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Community Challenge: Daily and Weekly Activity Discussion October

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10/1/2018 0:47:38   

Welcome players of Oversoul. I'm presenting challenges to the community. It doesn't matter if your new player or season veteran. These challenges are for all to partake in. For the time being until we have are update in December*. I will be posting on social media Daily and Weekly Challenges for the community. Where all I need you to do is log in and attempt these challenges each day at your leisure. Thats it. By doing this you be helping Oversoul in ways you don't realize. So lets help Oversoul!

How do these Challenges work

The Challenges are activities players already do in Oversoul. Its highlighting naturally game play activities. With the dailies being the easier activities and the weekly's being harder option. Where each day you log in and attempt the activity. The activities range anywhere. Could bef fighting certain characters, buying packs of cards, hunting certain monster, doing certain card combos, or whatever ebil my mind thinks of. Each day I will post new challenge. I will posted here, on Artix Entertainment Discord, and on my twitter https://twitter.com/KiyoneAE. Then you have till next day to accomplish the dailies and to the end of week for weekly. Where after you finish them. Let me know by posting here, or message me on Artix Entertainment Discord, or my twitter https://twitter.com/KiyoneAE. Saying you accomplish the task. for now this is going to be on the honor system but if ya can provide screenshot of what ya did. I would appreciate it. For each challenge you complete you will earn Participation Points. One point for Dailies, five point for Weekly's, and 25 for Monthlys. Also everyone gets point for completing the challenges. This is for everyone to partake of earning points. So each day players can earn as many point as available to them. The time to get this in is on the day the challenge is posted. So for dailies it starts at 12am EST and ends in 24 hours.

Participation Points

I want to see how much of the community I'm reaching to through social media and see for myself how I'm influence Oversoul with the community. So to gauge this were going to be doing something called Participation Points system. For certain activities I run for the Oversoul community. Daily Challenges, Weekly challenges, Tournaments, and Art Contests**. Players will receive Participation Points. This points for now do nothing but help me gauge activity I'm influence. Granted Its possible this may change in the future***. Where it may influence factors in future Oversoul tournament. Like who goes first and who gets bye spots. We may get rewards for long term commitment to this. Where it could unlock prizes for individuals and maybe for the community****. Plus it helps get player activity again in Oversoul. If the players are activity the game is activity. Which is our community goal.

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Challenges

10/1: Void on Void Violence
Using a character with Void in its name. Defeat another Void Character(NPC)
10/2 Paladin's Burden
Use a paladin character, defeat a skeleton type enemy.
10/3 Trifecta
Defeat an enemy or opponent using a 3 hit combo.
10/4 Pest Control
Eliminate a Cellar Rat
10/5 The Wall
Using an Ice character, win with 1500 or more Shield Defense.
10/6 Give me the RARES!
Open a pack of cards.
10/7 1 V 1 Me Bro
Defeat another player in duel
10/8 I'll turn you into Frogzard!
Use a witch to defeat a Peasant or Trainee.
10/9 Burn the Witch!
Use a Fire character and defeat an enemy witch NPC.
10/10 Why you not saved Master!
Use a Battle Cat and fight an NPC Water Element.
10/11 Villagers are fools They always blame witch first!
Use a Shadow Acolyte to defeat a Peasant or Trainee.
10/12 I didn't get better. HELP ME!
Using a Frogzard do a five hit combo on Priest of Ver NPC.
10/13 1 v 1 Bro 2
Defeat a player in PvP.
10/14 Give me the RARES! 2
Open a pack of cards.
10/15 Charge your SURGE
Using a Lighting Wolf. Use Surge card and Charge card attack in same turn.
10/16 You been Marked
Kill an enemy use the Mark of Death Card.
10/17 Show me emotion!
Use a Emote Commands
10/18 Beat up a newbie
Defeat a starter character
10/19 Drown them in Poison
Put at least two poison stacks on an opponent
10/20 Give me the RARES! 3
Open a pack of cards.
10/21 1 V 1 Me Bro 3
Defeat another player in duel
10/22 Ogre vs Orcs War Fighting
~Ogre Side
Use an Ogre to defeat an Orc NPC.
~Orc Side
Use an Orc Warrior Defeat an Ogre NPC.
10/23 Ogre Vs Ores War Supples
Ogre Side
Use an Ogre Bandit and defeat a human character in the forest.
Orc Side
Use an Orc Pillanger and defeat a human character in Solace.
10/24 Orge vs Orcs War BEAST
Ogre Side
Use an Ogre Trapper and defeat a 4 legged Beast NPC.
Orc Side
Use an Orc Raider and defeat a flying creature NPC.
10/25 ogre vs Orcs War Tactics
ogre Side
Using an Ogre Maiden or Ogre Shaman defeat an Orc NPC with 2000+ HP and no shields
Orc Side
Using an Orc Axeman or thrak defeat an ogre with 1000+ HP and 1000 shields but no Reflects and no iron hides.
10/26 ogre vs Orcs War BOSS FIGHT
Ogre Side
Use an ogre Mage to defeat Nightmare Dungeon Boss.
Orc Side
Use an Orc Chieftain to defeat Nightmare Dungeon Boss.
10/27 1 V 1 Me Bro 4
Defeat a player in PVP

