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RE: Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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10/7/2018 6:16:03   
Primate Murder

Master Wand

Technically, 100-proc neutral magic wand

Effect: When you cast a spell with the Master Wand equipped, that spell becomes imprinted unto the arcane fabric of the Wand. Until the end of the battle or until you cast a different spell, the wand's attack is that spell, except it uses 125% sp of a standard skill to pay for the spell instead of mp.

Note: Attempting to attack without a spell imprinted or when you lack sp would give out an error message and not cost you a turn.

Appearance: Finely crafted wooden wand with a gemstone in the handle. The gem glows the color of the imprinted spell's element.
Description: For we have transcended the petty standards of limited spell use...
AQ  Post #: 51
10/7/2018 6:18:55   
Primate Murder


Melee earth sword at -3 bth lean (and also a shield)
0-proc, so gets *1.08 damage

Effect: When you equip Zweihander, you also automatically equip 'Zweihander' temporary shield. You can't unequip it or equip any other shield while the Zweihander is equipped. The shield has no resistances (+0 to all) and a Melee oriented MRM with -3 MRM to pay for its own compression.

Effect: You deal +45% damage and take +(15/1.4)% damage. This is 15% damage from FO weapon, 20% damage from the shield acting as misc (with +0 resists) and 10% from the MCs of both weapon and shield.

Appearance: A sword as large as the player is tall, with a large guard and handle, and a slightly undulating style of blade.
Description: Proudly wield this enormous Flamberge. Now you can certainly say that yours is bigger.

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10/7/2018 6:21:44   
Primate Murder

Spectrum Shift

100-proc light element gun
+10 bth lean
No special-special, so *1.1 damage

Effect: Deals seven hits. First hit is light and deals 40% of overall damage. The next two hits are wind and energy and deal 15% damage each. Then fire and ice - 10% damage. Finally earth and water - 5% of overall damage. The elecomp is used to inflict light element EleVuln (not certain about the numbers) - and for the purposes of this elevuln all hits of the weapon are considered light (despite dealing damage of different elements).

Appearance: An old-fashioned gun. It shoots lasers that then hit mirrors around the target (invisible until the hit) and reflect in different colors (seven colors of the rainbow).
Description: Your foe relaxes when every shot of your gun misses him - and that leaves him vulnerable to the reflected beams every color of the rainbow!

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10/7/2018 6:24:02   
Primate Murder

Horseshoe Mace
LS boosting earth weapon.

Melee earth mace
-5 bth lean (because mace)
0-proc, but instead of *1.08 damage has 1.8x LS damage.

MC: 1.5x LS rate

Appearance: A spiked mace with a horseshoe hanging just below the head.
Description: This heavy mace doesn't normally hit quite as hard as a normal one, but shows its true power whenever luck is on your side!

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AQ  Post #: 54
10/7/2018 6:26:03   
Primate Murder

Am-Bush's First Strike
Earth shield. Can grant celerity.

High MRM

Effect: If you win initiative, your first turn gets celerity.* Monster can resist (VStat/Luck vs Int/Luck) with -20 penalty to save.
*It's an ambush!

Appearance: A small round shield overgrown by moss. Note: This shield can be bought upon slaying an Am-Bush/Am-Boss.
Description: Exactly what it says on the tin.
AQ  Post #: 55
10/7/2018 6:32:13   
Primate Murder

High-Tech Bunker Shielding
Energy shield with max damage reduction.

-26% shield

Free effect: Monster gets +10 bth lean

MC: Damage reduction like Grakma Hide.

Appearance: Two parallel metal rods with a semi-transparent magnetic shield between them.
Description: Custom designed against killer robots.
AQ  Post #: 56
10/7/2018 6:56:13   
Primate Murder

Tic-Toc Clock
Wind shield with a stacking chance to petrify.

MRM focused on magic, looses 3 MRM to enhance the effect.

MC goes into the Dark Hour Evocation effect: At the start of each turn, the shield gains 2% chance to petrify* your foe for one turn. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 to save. Caps at 20% chance and resets at the end of the battle.
*The clock strikes thirteen and the monster is Transmogrified!

Appearance: A large round rusted clock with two arrows. Both arrows move to point at twelve when the effect activates; the clock shatters if the infliction is successful. It reappears before the start of your next turn.
Description: This shield utilizes the secret hour hidden in-between the midnight and the first moment of the coming day to turn your foe into a statue!

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AQ  Post #: 57
10/7/2018 6:59:20   
Primate Murder

Braken Baby

Water shield with focus on MRM

Effect: When you block an attack, the Braken Baby spits at the monster. This deals damage to the monster's mp equal to (5/0.15*1.5*0.85) or 42.5% Melee. This also has a YourCha/VStat modifier.

Appearance: A small version of the braken monster.
Description: This little baby can wreck havoc on your foe's mana supply.
AQ  Post #: 58
10/7/2018 7:05:32   
Primate Murder

Sunray's Healing

Light shield with a focus on Magic defence
Looses 3 MRM to enhance the effect

Effect: When you are hit with light damage, you heal mp equivalent to (10*1.5/1.4) so 10.71% of the damage.

