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Alone on the Firing Line - OOC

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10/20/2019 11:41:27   
Ryu Viranesh

It was in the year 3127 that the Liluri first made their way into the stars. Scarcely 20 cycles later, those initial fumbling attempts manifested into a true presence in space; the dawning of a new age for humanity. The foray into the final frontier united the peoples of Liluria - forged bonds where there had once been strife - and drove the development of technologies as diverse as the wonders they encountered each and every day.

They created colonies, established outposts, and sought to probe ever deeper into the night. Though history might call them naive, the Liluri acted no different than any of the other races whom had come before them, their curiosity impelling them to press further and further from their home - past the boundaries that had once kept them grounded. However, space was not so empty a place as it had been in days past; they had only so far to venture before they found something.

Humanity’s first meeting with an alien species could not have gone better, just as the second could not have been any more disastrous. The Sentayi were a peaceful race, known throughout the interstellar community as traders and artisans; purveyors of goods which, given enough time, could put Liluria on par with its new galactic neighbors. The potential gain was perhaps too great, for had the team of human explorers not been so eager to bring news of their discovery, they might not have blundered into the Elyoni.

While not inherently warlike, the Elyoni possess pride in abundance. They number among the first races to explore the cosmos, and were perhaps the very first to claim territory outside their own sphere of influence. That in mind, it is not terribly surprising that their first encounter with humans went remarkably poorly. A misinterpreted greeting, an unexpected exchange of shots, and a swarm of Liluri cruisers later, there was nothing left of either ship but slag.

In the immediate aftermath, neither race seemed sure what to make of the encounter, and yet each came to blame the other for the death of their people. Attempts at further communication were halting, the language barrier between the races not yet broken by the available technology. Finally, accepting that there was little hope of settling accounts with the Elyoni, the Liluri forces launched an assault on a procession of their vessels, one of which just so happened to be carrying an Elyoni princess. War was declared within hours.

It is doubtful that the Liluri had a clear idea of what their actions had wrought, though they soon became well-acquainted with the consequences. During the first year of the Elyon-Liluri conflict the humans took heavy losses, their dead numbering in the millions. It was only the timely interdiction of the Aramii that prevented the slaughter from worsening further. Aramii arms-dealers provided the Liluri with the technology they needed to fight the Elyoni on their own turf. In space.

The year is now 3168. The Elyon-Liluri war has dragged on for fifteen long cycles. With assistance from other races, the Liluri have developed mobile weapons - more colloquially known as mecha - with which to wage war on the Elyoni’s own constructs. In order to provide the soldiers necessary to pilot these mechanical marvels, Liluria has chosen to reinstitute an age-old policy from the days before space-faring exploration: the draft. Any citizen aged 18 to 55 can, and will, be called upon to ‘protect their race’ and ‘beat back the invaders.’ Some have called the government’s actions tyrannical, overreaching, and mere inches away from inhumane. Other still have claimed that creating soldiers that lack the will to fight will do no good for the planetary defense. Yet these lengths remain the world’s only hope for survival.

Welcome to “Alone on the Firing Line”, one part of a larger effort to bring some life back to these boards. What we have here is a war story, though what it will ultimately become is largely dependent on you. Where we begin, however, is with a losing proposition: though the Liluri have managed to halt the brunt of the Elyoni advance, they are still losing ground. As things stand, if matters don’t start to improve then it is doubtful that the Liluri will last another two years. Yet, all is not lost. Though humanity has been beaten down, they have not yet been broken, and many would rather die than let the Elyoni have their world.

As such, the Liluri Defense Force is about to adopt a new strategy. One which they hope will be the key to reclaiming the momentum and maybe - just maybe - bringing this engagement to a close. Their plan? To form small strike teams headed up by experienced personnel, who will then make use of guerilla tactics in order to whittle away at the Elyoni line. These cells will have minimal contact with military command, receiving orders at predetermined drop points rather than through transmission. In other words, subterfuge is the order of the day.

So, where do all of you come in? Put simply, these squads are going to need bodies to fill them. I’m looking for somewhere between 3 and 7 players to travel with me on this little expedition, though I can’t promise everyone a safe return. Committing a character to this RP will carry risk, so be absolutely certain that you’ve made peace with whomever you choose to send. In the same vein, it bears reminding that this galaxy - or at least this solar system - is currently marred by war. During the course of this game that fact, and its implications, will be grappled with. You have been warned.

What I’m looking for from each of you is a character, Liluri-born, that is currently serving in the planet’s military. Though they can be either volunteers or draftees, whatever your preference, I would ideally like most of the party to be new recruits fresh out of basic training. I will entertain bios for more experienced service members, but do expect extra effort from anyone that makes the attempt. Characters with rank will have a more direct impact on the actions taken by the squad, and as such, I would like to vet them to ensure that they are the right fit. If no one applies for one of these roles, a commanding officer will be provided.

As far as details, I am especially interested in knowing who your characters were before they became soldiers. It’s likely that they have a story of their own that they’re carrying into the role, which will impact how they perform their duties. This does not mean that you need an explicit History or Backstory component to your bio; feel free to present the information in whatever form you would like. However, I would like to have some inkling into each character’s skill set, and so will request that you provide two named ‘specialities’ (talents, aptitudes, etc.). One should be combat-related, while the other should pertain to a character more generally.

Finally, upon their graduation from basic training, each soldier in the Liluri military is provided with the following: a standard-issue uniform; a combat suit, designed for use in space; a side-arm, generally a pistol; and a distress beacon. Those lucky enough to have passed the requisite tests will also be issued a license to pilot a mecha. The planet’s primary defense against the Elyoni forces, mecha have become the most important focus of the army’s recently restructured training program. A difficult task, given just how quickly the technology has been moving forward. Nonetheless, each character will be assigned (i.e. You will choose) one of military’s latest mainline chassis, which will then be outfitted for their speciality. Soldiers of higher rank will be given greater latitude in customizing their units, a privilege which will be extended to NCOs dependent upon their record of success. Any other issues will have to be taken up with the quartermaster.

That’s really all there is to it. What follows below is additional background information regarding Liluria, its military, the other alien species, and mecha in general. I’d strongly recommend giving it a read before you start to seriously consider a character. That said, the info. is only meant to serve as a guide, and you are perfectly free to pursue something which diverges from what I have outlined.

Accessing database… Directory located.

Welcome to the Intergalactic Intelligence Archive. Please enter a query, or select one of the headings below.

1. Liluria
2. The Global Union
3. Aliens
4. Mecha, Starships & Stations
5. The Enemy

Terminate Connection? | Yes | | No |


The fourth planet from the star Heidal, for which the system is named, Liliuria first came to be nearly six billion years in the past. Believed to have been formed from the accretion of interstellar debris, the celestial body is considered to be the only planet within five light years capable of supporting life. Liluria is orbited by two satellites - its moons, Diin and Nayr - which cycle through their phases once every 26 and 33 days respectively. The planet’s own orbit, by contrast, requires 521 of its 25-hour days (which likewise comprise a Liluri year’s 15 months) to complete a single rotation.

Based on available records, Liluria’s surface appears to consist of roughly 62% water and 38% land, with both polar regions dominated by swathes of ice. There are four major continents - Odorea, East Indari, Aptia, and Von - which are likewise joined by two large island landmasses - West Indari and Selsei. In the center of these territories lies the Keskin Sea, which bleeds into the Moju Ocean in the East and the Naren Ocean in the West.

Liluria has long been home to a diverse sundry of life, ranging from colossal megafauna to age-old Yg trees. Humanity, however, has only existed for roughly the last thirty thousand of those years. Yet in that time humans have thrived, growing from a race which once struggled to create fires to one able to extend their dominance beyond the planet’s borders.

>Liluria: Months

1st Month: Rishara (36 Days) 2nd Month: Shinnath (36 Days) 3rd Month: Lennet (33 Days)

4th Month: Ravlin (33 Days) 5th Month: Chanith (36 Days) 6th Month: Hastane (36 Days)

7th Month: Vennat (31 Days) 8th Month: Minisith (36 Days) 9th Month: Tashii (36 Days)

10th Month: Asat (29 Days) 11th Month: Essath (36 Days) 12th Month: Mishar (33 Days)

13th Month: Talmet (36 Days) 14th Month: Kinneth (36 Days) 15th Month: Tethe (38 Days)

>Liluria: Countries

Though much of their authority has now been vested in the hands of the Global Union - the international organization which controls the planet’s military - the countries which cover Liluria’s surface have not simply vanished. Below are brief profiles of the six most significant of these nations, as they were regarded before the war with the Elyoni.

  • Location: Odorea
  • Capital City: Prastas
  • Biome: Consists primarily of desert and grassland
  • Primary exports: Iron/Tin/Copper Ore, Silicon, Glass
  • Primary imports: Foodstuffs, Pharmaceuticals, Cloth
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy - Parliamentary

  • Location: Selsei
  • Capital City: Tant
  • Biome: Largely tropical savanna and wet coastland, though with a small patch of deciduous forest at its northern fringes
  • Primary exports: Fruit, Fish, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals
  • Primary imports: Steel, Cloth, Electronics
  • Government: Bureaucratic Oligarchy

  • Location: Von
  • Capital City: Elvesitt
  • Biome: A mixture of taiga, deciduous and coniferous forest, and dry coastland
  • Primary exports: Lumber, Steel, Shellfish, Clothing, Lenses/Screens
  • Primary imports: Iron, Dyes, Glass, Oil, Electricity
  • Government: Republic - Bicameral Legislature

    New Walan
  • Location: West Indari
  • Capital City: Relantik
  • Biome: Largely a mix of wet coastland and boreal forest, with a swathe of woodland to the southwest
  • Primary exports: Fish, Meat, Thrusters, Starship Frames
  • Primary imports: Fruit, Steel, Oil, Pharmaceuticals
  • Government: Republic - Legislature & Executive

  • Location: Aptia
  • Capital City: Ganderast
  • Biome: An uneven combination of shrubland, savanna, and deciduous forest
  • Primary exports: Machinery, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Spices, Dyes
  • Primary imports: Silicon, Iron, Meat, Bread, Starship Frames
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy - Oligarchy

  • Location: East Indari
  • Capital CIty: Virvande
  • Biome: Largely plateau-land, with desert to the southwest and tropical forest to the north
  • Primary exports: Firearms, Pottery, Thrusters, Steel, Fruit
  • Primary imports: Water, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Glass
  • Government: Monarchy - Queen

    >The Global Union

    As Liluria began to probe further into its final frontier, there was a heated debate taking place back on the planet’s surface. While the space race had initially served as a means of driving technological innovation in the involved countries, their success had prompted certain people to start asking the obvious question: what next? Should their explorations happen upon another space-faring race, would the Liluri be prepared to interact with them?

    These discussions had taken place before, in a mostly theoretical sense, the scientists now joined by diplomats as Liluria’s most prosperous nations sought a solution to a problem that suddenly seemed very real. It took fully two years to iron out the details, yet when the formation of the economic union was finally announced, many of these countries were already on-board. Though originally intended to serve as a proxy for the world at large in its dealings with other species, the union’s role changed drastically after the humans’ first encounter with the Elyoni.

    It was the union that handled the ill-fated negotiations with the aliens, and ultimately authorized the strike which started the war. In the immediate aftermath, it seemed only natural that Liluria’s defensive forces should be coordinated under a single banner; if the countries remained divided, let themselves be ruled by the political squabbles of the past, then the whole world would fall. As the years dragged on, and the war worsened, greater and greater authority was vested within the organization’s hands, until the shift was finally formalized.

    In the year 3155, the economic union became the Global Union, an international governing body that would hold complete dominion over Liluria for the duration of the conflict. Within a year, they had coordinated the planet’s manufacturing sectors, forged a trade agreement with Aramii arms dealers, and reinstituted the draft. It was under the Global Union’s leadership that the Elyoni advance was finally slowed, and some measure of hope was restored to the Liluri public. Yet, a not insignificant portion of the planet’s population view its actions as overreaching, and in some cases downright despotic. Among those, an even smaller number are convinced that, should this war be won, another conflict might already be on the horizon. A fight for freedom.

    >The Global Union: Military

    Though there were originally any number of different organizational structures which distinguished Liluria’s militaries from each other, the Global Union has long since established its own chain of command, their system subsuming all of the others. Below you will find the officially recognized command structure within the Union’s Liluri Defense Force (LDF), both for officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

    Official Ranking Chart

    >The Global Union: Governance

    Since its rise to prominence, the Global Union has completely revamped its administrative structure. Where once there was little more than an advisory council and its staff, there is now a full-blown bureaucracy. At its head is the Liluri Senate, a body which consists of 100 members whom were appointed to handle the current crisis. Though many stood on opposing sides during the planet’s pre-space conflicts, they appear to have put aside their differences for the sake of mutual self-preservation.