10/28 Give me the RARES! 4
Open a pack of cards.
10/29 I got left behind
Use an Orc peon and defeat anything.
10/30 Night of the Skutals
Use a Skeletal and Defeat a Living NPC in the Cemetery.
10/31 This is MY NIGHT!
Use a Witch character in the Cemetery.
10/31 Trick Or Treat
Have a pumpkin Character in a screenshot
11/1 I need new Teeth!
Using a human character, fight a skeleton monster.

10/1-10/6: Treasure Hunting
Find and defeat a Treasure Chest
10/7-10/13 It was a bull but it stood on two feet!
Defeat Taurus in the Labyrinth Dungeon
10/14-10/20 No Artix allowed!
Defeat the Arch Lich. Player Arch Lich do not count.
10/21-10/27 I crave battle
Defeat the Fiend of Vergill NPC

10/28-11/3 I want to be toughest Witch
Defeat the Witchblade NPC

10/1-10/-31: Bring me Moose Head on silver platter.
Find an enemy Tyrant Moose. Player Tyrant Moose do not count.

Participation Point: Leader Board

09: Andlu
02: Aura Knight
94: Chaos Ripjaw
45: Chaotic3000
01: Clinton
65: Corn Flakes
89: Enchanted Breeze
33: Fire Alandry
05: Genge
08: Jadow
08: Kiyone
77: MegaKyle777
01: Monzay
99: Riniti
99: The Jop
56: Vorn
40: Weedfire24
03: Yep Its Shadow
01: Zenyx X2

War Day 1: Ogres 6 Orcs 2
War Day 2: Ogres 5 Orcs 2
War Day 3: Ogres 4 Orcs 2
War Day 4: Ogres 3 Orcs 1
War Day 5: Ogres 1 Orcs 0
Score: Ogres 19 Orcs 7


Note: I will be on vacation from 10/25-10/29. All the dailies will be posted in advance. During this time I will not be able to do update brackets. I ask you guys to be patient during this time period for it to be updated

Google Sheet Version

Ogre Vs Orc War
For Daily Challenges will be doing a five Day War of Ogres vs Orc Dailies. The way this work. From Monday to Friday this week their will be 2 daily Mission to choose from. Players will do daily mission of the faction they want to win the war. Each successfully Daily mission will give one point to the respected faction. The faction that has the most points after the war wins the war. The winning faction will be used in the war for next month. Those who qualify as winning faction supporters get bonus 20 Participation Points. So choose your faction wisely.

For Faction support we count the the first daily you submit per day as the side your supporting. Say your first submits were 3 Ogres and 2 Orc. Your supporting Ogres. If you do 2 Ogres and 2 Orcs the faction your support is who you side with on first day. So if orcs your with orcs if its Ogres your with Ogres.

The Winner Faction and players of the War will be announce Tuesday 10/30. When I get back from my vacation and have time to compile everything from the war.

Also you may have notice some things with the phrasing I have here. Lets just say I left an option in here that this war can end in tie regardless of how many people participates.

Note: I will be on vacation from 10/25-10/29. All the dailies will be posted in advance. During this time I will not be able to do update brackets. I ask to be patient during this time period.

The Long Term Goal

With the release of the Artix Entertainment Game Launcher, Oversoul had resurgence in activity. Where AE wanted to thank community for returning and sticking with the game. Thus increase of Official and Fan Tournaments and projects like this. Where if community keep this activity up and bring in new people. We can hopefully do more for you guys. So please help us help you by logging in and playing even if it few minutes. So spread the word. Where here for ya guys, gals, and voids.

*: Disclaimer: Update plans are subject to change without notice.
**: Possible future community activity.
***: This is something I'm checking into at the moment.
****: Note prizes maybe in other games & its work in progress.

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
10/1/2018 1:39:55   
Aura Knight

This does seem like it could be fun.

