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Thursday the 12th

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8/20/2018 3:49:53   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Thursday the 12th!

Undead War!

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » Go through Granemor Cemetery » Click on Halenro's Statue » Go! » Thursday the 12th

«You can skip the cutscene at any time.»

«You»: Hey Cenara. What brings you to Battleon?
Cenara: Bad news. Some of my people've informed me that there's a rampaging horde of undead headed to Battleon.
«You»: Wait, what?
Cenara: They're probably not gonna wait. You know how rampaging hordes of undead are.
«You»: No, but... like, why? How?
Cenara: Can't say - rampaging hordes of undead aren't very big on words.
Cenara: You okay? You don't seem to have a good grasp of this whole "rampaging horde of undead" concept.
«You»: No, I'm good, but-- like-- I mean, it's just been a while since we had an undead war.
«You»: I'll inform the Guardians. Hopefully we can get a good defence together before they arrive.
Cenara: Great! I already got my people headed over in case you need back-up. Hopefully Yulgar's war stew is as good as it was the last time.

«The scene pans over an army of DeathKnights, Undead Archers, Mages and Spellswords.»

???: Mehehehe!! If I got my planar astrology right, then today is the PERFECT day to attack Battleon!
???: My undead will get a huge boost from the alignment, and those idiots will never see it coming!



A rampaging horde of undead! Terrifying creatures from beyond the grave have amassed and are assaulting Battleon! But who's behind this? With most necromancers left powerless after their war with the Paladins, an attack of this size should be impossible!
  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five
      «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
      «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Ohnoes! Twilly's scawwed of all the undeadses!
    Twilly: If you need to healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continues with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Ends dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Too Much, Too Early - Appeared during May 12th as the war started.
  • Right on Cue! - Appeared the next day during May 13th.
  • 50% Cutscene!
  • Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Robina - Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina's bow - Robina the Ranger will join you in battle!
  • Warlic - Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic's crystal ball - Warlic will help you in battle!
  • Captain Rhubarb - Click on the Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Captain Rhubarb's hat - Captain Rhubarb will aid you in battle!
  • Galanoth - Click on Galanoth's helm if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Galanoth's helm - Galanoth has joined!
  • Cenara - Cenara is here to help command the troops!
  • Chest - Grants you Tarnished Caliburn (Guardians Only)(Flavor text unavailable because of pop-up from level correction)
  • Undead - +0.1 Ranged BTH per undead, maximum of +20.0 BTH, or 200 undeads. Resets if you log off.

      Too Much, Too Early

      «The scene pans over four UltraGuardians standing over defeated DeathKnights and Undead Spellswords.»

      ???: No No NO*NO*!!! This wasn't suppose to happen! That boring old book was pretty clear - the planes should have aligned TODAY.
      ???: Unless... did I translate it wrong? Bah! Don't tell me that it was yesterday! I'll never be able to show my face against if I launched my attack a day LATE....

      Right on Cue!

      «The scene pans over the UltraGuardians defeated by the Undead Archers, Spellswords, Mage and DeathKnights.»

      ???: Mehehehe! So I was off by a day, but in a good way! EXCELLENT! It'll be a long time before Battleon forgets Friday the 13th again!

      50% Cutscene!

      «You»: Weird. What was with that power boost that the undead got?
      Cenara: I don't know, but the dracopyre in me certainly felt something....
      ???: Oof! Hold on, I'm friendly!

      «Kaley Obsidia enters as Cenara moves aside to face her.»