    While the Senate is the Union’s most visible organ, there are also numerous councils and sub-councils which contribute to its operation. It is these departments, made up of diplomats, strategists, economists, and other advisors, that allow the organization to function in as many spheres as it does. Of particular note are the Bureau of Industrial Organization and the Bureau of Peace, both of which have played vital roles in the war effort.


    The term ‘alien’ has proven to be rather pervasive; at the time of writing, roughly 16 of the races known to inhabit this sector have developed a word with either identical or equivalent meaning. To the Liluri - humanity - the label carries a special connotation: not simply ‘other’, but another that means them harm. Now used almost exclusively to refer to the Elyoni, humans have instead taken to calling other space-faring races terms like ‘traveler’ or ‘visitor’. Yet, in many ways, even those races with whom the Liluri have become friendly are alien to them. The profiles below, while general in scope, are an attempt to bridge this gap. To grant humanity some greater level of understanding of that which confounds them so greatly.

    >Aliens: Sentayi

    Were the Liluri able to choose their first interaction with another species, they could scarcely have picked better than the Sentayi. In the days before space travel, the Sentayi were largely an agrarian people, mainly subsisting upon a combination of harvested crops and some limited amount of hunting. Though that remains a focus for many of them even now, as they struggle to manage their burgeoning population, it is the artisans that have become the primary drivers of Sentayan society.

    Sentayi craftsman are renowned the galaxy over for the goods they produce, which range from furniture and computer chips to carefully cultivated plants and artificial gills. It is theorized that outsiders see only a fraction, both in quality and quantity, of what these artisans actually create, the lion’s share of the goods remaining within their own ecosystem. This is, in part, due to the strenuous rituals which must be undertaken to trade with the Sentayi; one’s aptitude in these matters appears to be directly correlated with which products the race is willing to exchange. As a result, it is sometimes easier to simply purchase their goods through a middleman, rather than attempting to do so directly.

    Even so, a majority of the Sentayi continue to identify as farmers, at least one child working every traditional homestead. However, urban settlements have sprung up around communities of artisans. These self-contained collectives, known as ‘Dhalim’, can be found virtually anywhere on Sentiya’s surface - some in close proximity, some separated by miles and miles. Though many other races have visited the Sentayi homeworld, few have ever ventured far beyond these compounds.

    Physically, the Sentayi possess a great diversity of size, ranging from 4 feet to practically 10 feet tall. On the surface, however, they all appear to look much alike: thick, gnarled skin with a cast somewhere between navy and indigo, their head partially sunken into their torso. Their eyes can be any number of colors, those rheumy depths seeming to have little trouble seeing what lies before them. A pair of long, rail thin arms extend out from the shoulders, these limbs a noticeable contrast with their counterparts below. The Sentayi are quadrupeds, with two sets of legs which support their stocky bodies, though they are also perfectly comfortable balancing on the rear pair. This posture allows their forelimbs to double as an additional pair of hands, the blocky digits enabling the Sentayi to perform a great variety of tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

    >Aliens: Elyoni

    There is a great irony in the fact that the race humans have come to call ‘enemy’ - alien - is perhaps the most physically similar of their space-faring counterparts. The Elyoni are bipedal creatures, possessed of both an epidermal skin layer and a keratin-based substance which at times can overlay it. They stand between five and six-and-a-half feet tall and appear to have a variety of different body types dependent upon both weight and genetics. They even have the threadlike strands which humans would call hair. Yet, rather than the similarities, it is the differences which most stand out.

    Their skin, though texturally similar to that of humanity, ranges in shade from a light violet to a faint periwinkle. Though the Elyoni do indeed possess hair, it grows only from their skulls, forming a veritable curtain around the head which prevents anything from passing to or from what lies beneath. Their keratin-based nails, while centered around their digits, extend upward to sheath the forelimbs, covering them in a sort of natural spines.

    Without most of the typically visible sensory organs common to other races - and the Elyoni’s own reluctance to discuss the matter - it is unclear how exactly they perceive the world around them. Some theorize that the Elyoni have a greatly enhanced sense of touch, which allows them to feel things so finely that it is as if they could see. Others have suggested that the ‘hair’ which surrounds their craniums is in fact a sensory organ itself, serving as a filter which passes various kinds of information between their brains and the outside world. The Elyoni are capable of speech, so the presence of vocal cords somewhere within their physiology is likely, but difficult to prove.

    There is little known about Elyoni society, and the scant amount that has been published on the matter has been sanitized by the Elyoni themselves. Their pride is self-evident, and requires little explanation, though has taken many different forms over the centuries. Turning away plague victims as unclean, yet providing untold support for the refugees of any number of intergalactic conflicts. Going to war with the humans. Even after years of studying them, I am not sure that I understand Elyoni motivations any better today than when I began.

    >Aliens: Aramii

    Virtually every space-faring race has at least heard of, if not made contact with the Aramii at some point. After all, they’re only in the midst of the most notorious civil war this side of the universe. The two sides of the conflict have been at each other’s throats for nearly fifteen hundred years now, born out of a protracted succession war that just never seemed to end. In order to fund these hostilities, the Aramii have taken to selling weapons and other such goods that they’ve either made themselves or acquired through other means.

    While there is a notable diversity of appearance among the Aramii, there are also several commonalities which all of the creatures share. Ranging from 6 to nearly 9-and-a-half feet tall on average, the Aramii are vaguely insectoid at a glance, their outer layer made up of a combination of chitinous plates and scales which one would not find amiss on a dragon. Their coloring varies greatly from specimen to specimen, but most are bright, garish, and sometimes even vaguely luminescent. Many Aramii have varying numbers of legs, dependent upon some complex area within their genetic code, though it is never less than two and never more than seven. The head - or what appears to be the head - hunches slightly forward, gaps in the front-facing plate revealing the six flickering embers believed to be their eyes.

    The most notable feature of the Aramii as a race, however, is their heart. Similar to the molten cores which lie at the center of many worlds, when an Aramii is first born their heart is white hot, filling them with energy and life. In order to allow this core to continue burning, they require large amounts of oxygen, their frames practically heaving with each and every breath that they take. As time passes, however, the fire within each Aramii will inevitably begin to wane, and their once bright scales will dim and inevitably turn to stone. When one has been completely petrified, they will collapse into ash, and another Aramii will be born from the Source - carrying with it some of the memories once held by their predecessor. True death among the Aramii is rare, and something justifiably feared. For each such loss will diminish the greater whole.


    Before the humans’ war with the Elyoni, the concept of mecha had been little more than a pipe dream. A power suit of truly prodigious size, capable of exchanging fire with enemy space fighters and - in the best case scenario - even crippling starships. To anyone with a wit of intelligence, the idea smacks of fiction; a story to tell younglings as they drift off to sleep. The Liluri, it seems, are dreamers at heart.

    Records suggest that this was not the first time humanity had attempted to create mechs, but that the country in question had been forced to abandon the project due to a lack of results. Desperation appears to have encouraged them to reconsider the matter. Yet, things still would have proceeded no further if not for the Aramii, whose willingness to sell the Liluri arms - and the Elyoni’s reluctance to drag them into the conflict - allowed them to overcome their own lack of artifice. What was once a failure soon became the humans’ last, best hope for victory.

    Early prototypes resembled a cross between Liluri tanks and a popular construction droid, the LSX-4100. These models were less humanoid - less intuitive - than their successors would later become, but provided a proof of concept. Showed that it was possible to create something close to what they had envisioned. They just needed to get it right. Funding for the project increased after this point, and Liluria’s scientists produced a number of different iterations of their original idea, allowing the units to serve as testbeds for the various technologies they sought to master.

    Several of these units, the ‘Harpy’, ‘Legionnaire’, and ‘Vertebrate’ in particular, were major milestones, providing valuable data which would be incorporated into future models. Others, such as the ‘Gunslinger’, were an unmitigated disaster. Yet it is thanks to all of them, in part, that the project was able to advance to its current state. To create a series of mecha which could do battle with the Elyoni hordes.

    >Mecha: Core Stability

    All three of Liluria’s main-line machines - the ‘Cavalier’, ‘Musketeer’, and ‘Cardinal’ - are powered by the ArcSys 300X, an industrial strength battery which is capable of being replenished through the use of radiant energy. As such, the unarmored portions of these mechs have been overlaid with solar panels designed to convert the ambient rays found in space into usable electricity.

    Though this discovery was a notable breakthrough, greatly increasing the amount of time during which a mecha can operate independently, it is not without its downsides. Firstly, it is not as efficient in-atmosphere as it is in space; the amount of solar energy on a planet’s surface is inherently lower, as much of it has already been either filtered out or reflected back into space. Secondly, the panels alone are not enough to enable an indefinite run-time; it can improve it, certainly, but the units will inevitably need a proper recharge at either a space station or one of the mobile buoys which Liluria has shot out into deep space. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it has placed a hard limit upon the configurations which are available for these units.

    In order to ensure that the core remains stable*, the amount of power used by each mecha must remain below a certain threshold. Due to the risk presented by sudden power loss, the LDF has instituted a regulation which mandates that all active personnel ensure their machines remain within safe levels of energy consumption. Current bylaws state that any mech which contains an ArcSys 300X must limit themselves to six overall units** of power. Disobeying this directive carries with it the risk of receiving a severe reprimand.

    *Of which there is not a guarantee of anyway.

    **To expand upon this area:

    Ultra-Low Energy Equipment = .5 Units
    Low-Energy Equipment = 1 Unit
    Medium-Energy Equipment = 2 Units
    High-Energy Equipment = 3 Units

    >Mecha: Cavalier

    Codename: Cavalier
    Speciality: Close-Range Combat
    Unit Height: 30.1 feet
    Power Source: ArcSys 300X Radiant Battery
    Armaments: 2x Heated Vibroblades, 2x Vibroknives, 1x Plasma Pistol
    Description: The first of the LDF’s ‘Triad’ chassis series, the Cavalier is designed to excel in melee combat. It is, as might be expected, the bulkiest of the three designs, trading maneuverability for greater overall defenses. This does not mean, however, that it is incapable of bursts of speed, the thruster pack attached to the back of the unit allows for respectable momentum gains on a straight line charge. Visually, the mech is easily identifiable by the heavy cylindrical plating on its arms and legs; its barrel-chested torso design; the plate-like head unit; and its color scheme - varying patterns of maroon and grey.

    Alternative Loadouts

    Heavy Arms: 1x Chainsaw-Edged Broadsword, 1x Heated Hammer, 1x Tower Shield

    Skirmisher: 2x Vibroknuckles, 4x Vibroknives, 1x Plasma Pistol, 1x Grapple/Winch

    Equipment List

  • Vibroknife (Ultra-Low) - A knife which uses ultrasonic vibrations to increase its cutting abilities. Often mounted in compartments hidden in the arms and legs.
  • Buckler (Ultra-Low) - A small, low-tech which can be mounted on the to the arm.
  • Vibroknuckle (Low) - Based on brass knuckles, these implants on a unit’s hands combine that old standard with ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Plasma Pistol (Low) - A small firearm which fires a low-energy burst of plasma energy; most effective when in relatively close quarters with opponents.
  • Grapple/Winch (Low) - A shoulder-mounted grappling hook with can be used to compensate for the Cavalier’s lack of mobility - if handled creatively.
  • Tower Shield (Low) - A large, low-tech shield designed to cover the bulk of a mecha’s frame.
  • Heated Vibroblade (Medium) - Combines vibro-tech with a heated blade, further improving the edge’s cutting power.
  • Heated Hammer (Medium) - A large warhammer which can be heated to a high temperature, in hopes that it will enable each strike to do greater damage.
  • Plasma Rifle (Medium) - The standard in mid-ranged weaponry; able to fire a line of plasma energy at its target.
  • Plasma-Pointed Spear (Medium) - Largely a conventional spear, save for the small plasma-emitter found in place of its tip.
  • Chainsaw-Edged Broadsword (High) - A heavy broadsword augmented with chainsaw edge, enabling it to not only cut, but rip and tear.
  • Plasma Bazooka (High) - A large, hand-held cannon capable of emitting a powerful, short-range blast of plasma energy. Caution is advised.

