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MechQuest in AE's launcher

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8/4/2018 0:40:54   

How do you feel about it? Does it let you play MQ more and really enjoy it again? I think it does for me atleast I can restart and do more chars for all the houses and mix and match builds and try new ideas with no restrictions! Especially with the holiday rotation now we can go and visit old holidays that hold a special place in our hearts. What mech would you wanna see them reskin they said they would be interested to do it and not change the stats whatsoever and it seems like almost any mech is on the table so I am excited to read what the rest of you think!
The GEARS Games are now permanently available from your C-Mail screen!

Equip your favorite House Mecha (or change your house) and go head-to-head in GIANT MECHA COMBAT!
Rolith also got holiday zone automation working

That means that each year, the Mogloween, Turdraken, Frostval and other holiday zones will be appear inside your C-mail screen. Many thanks to Plank and our testers for help testing the Mechquest update, and to all of you super-fans for sharing your ideas and feedback
I'll keep an eye on your updated wishlist to see what else is possible, given our time.
In the future...

we are considering adding reskins of currently-rare mecha for gold, SC, and NG. (Different art, same skills/stats, etc)
If we were going to do that, what mecha/equips would you like to see?

The above is from a design note inside the launcher
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8/4/2018 0:59:20   

With the launcher update and return of G.E.AR.S. I had a renewed interest in the game myself. Back when I played MQ as a child I couldn't buy myself SC, so now I did.
Even though the game is "dead" it's still a lot of content I've unlocked for 20 bucks, and I feel with the holidays added back in and possible return of old rare items in new skins, I'll be having a lot of fun.
The game seems very bugged on the launcher itself though, which is a shame. I have much love for this game, and I'd love to see AE add some more to it.

As for what I would love to see, definitely the Maypril mechas and some of the Flavescent Friday ones. Some sort of revival for Delta Leader.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
8/4/2018 1:34:25   

Ah yes! more people that miss the delta leader.
AQW  Post #: 3
8/4/2018 1:51:56   

I didnt realise I was this inactive.
AE has its own launcher? Like in the style of steam or...?

And, I got SC around mid way through 2012 I think... So I had a lot of things still left for me then :)

Beyond getting updates, I feel that the community is what we need. More people talking about MQ again, and getting some traffic and so on.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
8/4/2018 10:46:46   

@Roxas45 https://www.artix.com/downloads/artixlauncher/ yes most of AEs games are in this launcher edit: it kinda works like steam yea u just download it and login and your pretty much set. so now its browser/launcher the games accessible on both and runs just like the browser. since flash's eventual death in 2020. I personally am having alot of fun releveling characters and redoing the story that i finished all those years ago and now that I have grown up I have given MQ alot of time and money to compliment my first starcaptain from years ago its very fun and I enjoy using discord to talk to people about MQ when they want to know an answer to a question and whatnot. I am very suprised people came and share my interest in this game aswell. Assuming we can get enough people to play again they said they would re-add development to the game https://twitter.com/Alina_AE/status/1008799689137967104?s=19 Alina's in and I am hoping something small like this will get some sort of talk again as the forums used to be so active and people had massive wars against each other in the houses *ahem RuneHawk #1* So lets keep this going for MQs future revival! Edit 2:I don't believe falvescent friday will come back since something like fourth of july didnt come back I believe they only added the core holidays to the rotation again I am not aware if this is truth but it's something to be observant about

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8/4/2018 11:13:12   

Well, I've not really used the launcher yet. I heard there were still quite a few bugs in there for MQ that makes it somewhat ridiculous. More so than just the GEARS Games itself being filled with strange typos among other oddities that I've found while playing through the browser. Perhaps I'll try playing later through the browser when I've the chance.

Now, as for reskins of currently rare mecha, I think I'd like another chance at getting the lucky variants of the house mechs (unless they are seasonals, there shouldn't be a reason why they aren't). The corrupted house mechs would be a fantastic thing to have available (all level variants please) and the EbilCorp war's Rebel mechs (the latest ones from their invasion) and the Delta Leader stuff should be nice.

However, the mechs I'd wish for the most would be the AvP War mechs and perhaps all of the April Fools NSC, NG, and SC variants that have happened across the years. The one I'd like to get again (since I've lost out on getting the higher leveled variant) would be Loki.

Also, is there a general community chat board that is available? I recall that there is one floating about, unofficially at least for Mechquest specifically.

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
8/5/2018 14:31:03   

I'm personally hoping for some news on some reskins becuase of what they could do with the idea and what it could mean for the players who want something new and exciting to use and fight with since we've beaten all the new content sofar
Post #: 7
8/6/2018 16:41:42   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Reskins for what?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
8/6/2018 17:30:28   

Just some quick feedback from using this thing quickly:

1. A lot of the fonts in the interface seem to be illegible. A lot of the text ends up clobbered or cut off because it's not rendering properly. I assume that it's because the text is expecting a certain ratio of size-to-box but the flash box is re-sizable so it doesn't know how to handle this. The same ends up happening with damage numbers wher you can't tell what your buff/nerf numbers are.

2. In terms of enjoyability, the game is still mostly the same, because there have been no real updates to the game. A lot of the content is still rare and lost, and the game is stagnant as a result. It does bring back some good memories but since the game is mostly single player and most of the game locked away it's a shallow and quick feeling at best.