      «You»: Kaley! Thanks for coming. And sorry about any hassle.
      Kaley Obsidia: Don't worry about that - even I'm surprised at how many undead there are here!
      Cenara: .... (Suspicious....)
      «You»: Heh, yeah, it's been a while since we've had to deal with rampaging hordes of undead.
      «You»: So I take it that no one in your Necromancer order is behind this?
      Kaley Obsidia: I seriously doubt... well... see, it's a bit complicated.
      Kaley Obsidia: Ever since the Paladins destroyed the ley lines we used to use to power our necromancy, we've been powerless. We've had to find new ways of practising necromancy.
      Kaley Obsidia: The Order of Mysterious Necromancers has all but collapsed, so we've been helping ourselves to their vaults. Also, I've been... *ahem*... "borrowing" some literature from the Paladins.
      Cenara: (So she admits to stealing? What else is she guilty of?)
      «You»: (Ehh? What's got you in a huff?)
      Cenara: (She's a necromancer. We're fighting an army of undead. I don't trust her.)
      «You»: (You're like 1/3 vampire. That makes you undead, so of course you don't trust her.)
      «You»: (Look, she's been nothing but helpful in the past. There's no reason why she'd suddenly turn on us.)
      Kaley Obsidia: Err, is everything okay? I can come back later if you're busy...?
      «You»: Nope, everything's cool! Right Cenara?
      Cenara: Yeah. Peachy.
      Kaley Obsidia: Great! Regardless, my Order has found a new way to practise necromancy.
      Kaley Obsidia: It's based on a number of ancient scrolls. It involves the manipulation of soul orbs to create new undead.
      Kaley Obsidia: Sadly, we still have a ways to go. I can barely raise two new undead on a good day, and most of our members can only manage one.
      Kaley Obsidia: There's no way that anyone in my Order would have enough power, expertise, and material to create an army of this size.
      «You»: Huh. That'd be kinda neat news on a good day, but not in the middle of an undead army attacking us like this.
      Kaley Obsidia: No, it gets worse. Whoever is creating these undead is using the same soul orb methods that my Order has discovered.
      Cenara: ... So, you expect us to believe that someone found out the same "soul orb" method independently of you?
      Kaley Obsidia: Well... that's where it gets complicated.

      «The scene switches to a library.»

      Kaley Obsidia: I've always been a bit of an "absent-minded professor". I swear, I'd lose my creations' heads if I didn't attach them to their necks.
      Kaley Obsidia: I'd often lose track of where I put this scroll, or find that scroll on my desk, etc.

      «A small pile of books is teleported onto a desk with a black energy.»

      Necromancer: The good news is that we've been able to find a formula for anima transference that works for MOST levels.

      «Kaley Obsidia and a necromancer enters the library.»

      Necromancer: The only problem is, I had to use an 11th order approximation to get the data to fit nicely.
      Kaley Obsidia: "Nicely"? There's nothing nice about an 11th order approxi...mation... hey were those books always there?

      «Kaley comes closer to the desk with the books.»

      Kaley Obsidia: I could've sworn I left this table empty....
      Necromancer: Beats me. This is a restricted area, so it's not like anyone can come and leave books lying around. I guess that they've always been there.
      Kaley Obsidia: Yeah, I guess....
      Necromancer: (offscreen) Professor Obsidia!! Come quick! I found something!!
      Kaley Obsidia: !!!!

      «Both Kaley and the necromancer leaves the library. A blue hand swipes the book pile. The scene returns to Battleon in front of Yulgar's Inn.»

      Kaley Obsidia: The thing is, I've never been THIS absent-minded. I had a feeling before, but this war is evidence:
      Kaley Obsidia: Someone is stealing my research.
    • !!!
      Cenara: You mean like how you stole -- sorry, I mean BORROWED -- from the Paladins?
      Kaley Obsidia: Wha-- this is different! Whoever is doing this is waging war! I'm only trying--
      «You»: Hey, calm down! Cenara, that was rude.
      Cenara: Fine -- sorry, Obsidia. But know this:
      Cenara: If you have any more "feelings"? Tell someone. Follow up on them. We may not all be Sage Uldor, but we've got our intuition. It's likely kept you alive as well as mine has me. Follow it.
      Kaley Obsidia: ...? Uh, noted. Thank you.
      «You»: Good. Kaley, if you could stay and monitor things, I'm sure that we'd ALL appreciate your help.
      Kaley Obsidia: Of course. Heh, I mean-- *cough* on it, boss!
    «Once Thursday the 12th war meter hit 100%...»
      4 BATTLES
      Twilly Heal every second battle
    «Zorbak stands in path in a forest overlooking Battleon.»


    «You, Cenara and Kaley arrives in front of Zorbak.»