10/1: Void on Void Violence
https://i.imgur.com/KnKJgdP.png https://i.imgur.com/XWdQWbz.png
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
10/1/2018 16:51:30   
Fire alandry

This sounds wonderful. After this week I'll have access for computer once or twice in a week, so this is just the time to start!
Sadly, I don't have discord anymore, and I can't use the screenshots option.. so I'll just update this post when I complete the tasks.
Thank you, Kiyone!
DF  Post #: 3
10/1/2018 20:15:37   
The Jop

This seems like a cool idea; I'm all for more engagement! Anyway, here's my pictures for now:

Gold Stacks
Not sure how to show the 3 hit combo thing, but it should be good.
Hooray for Redundancy!
RIP ND Mallet
Five fives
No Supercharge
Terrorizing the Village
Power of Love
No Baths!
Staff wins
No Hands, Ma!
Clipped Wings
Worth it
Back to Dust
Sir Charge
Mark Complete
Slow Burn
No Rares
Unbalanced Fight

< Message edited by The Jop -- 10/21/2018 13:00:21 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
10/1/2018 21:45:00   

List updated and if your in position that ya can't post screenshots. Its fine. I will take the honor system on this. The screenshot are more for allowing other to see how people approach these.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
10/2/2018 0:13:35   
Aura Knight

https://i.imgur.com/5hGj8Ma.png Paladin Challenge thing for today. I'll see if I can find a treasure chest eventually.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
10/3/2018 17:34:58   

leader board is updated
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
10/4/2018 4:28:44   
Fire alandry

I Completed- paladin (in tuesday), combo (yesterday), celler rat, and treasure chest.
DF  Post #: 8
10/5/2018 0:02:59   

updated and new challenge
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
10/5/2018 0:29:27   

A conversation happened on if challenges should expire or not. Some want expiration, some don't. I propose a compromise of sorts: they don't expire, but doing them in time nets you one extra point. So if you do the monthly within the month, you get the 25 points, plus the 1 extra time point. So it it's done after the month, you get the 25 points, but not the 1 extra time point. Encourages daily login and leader board competition, but does not overtly punish latecomers or casual players while giving them a goal. thoughts?

Also, kiyone can we get a separate header for daily, weekly and monthly in the first post? As is it makes everyone think all of them are daily.

< Message edited by megakyle777 -- 10/5/2018 0:42:48 >
DF  Post #: 10
10/5/2018 0:33:19   
Dr Disrespect

Good idea! I'm with you on that one.
Post #: 11
10/5/2018 0:53:43   

I will however note the possible downside, in that there is a legitimate worry that not expiring the challenges might mean people don't log in daily and hoard them up. in which case either expiry or a more severe point penalty fo rthe time missing is the way to go.
DF  Post #: 12
10/5/2018 9:00:37   
Fire alandry

Finished "the Wall".
Tyrant moose as monthly mission? It better be yearly mission:/
DF  Post #: 13
10/5/2018 19:18:44   
Magical Winds

Enchanted Breeze here with a moose.

Img code remove. Sadly we can't have images directly shown on the page but you can still post the link. ~Kiyone

< Message edited by Kiyone -- 10/5/2018 19:55:03 >


AQW  Post #: 14
10/6/2018 17:11:01   

Posting 10/7 early since I won't have access to my computer at 12EST update time.I'm posting it early for midnight crowd. So their not waiting till 12pm Sunday
On making up on past dailies. With getting the feedback with ya all. We won't be doing it after 10/7 since this is more pride and personal accomplishment thing. Plus it does hurt the idea of dailies with this project of mine.
Additional if I miss update a record. let me know I added a google sheets spreadsheet showing what everyone done as to help keep track of everything.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
10/7/2018 8:27:47   
Fire alandry

Finished the duel.
DF  Post #: 16
10/7/2018 13:20:25   

Just in case it gets lost on the discord, my finding and killing of a Tyrant Moose: https://i.imgur.com/DpNfbjL.jpg
DF  Post #: 17
10/7/2018 19:57:05   

Leader boards updated. If I miss anything let me know. I do have google sheets showing all entries.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
10/7/2018 22:11:56   
How We Roll Winner

@Kiyone: I thought you said we were allowed to makeup missed challenges for just this week (before 10/7)? I'd missed the Void on Void violence challenge when it first came out, and just recently filled in for it. The fight was a Void Incarnate vs a Void Mage

< Message edited by ChaosRipjaw -- 10/7/2018 22:12:56 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
10/8/2018 0:18:26   

Taking care of. I might have missed people turn in stuff since it was the weekend. So let me know incase i missed anything for last saturday or sunday.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
10/8/2018 4:21:51   


Taurus defeated.


PvP win


Trainee beaten with Fire Witch


Pyre Witch beaten with Fire Witch


Battle Cat beating Water Elemental

< Message edited by Weedfire24 -- 10/10/2018 0:09:32 >
Post #: 21
10/12/2018 9:09:46   
Fire alandry

Beated Taurus.
DF  Post #: 22
10/14/2018 19:32:50   

Everything should be updated and i missed anything double check the google sheets and tell me if i miss anything.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
10/17/2018 10:44:31   
Fire alandry

I completed the daily for today, and the weekly.
DF  Post #: 24
10/20/2018 0:18:34   

Everything is updated. Npw with the google sheets stuff from 10/1-10/19 is on page two fpr archive purposes. So if i miss any days for anyone let me know.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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