    >Mecha: Musketeer

    Codename: Musketeer
    Speciality: Mid-Range/Long-Range Combat
    Unit Height: 31.1 feet
    Power Source: ArcSys 300X Radiant Battery
    Armaments: 1x Plasma Rifle, 1x Plasma-Edged Rapier, 2x Electrified Batons
    Description: The second of the LDF’s ‘Triad’ chassis series, the Musketeer is designed to be fielded as both a mid-range and long-range fighter. Taller and thinner than the Cavalier, it exchanges some of that unit’s armor for additional solar plates and thrusters, these alterations offsetting its more energy-intensive armament. The Musketeer is most easily recognized for its distinctive head design, which features a long, curved fin reminiscent of its namesake’s helmet. However, it can also be identified by both its claw-like feet - a remnant from the earlier ‘Harpy’ prototype - and its navy and brown color scheme.

    Alternative Loadouts

    Sniper: 1x Condensed-Particle Sniper Rifle, 1x Plasma Carbine, 2x Vibroknives

    Bombardier: 1x Mortar Launcher (w/ 20x Kinetic Bombs), 2x Plasma Pistols, 1x Electrified Baton

    Equipment List

  • Vibroknife (Ultra-Low) - A knife which uses ultrasonic vibrations to increase its cutting abilities. Often mounted in compartments hidden in the arms and legs.
  • Buckler (Ultra-Low) - A small, low-tech which can be mounted on the to the arm.
  • Plasma Pistol (Low) - A small firearm which fires a low-energy burst of plasma energy; most effective when in relatively close quarters with opponents.
  • Electrified Baton (Low) - A steel rod equipped with an energy-efficient generator; can deliver an electric shock when contact is made with target.
  • Machine Gun (Low) - Conventional automatic weapon primarily designed for in-atmosphere use; limited applications in space.
  • Magnetic Hardpoints (Low) - A network of hardpoints which can be installed in a unit’s hands, making use of magnetism to ensure that weapons cannot be jarred loose.
  • Plasma Rifle (Medium) - The standard in mid-ranged weaponry; able to fire a line of plasma energy at its target.
  • Plasma Carbine (Medium) - A short rifle designed to fire small, quick bursts of plasma energy.
  • Railgun (Medium) - Arm-mounted apparatus which enables the launching of high-velocity projectiles through the use of electromagnetic force.
  • Plasma-Edged Rapier (Medium) - A scaled-up sword surround by a white-hot plasma edging.
  • Condensed-Particle Sniper Rifle (High) - High-capacity rifle designed to fire focused beams of atomic particles at targets from long ranges.
  • Mortar Launcher+20 Kinetic Bombs (High) - A mech-sized cannon which is designed to fire specially-designed projectiles a certain distance away. The default Plasma Bombs produce a spherical field of repulsive energy when detonated.

    >Mecha: Cardinal

    Codename: Cardinal
    Speciality: Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare
    Unit Height: 28.5 feet
    Power Source: ArcSys 300X Radiant Battery
    Armaments: 1x Radio-Jamming Device, 2x Plasma Pistol, 2x Electrified Coils
    Description: The third of the LDF’s ‘Triad’ chassis series, the Cardinal is the LDF’s designated reconnaissance unit - in other words, a scout. This purpose is well-reflected in its design, eschewing bulk for a smaller overall size and a full-array of thrusters, the latter enabling the mech to perform a wide array of complex aerial maneuvers. Lightly armored, though not so much as the Musketeer, the Cardinal is recognizable for its unusually well-defined fingers, its sunken, crown-like head, and the abundance of armor plating at its joints. This design is further complemented by the mecha’s muted black and purple color scheme.

    Alternative Loadouts

    Agent: 2x Pneumatic Hand-Cannons, 1x Plasma Rifle (w/ 1x Shoulder Mount), 1x Electrified Coil

    Hacker: 2x Electrified Batons, 2x Electrified Coils, 1x Electro-Net Gun, 1x Tracking Dart Array

    Equipment List

  • Vibroknife (Ultra-Low) - A knife which uses ultrasonic vibrations to increase its cutting abilities. Often mounted in compartments hidden in the arms and legs.
  • Buckler (Ultra-Low) - A small, low-tech which can be mounted on the to the arm.
  • Plasma Pistol (Low) - A small firearm which fires a low-energy burst of plasma energy; most effective when in relatively close quarters with opponents.
  • Electro-Net Gun (Low) - Firearm which has been specially designed to launch a web of electromagnetic energy at a target. More debilitating than damaging.
  • Electrified Coil (Low) - Wrist-mounted coils which can serve as electrified whips.
  • Electrified Baton (Low) - A steel rod equipped with an energy-efficient generator; can deliver an electric shock when contact is made with target.
  • Tracking Dart Array (Low) - A handheld dart-launcher paired with a robust tracking program; able to keep tabs on any number of darts so long as they continue to transmit their signal.
  • Pneumatic Hand-Cannon (Low) - Palm-mounted device which through the use of either the surrounding air (in-atmosphere) or pressurized gas (in space) punches a hole through the underlying surface.
  • Weapon Mount-Point (Low) - Magnetic hardpoint which enables weapons to be mounted on specific parts of the unit’s frame.
  • Plasma Rifle (Medium) - The standard in mid-ranged weaponry; able to fire a line of plasma energy at its target.
  • Radio-Jamming Device (Medium) - A rudimentary bit of technology which, while old, has nonetheless proven to be somewhat effective at hiding squads from Elyoni scanners.
  • Shroud Tank (Medium) - Can disperse a smokescreen which shields allies from enemies during battle, without removing the ability to find those same enemies via the mechas’ own scanners. Must be refilled after use.
  • Electro-Knuckles (High) - Hand-mounted brass knuckles which feature an enhancement courtesy of an electrical current.

    >Starships & Stations

    Though a far earlier invention than mecha, humanity’s starships have likewise undergone a kind of renaissance since the start of the Elyon-Liluri war. While older vessels were equipped with limited Faster-Than-Light (FTL) technology, newer ships have been designed to take full advantage of Liluria’s growing number of jump gates. These carefully placed anchors have been at the center of several major battles during the later part of the conflict, as the Elyoni seek to limit the humans’ ability to move about the cosmos. The classification of the gates as high risk areas has led the Global Union to restrict their use to military endeavors, with the intent to expand the freedom after tensions have eased.

    A similar resolution planned to limit travel to Liluria’s space stations, but the Union was forced to relent on the matter in the face of a public outcry. Oft repeated points included the fact that the stations had come to play too vital a role in the planet’s economy; that they remained the only locations where loved ones could visit soldiers that had been recalled from the front. Yet perhaps most importantly, the protestors maintained that the space stations were public property - meaning that all Liluri citizens held a right to visit them. Despite the government’s continued insistence that the restrictions would be for their own safety, support for the measure quickly collapsed in the Senate.

    >Starships: Models

    Class: Argonaut
    Speciality: Combat Operations
    Ship Length: 990.8 feet
    Power Source: ArcSys 700X Fusion Drive
    Armaments: 2x N-Laser Cannons, 2x Dual-Shot Plasma Launchers, 6x Plasma Turrets (Mounted on Curved Tracks), 14x Multi-Barrel CIWS, 22x Missile Tubes (Loadable with Kinetic Missiles, Interceptor Missiles, and Torpedoes)
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Standard Sensor Array
    Description: The latest in the Liluri line of battleships, the Argonaut class has been the standard for nearly four years now, and is widely considered to be one of the most significant additions to the human’s arsenal. Just over 300 feet long, the ship is composed of a straight, vaguely tubular structure which is clearly broken into three separate segments. The first, the front-facing shaft, is where the bridge, weapons command, and the forward medical bay - which handles cases of immediate importance - are located. The middle section, which is colloquially referred to as the ‘Turbine’, is bounded on either side by a pair of additional tubes. The Turbine is constantly spinning, the generated centrifugal force creating artificial gravity in the wings, which house living quarters, the mess hall, exercise rooms, and long-term medical care. The central Turbine, which is generally used for storage, is separated from all other areas of the ship by a series of airlocks. The final segment, the stern, contains the craft’s engine and power core, the latter of which has been carefully sealed off behind numerous layers of steel and shielding to prevent any contamination. The coloring of each vessel varies a bit, though most include some combination of blue and silver.

    Class: Pythia
    Speciality: Stealth/Reconnaissance
    Ship Length: 303.6 feet
    Power Source: ArcSys 700X Fusion Drive
    Armaments: 1x Low Output N-Laser Cannon, 3x Plasma Cannons, 4x High Output Railguns, 6x Multi-Barrel CIWS, 8x Missile Tubes (Loadable with Kinetic Missiles, Intercept Missiles, and Torpedoes)
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Advanced Sensor Array
    Description: Only two years old, the Pythia class is the successor to a long line of Liluri vessels built for the purpose of carrying out smaller scale operations than its counterparts. Like the Argonaut, the main body of the Pythia was cut as three separate pieces, each with a similar intended purpose. Rather than a series of cylinders, however, the central segment is instead encircled by a torus, which benefits from same gravitational theory as those wings. This smaller section contains only enough space to house the living quarters for those on-board. The official color scheme for the Pythia is black and silver.

    Class: Phaeton
    Speciality: Command
    Ship Length: 1511.9 feet
    Power Source: ArcSys 700X Fusion Drive
    Armaments: 6x High Output N-Laser Cannons, 3x Condensed-Particle Launchers, 5x Dual-Shot Plasma Cannons, 12x Plasma Turrets (Mounted on Curved Tracks), 20x Multi-Barrel CIWS, 35x Missile Tubes (Loadable with Kinetic Missiles, Interceptor Missiles, and Torpedoes)
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Advanced Sensor Array
    Description: Though they are limited in number, the Phaeton class capital ship is considered a force to be reckoned with wherever it appears. They offset their lower speed and agility with the sheer amount of firepower which they are able to bring to bare and are sometimes enough to turn the tide of a battle on their own. As said, however, they take immense amounts of time and money to produce, and the loss of even one of these vessels will be felt keenly by the Liluri forces. Appearance-wise, the Phaeton resembles a scaled-up version of the Argonaut, capable of housing close to 1,000 personnel at full capacity. The craft’s color scheme is black and blue.


    There are a series of four space stations which exist within Liluri territory, the most recent of which was completed less than a year ago. Cylindrical in shape, these cities in the sky are engaged in a constant rotation, ensuring that all of their innards receive some level of artificial gravity. They are, of course, heavily guarded, not only by mecha, but also by a reverse engineered Liluri fighter known as the ‘Atalanta’, several squads of which are quartered at each station. Each Atalanta is armed with a pair of Plasma Launchers and a mounted Condensed-Particle Rifle.

    The stations, listed in the order of their construction, are as follows:

  • Daedalos
  • Jupris
  • Manto
  • Pandora

    >The Enemy

    It is difficult to be at war for fifteen years and learn nothing of your opposition. Much as the Liluri might despise the Elyoni, there are some details which have been impossible to ignore. Their battlefield tactics, squad composition, and, in particular, the nature of the units they field. All of these have been vital to humanity’s continued resistance, providing them with tangible factors which can be studied and adapted to. While not enough to lead them to victory on their own, it is a start.

    For scholars, this conflict can be treated as a great boon. It has been centuries since the Elyoni last went to war, and that engagement was so brief as to be useless to those with an interest in the matters military. For the first time in many of our lifetimes, we have been afforded a fantastic look at the Elyoni war machine; an excellent view of the level of destruction it can cause to a race unprepared for its sheer ferocity. In that, at least, the Liluri have succeeded brilliantly.

    >The Enemy: Combat Units

    Designation: Elyoni Fighter
    Speciality: General Space/Atmospheric Combat
    Unit Length: 45.6 feet
    Power Source: Unknown
    Armaments: 3x Particle Launchers, 1x Disruptor Ray
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Hardpoints
    Description: The first hostile unit encountered by the LDF, and the enemy which the mecha were originally designed to fight. This fighter appears to the Elyoni’s standard military unit, and by the numbers is far and away their most fielded. A far simpler design than the mechs in theory, but one which has proven to be at least as effective. Why design specialized chassis when a single machine could serve the same purpose? These fighters have been known to equip a number of additional armaments, dependent upon the situation, though their default loadout is rather limited. The easiest way to recognize one, its distinct trident design apart, is by its color scheme - a haunting swirl of violets and greys that almost seem to move as one stares at them.

