for whatever he needs. That was what he wanted the most. More than anything else. It was his aspiration—to be able to lead troubled souls the the plane of elemental spirits... That was how he’d become a true Master SoulWeaver.

When he began attending the Edelia University, he observed that other people had already had Soul-Allies of their own. By the start of the second year, everyone was encouraged to find one, and most weavers picked one that either looked good or fought well. But that’s not what he was concerned about. He wanted a soul-ally with a persona that he could relate to and grow to like. He’d visited the plane of elemental spirits so often under the guidance of his teachers so often that he prematurely mastered it, too, but he never found the way to the soul-ally he desired.

He would wander into fields of fireflies and connect with them, as they sat on his hair and the tips of his fingers and swirled around him as he laughed his joy out with them, shed his tears by their side and looked at them and felt the voice of a thousand words reverberating through every second of silence. Someone he could understand without the media of words.

On his third year, he’d begun to focus more on telekinesis. He grabbed a few Shards of the Spirit-Loom and tried levitating them with little success without soul-threads. He’d not been able to focus too much on it, except for the few times he’d bent a few spoons. He had time to do it, but he focused on the art of weaving, too, by a large margin. He’d wanted to be able to see souls clearly, and feel their radiant presence even with his senses shut. That was a side project that he never got around to try much, however.

By his fourth year’s end, he’d mastered regular SoulWeaving and was able to completely manipulate souls, and some objects as well due to telekinetic practice. He worked hard toward his goal of being a Master SoulWeaver and spent most of his time on it. He never had much time for Telekinesis this year, and he invested in SoulWeaving.

But the vacation before the fifth year... that changed him forever. His parents were good friends of the Creatioux,and they wanted to take him to visit Elucidas, and when they reached, that was his first interaction with Elucidas. His parents seemed very happy to be there and he knew he would get bored eventually, so he decided to sneak into the woods for a brief moment. One moment turned into two, which turned into him sleeping under a tree with the fireflies. Although nothing affected his health, he woke in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar blue glow. He looked up as a firefly fluttered and sat on his finger. It glowed like the other fireflies, but... it felt cold and glowed a bright blue. The light was bedazzling, but blinding, too. It cuddled on his finger as he felt its pain and suffering through its last moments of life. He recognized it. It was a species beleived to be extinct, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. He wished he hadn’t skipped classes and studied carelessly, but he foucused on the matter at hand. This AzureFly had bared through 200 years after its species’ extinction, only to take its final breath now. He cried when he understood its pain. He held it close and cuddled it. As he felt its essence draining away, he closed his eyes, shut off his senses, but could see its soul clearly. He saw it as an AzureFly as its presence unfolded. He felt tears brimming on his lids, but thought of... clarity. He found a connection hanging above him in the form of an orb. He felt its radiance. He moved the soul towards the connecting orb—not through SoulWeaving, but Telekinesis—and as he opened his eyes, the AzureFly glowed brighter, then sucked in all its light and transformed into a horse briefly before turning into its soul and fading. He should have celebrated. He’d mastered all his goals at once—connecting a soul to the plane of elemental spirits while feeling its presence with hos senses shut off—but despite his heart being too big for his body, he couldn’t bare the pain the AzureFly had to go through...

His parents who thought he was lost came searching for him and asked him what happened, before immediately thinking he was attacked. He used this opportunity to tell them it was a woodland monster that he’d fended off. His parents were terrified and promised to never send him away again until he was a Master SoulWeaver. Little did they know, he already was.

In his fifth year, he finally found the soul-ally he was looking for. Everyone who thought it couldn’t have happened that he’d get an Ally due to his prior failed attempts stared at him in awe. He’d got himself a soul-ally that was not just any animal, but an extinct one at that which he’d connected to the plane of elemental spirits.

As a kid, he thought that when he finished college, he would become a hero and save people and the like. But now, he had a bigger goal. To gather and care for all the endangered animals he could find and keep them safe from the Rose—and he’d do it right under their nose.

His Ally goes by the element of Light which circulates in his naturally black hair which makes it pulsate into shades of orange and brown at random, but sometimes yellow and green too. The only constant part of his hair, however, is blue—to represent the last color he saw from his Ally, which, like the blue rain, is seen by everyone but understood only by the sensitive. He picked the suffix Horse due to that being the last thing he saw from his Ally. He picked the other alias Marce because he likes that name.

Welp, it’s too large :p Gotta upload it on Deviant!

This gallery is a collection of all the monsters and creatures that Marce encounters on his journeys around Lore. He’s built a base under the abandoned Swordhaven stables ever since Alteonic Cavalries’ training barrack grounds had been shifted. He easily concealed the entrance with Creatioux magic besides the various traps and security patches he’d used to conceal the entrance. He collects magical creatures just like the rose does—but instead preserves them instead of making them slaves to himself.

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4/22/2018 19:35:56   
Shadow X Ascendant

It's a Great one story, i will work on one for me now, i am just not good at making fanarts hehehe

ohh that gave me an great ideia, what if in my story i add the Baltael's Aventail, because since i am a shadow in human form, i don't have a Face, so the Aventail covers it. I Will Drawn one.

Edit - hey man, on Your Origin Topic I Finished My Full Story, i wrote it as a story book

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