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RE: Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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7/16/2019 1:21:05   
Primate Murder

Heavily inspired by the Heart of Cryohem monster from Dragonfable.

Ancient Runed Golem (Challenge)

Multi-element 5-monster mob
MRM slightly above average, has a focus on Magic
High Str and End, Dex secondary.

The Runed Golem has around 60% of the mob's total hp, the other four monsters are Ancient Runes, with about 10% total hp each.

- The Runed Golem deals a low amount of earth damage, and inflicts a long-lasting Prismatic Burn.* Takes 25% less damage per each rune present (so no damage when all four are).

- The Ancient Runes deal damage of a random element. Have equal chance of a high-damage attack and a paralysing attack.

- When the mob has enough sp and less than 4 Runes present, it uses a skill which brings the number of Runes back to 4. The skill is disabled once the Runed Golem dies.

- Has the Freedom status (because you can't Mesmerize or paralyze a hunk of stone - or floating runes, for that matter).

*The Golem summons an ancient Rune that assaults you with corrosive elemental magic!

Appearance: A large, crudely carved golem of black stone, with engraved shimmering runes. When entering the battle, the runes glow and manifest around the golem.
Description: Archeology is a dangerous business.

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AQ DF  Post #: 201
8/2/2019 8:06:04   
Primate Murder

Ever since Zhilo was pretty much confirmed to be the guy who stole Mayhem's power, I've been plagued with all these axe puns. I figured I should share the joy.


Melee energy axe
+3 bth lean
no-proc, so *1.08 damage

Effect: Click on the head of the axe to activate the ASP skill. It's quickcast, usable once per turn, and costs 45% melee in sp. For one round, all your weapon attacks become automatic Lucky Strikes. Monster can resist the effect (Str/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A greek battleaxe with a large head and a fairly short haft. Has an asp (serpent) etched into the head.
Description: A weapon left behind by the members of the Axe-celsior Guard who chose to leave the city, rather than partake in the conflict. By attuning yourself to the weapon, you can use ASP (Axe-tra Sensory Perception) to strike at the gaps in your foe's armor!
AQ DF  Post #: 202
8/2/2019 8:51:01   
Primate Murder

Both a tribute to the recent film and an amalgation of ideas I had a while ago.


Ranged water spear
Toggles between 0-proc and 100-proc (so *1.08 or *1.1 damage depending on the form)
-3 bth lean

Effect (free): The player looses 9 MRM and deals +15% damage on all weapon attacks.

MC: All normal attacks deal +[SP% / 10]% damage. (so +10% damage at max sp and +0 at no sp)

Appearance: A large wooden spear tipped with a shark's jaw.
Description: A simple, but effective weapon used by the tribal Samoan warriors. Though crude and unwieldy, it packs quite a punch, and will deal even greater damage when you're brimming with spirit!
AQ DF  Post #: 203
8/11/2019 6:27:36   
Primate Murder

Fallen Guardian Set
Wind set with abilities based on BoA.

Fallen Guardian

FO wind armor, has a light secondary
MRM average, has a slight focus on Melee
7 hit attack at -5 bth lean.

MC: Click on the chest to activate the Guardian Spirit Dragon skill.* This is a spell-type wind skill that does damage worth (WindResist*EleComp*20/1.4)% of monster's MaxHP, and costs sp of a standard skill.

*Summon the ghost of an ancient Guardian Dragon to lay waste to your foe!

Appearance: Background of scattered broken and half-burried blades. The attack is the player rushing at the monster and violently hacking at it. The skill animation is the player slashing in front of them, opening a rift, from which the ghost of a guardian dragon attacks. At the beginning of the battle the player shuffles in, notices the monster and screams in rage; when dying, the armor falls down while the spirit rises up. The armor looks like guardian armor, pierced by half a dozen blades, spears and arrows.
Description: The armor of a guardian fallen in some long forgotten war, but unable to find rest.

Shattered Awe

Wind weapon, toggles between a melee sword, a ranged spear and a magic staff
-3 bth lean

20% proc, has three specials:
- 'Health Vampire', deals 1.5x damage of a standard special, but the player looses hp worth 75% melee.
- 'Mana Vampire', (only activates if the player has enough mp) deals 1.5x damage of a standard special, but the player looses mp worth 75% melee.
- 'Soul Vampire' (only activates if the player has enough sp) deals 1.5x damage of a standard special, but the player looses sp worth 75% melee.

MC: Click on the blade to activate the Summon the Boatman skill.* The skill has the standard sp cost; an 80% chance of using attack 1, and 10% chance of using either attack 2 or 3.
- Attack 1. Deals damage of a standard weapon skill.
- Attack 2. PWD.
- Attack 3. PWD against the player.**

*Attempt to summon the Boatman at your own peril!