    Designation: Elyoni Warbird
    Speciality: Heavy Space Combat
    Unit Length: 60.2 feet
    Power Source: Unknown
    Armaments: 1x Gravitation Cannon, 2x Particle Launchers, 2x Plasma Gatling, 6x Missile Tubs (Loaded with ‘Furnace’ Missiles)
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Energy Shield
    Description: Named for the beak-like protrusion which protects its Gravitation Cannon, the Warbird is the Elyoni equivalent to a Liluri tank, were the latter designed for use in space. Both longer and wider than an Elyoni fighter - adopting a shape akin to that of a manta ray - it is capable of taking a significant amount of punishment, even at the cost of some level of speed. Yet the Warbird is feared not for its survivability, but for the carnage which it is able to unleash. Though the Gravitation Cannon alone is enough to ravage some units, the unit’s Plasma Gatling Guns and ‘Furnace’ Missiles, which superheat at the point-of-impact, are no less deadly if applied correctly. The Warbird is generally colored a deep blue with purple accents.

    Designation: Elyoni Stinger
    Speciality: Atmospheric Assault
    Unit Length: 42.4 feet (26.7 feet when standing)
    Power Source: Unknown
    Armaments: 1x Condensed Particle Cannon (Mounted in Tail), 4x Omnidirectional Particle Launchers, 2x Pneumatic Jackhammers (Mounted in Claws), 8x Missile Tubes (Loadable with ‘Furnace’ Missiles and Torpedoes)
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Amphibious Propulsion System
    Description: While the Stinger, named due to its resemblance to the Liluri scorpion, has seen fewer engagements than many of its fellows, it can be a terror if allowed to roam free. The machine’s purpose is twofold: to remain undetected until it crosses enemy lines, and to wreak havoc once it does so. To aid the former, the Stinger has been equipped which an Amphibious Propulsion System that enables underwater - and presumably other such substances - travel. For the latter, the unit is able to enter a kind of ‘Turret Mode’, which allows it to more easily bombard a target from a fixed position. Stingers should be dealt with quickly upon detection, lest they slip away to fight another day. These units are generally painted brown and rust orange, in order to better blend in with their surroundings.

    >The Enemy: Starships

    Designation: Elatha Class
    Speciality: Combat Operations
    Ship Length: 860.2 feet
    Power Source: Unknown
    Armaments: 1x Particle ‘Shrapnel’ Cannon, 2x High Output Particle Cannons, 4x Beam Launchers, 10x Omnidirectional CIWS, 20x Missile Tubes (Loadable with ‘Furnace’ Missiles, Condensed-Particle Missiles, and Torpedoes)
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced(?) Plating, Energy Shield
    Description: The Elatha, further nicknamed the “Starbird” by some Liluri, serves as the Elyoni’s primary frontline vessel. A smaller, quicker vessel than its counterpart - the Argonaut - the Elatha relies on its maneuverability and firepower to take on the larger Liluri craft. Armed with a multitude of devastating weapons, and energy shielding which spans the full length of the ship, it is considered a force to be reckoned with in open combat. At a glance, the Elyoni vessel appears to be made from a single curved mold, a noticeable fin rising up along the ship’s stern - almost as though it were a sail of some sort. It is unclear whether or not it has any means to generate artificial gravity. The Elatha is ‘painted’ a soothing mix of greens and blues, though some claim to see a stripe of gold somewhere amidst the mix, the colors blending and separating in a manner not unlike an aurora.

    Designation: Balor Class
    Speciality: Command
    Ship Length: 1676.5 feet
    Power Source: Unknown
    Armaments: 1x High Output Beam Emitter, 6x Particle ‘Shrapnel’ Cannons
    Additional Equipment: Reinforced Plating, Advanced Energy Shield
    Description: There have only been three sightings of one of the Elyoni capital ships during the course of war, all of which ended in disaster for the Liluri. Knowledge about its armaments is limited and incomplete, due to the overall lack of data, and it is unclear just how much firepower the Balor actually possesses. What is known, however, is that its energy shielding is top notch, and capable of repelling most of the conventional weaponry thrown at it. Furthermore, the ship seems to be capable of creating its own jump point, independent of any gate, allowing it to come and go at its leisure. The Balor is easily recognized as a larger variant of the Elatha, with a trio of ‘fins’ to its rear and a similar paint job in violet and ice blue.


    Your bio submissions should include the following information, in some way, shape, or form: a general description, which includes references to their life before the war; two named ‘skills’, one combat-related and other more generally applicable; and the character’s chosen mech and loadout. For ranks, I would prefer that most characters start out at Trooper or Private, but as said, I will entertain bios for ranks as high as Lance Corporal (NCO) or Lieutenant (Officer). For those with rank, we’ll talk about exactly what level of customization you will get for your mecha.

    As a reminder, the military provides your character with the following:

  • A Uniform - Blue and White
  • A Combat/Piloting Suit
  • A Sidearm
  • A Distress Beacon
  • Any mission-specific gear which might be necessary

    What follows below is the bio for my own character; feel free to make use of the format if it suits you.

    Name: Riley Laur
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Prior Profession: Unemployed
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Marksmanship (Sniping) / Editing (Writing)
    Appearance: There was an extra period; it was a small error, infinitesimal in the scheme of things, yet it still prompted the girl to strike it through with her red pen. To some it was strange that she still preferred to do her editing by hand, when it would be so much easier to just use a tablet, or the terminal in her room. Riley craved the feedback. The pressure born of bunched up fingers, the paper resisting her attempts to scar its perfection. In a world where things could be so sanitized - so utterly devoid of simple connection - Riley wanted to feel the ink smudge against the side of her hand as she worked.

    The girl reached up and rubbed at her eyes, smearing some of that same ink over her lashes as she considered what remained of the essay. If she kept at it, this shouldn’t take more than another couple of hours to-- Riley suddenly sent a glance off to her left, frowning slightly. That girl was still watching her; trying to hide it, her frosty blue eyes just barely visible over the crook of her arm. Still, it was obvious at whom her gaze was directed. They were the only ones here after all.

    She was slim, probably always had been, with long legs that put her height somewhere between 5’7” and 5’8”. The fitness was new, as it had been for many of them, but she seemed to be adapting well, her arms just the slightest bit tight in her sleeves. The girl shifted, as though self-conscious, but refused to look away. Self-esteem issues. Riley thought, a pang of sympathy twisting to life in her stomach, only to shrivel up and die scarcely a second later. Then she shouldn’t stare.

    Turnabout was, in fact, fair play.

    Gaze trailing upward, Riley paused at the young woman’s hairline, barely managing to hide the wince which came unbidden to her lips. Her brown locks had been shorn close to her head, uncomfortably so, though it was clear that had occurred some time ago now. Probably before Basic. The hair had started to grow back, though it was still patchy in places, skin peeking out amidst the untidy clumps. It wasn’t what anyone would call pretty, but there hadn’t been much of a choice. The military demanded discipline - no exceptions.

    The girl’s face was otherwise unremarkable; a small nose, rounded ears, and pale lips that skated in and out of vision as she sought a better view. Probably hadn’t been very popular back home, though none of that really mattered here. Everyone was treated the same, even wore the same clothes. Navy undershirt, white pants, and a uniform vest that combined both when they were on duty. There was a similar jacket for special occasions, when they all had to stand out on the pitch, doing their best to ignore the boiling sun as one commander or another gave speech after speech about what would be expected of them.

    At least she has pretty eyes. Riley forced herself to smile, the gesture wan and hollow even by her reckoning. No one can take that away from her. Sure they might look a little cold at first, but she was sure that once you got to know her she was-- Their eyes met, blue staring into blue, and in that moment Riley could practically feel the weight of her own attention. One second passed, then another, before the young woman finally turned away, a slow breath rattling from between her lips.

    No. This wasn’t the time for this. There wasn’t any time for this. I have a paper to finish. Riley thought dully, her attention returning at last to the essay, the tremor in her hand stilling as she once again grasped her pen. Yet, as the young soldier resumed her work, there was one thought that she just couldn’t get out of her head.

    That girl should wipe the ink off her face.

    Mecha: Musketeer
    Loadout: Sniper

    “So, this is it?”

    “Well, close enough anyway.”

    Riley leaned back against the railing, shooting her companion a glance. “Close enough? Is this or isn’t this the machine I’m going to have to pilot?”

    “Right model, wrong schema.” The man reached around to rub at his neck, sighing as he met her gaze. “Yours will be equipped with long-range gear. Sniper rifle, that sort of thing.”

    Riley nodded quietly, her eyes drifting back to the mech. It towered over them both, a veritable giant, one of its carefully articulated hands wrapped around the grip of an equally massive rifle. “I’m going to guess,” Riley began, as she eyed the fin which wrapped around the unit’s head, “that the color scheme is non-negotiable?”

    “Completely.” The man shook his head, free hand twitching slightly. “Remind me again, kid, how you got placed in the Mecha Combat Division?”

    “Private.” She admonished. “I passed the right tests. The Accuracy batch, I think.” The girl frowned, though the gesture was gone before her companion could blink. “Before that I was on track to be an officer; apparently my scores were too good, so they ordered my transfer, effective immediately.”

    The man barked out a laugh. “You want me to make you call me ‘Lieutenant,’ kid?” The amusement drained out of his expression. “Are you sure you’re going to be able to handle this? Going to space, fighting the Elyoni… killing them.”

    Riley didn’t respond immediately, and the man gave her a look. One of her hands balled into a fist. “I’ll be fine.” She inhaled, shook her head, and released the breath. “Really, David… Lieutenant. I will be fine, sir.”

    David looked away, murmuring something beneath his breath. “... If you say so, kid. Just remember, what you see up there? Isn’t going to be anything like what you’re used to back home. Alherne’s too peaceful.”

    “I know.” Riley stood straight and gave him a salute. “I’ll deal, sir.” Not like I have a choice to do anything else.

    Her superior stared at her for a long moment, then clapped the girl gently on the shoulder. “Okay. Now, you wanted to see your gear, right?” David waited for her nod, then grinned. “We don’t have it mounted on a mech right now, but the equipment’s already unloaded in the back. If you’ll just follow me.”

    The girl fell into step behind the man, almost bumping into him as he made a sudden about-face. “Oh, and we’re obviously not going to tell anybody that I’m doing this, are we? Since new recruits aren’t allowed in the armory until after they’ve graduated from Basic Training.” The Lieutenant winked, and Riley gave him a wicked little smirk.

    “Oh, of course not, sir. I’ll just wipe this whole little adventure from my memory banks. Beep. Boop.” She intoned, her expression blank. “Memory wipe, complete-- Hey!” Riley growled and broke formation to dash after the Lieutenant. “What was that for?”

    “That terrible joke. You know robots don’t sound like that.” David reached a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “They obviously make noises like ‘Bzzt!’, or ‘Gnnr!’ Come on.”

    Riley gave him a solid punch to the shoulder, though they both grinned. “Alright, come on you little misfit.” David said, eyes still laughing. “I’ve got other things to do today.”

    “Yes, sir. I understand, sir.” The girl whistled innocently as they once again resumed their trek down to the armory, both now in considerably better spirits.


    Lance Corporal Aurena “Aury” Melise played by Kellehendros
    Trooper Isaac Nox played by Caststarter
    Lance Corporal Bram Gallagher played by Cray
    Private Ren Sheea played by Chewy905
    Private James 'Jack' Koldarr played by nield
    Private Tess Tahoe played by TormentedDragon
    Private Hawk-Eye Davis played by Riprose123
    Private Blaisé Delacroix played by Starflame13
    Private Kit Williams played by roseleaf320

    As a final note, I won’t be starting this adventure until after the final round of this year’s Elemental Championships concludes. So take your time, ponder possibilities, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Until then, I await you in the stars.

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    Eternal Wanderer

    Name: Aurena “Aury” Melise
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Prior Profession: Counselor
    Origin: East Indari, Hernis, Virvande
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Skills: Reconnaissance / Finding Trouble

    By the file, Aurena Melise stands at just over five feet and five inches in height, with a slender and athletic build of the sort churned out by the trainers and fitness coordinators of Basic with all the regularity of a Hernis steel maker’s blast furnace. What the official documentation cannot capture, however, is the vivacity of the woman. Red-brown eyes that spark with lively intelligence - and more than a little mischief - peer out above a nose with a notable kink from having been broken and reset not quite right. Lines from smiling and laughter have begun to carve their way into her face, appearing at the corners of her eyes when she grins and transforming her otherwise thin-lipped appearance. Aurena’s golden locks have been ruthlessly shaved any number of times as a reminder of regulations on the subject, and yet she continues to grow it back and maintain it precisely an inch longer than regulation between disciplinary actions on the subject.

