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Price, The

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5/11/2018 22:47:58   

The Price

Location: Greenguard Region -> The Nest -> The Price
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nest Robber
Release Date: May 11th, 2018

Objective: How much wood could a hero chuck if a hero could chuck wood?
Objective completed: Is Timmy the price?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Deadwood
(3) Mushroom
(1) Siofra - Boss


Molten Flow Ring (I-VIII)

Access to The Price Loot for DCs


*A disgruntled Cole gets to work on patching up the hole in the wall that Siofra made. For starters, he nailed two wooden boards into the wall.*

Cole: Stupid hero with his/her stupid magic, making stupid holes in my beautiful walls.
<Character>: Hey Cole.

*You approach him with a large grin on your face. He angrily glares at you without turning his head.*

Cole: Great, just what I needed, MORE disruptions.
<Character>: You realize I can hear you, right?
Cole: I'm counting on it. What do you want?
<Character>: I was wondering if I could do anything to help you, I still feel sort of responsible for what happened.
Cole: So, you're admitting you were the one who made this hole?!
<Character>: What? No! I meant that bad luck and bad people always seem to follow me wherever I go.
Cole: I'm sure they do, "hero". But if you really want to help, I could use some more logs from the forest.
<Character>: Sure, I can do that. No problem!
Cole: WITHOUT magic.
<Character>: Uhm... what?
Cole: I don't want this building to be tainted by your stinking magic!
<Character>: Alrighty then... do you have an axe?
Cole: No! Just use one of your weapons.
<Character>: But you said you didn't want any magic on the logs?
Cole: Then use a regular metal weapon! It's not that hard to get, is it?
<Character>: Alright, alright. I get it. I'll be right back with your logs.

*You walk away from Cole while he resumes patching up the hole, relieved that you are off and not causing trouble. Or so he assumes about you.*

Cole: Finally some peace and quiet.
<Character>: I can still hear you.
Cole: I KNOW!

*Fades to black. You take a hike in the forest nearby looking for wood to bring back to the grounds. Thankfully, you managed to retrieve it from the deadwoods that you encountered along the way.*

<Character>: That should be enough to fix the wall.

*You suddenly hear a disturbing ruckus coming from the way you came, startling you. You turn around and become anxious.*

<Character>: That sounds like trouble!

*You hurry back to the Nest just as quickly. Meanwhile, Siofra invades the grounds once again in the form of a fire golem and is terrorizing the children in the process.*

Siofra: Which one of you has it?
<Character>: Hey, Hothead!

*Siofra turns around when he hears you to confront you. His temper begins to flare.*

Siofra: You! You must know where it is! Else you wouldn't be here!
<Character>: What even is "it"?
Siofra: You can't fool me, you arrogant little human!
<Character>: Hey now, that's just rude!
Siofra: Give me my PRICE!
<Character>: I wouldn't even price you 1 gold.
Siofra: RAH! You'll pay for your insolence!
<Character>: I'd rather pay for your anger management classes.

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • This is getting too hot, I'm out!

    *You face Siofra in battle who is infuriated for you for not giving him his desired answer. Although you are confused by what he is talking about, you intend to cool him off before he harms the children. Siofra transforms into a gust of wind the instant his form slightly melted, leaving behind a crater and you face-to-face with the shocked and confused children.*

    <Character>: Is everyone alright?
    Kid: Yes.
    Kid: I think? I guess.
    Kid: Who was that?
    <Character>: Phew.
    Messimy: I heard an explosion! Is anyone hurt?
    <Character>: They're fine, luckily I was just done with my chores.
    Messimy: Was it that... thing again?
    <Character>: I'm afraid so... it was talking about a price of some sort, something he can find here?
    Messimy: I remember he said about the same thing last time he came around... I wonder what he mea-

    *Her eyes quickly widened in shock and grave concern before she could finish her sentence.*

    Messimy: Timmy?
    Messimy: TIMMY?!

    *Timothy, who is now wearing a type of gold necklace, is seen panting heavily on the ground in unimaginable fear. Messimy runs to check on him.*

    Messimy: Timmy, what's wrong?
    Timmy: T-that monster... It... it...
    Messimy: It's ok, Timmy. It's gone now.
    Timmy: N-no, I... I know that monster!
    Timmy: I... hid the second I saw it.
    Messimy: How do you know this monster?
    Timmy: It's the reason I'm here...

    *He faints from the trauma inflicted on him from Siofra's second visit. Messimy catches him just before he hits the ground. You approach her to check on him as well.*

    Messimy: Poor Timmy... The stress was just too much.
    <Character>: What could he have meant by "The reason he's here"?
    Messimy: Timmy... He has seen things no person ever should, let alone a kid.
    Messimy: When I found him, starved and dehydrated, he was lying outside of a charred village and grasping that keepsake of his.
    Messimy: He was the lone survivor.
    <Character>: But didn't you say his village was attacked by a dragon?
    Messimy: That's what I always thought happened... He never spoke much about it, only about how his parents protected him until the end.
    <Character>: So what you're saying is...
    Messimy: That monster can very well be what destroyed Timmy's village.
    <Character>: And now it's here to finish the job?
    Messimy: Perhaps.
    <Character>: Do you think Timmy is the price?
    Messimy: I don't know what to think, I just know that there's bad times ahead.
    Messimy: Can I count on your help, <Character>?
    <Character>: Of course you can, Messimy. I won't let this thing hurt these innocent children!
    Messimy: Thank you, <Character>. Now, let's take Timmy back inside. He needs his rest.

    *She touches his cheek, but the instant she does, dark violet scales appear on her lower left arm and vanish abruptly, which inflicts pain on her.*

    Messimy: Ow!
    <Character>: What is it? Are you ok?
    Messimy: Y-Yes, it's nothing. Here, I'll take Timmy, and you... can you get his keepsake?
    <Character>: Of course.
    Messimy: Let me put Timmy to bed, then we have a lot of planning to do.
    <Character>: Let's go then.

    *Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens The Price Loot for DCs

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