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CT Duel - Oasis Arena - Chewy905 vs roseleaf320

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9/23/2018 18:45:47   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

The crash of waves. The coolness of spray on bare skin. The scent of brine brought by a fresh breeze. All served as constant reminders of the surrounding water. In its depths lurked greatness. In its azure abyss, hid danger and death.

Like an oasis in the desert, the lone sandbar offered brief respite from the churning tides. A sanctuary of white-gold dunes, warm and slippery underfoot. The island showed no signs of life save for a single palm, its branches heavy with fruit, waving in the wind in the center of the island. Clouds, gray and foreboding, blocked the sunlight, washing out the brightness of colors and serving as yet another reminder.

The ocean never remained calm for long.

Let the battle between Blue and Frelia Bordenaro begin!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
9/25/2018 20:41:28   

So this is where the portal leads…

Immediately, Frelia caught sight of a human-like figure standing on the opposite shore. It was cloaked in dark colors, its thin garbs buffeting in the harsh winds. Frel debated calling out to it, to ask how it, too, had found this mysterious island with no horizon to hint at its location. But the crashing waves of the ocean surrounding the lonesome isle would most certainly overpower the sound of her yell. For now, she’d examine her immediate surroundings.

There was absolutely nothing around Frelia to yield even an inkling of knowledge about where she stood. Water seemed to envelop everything except for the pile of sand beneath her feet. Apart from water, the island, and a single palm tree, the world seemed bare.

Temperature: Approximately around the normal freezing point. Is held in liquid stage because of the salt dissolved within it. Probably.
Texture: Smooth and chilly. Slightly damp. Actually, very damp. Almost… wet.
Taste: Very salty. Most likely an inefficient source of hydration.
Depth: About three strides out, the seafloor drops sharply, and cannot be seen. Due to this lack of vision and a very scientific hunch, it is ill-advised to attempt to swim over the trench.

All throughout these observations, Frelia was acutely aware of the hooded figure’s slow drift towards the island’s center. She could discern its outline more clearly now, and despite the winds, its body remained entirely hidden by the cloak surrounding it. The creature’s face was turned away from her, revealing its attention was not yet focused on Frel. Soon, it would be close enough to hear if she called out to it. Should she move closer, or keep her distance for now? Or even stay silent? There was nothing around her to reveal how this man had gotten here, or if it even was a man. Maybe it was a threat, or just another curious mind finding its way here through unconventional means. With this lack of knowledge, it would be unsafe to approach the being directly, but calling out posed no immediate danger. That was seemingly the only way to get more information at the moment, anyways!

The figure had halted its movements as it reached the palm tree. Frel stepped back onto the sand and cupped her hands around her mouth. “Hello there! Where are you from?”

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9/28/2018 14:10:25   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

It moved. Sliding silently along the golden sands, leaving naught a footprint or a trail. The center of the island beckoned, and the blue cloak answered its call, the only life on the island save for the palm it approached. It did not feel the cool breeze. It did not smell the salty brine of its home around it. It simply continued forward, ever silent, ever still. The uneven nature of the dunes it traveled over did nothing to hinder its eerily smooth progress. The cloak billowed in the wind, but what was beneath it was never truly visible. Finally, it stopped beneath the lone palm, and raised its mask at the fruit on its branches. It stayed there for a while, unmoving, simply staring at the fruit hanging from the lonely tree.

“Hello there! Where are you from?”

Blue’s attention shifted to the feminine voice, its mask dropping to gaze at the figure in the distance. A woman, dressed in clothing completely inappropriate for the beach she was on. It advanced, sliding over the sands towards the human.

“I said, where are you from?”

It continued at its steady, slow pace. Unheeding, not stopping for pleasantries or conversation. As the distance closed, the human called out again.

“Where are you- oh screw it.” The woman unslung a wooden bow from her shoulder and began to notch an arrow.

Blue ceased its movement suddenly. In three voices it finally spoke, the speech of a man, woman, and child meshing as one in a strange ethereal trinity. “I. Am. Blue. You stand on the isle of my purpose. I have business here. Leave, child of flesh. This work, I must finish it. Begone.”

The woman lowered her bow, but kept the arrow notched and her grip firm.
“Work? What’s your work? What are you?”

“I am Blue. You are flesh.” Blue convulsed suddenly, it's cloaked body twisting itself into an unnatural knot, then unraveling until it stood motionless once more. “You are interfering. I must work. Flee.”

“I won’t interfere. I, uh, I’m also not sure how to leave, the portal I came through kind of disappeared. What is this place?”