    Mecha: Cardinal
    Loadout: Running Silent
    1x Radio-Jamming Device, 2x Plasma Pistol, 1x Shroud Tank

    GUC Disciplinary Form, 6A

    Date: 14 Kinneth 3168

    Submission of Report by: Captain Turner Magro

    Subject of Disciplinary Action: Corporal Aurena Melise

    Serial Number of Subject of Disciplinary Action: A938-M392-V432

    Number of Prior 6A Complaints on File: 13

    Date of Last Disciplinary Action: 10 Kinneth 3168

    Reason for Complaint: Insubordination, improper use of military-grade ordnance

    Complaint: Cpl Melise was disciplined, once again, 10 Kinneth 3168 for not following scheduled grooming protocols pursuant to regulation 994-A3 concerning permissible hair length for active-duty personnel. As this was the fifth such warning issued to Cpl Melise since the last censure was issued, a formal written complaint was submitted. Please reference document 939273951 for further details. At that time the corporal refused to acquiesce to orders that she immediately report to medical to have her scalp shaved, citing the fact that she worked a desk job and was not in a field-combat position. It was explained, again, that Cpl Melise’s position with Logistics and Deliveries, while technically an office position, was still considered active-duty field due to possible deployment off-world as needed, and as such she was required to comply with all regulations related to personal grooming.

    The corporal again refused and had to be bodily restrained and escorted to the treatment center. As she was being removed from the barracks, Cpl Melise was heard by several parties to remark that Cpt Magro was, “a plebian slime” and that he should “ooze back to Relantik and resume his bottom-feeding ways while voting for the local dogcatcher.” As the procedure to bring the corporal into regulatory compliance was being completed, the doctor on duty heard her to remark several times that Cpt Magro had “best watch his back” and that he “would rue crossing the monarchy”. Please reference attached audio file Z2287 for batched recordings from barracks and medical security listening posts.

    Four days later, 14 Kinneth 3168, Cpt Magro’s squadron were sent to ordnance facility 75 for cross-training with local peacekeeping forces related to GUC Edict 42289. Cpl Melise was assisting the captain in demonstrating how to properly shape and arm charges for breaching buildings with entrenched enemy forces. The corporal mounted a shaped charge to the wall as Cpt Magro explained the proper techniques to produce the desired results, and then turned and winked at the audience as she primed the detonator rigged to the charge. At this time the captain was explaining the do’s and don’ts of notifying other team members regarding armed explosives, and was not closely monitoring Cpl Melise’s actions. Several members of the audience later interviewed reported that they thought the corporal’s actions were part of the demonstration, and thus they did not warn the captain of her action. Please reference attached witness documents 99B and 47-sub 8.

    Cpt Magro inadvertently triggered the device as part of the demonstration intended to show the safety features of the model 448 detonator. His proximity to the blast resulted in minor first-degree burns along the back-right of the neck. Concussive force from the detonation also caused severe trauma to the captain’s right ear, resulting in rupture of the eardrum and subsequent hearing loss.

    Requested Disciplinary Action: Discharge and prosecution for assault upon GUC personnel with intent to cause bodily injury.

    Request Status: Denied per GUC Edict 13

    Alternate Disciplinary Action Authorized: Confined to quarters effective immediately. Demotion to Lance Corporal effective immediately. Transfer to field-combat operations, effective 1 Tethe 3168.

    Authorization: Lieutenant General Ribio Innes
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    Are there specific jobs within the military that soldiers are trained to fit, like medic, vehicle mechanic, radio operator etc. Or are we all just basic grunts?
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    Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

    Name: Ren Sheea
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Prior Profession: Criminal
    Origin: East Indari, Hernis, Virvande
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Evasive Maneuvering/Negotiation

    The boy was tossed forward, landing hard on the metal floor before a man in a fancy suit. The two guards that had thrown him forward stepped back to the doorway, pistols drawn and pointed at the helpless boy as he steadily got to his knees and looked up at the Corporal.

    The boy was tall, almost 6 foot, with disheveled short black hair. His face was sharp and handsome, even beneath the bruises and scrapes that marred it. His hands were cuffed behind his back, fingers snapping to the beat of a silent song. He was in shape and well built, and had an air about him that suggested he’d be more suited behind a bar rather than behind bars.

    “You finally got him?” The Corporal asked.

    “He led us on quite a chase.” Said one of the guards. “Took us a while, but he made a wrong turn and slammed into our barricade.”

    The boy mumbled something. The Corporal stopped down to his level. “I didn’t hear that. Speak up.”

    The boy repeated himself, his voice smooth and clear. “I would have been fine if there weren’t so damn many of you.”

    The Corporal laughed sharply. “Maybe you would have been. I’ve seen the recordings, you’re one hell of a driver aren’t you? Where’d you learn that skill?”

    The boy tried to pull his hands apart, causing the metal cuffs to clack together. He gave up. “I didn’t.”

    The Corporal stood back up. “Hardly matters. No more driving once you’re in a prison cell. You’re known for quite a large amount of robberies and petty theft. You’ve been running from us for a while now, Ren Sheea.”

    Ren moved to stand up, but one of the guards stepped forward and shoved him again. He fell forwards with a grunt, legs falling out from under him and causing him to land ungracefully on his stomach. He wriggled a bit, pitifully, trying to get back to his knees, but was unable to. The others in the room watched with amusement.

    “I didn’t rob anyone. Everything I got was given to me.”

    “We’ve investigated. Coerced or not, you hardly own a single thing that belongs to only you.”

    Ren glared up at the Corporal, his pale gray eyes trying to drill a hole through the man’s forehead.

    “Hm now that’s the look of a fighter! Tell me Ren, can you fight?”

    “Get me out of these cuffs and I’ll show you.” He spat on the ground for emphasis, but since he was already on the ground it just made him look ridiculous.

    The Corporal looked down at him, an amused smile on his face. “Is that so? And would you follow orders?”

    “Depends what’s in it for me.”

    “Alright then. Stand up. I’m considering making a deal.”

    Ren’s squirming became more fervent. He figured out he could roll onto his side and use his legs to prop himself up. Soon he was standing face to face with the Corporal.

    “That was too easy. Would you be willing to try again with your ankles tied?”

    “Do i get the deal if I don’t?”

    “No, but you might not even get the deal if you do. Better to cooperate when faced with a superior, right?”

    Ren considered for a moment, then nodded. The Corporal motioned to one of the guards, who stepped forwards and tied Ren’s ankles together, then gently lowered him until he was lying on the ground again.

    “Stand up.”

    Ren quickly rolled onto his side and tried to prop himself up, but found with his newly tied ankles he was unable to rock himself up properly. He spent some more time trying and failing while the guards and the Corporal looked on. Eventually, Ren wriggled his way over to the wall and managed to lean himself up against it. From there he was able to push himself up until he was on his knees again. He then rocked back onto his toes and up to his feet.

    “Okay sir, what kind of deal were you thinking of? I’ve got a lot of people waiting on deliveries out there, and they’ll be after me if I can’t bring em what they need, so it would be nice to avoid prison.”

    The Corporal beamed at him. “Prison? Kid, you’re way too good to waste away in there. There’ll be a ton of paperwork to fill out, and we’ll have to look about dealing with your criminal record, but how would you like to be a soldier?”

    Mecha: Musketeer
    Loadout: Basic

    “Come on, do you really need it?”

    “I’m not giving you my watch Ren. You’ wouldn’t even be able to afford something this nice.”

    “You don’t have to give it to me Jacob! I just want a day or two to examine it, maybe take it apart and figure out what literally makes it tick.”

    “No means no, Ren! This was a gift from my family, I don’t want to part with it just so you can satiate your curiosity!”

    “Here, let's make a deal! I’ll pay for your next, no! Your next two meals, and in return you let me have your watch, just for a day! I promise I’ll give it back!”

    “Next three meals. Drinks and sides included.”


    Jacob unstrapped his shiny gold wristwatch and handed it carefully to Ren, who quickly slipped it onto his wrist, struggling a bit with adjusting the strap.

    “Yes!” Ren pumped his fist in triumph. “Oh this will be so fun to deconstruct. Thanks Jacob, signal me down next time we’re out, and I'll give this back! Maybe I can even get it working better."

    Ren waved goodbye to Jacob, who looked a little exasperated, and headed off towards his dorm, whistling an upbeat tune as he walked. When he turned a corner, he barely managed to stop himself from ramming into his superior.

    “Ah good, Private Sheea. I was just about to come get you actually.”

    “Good evening, Lieutenant.” Ren snapped into a salute, right hand coming up to his head. “What do you need?”

    “Walk with me, I want to show you something.”

    They fell into step together, the Lieutenant just a pace ahead of the Private, and maneuvered through the halls of the building. Ren couldn’t quite figure out where he was being taken.

    “You’re aware you’ve been transferred to the Mecha Combat Division, correct?”

    Ren nodded. “Yes sir. Apparently my test scores were good enough that they decided I’d fit in well.”

    “Are you sure you didn’t just convince them to let you pass the test?”

    Ren smiled sheepishly. “I know better than to try persuading my superiors, sir. It’s a blessing I’ve gotten as high as Private in the first place.”

    The Lieutenant nodded. “Yeah, really shows what this place is capable of, being able to rehabilitate a criminal like you. Here we are.”

    They stopped in front of a basic computer room. The Lieutenant swiped a keycard and the door slid open. As they stepped through the lights turned on, revealing a large screen on the wall. He took out a tablet from his pocket and tapped on it a few times, causing the large screen to flare to life.

    “I wanted to show you the mecha you’ve been issued. I could just show you in person in the hanger, but frankly I was worried you’d see the higher class models and start badgering the higher ups for one of them.

    Ren muttered something to himself.

    “What was that Private? You’ll need to speak up.”

    “I said I’d probably get one, too. Sir.”

    “You’d be wrong, Private. No one would be able to convince a Quartermaster to just give you a Mecha you aren’t assigned to. These things don’t grow on trees. Anyways.” The Lieutenant swiped up on his tablet, and an image appeared on the large screen, a large humanoid machine with clawed feet and a long fin on its head, colored in shades of brown and navy blue.

    Ren took out his own tablet and swiped at it, rotating the image on the screen so he could appraise it from all angles. “This isn’t the model they had me using during the simulations.”

    “Based on your combat prowess we assumed the Cavalier class mecha would be most appropriate for you. But after seeing you in the simulations we decided the maneuverability of the Musketeer class would be a better fit.”

    “I don’t like it.”

    “You… don’t… like it?”

    Ren shook his head. “Nope. The color schemes ugly, and the fin looks dumb. Furthermore the winch on the Cavalier class was a godsend.” He turned to face the Lieutenant. “Is it possible to change the color to black and purple, and replace theeee-“ he swiped at his pad, zooming around the image of the mecha, finally settling on the sheathed batons. “Electric batons with two winches?”

    The Lieutenant was taken aback by Ren’s bluntness. “Private the colors denote mecha class, and cannot be changed. Furthermore purple and black are for scout class mecha, which you haven’t even been considered for with how flashy your tactics are. And the winches are exclusive to Cavalier’s, the Musketeer doesn’t even need them because of it’s additional thrusters.”

    Ren sighed in defeat. “I suppose it will do for now. Do I get any say in additional gear selections?”



    “I’ll send the data to your account so you can peruse it better. Get familiar, this thing is going to be your life soon so you better understand what it can do. Now go get some rest, Private. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.”

    “Yes sir!” Ren turned to leave the room.

    The Lieutenant called out to him as he got to the door. “Oh, and Private.”

    “Yes, sir?”

    “Give Jacob his watch back. If I understand correctly it’s pretty special to him, and I don’t want to have to deal with any reports when you inevitably break it. ”

    Ren sighed again. “Understood, sir.”

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    Ether-knight of DragonFable & EpicDuel

    Name: Isaac Nox
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Origin: Alherne, Von, Elvesitt
    Prior Profession: Landscaping Supervisor
    Rank: Trooper
    Skills: Sabotage / Technical Illustrator (Schematics)

    Lanky in build with a “modest” 5’10” in height, many would say Isaac is far from graceful. His thick strands of chestnut hair, when it lays well outside of dictated grooming protocols, make him come off as more of a rough’n tumble individual- especially in this day and age. Couple that with a coarse skin that allegedly can only be subdued by potent skin medication, a squashed nose, extremely haphazard eyebrows that deny maintenance, and one crooked smile just to top it all off. At least he has magnificent dark eyes. Somehow.

    And yet, there is still an air of sophistication behind it all. Changing the land itself may be rough work, but the end result for the wealthy is one of precise execution. Look further, and one might just see that the roughness is intentional. Many a joke has been made of him being a perfect double for a Sentayi, using both mundane and advanced tools alike with no qualms.

    Mecha: Cardinal
    Loadout: Hacker

    22 Shinnath, 3168

    Many a day has gone by with more reminders about proper sanitation procedures, mainly from some of my peers. Understandable, since they don’t want to let a plague spread through the force, but I do ponder if some are not familiar with the basics at points. Some act as if they never dealt what it is like to do things by hand. If I were to present the idea of rust, grime, and dirt, would they scream?