3. The holidays with no explicit events around them (4oJ, new years, flavescent friday, ect) still aren't being brought back. We just skipped over 4oJ this year, and arbor day (which should be bringing back a lot of rares) isn't going to happen because it's connected to a shop instead of an event.

4. Why don't we bring back rares (and re-vamp them if they aren't scaled to modern standards)? There's a ton of art and code assets that are just sitting there in the database, and you're not touching them for the sake of not wanting to make people that don't play anymore mad. What's the deal with this? Nobody will answer this. Not the staff, not artix, nor the players who've come back themselves. Mechquest is almost an entirely different game with all the stuff that is permanently rare. There are entire storylines that are essential to the understanding of the main game lost behind rare content walls.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 9
8/6/2018 17:38:21   

The post above mine has a lot of good stuff in it. I, too, would like to visit wars/events that have long since left the game. Especially the many Shadowscythe wars and the Arthurian vs. Pirate war.
The various holiday shops mentioned would give me an incentive to maybe throw some more NGs at the game if they returned, just to finally try out all the mechs and weapons I couldn't buy before. I'd be content with the beforementioned reskins/recolours too.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
8/6/2018 17:45:09   

I will make a larger post about mechquest and rares in general, but only if people want me to actually talk about it.

As far as I'm concerned AE doesn't want to and isn't compelled to listen to players when it comes to bringing back old items because they're utterly obsessed with keeping a promise to people whom bought and participated in past events. But you have to really ask. Where are these people that were given said promises? Do they actually even care anymore? Do they even still play anymore? Is it fair to the people who will come after them to a game that has virtually nothing in it anymore? As you really holding the people coming back hostage because of these older players that don't exist anymore? Is that even sane thing to do? Is mechquest now just a museum? Am I just a statistic and some laughing stock from the past?

There is frankly nothing for us anymore. And AE frankly will not compromise on it, and Artix isn't in the business of negotiating with us because quite frankly even if you brought back the rare content Artix has no incentive to bring this game back to the fold unless it's profitable, and it won't be even if you listened to our demands.

The truth frankly hurts. But it needs to be known because that is truly what you are up against if you even want something to happen. Believe me, I've tried for YEARS and years to tell them to do this, and they have done nothing because they have no incentive to do so long as the money isn't there.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 11
8/6/2018 18:54:23   

@Digital X reskins of just mechas in general im excited and hopeful that they will do this so newer players can get some really amazing mechs just reskinned which might help newer players and older players but yea the lack of content to kill really messes with you since you can steamroll the story if you do the right stuff rightnow unless you meltface everything which is blatantly ment to ruin you its not hard and thats annoying
Post #: 12
8/7/2018 5:35:15   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Oh got you, I thought you mean skins for the launcher!

@PD, I'd certainly read a length post.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
8/7/2018 12:19:44   

MQ my first AE game how I am happy that AE made it to where you can live on for as long as the company does. I still will support you till the end because of the memories you have given the development I've seen and the developers that have graced this game. As I've gotten older I decided to come back and support the game as i should as a kid I got THE dragonguard and THE portal accelerator and THE sepulchure of doom boy was I excited even with nothing to do with them as they brought back memories and now even though MQ will live forever theres some sadness as it will be stagnant and newcomers will probably be turned away becase once u finish everything that's it and that hurts since I really want MQ alive again I've easily dropped 200 since the launcher came out because I believe it can revive and keep going but as we got to the end and got to see the end of the universe and beyond when we were so close to seeing multiple revamps "thank you everyone it was a pleasure to develop for MQ" I hope that isnt the final goodbye this game will have Edit: the ending of MQ shows how many ideas they had but never coulda expanded on like korins death or the dragonmages or marias whole undercover operation for them the dragoneggs in general etc. as you look into it they wanted to do so many cool things but they were cut short and im excited to see holiday planets but also sad because if the permenant GEARS games shows anything things will be left out and forgotten which I hope isnt the case with the others but idk and we already will be down half the holidays since they werent attached to any event. but even so I STILL WANT MUH SKULLCRUSHER PLZ ADD IT FOR NGS LIKE SEPPY OF DOOM :(((((((((((((( Edit 2: or just the "real life merch" mechas arms shoulders heads etc.

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Post #: 14
8/16/2018 1:40:44   

Can someone please point me in the direction of where I need to go to submit glitches?
Found one that has me doing damage, but no numbers are being shown in the damage bubble at time of impact.
Edit: Oy Vey... there are a bunch of glitches and bugs I can find... :/

Liking the launcher so far, but I'm wondering why on Earth this is still in Flash.
Wasnt there some talk about going and getting it shifted to Unity or something?

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
9/2/2018 14:50:56   
The Jop

I think you should be able to submit glitches here: https://bugs.artix.com/

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
7/3/2019 8:54:53   

I think there might be a glitch involving a quest on planet Romero. It is the one involving Storage facility A. At one point your character becomes very limited in where it can move. I wonder why the game is acting like that. It is at least doing so for me. I play through the game launcher. I also get an error message saying: missing required parameter(s) message and a reload button below that when I try to go to my character list from inside the game.

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MQ  Post #: 17
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