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Layard's Deception

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7/14/2018 20:12:18   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Layard's Deception
Clyde's Repertorium

Prerequisites: Must have completed An Unusual Invitation
Location: Travel Map » Clyde's Forge » More » Your Weapons.... » Layard's Deception

«Scene: «You» at Clyde's Forge together with Clyde and Kick.»

Clyde: Interesting Choice, but ok.
Clyde: I have to warn you though, my stories are... very immersive? I guess would be the word.
«You»: Of course they are...
Clyde: You sure you'd like to proceed?
«You»: Sure, why not? Thank you for warning me.
Kick: It's so he doesn't feel guilty later.
«You»: Guilty for what?
Clyde: Let's begin!

«Screen fades»

«You»: So um, what did Kick mean back there?
Clyde: I will tell you of Layard's Deception!
«You»: Just going to ignore me huh?
Clyde: This will be a very interesting tale.
«You»: M'kay...

««You» suddenly appear on a mountainous background, Layard is there as well»

Clyde: He was a good fighter and a gifted strategist. He served as Omelyhis' right hand for many years.
«You»: So he betrayed him? Some friend.
Clyde: Would you let me finish?!
Clyde: Anyways, one day...

«Screen fades and now «You» are at the front of a castle»

Clyde: He betrayed Omelyhis.

«Layard flees from the castle entrance, three knights appear following him a bit after, they stop a bit after going through the door»

Knight: You! Where did the traitor go!
«You»: Wait, you can see me?
Knight: You must be working for him!
«You»: What!?
    2 BATTLES: Knight
    Full Heal
«You»: What just happened?
Kick: Soul Immersion.
«You»: Anyone going to explain what that means?
Clyde: Not really.
«You»: Oh, okay...

«Screen fades, a crown is shown»

Clyde: Layard had stolen one of Omelyhis' most precious treasures....
Clyde: ... .his crown.
«You»: Really? It's just a beat up piece of metal.
Clyde: To you maybe, but it was a symbol to him and the crown itself was a key.
«You»: A key? A key to what?
Clyde: Not what, but who.
Kick: Ahem, WHOM, Clyde.
Clyde: Of the all moglins i had to save....
«You»: Then who?
Clyde: Just let the story unfold.
Clyde: Layard was too cunning for those knights, they couldn't catch him.
Clyde: After a few days - I don't know, maybe from exhaustion - he was caught.

«Screen fades, in a mountainous background, Layard is seen next to a hooded character with a baby in hand»

Layard: I've brought you the crown, stranger, now return the young princess.
???: Of course.

«They exchange the baby for the crown»

???: Sad, isn't it? A man so obsessed with being King, he completely forgets his own family.
Layard: It's not like that! You know nothing!
???: Tsk tsk, such devout loyalty is dangerous.
Layard: Speak ill of the King again and I will take your legs and let you crawl back to whatever vile place you came from!
???: So hostile, but i will take my leave. it seems you have company.
Layard: What!? Was this a trap!?

«The Hooded character goes away flying, «You» enter the Scene»

«You»: What the!? Clyde!?
Layard: Clyde? Was it the Soul Smith that sent you? Or Omelyhis?
«You»: No! Well, yes, I guess technically you could say that -
Layard: It matters not. I'm in a very foul mood and my shadowy friend just escaped because of you.
«You»: Can't we talk this out?
    1 BATTLE: Layard
    Full Heal
Layard: Not bad at all, stranger. Maybe you would be better suited to aide the King than I.
«You»: No, just tell him what happened. I'm sure he'll understand.
Layard: Ha! Clearly you must be new here. In Sir Omelyhis' mind, I'm already dead. Besides, after betraying his trust... I could never face him.
«You»: There had to be another way!
Layard: There wasn't. Whoever this cloaked person is, he is very dangerous, especially after he has figured out the crown is a fake.
«You»: You gave him a duplicate?
Layard: Yes, I had our friend Clyde create one just for this very reason. I would never just willingly hand over the crown.
«You»: But-
Layard: Listen, I'd love to answer all your questions, but if you found me then the knights can't be too far behind.
Layard: Since you bashed them up a little last time you met I don't think they'll be too happy to see you.
«You»: What're you going to do?
Layard: I'm going to surrender and accept my punishment for treason.
«You»: ... I understand.
Layard: Do me a favor...?
«You»: «You».
Layard: «You», find whoever is behind all this and bring them to justice.
«You»: I will.

««You» disappear, the knights arrive and approach Layard.»

Knight: There you are!
Layard: I surrender.
Knight: Smart choice. Traitor.
Knight: What is the princess doing here!?
Knight: C'mon you!

««You» are suddenly back at Clyde's Forge, in front of Clyde and Kick.»

«You»: What happened to Layard!?
Clyde: He was sent away for life, which is pretty lenient considering his offense.
«You»: Why didn't he have the weapon you made?
Clyde: Layard was a very prideful person. You'd really think he'd wield a weapon called Layard's Deception?
«You»: Why did you name it that?
Clyde: I didn't, it names itself really. I have no choice in it, just like making the weapon.
«You»: What do you mean?
Clyde: Geesh you ask a lot of questions. I've got a lot of work to do, Kick, if you'd be so kind as to escort our guest out?
Kick: So rude.
«You»: Honestly.
Clyde: Until next time, «You».

Layard's Deception

Shop Weapons
  • Layard's Spear [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 133, 143 G]

    Shop Misc
  • Layard's Loyalty [L. 3, 23, 43, 63, 83, 103, 123, 143 G]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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