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=ED= Mercenary Balance Thread

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8/6/2018 19:14:45   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

Mercenary Balance Discussion Thread

This is where you can discuss everything balance related to the Mercenary class.
Got a skill that doesn't fit? Perhaps a combo that proves to be too strong and abusable. Discuss it here with everyone!

A few guidelines before we start:
  • All AE Forum rules are still in effect.
  • No comparisons between other classes. You can use certain facts to build your case on, but please do not turn this into a 'Merc vs X' thread.
  • Everyone's opinions are just that. Opinions. If you don't agree, that's fine. But, there is no need for rule breaking behaviour.
  • Constructive Criticism is meant to improve something, not rant, whine and complain to be heard. If you are going to criticise, do so with the intent to give help, not tear down.

  • AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    8/6/2018 19:35:16   
    .Lord Ginger.

    I still feel like the blood commander should be nerfed. People say it's not that great because of the azrael aux... but mercenary being good is the reason why almost everyone now uses the azrael aux because blood commander is so good.

    Also I think surgical is a bit too good, or that we should buff other things to help even this out...

    Increasing the cooldown on bunker was a nerf that overdid the +40 damage. Would like it to be returned to normal

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    AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    8/16/2018 17:17:01   
    Mr. Delector

    I agree with Lord Ginger, please buff bunker back to its normal state
    Epic  Post #: 3
    5/23/2019 14:39:03   
    .Lord Ginger.

    This class has so much defense that it overrides blood lust and if you went to debuff it, assault bot just nullifies it. Merc is clearly the best class right now and it also has nice energy manipulation.

    Also without assault bot, a high smoke and high malfunction WILL murder this class and thatís not fair because people want to be able to use different robots.

    This is clearly the best class right now.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    5/26/2019 13:13:51   

    Can't say we didn't see that one coming at all. But I guess it's hard to convince testers to even test an idea until they see something is really obvious. I talked to one a while ago and they wouldn't even consider, let along test, anything I said about merc because the numbers must've been okay in their win rate database thingy. I wouldn't know what their actual obligations are for the job so I won't be too hard on them but yeah, just wanted to put that out there.

    Overall, the game feels too rock-paper-scissors-like ever since passive shield returned. The shield classes have got huge defenses now but don't actually have any way to defend against debuffs which creates an awkward situation.

    Maybe if the passive shields and regular shields were made worse, Smoke and Malf were too, and Intimidate was given a more general defensive effect, things would be less extreme. Because right now the game feels binary with passive shields being too powerful when there's no debuff, not good enough when there are, and Assault Bot as the new Kartherax for mercs to deal with the fact that they have no build in way to defend themselves against debuffs. Additionally, it'd be nice if Static Smash and some of the other energy manipulation things were finally taken a look at. I wouldn't mind if Static Smash was nerfed to like 150-200 if it meant other stuff was also nerfed a bit and/or Adrenaline was reworked to make mercs good without energy manipulation.

    < Message edited by NDB -- 5/26/2019 13:16:23 >
    Epic  Post #: 5
    5/28/2019 17:15:20   

    I agree to your point.
    Merc always had most synergistic skills but with a downside of energy generation. They had added static smash when passives were gone. Now it's most reliable class to play with. I still remember when Merc used to add extra energy to compete.
    For adrenaline maybe change it to- during rage attack convert x% of attack to energy?
    Post #: 6
    6/28/2019 22:16:20   
    .Lord Ginger.

    Can I suggest a double strike and berzerker change back to no wep requirement?

    This way, if a merc needs to use maul, they'll still have a club, but if they want double strike and berzerker they can also use a sword.

    Also, strength builds used to like lucky strike, and strength merc can't because no strength skill can be used with a sword for a merc. I mean, there's the other lucky strike, but I mean the celtic cleaver.

    Also, yes, I do think the strength increase for merc strength should be considered, it does seem to be weak right now.

    < Message edited by .Lord Ginger. -- 6/28/2019 22:20:03 >
    AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    2/12/2020 8:57:10   

    I coming after 2 years and playing this game. a lot is changed. I playing merc. I losing 90% my games. 90%. something is happened now. New op items ruining mercenary 100%.
    Nothing old style builds not work. I dont like how useless mercenary is now.
    Str dont work. support, pure bot build. My old invincible build whit 1400+ energy dont work. every body beat you very easyly.

    mercenary Energy controlling is extreme bad. lose everything other class. Same thing is merc losing every single debuff users.
    That isnt funny.

    Mercenary isnt a good synergy anymore.

    Mercenary need huge buff few skill. Debuff stre skill need buff. Same thing bunkker buster and every str skills too.

    It is stupid if if mercenary counter own skilltree skills. Block/deflections. Every other classes is million time better skills, because those hit (guarenteed)
    Epic  Post #: 8
    3/14/2021 14:52:40   
    Albus dumbledore

    Mercenary is too good now, no maybe the best class or the most overpowered class right now:

    It needs some edits:

    1-move the defenses ignoring from Maul to Double Strike and keep the stun on Maul

    2-blood commander and Intimidate are both improving with support so move at least one of them to be improved by Tech or Dex, such as terrifying in BloodMage class.