    «You»: So you're the one behind this!
    Zorbak: Well, DUH. How much more obvious do I need to be? Did I need to raise an undead dragon to sky-write "ZORBAK WAS HERE"?
    Kaley Obsidia: How, exactly, ARE you raising this many undead? This shouldn't be possible, given how little we know about the new ways of necromancy...?
    Zorbak: Why, with YOUR help, my dear Kaley!
    Cenara: I knew it! You're working with him!
    «You»: Cenara!!!!
    Zorbak: Mer? No way, this is a solo act. I merely mean that I've been... "borrowing"... some ancient scrolls from Gothy McGothFace over there.
    Zorbak: Really, you should be more careful! Leaving such powerful scrolls just lying around!
    Kaley Obsidia: We're in a hidden underground bunker, protected by three independent security systems and two sets of guards.
    Kaley Obsidia: And the texts you stole came from our archives, which are under *even stricter* security.
    Zorbak: Like I said, just lying around! Really, it's your own fault.
    Kaley Obsidia: .... You... but... that... *facepalms*
    Cenara: (Oh zard spit. I uh... might have made a mistake....)
    «You»: But that still doesn't explain how you got this whole undead horde!
    Zorbak: What, you're having trouble with that? I found it on one of Ennui Girl's scrolls. I guess she didn't get a good look.
    Zorbak: Every Friday the 13th, the Elemental Planes align, bringing the Darkness Plane in convergence with Lore!
    Zorbak: This gives me the power I need to create a whole horde of undead, ripe for attacking!
    Zorbak: All I need is to create a bunch of half-decent undead to receive the boost, wait for the alignment, and BAM! Instant army!
    Zorbak: Sure, this attack didn't work out so well, but next Friday the 13th? I'll be back, with an even MORE powerful army!
    «You»: Not if we lock you up first!
  • Fight!

    Zorbak: I think Jay would disagree with that!
  • Really Fight!
      1 BATTLE: The Catcher
      Full Heal
    «You»: There! Now YOU'RE going to the penalty-- huh? Where'd he go?
    Kaley Obsidia: Looks light he got away during the fight. *sigh*
    «You»: Zard Spit! Now he'll just create another army and attack again!
    Cenara: On the plus, we know exactly when and where he'll attack next. We'll be ready.
    «You»: True. And it looks like he left behind some supplies, so we can get something out of this.
  • Rewards! - Opens the Thursday the 12th rewards shop

  • Play again!
  • Unnecessary Character Development

      «Inside Yulgar's Inn. Kaley stands in front of Yulgar's desk as Cenara's a bit off screen.»

      Cenara: Hey, Obsi-- err, Kaley?

      «Cenara comes close to Kaley.»

      Cenara: Look, about before....
      Kaley Obsidia: Oh, don't mention it. I'm used to it by now.
      Kaley Obsidia: being one of the few non-evil necromancers in this continent means that I get a lot of accusations thrown at me.
      Cenara: You too? I didn't think it was that bad.
      Cenara: I get that sometimes too. I mean, I get ShadowSlayers who freak when they find out that they're being led by a dracopyre, and go all Lawful Stupid on me.
      Kaley Obsidia: Haha, I know that feeling. Ew!
      Cenara: Still, it was REALLY wrong of me to say the stuff I did. My instincts are usually spot-on, but this time I was way off. I should've thought things out more.
      Cenara: You didn't deserve to be treated that way.
      Kaley Obsidia: How about if you buy me one of Yulgar's smoothies, and we'll call it even?
      Cenara: Sounds good!
    • End! - Opens the Thursday the 12th rewards shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thursday the 12th

  • Unlucky Axe [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Catcher's Mask [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Twelfth Knight [L. 5]
  • Grand Twelfth Knight [L. 10]
  • Exemplary Twelfth Knight [L. 25]
  • Warmonger [L. 50]
  • Warlord [L. 75]
  • The Conqueror [L. 100]

    Credits to Yozai and Legendary Ash for corrections. Thanks to Legendary Ash for the dialogue, undead names and everything else. Write up thanks to Tep Itaki.

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