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RE: The Darkness Gallery of Shadows

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10/3/2018 20:15:04   
Shadow X Ascendant

The Baltael's Necro DragonMage

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 126
10/3/2018 20:17:36   
Shadow X Ascendant

The Baltael's Weaver of The Void

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10/3/2018 20:37:37   
Shadow X Ascendant

Shadowed DeathKnight Shadow VS Unhallowed DeathKnight Malifact

"Time To Awaken The True Power of DeathKnights"

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10/3/2018 21:27:16   
Shadow X Ascendant

Ascended Shadow of The Unraveler

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10/5/2018 16:28:53   
Shadow X Ascendant

Dola, Drawn By Hand.

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10/5/2018 16:30:31   
Shadow X Ascendant

Skamedar, The Elemental Spirit of Vengeance, was an Exemplary Knight in his Life-Time , his fights were always enjoyable, The heat of Battle burned trought his body, he always fighting, it was his reason to life, but that passion has became cursed, everyone started fearing him, that he could become an disaster in the future, so they did what they think was Right..... for them only.

Being a Spirit of Vengeance, Skamedar possesses exactly the same powers of an Reaper , He is an entity sent from Darkness to punish sinners. He is characterized by multiple spikes protruding from his body. He can detach some of these spikes, along with the ones from his scythe-like and Sword-Like Hands , and use them as Reaping Weapons. He has a more demonic look with his rib cage popping out of his chest. Skamedar's powers come from a shard of the "Extreme Necklace" that has been bound to him , inside his grave. Givem to him by his trainer as an proof of his great Knowledge of Power and Strategy

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10/5/2018 17:34:38   
Shadow X Ascendant

ArchDryad Malydrys, Drawn By Hand

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10/5/2018 22:39:15   
Shadow X Ascendant

Shadows of Abyss VS EgoManiacs Duo

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10/6/2018 13:43:55   
Shadow X Ascendant

Ascendant of Extreme Shadows

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10/6/2018 18:52:46   
Shadow X Ascendant

Vaalex , The Exalted Pyro Weaver . (Xan+Vaal)

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10/6/2018 19:24:57   
Shadow X Ascendant

Shadows of Abyss VS Sciuridaehotep

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 136
10/7/2018 21:01:58   

As always, I like your work. I think my favorite is the Spirit of Vengeance though. He has such an interesting background, not just a picture of a character we know.
DF  Post #: 137
10/7/2018 21:32:27   
Shadow X Ascendant

Hehe Thanks , Skamedar is my "Replacer" After i consume Aegis and Become an Fleshweaver, Skamedar Knows that Sacrifices are part of Life. By The Way, on "Shadow of Abyss VS Sciuridaehotep", My Ascendant Look that is holding his Hat and Put his left Arm Aside, Like when Michael Jackson Makes Moonwalk, No?

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10/17/2018 21:31:32   
Shadow X Ascendant

The Blue Blood of Necro Paragons

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 139
10/21/2018 16:01:08   
Shadow X Ascendant

My Second Idea For My Inn Challenges . Hollow Darkness Challenges . The Edginess

Quest Dialogue - The Edginess Watchs His Next Prey......You......
Win Dialogue - Can You Feel The Edge?

Race : ???
Element : Darkness
Damage : Scaled
Hp/MP : Scaled

Resistance = Darkness : 666, Evil : 666, Immobility : 100 , All : 10, ??? : 100, Ice : 100

Stats: STR: 80, INT: 30, DEX: 30, CHA: -100, LUK: 10, END: 50, WIS: 40
Defenses: Melee: Scaled, Pierce: Scaled, Magic: Scaled, Block: 15, Parry: 15, Dodge: 15
Offenses: Crit: Scaled, Bonus: Scaled, Boost: 0%

Attack 1 - The Edginess watchs your design to judge you before battle

If You are Wearing DoomKnight, Applies Doom Edge : +200 Avoidance, +200 Bonus and +150 Boost for 99 Turns. "Doom......Falls.....For.....Edge"
If You are Wearing Paladin, Applies Holy Edge : +100 Avoidance and +50 Bonus for 99 Turns. "Light.....Can't....Pierce.....Me"
If You are Wearing DeathKnight, Applies Death Edge : +100 Boost + 50 Bonus for 99 Turns. "Death......Is....my.....Art"
If You are Wearing Fleshweaver (when released) Applies Flesh Edge : +50 Bonus and +100 Crit for 99 Turns. "Flesh.....means......Sacrifice"
If You are Wearing Zardbie, Applies Virus Edge : +150 Boost, +100 Crit for 99 Turns. "Your....disease.....is.....pathetic
If You are Wearing Entropy, Applies Plague Edge : +100 Boost and 50 Bonus for 99 Turns. "Gorgok...won't....save...you"
If You are Wearing Chaosweaver (when released) , Applies Chaos Edge : +100 Avoidance for 99 Turns. "Call....Your...Soulminion"
If You are Wearing Necrotic Sword of Doom, Applies Necrotic Edge : +200 Avoidance for 99 Turns. "Necrotic......Useless"
If You are Wearing ChickenCow Armor, Applies Chicken Edge : +200 Boost and +200 Bonus and +100 Crit For 99 Turns. "Better....use...Your....Flee"
If You are Wearing Necro/Paragon, Applies Necro Edge : +100 Avoidance and +50 Bonus for 99 Rounds. "Your...Minions..won't...save....you"
If You are using any other armor, it will do nothing against you. "I.....am.....satisfied"

Attack 2 - The Edginess Hits you With Spikes dealing 3 hits of average Darkness Damage. ".....Spikes......Hurt". Consomes 20% mana

Attack 3 - The Edginess Launchs an combined Laser From His Two Eyes for 3 Hits of Greater Darkness Damage. "...Combined......Power" consomes 20% mana

Attack 4 - The Edginess Attack With His claws for 3 Hits of Average Darkness Damage. "None.....shall....stand" consomes 30% mana

Attack 5 - The Edginess Looks Inner your soul and Stuns you for 2 Rounds. "You....are....in.....CHAOS" . Consomes 30% mana

Attack 6 - The Edginess removes all your buffs and heals 5% MP for Each Buff You Have. "Try.....again......If...you...can".