    3-Artillery Strike should have 10% defense ignore just like bloodmage multi

    4-do not forget merc has no skill to get him extra energy but berzeker and it is only 15%... which make it weak from that side so you have to do something about that:

    a-make the hp gain on berzeker more than 15%
    b-the double strike has defenses ignore and around 15% damage to hp, and buff the energy base required

    5-Nerf the reactive armour to 42% max or between 40-45%. and make the stats required support or keep it dex.

    6- change the stat required for the atomic smash to support or dexterity, strength is not bad idea but if you want to nerf the reactive armour then change the atomic smash too.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    3/14/2021 19:57:49   

    In response to the previous post:

    1. I would actually go further and say that the extra-damage functions of Maul and Double Strike should be switched. In my view, Double Strike and Berzerker have always been too similar -- if DS instead worked via defense ignore, it would still just be an extra-damage attack but in a different capacity. Meanwhile, Maul still maintains an extra-damage effect (since I think just a basic strike with a stun chance is too weak), which happens to be the same one as Zerker. Zerker, in turn, has the same extra-damage function as Maul but stronger, no stun chance, and with lifesteal. Thus, those three skills finally become fairly distinct from one another and can be used comfortably in their respective niches without crowding another skill out.

    2. I think Blood Commander works fine improving with support, so definitely don't change that. I'm more willing to concede a change on Intimidate, since it's a pretty underused skill; if you change the scaling to tech though, you risk making it too much like Terrify, which would likely necessitate a buff, either to the duration or the def/res reduction. As for scaling it with dex, that would only make things worse, considering dex is pretty useless to Merc at the moment.

    3. I disagree with this. Artillery Strike scales faster than Fire Rain, which makes up for the lack of defense ignore.

    4. I'm assuming you're taking about lifesteal, in which case I would submit Blood Commander. It's a good skill all around, whose low energy cost makes it viable for all builds, especially near the end of battles.

    5. Definitely supported. Reactive Armor is too strong. I would suggest starting level 1 at 22% and increasing by 2% per level until 40% at max. Also, the stat requirement should be dex instead of support, since Hybrid Armor already requires support and is a very strong passive in and of itself. Moving RA's stat requirement to dex would also eliminate the need for Artillery Strike to have a stat requirement, which no other multi currently does.

    6. I don't think changing the scaling stat is necessary for Static Smash. Dex would change mostly nothing, and tech or support would make the skill too strong.
    Epic  Post #: 10
    4/28/2021 17:48:16   

    I think Reactive Armor needs a nerf and Intimidate needs a buff
    Reactive Armor:
    lvl 1 - 10%
    lvl 2 - 12%
    lvl 3 - 14%
    lvl 4 - 16%
    lvl 5 - 18%
    lvl 6 - 20%
    lvl 7 - 22%
    lvl 8 - 24%
    lvl 9 - 26%
    lvl 10 - 28%

    15% or 20% Defense reduction from 10%

    < Message edited by Exosen -- 5/10/2021 18:56:31 >
    Epic  Post #: 11
    4/30/2021 10:58:10   

    I agree that reactive armor needs a need exponential progression. My proposal includes changing reactive armors progression to match that of blood lust.

    Level 1: 11% Reflected Damage
    Level 2: 13% Reflected Damage
    Level 3: 15% Reflected Damage
    Level 4: 17% Reflected Damage
    Level 5: 19% Reflected Damage
    Level 6: 21% Reflected Damage
    Level 7: 22% Reflected Damage
    Level 8: 23% Reflected Damage
    Level 9: 24% Reflected Damage
    Level 10: 25% Reflected Damage

    This skill was implemented to prevent strength builds, or at least to nerf them indirectly. Even a strength blood mage or tech mage cant handle the reactive armor. It is a good balancing core and I think it should remain in the game, just not as excessive. Every other passive ability has no percentage more than 30%, which makes this the most powerful passive ability in the game, while the other remain pretty well balanced.

    See the cyber hunter balance suggestion thread for my continuation.

    P.S. - I have never tested this, but a level 1 reactive armor would cancel the effects of berzerker entirely. The percentages are too large in comparison.

    < Message edited by emenem12 -- 4/30/2021 11:02:38 >
    Post #: 12
    5/2/2021 17:27:01   

    Fix mercenary, the support/strength build has reigned for over a year now, and literally, nothing was done; Nothing effective clearly. You couldn't place in this tournament unless you botted juggernaut, OR used the Mercenary strength/support build. I have never been more frustrated with this game and its creators, than right now. Everyone is able to copy each other seamlessly, and stat abuse is as simple as changing your weapon stats. WHAT IS GOING ON.
    Post #: 13
    6/30/2023 22:51:22   
    DLTA X

    Support Merc is just broken. Everyone is spamming the same support merc and they are broken atm. They have so many more skills than any other class and with 50% passive damage to melee and a. Skill that takes 65% healing?? Itís the only class that is reigning supreme like this and continuously gets huffed. Needs a major nerf
    Post #: 14
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