Appearance: Rays of solid light.
Description: You may not be a light elemental, but with Sunray's Healing even you can use the light of your foe's strikes to regain mana.

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AQ  Post #: 59
10/7/2018 9:15:16   
Primate Murder

Circle of Doom

Energy shield
Average MRM

Effect: Click on the shield to activate Aura of Doom toggle (costs a little sp). This deals (25*0.85*0.9) or 19.125% Melee as harm damage to both you and the monster at the end of your turn. If you block a hit, though, the shield responds with an extra angry pulse, dealing (25/0.15*0.85*0.9) so 127.5% melee harm damage to both of you.

Appearance: Same as the monster.
Description: This 'shield' is the very definition of a time bomb.

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AQ  Post #: 60
10/7/2018 9:24:12   
Primate Murder

Axiomatic Chipmunk

Earth shield
Average MRM

Effect: Every turn this chipmunk will decrease MRM of either yourself or the monster by 1 (not subject to save). The chance of him targeting the player is 50% - (YourCha/ExpCha*25)%.

Appearance: The same as the monster.
Description: This chipmunk is certainly nutty, but with enough charisma you may persuade him to target your enemy.
AQ  Post #: 61
10/7/2018 9:29:49   
Primate Murder

Eldritch Portal

Dark/light simultaneous resistance shield
MRM focuses on magic

Effect: You can click on the shield* to activate the Shadow Tentacles skill. This doesn't take a turn and can be cast up to 2 times per turn.

Shadow Tentacles
2 magical hits at +5 bth lean, 1 light and 1 dark. This gets 1.2 modifier for opposite elements, but no elecomp, since quickcast. This is treated as a spell.
The spell deals 50% melee damage for 50% sp cost. It uses cha instead of int for modifiers.
*Click on the shield to coax the tentacles of your eldritch monstrosity to assault your foe.

Appearance: Smaller version of the Shadow Vortex monster from the Ultimon Saga.
Description: Open the portal to a mysterious shadowy world with evil tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles.

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AQ  Post #: 62
10/7/2018 9:37:56   
Primate Murder


Energy shield with MRM focusing on Magic
Looses 3 MRM to enhance the effect

Effect (passive): Gain 2 Spell Charges each round.

Effect (passive): Every time you cast a spell, its mp cost is reduced by (5/125) or 4% per each Spell Charge you have. Doing so uses up all your Spell Charges (to a max of 25).

Appearance: Inspired by the runic circles used by Dr. Strange
Description: Charge up your spell batteries.

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AQ  Post #: 63
10/7/2018 9:41:02   
Primate Murder

Carpe Diem
Hp-costing celerity spell.

Effect: Grants the player celerity for two turns, no saving throws involved. This spell is unique in that it pays its hp cost two turns later (perhaps via a Spiritual Seed). The hp-cost is 9999 harm/void damage. In other words, the player wins the battle in two turns or dies.

Appearance: A clock device in the background with arrows at 11:58. Changes to 11:59 after first turn.
Description: Or else...
AQ  Post #: 64
10/7/2018 9:43:31   
Primate Murder

Quid pro Quo

Effect: Quickcast. Gain Backlash status for three turns. When you take damage, the monster makes a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, the monster takes 59.5% of the damage it dealt, converted to harm. (calc: 125/3/1.4/0.5)

Costs sp of a standard spell.

Appearance: Reddish-purple transparent mist surrounds the player at initial casting. The mist appears around the monster whenever it takes damage.
Description: What goes around comes around.

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AQ  Post #: 65
10/7/2018 9:48:02   
Primate Murder

Ghost Shapeshift
Used for summoning a cursed neutral FD armor.

Effect: Summons Ectoplasm Form.* This grays out your armor menu and lasts until the end of the battle, whereupon you equip your no-drop again.

*Oh oh, something goes wrong!

Description: Zorbak promised this armor would make you invincible! But why was he smirking?

Ectoplasm Form

FD armor, 50 resists to every element
Has lowered MRM to pay for low element resists.
Has an equal chance of a 1-hit, 2-hit and 3-hit attacks.

Effect (defensive): All enemy attacks have a (50/1.4)% chance of auto-miss.**

Effect (melee and ranged attacks): All your attacks have a 50% chance of auto-miss.***

Effect (magic attacks): All your weapon and spell attacks have a 50% chance of working correctly. The other 50% causes them to fail.****
Type other attacks are unaffected.

Trigger: If your active class is necromancer, your magic attacks have a 40% chance of harming you and 60% chance of working correctly.#
MC goes into no downtrigger.

**You phase through the enemy attack!
***Your attack phases through the enemy!
****Your current form is unable to harness the arcane energies!
#Your experience with ghosts grants you a better grasp on your current form. (appears when you shapeshift)

Appearance: A semitranslucent version of yourself.

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AQ  Post #: 66
10/7/2018 9:51:55   
Primate Murder

Changeling Shapeshift
Used for summoning a fluid-element FO armor.

Effect: Summons Changeling From.* Cast again to dismiss it. This doesn't take a turn, but has an sp cost to compensate for omni-element compression.
*You take on the appearance of your foe.