From the darkness of Blue’s cloak emerged a large parrot-like beak. Its jaws opened wide and released a blast of jet-black ink shot towards the human. The horror followed up quickly, retracting the beak and replacing it with four powerful tentacles. It squatted low, coiling onto its limbs, then launched itself into the air and towards its prey.
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10/20/2018 0:54:57   

Of course it was malicious. If it had been willing to talk she could have learned so much! Though, from what little it had said, she’d seen it demonstrate an almost sophisticated understanding of language, and a voice of supernatural quality- like a man, woman, and child all layered into one form. “Blue,” it had called itself… why?

It was obviously some kind of magical being. If only she could see under its cloak. She thought back to her previous encounter with a Kathoolian slave: a thoughtless figure with coils of tentacles covering its body like thick, slimy skin. Was this, too, a human warped by the touch of the monstrous god? Though, unlike her previous encounter, Blue had retained its ability to speak, and the mask and cloak were certainly uncharacteristic of worshippers of the deep. A different entity entirely, then? Or maybe just a slightly different species, yet another horror prowling the deep. Or prowling a beach in the middle of nowhere.

The ink from Blue’s beak-like appendage sailed over her head as she ducked, landing into the ocean with a muted splash. She would be curious to see if the substance had any adverse effect on the water; but that would be an investigation saved for a later time. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the stark movement of black-striped tentacles lifting into the air towards her. The being was about to come down on her- hard. She attempted to dive out of the way again, but a stinging pain grazed down her shin and reverberated through her entire body. She managed to grip one of her swords, and her momentum worked to her advantage as it swung out of its hilt and up towards the figure.

She faintly wondered if the metal would even affect the creature. If it was magical, there was a strong possibility part or all of its figure was just illusion. The only way to find out would be to test that theory.
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11/12/2018 14:48:07   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

The blade swung skywards, passing through Blue’s cloak and digging into its body. The child cried. The woman screamed. The man swore. Blue slid backwards, towards the islands core, the steel spike sliding out of him as its foe kept her grip firm. With an angry roar Blue’s tentacles swept across the ground, knocking the human’s legs out from under her. As she fell, she twisted and grabbed hold of a squirming limb, holding on for just a moment before her momentum yanked her off and she hit the ground sloppily. Blue withdrew its tentacles back into its cloak and backed away further.

“You are an annoyance and an obstacle. My purpose has no place for one such as you. Simply your presence on this island is an interference, and will not be tolerated.”

Blue’s body twisted into itself, its cloak turning tighter and tighter into a thin line, as if it was trying to wring itself out. Then it unfolded and returned to normal, keeping its faceless gaze locked on the trespasser.

Post #: 5
12/15/2018 23:00:21   

She wanted to scream at it, suddenly very frustrated. What purpose?! She wasn’t getting in the way of anything! Here was this intelligent, speaking creature, and all it would say was “oooo get off of this island you dumb human I’m a cool monster and I’ve got a cool purpooooose and it includes you disappearing from existeeeeence” okay honey. Waste your potential. It’s fine.

At least the Tick she’d planted as she had fallen still seemed to go unnoticed. Twenty-nine, thirty… it would be interesting to see how much time it would take before it began to bother the creature. Timing would be crucial in understanding how sensitive his tentacles were, or if he could even feel them underneath his cloak. Speaking of the cloak… it would be nice to get a sample of it. Though, if it stayed completely intact after she’d taken a sword to it, she suspected it was just an illusion. What a disappointing thought. He couldn’t even spare a little bit of cloth just for her?

Maybe she could get a chip of the mask…

Thirty-nine, forty. If Blue was human, the Tick would be itching by now. But he definitely was not human. She grabbed a knife from her boot, hurling it towards the fishlike cover. Come on Blue boy, what are you going to show me next?
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2/16/2019 19:37:47   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

Steel met wood as the scientist’s dagger hit its mark and sunk into Blue’s mask. Blue stumbled back slightly, as if its entire being had just been struck. Its three voices joined together in a deranged roar as a crimson armored limb ending in a claw emerged from the cloak and rose up to the mask. The pincer hovered over the nested dagger for a moment before snapping closed, shattering the small knife into pieces and leaving the tip of the blade within the mask. Blue withdrew its claw and turned its attention to its foe, but was suddenly distracted.

There was a sensation within the creature. Something unpleasant, uncomfortable. Blue extended a tentacle and raised it up to examine it, finding a small, metal contraption embedded in its flesh with small claws, emitting a slight blue glow. Blue extended a second tentacle and tugged experimentally at the strange metal device, but it did not budge. Blue tried again, with greater effort, but the mechanical assailant refused to come out. An arrow lodged itself into Blue’s extended limb, causing a sharp pain to shoot through it. Blue tore it out in a rage, withdrew its tentacles, and turned to face the scientist, who was nocking another another arrow onto her bow. The cloak split as the beak emerged again and opened wide, releasing another stream of ink towards its target.
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