Attack 7 - The Edginess attacks you for 2 Hits of ??? Damage and Adding 1 Cooldown To all your skills. "You....are....Hopeless" .

Attack 8 - It Hits Itself for 10% of His health To Add +200 Avoidance for 3 turns. "Much...Edge....it..hurts...but..i am... great''

Attack 9 - If You use skills that Attack Mana, It Will lose 30 Boost for 99 Turns. "....Damn....you...worm"

Attack 10 - If The Edginess Run out of Mana, he will spend the next 5 turns recovering all his mana. "My...Mana...is .....all"

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 140
10/21/2018 21:31:23   

I'd hate to face that guy. Too many edges. It'd be cool if the team used him though..
DF  Post #: 141
10/21/2018 21:54:20   
Shadow X Ascendant

This would be the first Inn Boss to actualy use mana hehehe
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 142
10/24/2018 21:37:39   
Shadow X Ascendant

Edginess ExTreme

Quest Dialogue - "True Caitiff is Nothing compared to me..Witness The real power of....DARKNESS"
Quest Win - The Edginess Salutes Your Power and Knowledge
This one will be equal to Edginess Normal. But that One will spam his skills randomly

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 143
10/24/2018 21:49:25   
Shadow X Ascendant

Reward for Beating Edginess ExTreme

"DC Tag" The Edgy Eye of Edginess

"The Edginess is Proud of your Battle , enough to give you his Ultimate Weapon as an reward, If you look deep inside the scythe's Eye , you can see the image of Edgniess, was he looking you all this time, learning your moves for next encounter? Don't worry about it....for now... Just focus on devasting the Light creatures with the Pinnacle of Darkness weapons, The Edgy Eye of Edginess, It also has an special in the Class of Shadow combos, You got it ? Proof of Your Victory over the Edginess ExTreme"

Level: 90
Damage: 92-100
Element: Darkness
Weapon: Scythe
Type: Melee/Magic/Pierce

Bonuses: Block +5, Dodge +5, Parry +5, Crit +15, Magic Def +5, Pierce Def +5, Melee Def +5, WIS +20, END +20, CHA +10, LUK +15, INT +5, DEX +5, STR +5, Bonus +15, Health -20, All +10

Special - "True Darkness" apply -100 Darkness To enemy and "Darkness Wall" +25 Light for you for 20 Turns when special is actived . by 6.66% Rate

Artifact - Shadow Hunter , Removes The 9 Round Cooldown of Shadow Hunter when Making the "Massive Sword Combo"

< Message edited by Shadow X Ascendant -- 4/22/2019 21:25:47 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 144
10/25/2018 14:36:03   

As ever I love your work. The concepts of new weapons and bosses are really interesting, and while I can't always translate the numbers into things I could fight with, you've explained it well enough that I can see how these would be best fought or used in battle.
Oh, and my Crystal trident artifact has now got a madness special related to your suggestion.

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DF  Post #: 145
11/2/2018 22:20:28   

Can you draw Bubble (the cat one) in her human-ish form?
DF  Post #: 146
11/4/2018 13:40:20   
Shadow X Ascendant

No problem heheh. Once possible i publish it.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 147
11/8/2018 19:01:16   

When the dragon of destruction hatched, it carried the promise of destruction. When it first looked upon its partner, a shadow from the realm of darkness, most ancient of outcasts, the darkness in them called out to one another, creating a bond that no power could sever and even the Shadowscythe would learn to fear, for Kazeshini was the wind of death, and his partner the Ascendant Shadow, X. So deep was their bond, so woven with darkness, that it stained the amulet of dragons that lone shadow has found and claimed. Gold tarnished, blackening, as sharp edged as obsidian, and the wings of the stylized dragon depicted there faded to a purple that would match the dragons markings when he was fully grown. Even the red stone was not spared, shattering in the shadow’s hand.
Now, that stone has been replaced. A simple piece of dark polished quartz has taken its place, enduring every trial the pair puts it through, gleaming almost like an eye…

The Stone is Hawk's Eye Quartz. I hope you don't mind the backstory, it seemed appropriate.

Image dimensions: now fixed at 464 x 464.

A link to the full size, hi-res version can be found in my own gallery.

Attachment (1)

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DF  Post #: 148
11/8/2018 20:34:54   
Shadow X Ascendant

Wow. Simply wow @Gammacavy. That's....That's Incredible. I loved the story and even more the story..it is the first thing i ever gained...i....i am not crying ok? Just got an thing in the eye.....

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 149
11/13/2018 19:00:41   
Shadow X Ascendant

Shadow's Legend

They say that there is an world called Lore
And This Lore was Built on Legends
Legends that are an Form to us understand
Things Greater Than Ourselves
Forces That shapes our Lives and Journeys
Events that defy Explanation
Weapons That hold meaning
Individuals with Souls That shall rule the Skies
Soar to the Heavens
Or Perish Below Earth

This is how legends Are born

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