Appearance: Based on the weapons of Awe. Sword - filled with cracks, dull and with a large part missing, looking more like a scimitar. Spear - gnarled and slightly curved, with a serrated blade where a part has broken off. Staff - dirty and twisted, with a large crack running through the orb.
Description: This legendary artifact, wielded by a guardian slain a long time ago, can grant massive power. An enterprising user can even attempt to subjugate death using this awe inspiring magical blade!

FSB: Guardian Spirit Dragon and Summon the Boatman skills deal +10% damage.
AQ DF  Post #: 204
8/17/2019 4:15:15   
Primate Murder

The Warden Set
Energy set with a focus on dodging and shutting down the monster.

Si Vis Pacem

Energy shield
High MRM, slightly weak to Melee.

Effect (passive): While the shield is equipped, the monster is inflicted with Sealing of Sight, which gives it -10 bth lean; no save. (renamed Agony's Blood effect)

Effect (MC): Click on the shield* to gain 50% chance of automatically dodging any attack for one round. Quickcast, usable once per turn and costs 59.5% melee in sp.

Concentrate on the Void energy inside the chains to blink away from the attacks of your foe!

Appearance: Chains wrapped around the armor's forearm.
Description: These chains signify both your desire for peace and the lengths you would go to in order to maintain it.

Delenda Est

Energy melee/magic sword
+5 bth lean
20% proc, but instead of extra damage, both the player and the monster are inflicted with Bound Together (loose hp worth 12.5% of the damage they deal) for the rest of the battle; no save. The effect stacks upto 4 times, and becomes a standard 20-proc special afterwards.

Effect (active): Click on the hilt* of the sword to inflict the monster with Shackled; no save. While the monster is Shackled, it takes and deals *0.8 damage from and with all attacks. (renamed FD lean)

Effect (MC): If the monster has less than 10% of its MaxHP, you can click on the blade** to activate the Banishment skill.*** It costs 40% melee in sp, and deals 5 hits, with each hit equal to the monster's current HP.****

*Shackle your foe with ethereal chains of Void energy, limiting its range of motion.
**Wield the eerie energies of Delenda Est to Banish the monster back to the Void from which it came!
***(MonsterName) is too strong to Banish!
****(MonsterName) no longer has the strength to resist the pull of the Starless Cells!

Appearance: A slender katana of dark-blue steel with veins of purple, similar to the color of the Void; has chains wrapped around the guard. The special shows the blade disintegrate into Void particles, with chains flowing across the screen. Banishment creates a purple-blue pentagram above, into which the monster is sucked.
Description: A razor-sharp blade composed of strange void energies, this katana can create a sympathetic link between you and your foe, hurting one when the other is harmed.

Warden of the Starless Cells

FO energy armor, has a darkness secondary
MRM high, with a slight weakness to Melee
3-hit attack at +5 bth lean.

Effect (passive): The player has 20/1.4% chance to automatically dodge any attack (stacks with Si Vis Pacem's skill). Costs 20% melee in hp.

MC: Click on the arm to toggle between inflicting hp,* mp** and sp*** Disease equal to 25%, 37.5% and 28.125% of damage dealt respectively. No save.

*Seal the restorative ability of (MonsterName) to prevent them from healing!
**Bind the mind of (MonsterName) to prevent them from regaining mp!
***Bind the spirit of (MonsterName) to prevent them from regenerating sp!

Appearance: A slender figure resembling both the Huntress and Soulweavers from Dragonfable. Attack is blinking forward for a slash, blinking behind the monster for a stab, then another blink-slash from the front.
Description: The Starless Cells are a timeless prison located in the deepest reaches of the Void, where criminals who are too dangerous, too powerful, too immortal are kept locked away. As a Warden, it is your duty to watch over the prisoners and, if need be, track down any escapees.

Warden's Cloak

Gives max bonus to Ranged and Magic defences
Gives (max damage bonus)/1.4% chance to automatically dodge any attack.

MC: Passive, breaks you free from the following statuses: daze, fear, freeze, hypersalinate, paralyse, petrify, sleep, thermal shock. This costs SP, except for the first time per battle, which is free. (copy of the werepyre passive)

Appearance: A dark blue and purple camouflage designed to meld with the Void.
Description: This cloak marks you as a Warden of the Starless Court, allowing you blend in with your surroundings and slip through the Void to escape any bindings. When used with full Warden regalia, it can even protect you from the harmful effects of the Void!

FSB (armor+shield+weapon+misc): The player takes -50% damage from Harm and -25% from Void attacks.

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AQ DF  Post #: 205
8/17/2019 4:29:26   
Primate Murder

I wanted to keep true to the original theme, making it a phenomenon rather than a spell, hence the 'type other' attack.