    Then again, if I get discharged for disorderly conduct, that would ruin the point of me joining voluntarily. Yeah, I get out. Then no one will hire me because of work ethic or something. Really, not much else I can do even if I’m not one for this war. Can’t blame the draft either, really despite it not being the most ethical of solutions.

    For now, I’ll just do what I’m told, unless they order me something akin to crafting a persistent ice garden on some large balcony. Instead, I’ll do whatever is actually productive and interesting.

    In more fun news, I am being placed in the MCD after all, according to one of the higher-ups. She mentioned it was due to my aptitude with handling both simple and complex machines, to the point I can find some sort of way to at least deal with them so the squad doesn’t have to. Not to mention having a steady hand demonstrated I can pilot competently. Actually approve of this, since I get to work with something moderately cool.

    In any case, Charles, how’re things going over at GeoTrail? I assume things are under control with the new employee? Also, please make sure the LSX droids have compatible batteries. That was your job, not mine. I remember the last time a battery overloaded and I had to get my spare hand tools to finish up the job. You were lucky I could get it done in a timely manner so the higher-ups wouldn’t rip your salary to pieces.

    As for our friend Gabriel, heard from him recently? I’m highly curious about how his mixed martial arts gig went. The last time I heard of him, he bragged how punching me in the jaw improved his ability to knock opponents out. As if I am the arbiter in staying up in a fight. Idiot.

    That is all I have to say for now.

    Isaac, signing off.
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    Name: Bram Gallagher
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Prior Profession: PMC Mechanic / Former Pilot

    Passenger Profile #52,081: Gallagher, Bram
    Updated 1 Vennat, 3165

    Date of Birth: 13 Tethe, 3142.
    Place of Birth: Relantik, New Walan.

    — Global Institute for Engineering Excellence, West Indar Branch: Basic course completed. Mechanical Engineering, accelerated course, graduated with honors, third of the class of 3160.

    — LDU Academy, Engineering Officer track, Mecha Logistics Department: Entered 3160, ceased attendance on the same year. Reasons cited: Declined to answer.

    Recent Employment History:

    — Point Zero Security, Private Security Firm License #302-3122 (Expired on year 3163 with the company’s disbanding).

    Position: Dedicated mechanic, LCE, 3160-3162. Pilot, 3163. Formally discharged as part of alleged downsizing (See Hound Incident Report for LDF intelligence).

    Unit: Custom frame, analogous to early iterations of the Musketeer model. Alternate thrust vectoring scheme specialized on surface maneuvering, replacing the standard RCS and reducing space aptitude. Frontal ablative armor and rear heat shielding not built to LDF safety standards, unsuitable for mass-production. Codename: Berserker.

    — AEGIS, Unlicensed Security Outfit. Identified by LDF as informal organization, focused exclusively on the defense of Sentayi colony Rawesa, established on planet Lhasa. Unit is believed disbanded after the evacuation of Rawesa following the agitation of migrating megafauna by local outlaws.

    Position: Mechanic, reinforcement pilot. 3163-3165.

    Unit: Berserker, further modified. Reaction control system entirely refitted for surface maneuvering. ArcSys power buffer modified to extend its performance beyond standard operational parameters. While the heightened capacity is suitable for its purpose, the modifications decreased operational periods and extended its charging periods beyond what is practical for more organized operations, as well as forcing it to rely purely on external power sources.

    “This has got to be the only time I’ve seen the spaceport this quiet.” Victoria briefly lifted her hat, calloused fingers straightening her dark blonde hair out underneath the spotless fabric before placing it back down.

    “Welcome to the graveyard shift, Winters. I guess your brother wasn’t much for telling stories.” While his partner looked over the ebbing lines of passengers from the day’s final arrivals, Garrett Anderson settled his short but broadly built frame on a lone waiting row chair and reviewed the report displayed on his PDA.

    “Counterintelligence Officer, Anderson. He couldn’t if he wanted to. And believe me, he didn’t.”

    “Fair enough. Never did knew what to make of Leo— Man, can you believe they’re making us pull this guy for the Mecha Combat Division? Look at this profile. This screams R&D.”

    “I did look at it. And there is no way they’d want him there. Look at the actual gear lists. That’s not requisition material; that’s a freakin’ portfolio. Good, sure. Real good. But way too expensive to mass produce; we’ve already got too many big egos working with the elites.

    “Eesh, you’re right. Look at this plating. Only a PMC sinks that much money into individual units. How about LCE, though?”

    “Good eye. He’d be perfect for that if he was just starting out. But I was with the Moonriders until my inner ear got me grounded. Out there, you want teamwork. People who can take the standard issue and make it work like designer babies. The force isn’t going to waste time re-educating someone they think is a bad fit. Grunts, though, they can keep an eye on. And personally, I can tell you the mechanics will be happy to work with someone who actually understands them.

    “Heh. Yeah, I’ve gone through enough requisition and maintenance forms to agree.” Anderson’s pale, sleep-deprived expression stirred awake with a fleeting grin before suddenly sharpening. Clear brown eyes turned to the end of the hallway, locking on one of the arrivals. “Showtime.”

    “That’s our man. You doin’ the honors this time?”

    “I might as well act the rank every now and then.” Garret stood up with greatly overplayed sloth, pocketing the personal screen. The moment he straightened out his uniform, both officers stood at attention and awaited their mark with cordial expressions and firm stances more fitting of their stations.

    The man came to a halt upon noticing the uniforms of his interlopers. Wandering eyes snapped to a more attentive focus, his tense body language belying a recollection of the years spent operating heavy machinery. This fleeting anger, however, was surprisingly quick to give way to a calmer gaze and the slight slump of relaxation - Or was it resignation?

    “Mister Gallagher?” At Garret’s beckoning, Bram straightened up and approached. A thorough exposure tan and the odd faded scrape had darkened his skin beyond its years, robbing some youth from the somewhat cynical grin that the young man greeted his better-groomed counterparts with. This effect was exacerbated by a small collection of premature strands of dark grey marring the otherwise intense reddish brown of his short hair.

    “Sir. Miss.”

    “Lieutenant Anderson and Specialist Winters, Liluri Defense Force, Red Vale Station. May we ask for a few minutes of your time?”

    Breaching the small remaining distance, both uniformed figures reached out their hands to Bram in a peculiarly informal gesture for the occasion. After a surprised second, handshakes were exchanged. The Lieutenant made little of the exchange beyond passing relief, doubtless glad that pleasantries seemed to be prevailing over the expected hostility. His Warrant Officer partner, however, reacted with visible approval. In spite of her misgivings about Bram’s body of work, Winters instinctively smiled when their hands met. As their calloused palms rubbed against each other, she began to think that this person might just be the genuine article after all — Not just a glorified designer who expected others to do the hard work.

    “Didn’t think I rated this kind of welcoming committee. But if you’ll excuse me, let’s cut the formalities. I’m tired, annoyed… And if you’ve been waiting for me for as long as it looks, I’ll bet you are too. Besides, we both know I’d be lucky if you were only asking for a few years of my time.

    So if you’d care to join me for an offensively early breakfast, we can discuss the details and get me shipped off.”

    Bram had expected to strike a nerve with his nonchalance, but the pair seemed to be perfectly fine with this direct approach. This time, it was Victoria who replied:

    “We took the liberty of retrieving your luggage. Come on, it’ll be our treat. Might as well fatten you up before we send you to the grill.”

    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Skills: Mechanical Savant / CQC Specialist

    The Den, as a particular mechanic team had come to nickname their assigned mech hangar, had two acoustic states by default. During downtime, it was eerily quiet but for the characteristic hum of ArcSys power cells being charged. Active hours… Those were an entirely different story. An extremely loud story, at that. The poliphony of incessantly moving heavy equipment, the restless rounds of maintenance crews, the oft-exasperated recording of audio reports, high-speed typing… Music?

    “Okay, Sigrun, I don’t believe this. That’s the fourth time in one week that you’re done this early. There’s no freaking way you’re working faster than Rachel.” The sheer disbelief almost turned the rambling into indignant squawking as a hyperactive man in overalls gesticulated in annoyance under the open cockpit of a Cavalier-class mech.

    A hand poked out from within and waved dismissively while a woman bearing the same overalls turned down the unit’s internal speakers. Defiantly relaxed, she let the slowly uttered retort languish in the air: “Jealous, Lance?”

    “Jealous my friggen’ spanner. I’m the fastest reader in the entire corps and can’t keep up with how fast you’re processing feedback lately. What, has your pilot not been deploying or something?”

    “Nope~! Sae’s getting her Spitfire refitted from head to toe. New electronics. I’ve got the new promotion’s unit in the meantime.”


    “So I’m having the time of my life here, this is the easiest my job has ever been.”

    “With the heaviest unit in the hangar? You’re pulling my leg.”

    “I’m dead serious, have a look at my feedback reports.” Lazily sliding down to the catwalk, the strongly built but diminutive redhead took a moment to yawn for effect before offering her teammate - Of a similar but lighter haired complexion - a handheld tablet screen.

    Lance sorted through an obscene amount of different playlist windows to find the files in question, slowly calming down and nodding in approval every few seconds. “Huh, this is good stuff. … Oh! Oh, you’ve got the engineer, don’t you?”

    “Yep! Well, pilot now. I’ve got the entire profile there. Check out the—”

    “Blazes, that’s some creativity. Way too fancy to get past prototype, though. Those shells, maybe. The sword needs downsizing if you want to make more than one, but that housing idea is great. I can see why they didn’t put the guy to work with us, there’s no reining his type in.”

    “And Development would be knocking him over the head all day long to keep it simple.”

    “Still, how come he’s a pilot? They could just put him back in the acad— Oh. Okay, that’s why.”


    “That is just plain nasty.”

    “Effective, though.”

    “What in the great freaking cog are you guys reading while I bust my arse getting all the actual work done around here?” Distracted by their enthusiastic sharing of the feedback reports, the pair had failed to notice the quiet approach of their comparatively much taller teammate, whose bare arm reached over both of their heads to pluck the tablet from Lance’s hands. Benefitting from lenience thanks to seniority, albeit woe be whoever brings it up, Rachel kept the top half of her overall tied at the waist while using her own custom toolbelt and a camo-patterned top.

    “Pilot reports, huh. Oh hey, Sigrun, your technical writing’s improved a little bit.” Her tied hair suddenly shook when she promptly did a double take. “Wait, this is the input. Signed… This is the PMC mechanic?


    “But this is so… neat. Where’s the complaints? The waste? The telling us how to do our job? He duplicated every issue before reporting it. This is precise plasgun calibration data. ...He tested with a blank pilot profile too?”

    “Uh, Rachel?”

    “This isn’t fair. I’m going to make this guy my pilot.” Free hand clenching into a raised fist, the team leader turned around and stormed off toward the exit at the opposite side of the catwalk. “I’m going to make this guy my husband

    “Wait, give me my tablet back!”

    “Rachel, no!”

    “Rachel, YES.

    Appearance: Standing at an even 1.9 meters, Bram towers over most of his homeland’s people. His imposing frame is bolstered by an even musculature developed through years of heavy gear operation. This hardly helps him blend in, even as his constantly insouciant behavior seems to attempt otherwise. His hair is kept short enough to almost stand straight up, defying attempts to sweep it back, although the few curiously gray strands are decidedly more malleable than the otherwise auburn mass.

    Exposure tans and stray chemical burns have significantly darkened a once pale complexion, of which only a trace remains - in the calloused palms that no glove could keep from getting scarred up. This makes the normally plain grey-blue of his eyes striking through contrast, particularly when the oft-furrowed eyebrows relent and let the irises show properly.

    Mecha: Cavalier
    Loadout: 2x Heated Vibroblades, 1x Vibroknife, 1x Buckler (Left), 1x Plasma Pistol

    “There you go. That’s going to be your new partner. I know you’ve only worked with custom frames, but this is nothing to sneeze at.”

    “Triad Series Type-01, codenamed Cavalier. Standard gear. Could’ve sworn they’d drop me into a Musketeer. ...Codenamed Paladin? Someone likes irony.”

    “That’d be Mizuki, one of the pilots that left yesterday. She suggested we use that by way of saying it’s your second chance made steel. Some of the pilots weren’t so friendly, though. Made you out to be some too-good-for-generics snob.”

    “I guess that’s my fault for not hanging out much, but it’s for the best. I’ve been something of a bad luck charm. But no, Ensign, I respect the standard issue. Solid base to work with, good representation of a combat role. Though I guess I’m not going to have a say on loadout?”

