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=OS= Oversoul Winter 2018 Tournament PVP

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12/27/2018 20:15:29   

Note: Check the announcements regularly!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Oversoul gifts keep coming. From Santa Warlic and Treasure Chest souls to catch, A returning winter lobby, and now your final gift of the year a PVP tournament Winter has truely come to Oversoul! With the spirit of winter here and much rejoicing of our ice element characters. The spirits of the undead don't take kindly to it. They rather be tormenting the living. So it up you to decide who will this tournament the liviing or the undead. Chose your souls and let the strongest win!

  • Great! Who is my opponent?
    You can check to see who you're fighting the bracket linked here: Winter 2018 Bracket

  • Alright, how do I face my opponent?
    Hunt them down! First, send them a PM with your available times. It is recommended that you list all times in EST. Writing "I'll see you at sundown, Saturday" is too vague and will not help you and your opponent meet your two-day time limit for completing your duels. You may also reply in this thread to set up matches. It is recommended that post in this thread in addition to sending a PM to your opponent.

  • Good Game! My match is over, now what do I do?
    Post the results of your duel here! We would love to see some screenshots of your epic matches, so feel free to share! Do not forget to be courteous. We will be updating the bracket and Battles List continuously as the tournament progresses, so help us out by reporting your match results promptly.

  • Who am I facing next?
    You can check the bracket or Battles List, and PM your opponent.

  • What were the rules again?
    I'm glad you asked! Please check the following quote for the rules once again. The tournament runs much smoother if everyone knows what to do and what to expect. As always, if you have any questions regarding a rule, do not hesitate to post it either in this thread or in a PM to me!

  • We have 17 players
    I had 17 people sign up. The math is bad to make this fair for brackets. So instead of doing byes for the first round. Were trying something new. The last person who sign up. Has to deal with staff fights. Most likely me or Asuka to stay in the tourney. As our fights are try are to eliminate him. But he has an advantage. He's an auto replacement if anyone drops or no shows. Assuming and he has not been eliminate.



  • PVP Single Elimination Tournament: Duel invitation only, players will have to challenge each other via the "Duel" option for each fight, one after the other. To advance in the tournament you most win your match against your opponent. The players who wins their match move on to the next round and so on. If you lose your match, you're officially out of the tournament. This process of advance and elimination will continue until were down to our final two players. Where the two remaining players in the tournament will have the final match of the tournament. The player who wins the final match wins the tournament proper.
  • A match is a series of 3 duels with the same opponent. If you lose your match, you are out of the tournament!
  • You must win the best out of 3 battles to defeat your opponent! The higher level player should allow the lower level player to go first; if you are both the same level, decide who gets to be the most courteous and allow their opponent the initiative! In the case of a tie (1 win each), continue dueling until someone wins 2 matches in a row. Alternate who goes first between matches.
  • Duelists must use only characters listed for the tournament's theme. If your character is listed above here it qualifies for this tournament!
  • Level restrictions. Duelists can only use characters Level 1-Level 10. Any level higher is not allowed. If player tries to use a higher level character they will be disqualified. If during a duel with your opponent. You or your opponent level up to Level 11. The player may use LV11 character but has to go second for remainder duel. If they choose not to. Duel rules as normal If both players level up to LV11 during the duel and both use them. Follow duel rules as normal. That is only exception.
  • Seven day period for players to sign up for tournament.
  • For a valid sign-up, players can either make a post here, message Kiyone at the Artix Entertainment Discord, or message me on twitter at KiyoneAE including your in-game name as well as your (roughly) Timezone! If you do not know what time zone you are in, just a general continent would be helpful (exp; Europe, Australia, Central US, Land of Purple Doom, etc.) Please do not post your actual address or zip code or even state! We only need to know enough for match-making, nothing else.
  • After the 7 days sign-up period you can't sign up anymore (this may change depending on the amount of people who sign up!).
  • It is very resourceful to check the forums regularly when the tournament has begun. This will make it a lot easier for both your opponent as well as yourself when it comes to arranging duel times.
  • If you must drop out for whatever reason, please notify Kiyone so Kiyone can update the tournament brackets.
  • To ensure that everyone has a fair chance, Kiyone will notify of when your match starts.
  • When the tournament starts, players will be responsible for contacting each other (either through posts in the tournament thread, social media, or through PM's) to arrange duel times.
  • If no contact is held from a participant for over 48 hours, they will be disqualified! Remember, no shows equal forfeit!
  • For arrange duels. If an arrange duel is schedule outside the 48 hour set up time period. Please notify Kiyone by private message, discord, or Twitter or posting in tournament discussion thread. So we know whats going on. If its deem that a duel is being unrealistically schedule too far and will slow the tournament down or being use as an excuse to stall. The forum staff reserves to make a judgement call on propose match if need be.
  • Make sure you post in the tournament discussion thread so we all know the results of your duel! Remember to be courteous in victory or in defeat. Post evidence of your match if you can. We all want to see! (Please read this if you don't know how to take a screenshot and upload it to a site).
  • Prizes for first place: 100 Soul Gems.
  • Prizes for Second Place: 40 Soul Gems.
  • All Artix Entertainment Forum Rules and Oversoul General Discussion Forum Rules apply in the tournament forum threads.

  • quote:

    Allowed Characters

    Apprentice Level

    Claw Druid
    Frost Bat
    Ice Nomad
    Sword Skeleton
    Undead Squire

    Veteran Level

    Alpha Frostzard
    Axe Skeleton
    Barbarian (Veteran)
    Blade Skeleton
    Crypt Knight
    Crypt Soldier
    Dark Incarnate
    Frost Lion
    Frost Zard
    Ice Apprentice
    Ice Beetle
    Jack Ice
    Princess Ghypsophila
    Skelly Soldier
    Snow Ninja
    Undead Knight
    Undead Warrior

    So good luck to all who fight and thank you for your support of Oversoul!

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  • DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    12/27/2018 20:59:12   


    Tournament Winner

    Current Matches


    Participants awaiting match:


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    DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    12/28/2018 22:42:34   
    Lenda BR

    Davi legend vs Felipe 2000

    Match 1:

    Match 2:
    https://imgur.com/L56bHF6 (I forgot to print this match, so he sent me via email)

    Match 3:

    Winner: Davi legend

    < Message edited by Lenda BR -- 12/29/2018 0:10:24 >
    Post #: 3
    12/29/2018 12:41:09   

    Fataliti vs Void Barron

    Match 1:

    Match 2:

    Winner: Fataliti
    Post #: 4
    12/29/2018 13:36:49   
    How We Roll Winner

    ChaosRipjaw vs EmiSsArY Of PaNdAmONiUm

    Match 1:

    Match 2:

    Match 3:

    Match 4:

    Winner: ChaosRipjaw

    < Message edited by ChaosRipjaw -- 12/29/2018 13:37:14 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
    12/29/2018 15:40:42   
    The Jop

    Enchanted Breeze vs The Jop

    Match 1
    Match 2
    Match 3

    Winner: The Jop

    Breeze deserved to win the last round in all honesty, he just didn't have a pierce and I kept getting shields.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    12/29/2018 20:36:49   
    Lenda BR

    Davi legend vs Fataliti



    Winner: Davi legend
    Post #: 7
    12/31/2018 20:24:04   
    How We Roll Winner

    ChaosRipjaw vs Vorn

    Round 1:

    Round 2:

    Round 3:

    Winner: ChaosRipjaw
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
    1/8/2019 22:10:26   

    Its official Rinitiae has won the tournament!
    DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    1/8/2019 23:25:44   
    Dr Disrespect

    Congratulations Riniti!
    Post #: 10
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