Powerword Red Fog (revamp)

8 hits of alternating fire and wind element at +10 bth lean (try dodging fog). Deals 1.5x damage of a standard spell, with 33% chance of each hit targeting the player and 67% chance of targeting the monster. Has no other cost.

This is treated as a type 'Other' attack, similar to Guardian Dragon or Ally Assist.

Appearance: A thick red fog.
Description: Some places in the world hold their own magic, which can be called forth using the words of power. Be wary, though - the Fog does not discriminate between anybody caught within its area of effect!
AQ DF  Post #: 206
9/7/2019 1:48:12   
Primate Murder

Call Xerxes

Calls an sp-costing ice guest.

Effect (free): Xerxes deals +100% damage, but the player has 44% chance of being Paralysed for one turn.* The player can resist (Cha/Luck vs VStat) with +0 bonus to save.

Effect (MC): When the monster has hp<50%, Xerxes has 20% chance to gain celerity.** Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

*Don't get in my way!
**Oh? You're not dead yet?

Appearance: Xerxes.
Description: The avatar of destruction was bored enough that he agreed to tag along on your adventures. His power is overwhelming - but he has a tendency to forget that he's not fighting by himself!
AQ DF  Post #: 207
9/7/2019 2:07:26   
Primate Murder

Dragonhunter Bow

Ranged earth bow
100-proc, so *1.1 damage
2 hits at +10 bth lean.

- When fighting non-wind Drakel/Dragonkin, the player has 10% chance to gain celerity at the end of each turn.
- When fighting wind element Drakel/Dragonkin, or a non-wind Dragon, the player has 15% chance to gain celerity at the end of each turn.
- When fighting a wind Dragon, the player has 30% chance to gain celerity.

Either way, the celerity only affects the player (not pet/guest), and can be resisted by the monster (Dex/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A huge wooden bow as long as the player is tall.
Description: This heavy-duty bow was wielded by dragonhunters of old, requiring immense strength and skill. Its arrows can pierce even the toughest dragonhide and can be shot from a long way off, allowing the archer to relocate and shoot again while the dragon figures out where the shot came from.

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AQ DF  Post #: 208
9/7/2019 2:26:26   
Primate Murder

Dragonguard's Serendipity

Magic energy wand
4 hits at +5 bth lean
0-proc, but instead of extra damage, the player's spells deal increased Lucky Strike damage against draconic foes. (*2.875 against non-water Drakel/Dragonkin; *3.8125 against water element Drakel/Dragonkin, or a non-water Dragon; and *6.625 against water Dragons)

- When fighting non-water Drakel/Dragonkin, the player gains +9.375% LS rate on all energy spells.
- When fighting water element Drakel/Dragonkin, or a non-water Dragon, the player gains +14% LS rate on all energy spells.
- When fighting a water element Dragon, the player gains +28.125% LS rate on all energy spells.

Appearance: An ornate wand topped with a dragonsbane orb. The attack summons a series of lightning strikes down on the enemy.
Description: This relic of the past dragon wars remains unceasingly vigilant, blessing all spells flung at draconic foes with good fortune.

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AQ DF  Post #: 209
9/7/2019 3:32:58   
Primate Murder


Compression ice/fire shield (MC)
Average MRM, looses 3 for the second effect.

Effect: The player takes -25% damage from all Burns and Prismatic Burns.

Appearance: A quicksilver disk with a thermometer in the middle.
Description: A magical shield that can protect you from all temperature-based attacks and leech off the heat from your wounds, soothing any burns you might suffer.
AQ DF  Post #: 210
9/7/2019 3:42:03   
Primate Murder

Lucky Shield

Earth shield with a focus on MRM.

MC: The player is inflicted with Lucky whenever you block a hit (+214.44*[hits blocked]/[hits attempted] Luck, 1 round). Monster can resist (VStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A green shield in the form of the four-leaf clover.
Description: Left behind by the retreating leprechaun army, this shield grants extra luck to those bold and agile enough to seize it!
AQ DF  Post #: 211
9/7/2019 3:57:16   
Primate Murder

Focusing Stave

Magical wind staff
0-proc, but instead of extra damage, your wind spells gain +16 bth.

MC: Click on the staff to activate the Spell Focus skill.* It's quickcast, costs (120-15 due to the above effect) or 105% melee in sp and makes all your wind spells autohit for two turns.

*Focus on the weight of the staff in your hands, calming your mind and soothing your thoughts, allowing you to strike true with any wind spell for the next two turns!

Appearance: A smooth wooden staff without any ornaments.
Description: A simple instrument used by the monks of the Temple of the Winds to aid in meditation, helping clear one's mind and become one with the air around them.

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