    “Not really. You can pick a template or send a requisition form, but you’ve got to play it safe with requests.”

    “Figures. I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for the sneak peek, kiddo.”

    “Careful, I outrank you now. I kid. Give ‘em hell out there, I’ll do my best here.”

    Note: The character's mechanical prowess and specialization in mecha engineering have been worked out with Ryu, and were intended from the start to work through consulting GM before attempting anything. Further, while the knowledge is specialized in a constantly relevant field, practice is meant to be infrequent.

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    Ryu Viranesh

    Kell, you're Approved - and got a few chuckles out of me in the process.

    Chewy905, we've spoken, and once you make the necessary corrections I'll be happy to review your bio again.

    Caststarter, you've added a bit since last we spoke, but I don't see anything amiss within the additions. As such, you're Approved.

    Cray, with the caveat included at the end of your submission, everything seems to be in order. You're Approved.

    I'll try to do these sweeps more frequently going forward, though if you have any questions or concerns, you can message me either here or via Discord.
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    Name: James ‘Jack’ Koldarr
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Prior occupation: none
    Origin: Aptia, Melces, Deleera
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Close Quarters Combat/ Automobile mechanic.

    Appearance: Relatively short, standing at a meagre 4’10” and being on the lean side, Jack does not initially come across as an imposing figure and an ever-present goofy smile does little to dissuade this assessment. Closer examination reveals there may be more to the young man, however. A once shaggy mess of bright red hair is now kept short-cropped, revealing a handful of small scars dotting his forehead, with one cutting through his left eyebrow.

    Close examination of his stature reveals he is well-muscled, not quite to a bulky standard, but not far off either. His soft blue eyes, glittering in innocent wonder at the world around him, oppose the state of his hands, gnarled, weathered and despite the best attempts of anybody to clean them, ever-blackened, clear delineators of years of manual labour.

    Mecha: Cavalier
    Loadout: Skirmisher

    “Oh, heya there Jacob, sorry but we’re-“

    “Not open yet, yeah I know. I ain’t parched none, nor’m I lookin’ t’drown my sorrows. Just needa rant at someone for a bit.”

    “About your, ah, nephew, right?”

    “That’s the one.”

    “Thought the draft came for ‘im? Not as anyone don’t know his Mumma were fightin’ it somethin’ fierce.”

    “Yeah, well, with her gone now, ain’t much in the way no more. Sure’s heck I’m not getting in it.”

    “Guess that’ll be the end of the museum then?”

    “Now what makes you say that?”

    “Ain’t like it’s ever been much of a secret, the dang thing existed purely to give the kid somethin’ what to do, doin’ somethin’ he loved, when’s she found he did love doin’ it. That woman doted on him somethin’ fierce. Not’s as I know why she never had him on its payroll.”

    “Way she figured it, if they knew the kid could work, they’d figure he could fight. Guess that one didn’t work out for her. Hey, least this way he ain’t gonna hurt any of the other local kids.”

    “S’true. Though’s I been wonderin’ ‘bout that. My Fred said one time, you could get all threatening like and the kid’d just wilt up. But threaten him long enough or actually take a swing and he’d change in a heartbeat. Broke that Denarr kid's arm in three places one time, my Fred said so he did”

    “Oh. That. Well, truth as told, He’s not actually just one kid.”


    “Yeah, somethin’ the doctors said when he was born, somethin’ happened in the womb, like. They’s was s’posed be twins, but somehow, they got shunted into the same body. So, there’s actually two of them in there. The dumb kid what’ll never grow up, an’ his brother, who’s actually got some brains and'll kick yer butt if you've been hatin' on his brother.”

    “Huh. Still, you think he’s even gonna make it through his training?”

    “Were it just the dumb kid? Not a chance. But his brother’ll prob’ly thrive in that kinda environment. He don’t just come out when the kid’s threatened, neither. Give him more’n he can handle, or somethin’ he just plain don’t like a lot and the brother’ll pop up. S’why I don’ gotta worry about closin’ down that money sink.”

    “Hmm. I’m surprised the kid even CAN function with his Mumma gone.”

    “Har, now that were the easy bit. He don’t know.”

    “What, you didn’t tell him?”

    “Naw. Now he knew she were sick, so’s I just told him that the bad aliens were what was doin’ it to her, and he had to go with the nice gentlemen and fight the bad aliens to keep her safe and make her better. Heh, ya couldn’t hold him back at that point.”

    “Dang, an’ he believed ya?”

    “Of course. What reason’s he got to doubt his dear ‘Uncle Jacob’?”

    “S’almost a shame though.”

    “Oh? What is?”

    “’Th’ Deleera Automobile Antiques Museum’. Now I know that woman as had plenty money spare to throw at it and it never generated a dime, but it were still interestin’ enough history. Not to mention, didn’t the kid basically keep everything running all by himself?”

    “Hmph. Like anyone as really cares about that stuff. S’all over a thousand years old, everything just replicas, made in the woman’s factories. Sure, put together and kept running by the kid- those louts as were actually on payroll never lifted a finger- but it’s all he’s ever been good for. Maintaining tech that’s a millennia outta date. He takes one right between the eyes fightin’ them aliens, nothin’ of value willa been lost.”

    “Dang, you really are ice cold towards the kid, Jacob. We’ll be open in a few, iff’n you do want a-“

    “Pffft, nah like I said, just needed someone t’talk at a bit. That woman cared for that kid a hunnerd times more’n she ever cared for me, I ain’t gonna waste any time or tears on her.”

    “Ice cold, Jacob. Ice cold.”
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    Name: Tess Tahoe
    Age: 37
    Gender: Female
    Origin: Priyava, Eranan
    Prior Profession: Construction Droid Operator
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Mecha Maneuvering / Structural Engineering & Design
    Physical profile:
    The APEU wasn’t quite so impressive the second time through. Sure, it could build a picometer accurate profile of physical measurements of the subject inside within the span of a few minutes, enabling the automated precision manufacture of size-sensitive equipment. Sure, it was a marvel of optical measurement technology and analytical programming. Sure, it could tell instantly if you had a bad instep, or spinal problems, or had been favoring one arm since birth.

    It was still just a big smelly pod that forced you to strip down and blinked lights at you so it could tell you how tall you were.

    Height: 5’9”

    Right on cue. Of course, the internal readout was down to the bare basics, the kind of info you get in less time with a measuring tape. All the juicy details were stored for the medical and insurance people.

    Weight: 172 lbs

    And she’d gained weight. Of course. Her eyes flicked to the reconstructed image on the readout, examining her digital doppelganger with a critical eye. She did not look fat, she did not think. Perhaps a little thick, but a lot of that was muscle. Or it should be.

    She tensed her right arm, pressing fingers into the dark skin - the muscle remained firm. She’d put it down to muscle weight. Last time she’d measured had been before starting the latest regimen.

    She dressed, retrieving her clothing from the shelves provided for the purpose, and stepped out to meet the stone-faced lady who was, presumably, filling out her file. She could feel the woman’s eyes flick over her hair, and braced for the coming argument.

    “Sarkalen descent?” the woman asked.

    She blinked, mouth half open for her prepared retort, and then nodded. The woman sniffed, and Tess very carefully did not scowl. “Pink’s natural, then?” She nodded again, still waiting for the shoe to drop and the fight to start.

    “Understood, I’ll note the code exception in your file. This way please.” And the woman was walking.

    A few minutes later, Tess recovered enough to follow, managing to leave her surprise behind her.

    Mecha: Cardinal
    Loadout: Agent

    Multiple screens played multiple recordings simultaneously, specific loops of footage picked as particularly pertinent to the ongoing review. Each one bearing the label of “Live Trial” or “Simulation,” they all displayed exterior view of mecha, engaged in skirmishes or maneuvering through terrain and space. In each case, the focus unit was involved in some manner of impressive maneuver: the ducking of a plasma rifle shot; swooping inside of a Cavalier’s guard; scaling a canyon wall with the barest use of thrusters.

    As interesting as the displays were, the two people in the room were paying far more attention to the datapads in their hands, eyes scanning the lines of text and occasionally sliding to the next page with a button press. The woman, bars on her shoulders marking her as a Captain, cleared her throat, prompting the man to look up.

    “Yes, Captain?”
    “I feel like I’m missing something, Staff Sergeant.”
    He frowned. “I’m afraid I don’t follow.”
    “She’s a raw recruit, low priority on the draft, but she’s posting maneuvering metrics that would peg her as a veteran.”
    “Ah, that,” he says, dropping his eyes back to his own datapad. “Check her employment history. Eleven years in construction, nine of those as a senior Construction Droid Operator. She moves like a veteran because she is one.”
    It was the Captain’s turn to frown. “That makes a certain amount of sense, but that hardly seems transferrable to combat environments.”
    “As I understand it, there’s more than a few CDO’s that participate in simulated Droid wrestling,” the Staff Sergeant responded. “She’s apparently well known in those circles. The, ah, Triple F Bomb, I believe.”
    The Captain raised an eyebrow. “Triple F?”
    He shrugs. “The acronym changes depending on who you ask. There are some you shouldn’t ask.”
    “Ah.” She tapped the end of her stylus to her teeth, eyes scanning the data once more. “Engineering background, veteran in a cockpit, shows good potential for squad tactics; her marksmanship needs work, but, Staff Sergeant, why am I seeing recommendations for a Trooper designation?”

    “Disciplinary history, Captain. I recommend page 2, section 4, as a shining example.”

    The Captain raised another eyebrow, and navigated to the appropriate section. A moment of reading, and she pinched the bridge of her nose, then read the report again.

    “Miming a tea party on a superior officer’s mech following a victory in a simulated mecha wrestling match,” she read, in a tone as dry as the Odorean desert.
    The Staff Sergeant cleared his throat. “I can’t say as the lieutenant didn’t have it coming, sir.”
    “Lt. Trey?” she asked, the words escaping in a half-sigh.
    “Yes, sir.”
    She nodded, and went back to staring at the data pad. Silence reigned for the next half hour, before the Captain finally put the data pad down.

    “The behavioral reports would seem indicate an overall problem with authority, but on the other hand I’m not seeing any instances of direct insubordination or refusal to follow orders. The names of the complainants in each case are … telling, as well.”
    He nodded, the corners of his lips turning the slightest bit upward.
    “Make her a Private,” the Captain said, standing and smoothing the wrinkles in her uniform. “We won’t reward her behavior, but she’s too much of a potential asset to be left in grunt assignments forever.”
    He stood too, and saluted. “I’ll note the recommendation, sir.”
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
    8/12/2018 0:03:45   

    Unclassified-FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY
    Enlisted Record Brief-Full Record, Physiology Profile included
    Prepared by COL Anthony Williams, LDF Central Command

    Name: Hawk-eye Davis
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Prior Profession: Combat Engineer/Security Consultant
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Chemistry/Tactical Analysis

    Physiology: Davis stands at 5’ 8”, weighs in at 190 lbs. He’s put on some weight since his medical discharge, but the weight is mainly due to muscle addition, thanks to the rigorous physical therapy plan that the LDF has put him on. He is well tanned, and age is starting to show on his face, wrinkles setting in around his eyes and forehead. His hair is salt and pepper, and his eyes are dark green. His hair has been sheared short thanks to his second round of boot camp. He is completely clean shaven, as he was when I served with him. There are three major body descriptors for Hawk-eye. The first is a tattoo on his left bicep. It reads in black ink “E Company, 35th ID, Red Bulls”, with the division coat of arms drawn underneath. The next is a mess of burn scars that adorn the right side of his face, starting just underneath his hairline, to the base of his neck, and spreading to the corner of his eye and mouth. The last is the absence of his right leg from the knee down. This does not bar him from reentry, see ADDENDUM 1.

    Mecha Model: Cavalier
    Loadout: Basic

    Enlistment History: Davis entered the LDF in 3150, three cycles before the start of the Elyon-Liluri war. He attended boot camp and received outstanding marks from his drill sergeants. He denied officer candidacy for personal reasons, and went on to serve in a combat engineer company. When the war broke out, he was sent to [REDACTED] with the rest of his company. He fought for 6 years, rising to the position of platoon sergeant, earning medals for valor in combat and dedication to his soldiers. He was medically discharged after he was severely wounded in a Elyoni ambush during the Battle of [REDACTED] in [DATE UNAVAILABLE]. Many of his platoon were injured. He worked a few jobs after being discharged, namely working for a big name security firm as a consultant, as well as the Liluri anti terrorism agency, studying and anticipating different explosive compounds and devices. Davis was contacted by a civilian prosthetics developer with a hefty LDF contract in 3165 to spearhead development of advanced prosthetics designed to handle the stress of military service. He was outfitted with his current prosthetic and underwent heavy testing.