Appearance: A grinning cat face briefly appears in the background. It quickly fades, with its grin fading last.
Description: Can you say CopyCat?

Changeling Form

FO armor, element shifts to your foe's base element with resists shifting according to the elemental wheel.
MRM based on your foe's defences.
Basic attack has the same animation and number of hits as your foe's.

Appearance: Exactly the same as the monster.

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AQ  Post #: 67
10/7/2018 9:55:44   
Primate Murder

Dreams of the Endless Sky
Neutral quickcast spell, puts both parties to sleep.

Cost: since sleep assumes an average of two rounds, the cost should be around 80% of a standard skill.

Effect: Sacrifices all damage to inflict Sweet Dreams* (renamed variation of Asleep). Monster can resist this (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, both the monster and the player fall asleep. The monster makes a save at the beginning of every turn, and if it succeeds, both the monster and the player wake up. Player doesn't make any saves against Sweet Dreams.

*Dream a Little Dream with Me

Appearance: A brief flash of a wide blue sky.
Description: Give yourself and the monster some much needed sleep.
AQ  Post #: 68
10/7/2018 9:57:41   
Primate Murder

Scaled Up
A quickcast SPell that turns your enemy into a dragon.

Effect: Attempts to Enscale your foe. Monster can resist (Str/Luck vs End/Luck) with -20 penalty to save.

If it fails:
-If the monster is already a dragon, then nothing happens.
-If the monster is dragonkin, then it gets tagged as a full dragon (and is no longer dragonkin).
-Otherwise, the monster gets tagged as dragonkin.

Cost: 60% sp of a regular skill, can only be used once per turn.

Appearance: Scales creeping up your foe.
Description: The Wicked Witch of Cabbleton turned Galanoth into a dragon. You liked the idea.

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AQ  Post #: 69
10/7/2018 9:59:51   
Primate Murder

Sunder Essence
An earth element spell that deals increased damage at the cost of lowering the monster's resistance.

2 hits at +5 bth lean. Deals +50% damage and the monster's earth resistance has a HitsConnected/HitsAttempted chance of being reduced to zero.

Appearance: Monster is ripped apart and put back together.
Description: This spell is based on Entropy's research into Uncreation. While nowhere near the true skill of The'Galin, it's still immensely powerful, rending apart the very essence of your foe. While world pulls itself back together, countering such fake uncreation, the re-creation remains imperfect.

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AQ  Post #: 70
10/7/2018 10:02:35   
Primate Murder

Chain Lightning
Anti-Mob energy spell.

4 hits of Energy at -3 bth lean. When used against a Mob:

-Has a number of hits equal to the number of monsters in the mob. (does not affect overall damage)
-Hits every monster in the mob once
-Deals +5% damage for each monster in the mob.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: Lightning strikes raining down on the monsters from above.
Description: Smite hordes of monsters with this anti-army spell.
AQ  Post #: 71
10/7/2018 10:05:19   
Primate Murder

Ice element spell that inflicts fire elevuln.

3 hits of ice damage at +5 bth lean. Deals 50% damage of a standard spell and inflicts Elemental Vulnerability: +(102*elecomp*HitsConnected/HitsAttempted)% fire damage for one round. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs End/Luck) with -20 penalty to save.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: 3 flashes of blue fire.
Description: This spell doesn't burn as hot as a normal fire, but leaves your foe's skin tender and vulnerable afterwards.

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AQ  Post #: 72
10/7/2018 10:09:24   
Primate Murder

Complex Defence
A quickcast multi-layer damage reduction spell.

You take 33% damage from monster attacks for one round. Of that 33%, you take:

- 11% damage as hp,
- 11*1.5 or 16.5% damage as mp, and
- 11*1.125 or 12.375% damage as sp.

For the next two rounds you take 33% damage as DoT. This damage has the same hp/mp/sp distribution as above. If you cast Complex Defence again, the delayed damage stacks in a manner similar to poison or burn.

Costs mp, fairly low.

Appearance: Several layered barriers of octagonal runic holograms passing by in a quick procession.
Description: A composite protection spell derived from several lesser defensive enchantments. Includes mana shield, chi shield and all brand new delayed damage thaumaturgy.

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AQ  Post #: 73
10/7/2018 10:14:53   
Primate Murder


3 hits of random element damage at -5 bth lean, with all Base converted to Random. Deals *(132/109) damage to compensate.

Has 50% chance of dealing 50% damage of a standard spell and 50% chance of dealing 150% damage of a standard spell.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: A turning roulette wheel.
Description: Are you feeling lucky tonight?

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AQ  Post #: 74
10/7/2018 10:18:50   
Primate Murder

Quickcast spell that can paralyze the monster or the player.

Effect: Randomly attempts to paralyze either the player for one turn or the monster for two turns. Either can save (VStat vs Luck/End) with -20 penalty to save.

Quickcast, but can only be cast once per turn.

Costs mp of a standard spell.

Appearance: Random numbers.
Description: Buy a lottery ticket! You can loose a moment of your time or you can win big!

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