    Psychiatric Profile: Davis is extremely loyal to his squadmates. He is an extremely gifted strategist and has shown to apply tactical thinking to almost every decision in his life. That said, he often will forsake mission objectives for the safety of the soldiers he serves with. His experiences in the war have transformed him into a quiet, introverted and gruff veteran, and his disability and facial scarring has caused him to be treated as a pariah by the civilian population. He seems slightly conflicted, as proving his new prosthetic a success may open another demographic for the draft. Finally, Davis has shown deep sadness ever since of the loss of the majority of his platoon. He shows signs of extreme survivor’s guilt, often blaming himself for their loss. This seems to be his main motivation to reenlist, hoping to prevent anymore loss and atone for the deaths of his soldiers. This makes him extremely uneasy with the test flight of his advanced prosthetic. He is very wary of taking anyone else down with him if his leg cannot perform, causing conflict in his own psyche. His command structure is recommended to keep close eye on him for signs of mission endangerment.

    ADDENDUM 1: Hawk-eye’s prosthetic is perhaps the most advanced model of it’s kind. It connects straight to his muscular and nervous systems, picking up the electrical signals that would normally be going to the lower portion of his leg. Hawk-eye has reported signs of stiffness in his knee, but nothing that fully limits movement. He also reports phantom pains and a senses of touch from the missing leg, but the doctors are unsure if there is a specific cause or if it is just routine experiences such as those shown by other amputees. The delicate electrical systems are protected by standard shielding, much like those that protect communication cabling, which serves to allow the prosthetic to resist all but the highest electromagnetic interference. The whole system is encased in a titanium carbon alloy. The joints allow full mobility of his knee and ankle. The prosthetic has been tested among a wide range variables, ranging from sandstorms to mild nuclear radiation. It has yet to be tested in real life combat, and both the LDF and the developers are eager to see how it performs. Hawk-eye has reported infrequent lock ups, ranging from mildly annoying to complete, often during high stress situations. The exact cause is unknown, and troubleshooting is on going.

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    8/13/2018 16:35:42   

    Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

    Name: Blaisé of the House Delacroix
    Age: 18

    Prior Profession: Nobility
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Sidearms Weapon Specialist/Diplomacy (International Politics).
    Home Nation: Hernis, East Indari.

    Appearance: Though her once luscious locks of chestnut brown have been shorn away, the delicately soft hands covered in callouses by a mix of combat training and manual labor, and the willowy limbs that served her well on the dance floor hardened into slim muscle, it still took only a glance at Blaisé to determine she was used to finer things in life. Her warm, brown skin remained unmarred by the scars that decorated the veteran soldiers. Her piercing hazel eyes still filled with scorn when her slop was served to her in the mess hall. And her tight posture and tighter tone implied that obeying orders came much more unnaturally to her than giving them.

    Blaisé stands at 5'3". "The perfect height to be carried away by a knight in a shining armor" her father had once teased her. Even with her shaved head, her delicate features and rare-yet-winsome smile give her quite the lovely appearance. On this day, her uniform is spotless, pressed crisp and clean by hands that were not her own. Her sidearm, a customized pistol with the Delacroix logo emblazoned beneath the barrel, fits snugly at her waist.

    Mecha: Cavalier
    Loudout: Skirmisher

    General Backstory:The eldest child and heir of the House Delacroix, Blaisé was convinced that this war would bring her nothing but prosperity. Her family ruled the largest sidearms design and manufacturing corporation with an iron fist, and had negotiated several cushy contracts with the Liluri Military. She spent her days flirting with the heirs of other noble families, manicuring her nails, yelling orders at her servants, and touring the many facilities that would one day be her inheritance. The draft, however, presented a slight wrinkle in both her plans and her evening gowns...

    "But DAD - "

    "No buts. The commoners are unhappy with the draft, and the Queen has insisted that the nobility set the example. You have been drafted. You will serve in the name of House Delacroix."

    "But Mooooooom...!"

    "You heard your father. End of discussion."
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
    8/13/2018 23:53:09   
    Ryu Viranesh

    Chewy, you seem to have cleared up all of the issues we discussed. Everything looks good. Approved.

    nield, you've already talked through most of the sensitive aspects of this character with me, and as such, I don't really think anything looks amiss. You're Approved.

    TD, everything looks to be in order here. I'll be curious to see how Tess fits into a team dynamic (and how much she'll be like the one I remember). Approved.

    Riprose, keeping things going, everything looks good. Would recommend that you take a bit more time (or suborn someone) when editing your work, though. That aside, Approved.

    Starflame, short, sweet, and Approved. Don't see anything out of place, and I'm happy to have you aboard.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
    8/14/2018 9:20:15   

    Name: Kit Williams
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Alhernian

    Prior Profession: Bartender
    Mech/Loadout: Musketeer- Sniper
    Rank: Private
    Skills: Sharpshooting / Music

    Appearance: “My wife says I’m hot, not sure if that counts for anything.” Reaching 6 feet even, Kit had been the shelf-reacher both for his birth family and the family he has now. He was also the baby tosser, which his wife was not a fan of. He used to be a bit overweight, but now he boasts a respectable 160 pounds, the result of the rigorous training of the military (though he’ll tell you he lost it all with a baby-formula diet back at home). Of that weight, more is still fat than muscle, but his build is now relatively average. He’s hoping to take home a six pack. “Now that would be a surprise for her!”

    Kit’s dusty-brown hair has been shaved back per regulation, leaving a short layer that’s still relatively soft to the touch. It frames a relatively soft face, which often has a kind smile on it. An understanding smile. His dark brown eyes often seem like they can see right through people, not in an evil or piercing way- rather, as if he knows you, your struggles, your failings, and yet believes in you all the same. This expression is why he claims he’s made to be a barkeep, and a musician. “Music and bartending are two halves of the same whole. You bring people up when they’re at their worst. You listen to them, you show them that there’s someone out there that really cares about them. And you provide them with a distraction, plain and simple. Whether through music or drink, you allow people an escape from something that feels so oppressive, so unending, that they’re genuinely worried they won’t make it out. That’s all they need, most times. People are so much stronger than they think, they just need to be shown that sometimes.”

    This, and his family, is why he enlisted for the military.

    “You’re determined to go.”

    “Yes. I love you, Veronica. This war is getting desperate, and if we lose it could mean the end of this entire planet. I need to keep you and Joseph safe.”

    “You could do that by staying here, with us.”

    “Not if we lose I can’t. And I might just get drafted anyways. You might get drafted. If I go now, it will mean you’re unable to leave because of
    Joey, you’ll be able to petition for denial if you’re ever called on.”

    “...you research your arguments well. I can never hope to win against you. What will you do once you’re up there?”

    “I’m hoping to pilot a mecha. A long-distance one, not a close combat one, I see that look. I’ve got a pretty good aim, I think I’ll be useful up there. And I’ll play and sing, they’re allowing me to bring my ukulele. No one needs a morale boost more than the people fighting to keep our entire race alive.”

    “What about the people hopelessly praying that the love of their life won’t be blown to smithereens in the middle of space?”

    “Oh love.” He reached a hand up to her cheek, caressing it. “I’ll always be with you. Even if I’m far away, even if I’m in the next life. I’ll always be right here.”

    “And you’ll wait there if you get there before me?”

    “There will never be any question about it.”
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    8/18/2018 16:41:25   
    Ryu Viranesh

    roseleaf, I like what you've got here. I'll be interested to see exactly how Kit deals with the intended tone of this RP, since it might well make or break him in the end. Regardless, you're Approved. Welcome aboard.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
    9/2/2018 22:49:18   

    Name: Wren Siobhan Callahan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 1.80 meters
    Weight: 62 kilograms
    Origin: Silbatia, Prastas

    Prior Occupation: None specified
    Rank: Ensign
    Skills: CQC technique/Sheer Capital/Insufferability

    "Hah, don't get ahead of yourself, Callahan. I've seen your runs in the sims. You're not that ho-"

    The sole heir to the Callahan and Devaughn families takes most of her looks from her mother’s side of the family. A tall and slender girl, the only thing that she appears to inherit from her father is his dark, raven-coloured hair. Once kept long and straight, Wren’s locks have been trimmed to a short, cropped style that toes the line with grooming regulations; particularly around the fringe and the back. She wears a pair of thin, white glasses over her eyes; which are a bright, aureolin yellow.

    With her elegant features and fair complexion, the young heiress would be considered pretty by most, were it not for the somewhat stern expression she wears almost constantly being the first and foremost. A common criticism from her parents—and probably anyone who’d risk her disdain—was that she'd look so much better if she only smiled [I]once in a while.

    Since her entering the academy, Wren’s frame has bulked up only slightly; mostly through her legs and the shoulders. She appears to have also inherited her mother’s gift (or curse) of being unable to put on any further weight without extremely hard work, or a special diet.

    Mecha: Musketeer
    Loadout: Modified Sniper: 1x Condensed-Particle Sniper Rifle, 1x Railgun, 2x Vibroknives.

    "If those blades ever see the light of day, then it had better be for little more than a polish."

    The daughter of Aureus Callahan and Evangeline Devaughn, and the sole heir to the family’s mining enterprise, Wren Callahan was born into a life of wealth, prestige and privilege. From a young age, the single child was given anything and everything that she could ever want. As her parents’ ambitions grew, however, more became expected of her. As her family expanded their wealth and power, Wren’s personal time diminished and was instead devoted to following her parents’ wishes.

    A mere month and a half after her 18th birthday, Wren was entered into the LDF’s officer training path; an unexpected move, to say the least.
    The reasoning behind Wren’s enlistment is still unknown. Her mother has said little on the topic, and her father has been quoted claiming that it would be a good experience for her. Wren herself has stated that the experience would be ‘invaluable’, although her demeanour and attitude through the academy did little to support that belief.

    Aureus Callahan: The youngest of three brothers, but by far the most successful. Aureus Callahan is the CEO and Chairman of the largest mining corporations on Liluria. Now looking to further expand the company’s operational range and scope, the recently renamed Cardia International has begun purchasing shares in other industries.
    Though his work kept him busy, the patriarch of the family tried his best to raise his daughter to succeed him and inherit the family’s wealth. To this end, Aureus hired a small team of the best teachers, trainers and bodyguards that money could buy to watch over Wren. As a result, the future heir has been taught everything that her parents deem necessary for a ‘proper’ education, along with a few extra skills.

    "There will be times where you won't have your guards, servants or money with you, Wren. Better learn how to deal with that before, rather than after you've experienced it."

    Evangeline Devaughn: A relative of the Silbatian monarchy and once a partner of a global professional services firm, the former lawyer eventually set her sights on the political workings of her country. Dissatisfied with the ‘failures’ of the Silbatian parliament, Evangeline announced her intentions to the country, and was appointed into a conveniently vacated seat. She currently heads the largest right-wing party of the Silbatian legislature, seeking to enact a revolutionary change of government.
    The relationship Evangeline shares with her daughter has always been a distant one; both in a metaphorical and literal sense. Aside from being a driving force behind her daughter’s education, Evangeline has had little influence compared over Wren’s upbringing after her early childhood. Wren often sees her mother on the news, but the two rarely speak; going for months without direct communication is an ironically common occurrence. As of Wren’s induction into the academy, the last time that the mother and daughter met face to face was over a year and a half prior.

    "Has your father bought the neighboring estate yet, dearest?"
    "He bought that a year ago, mother."

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 15
    6/11/2019 0:54:43   

    Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

    While I know there are plans to get this show on the road fairly soon, I'm unfortunately going to need to withdraw Blasie for the time being to focus on some other things - best of luck to the other participants!
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 16
    10/22/2019 23:03:57   

    Sees what is effectively a MechQuest RP.

    Squeals, before covering mouth. Sorry for that.


    I'm noticing a distinct lack of Heavy Cavaliers. I suppose someone has to fill that role. Count me in. That is, if you'll take me.

    ..Though, question. May I trade a weapon (Probably the hammer) for a spear? It hurts to remove the ultimate heretic slayer, but a spear would probably emphasize how tanky I intend for this character to be.

    Now. Time to write a CS. Must turn the gears in my head.

    EDIT: Did I just necro-post?

    < Message edited by darkborn202 -- 10/22/2019 23:04:53 >
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    10/25/2021 16:24:53   

    Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

    Given the inactivity of this RP, I am officially closing this RP. If the host returns and wishes to reopen it, please reach out to RP forum staff.
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