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White-Washed Walls

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1/14/2019 20:55:57   
  Grixus Faldor

White-Washed Walls

Location: Battleon » Robina's Archery Shop » Truphma Saga » 12: White-Washed Walls

The last time we were in the White City, we learned that some people have managed to resist and withstand the transformation. The Changeling, who has yet to recall his name, led you around and showed you what you needed to know. You have received word that he needs to talk to you, that he has new information. You are to meet him outside the City.

«Scene: Outside White City»

«You»: (thinking) They are bleeding their contamination everywhere. I know the deserted areas aren't beautiful to some, but this is so much worse.

«The Changeling enters the scene.»

Changeling: Greetings, «You». I am glad that you received my message. I have much to tell you.
«You»: This place looks terrible. I can't believe it is so complete now. I walked through a lot of this blandness before even getting here.
Changeling: I know. It pains me to watch, but I think what I have to tell you will make you hopeful.
«You»: Then, please, tell me something to perk me up.
Changeling: Something is wrong. The Truphma ARE tightly run. NO one missteps. Everyone has their PLACE to be at all times.
Changeling: But recently, there have been missteps, misunderstandings and miscommunications.
«You»: Really? These problems are that obvious?
Changeling: You don't live here, so you wouldn't understand. Problems just don't happen. Nothing. Is. Ever. A. Surprise.
«You»: How is this affecting the rest of the city?
Changeling: Many don't know what to do and just try to resume as if it didn't happen. But you can't do that here because everything is done with precision.
Changeling: Continuing without a proper cue results in trouble. And then that trouble causes more disorder.
«You»: Oh my.
Changeling: And to top it all off, Xov Arakue has either been absent, or not herself at all. And that is causing trouble as well.
«You»: As the leader, so shall be the follower. I've noticed something off too.
Changeling: That's not all.
«You»: This is starting to get interesting, so please, continue.
Changeling: I've learned there are more like me. In the City.
«You»: I thought people like you were rare and those who are caught are killed.
Changeling: I can't explain it, but I found a building like... a prison of sorts. They are kept there, like animals.
Changeling: But... there is something about the building that makes me sick to my stomach when I am near. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it at all.
«You»: I need to learn more. Time to get bland, huh?
Changeling: Yes, «You». But, I think you may not get caught this time. The distractions of whatever is going on may give you the freedom you need.
«You»: So everyone is affected?
Changeling: No, many are not, so you may have some resistance if recognized. I think, though, you will not find too many willing to look at you twice right now.
Changeling: The closer to the city you get, the worst the effect is. You may have to fight to get there, but once inside... well, you will understand when you get there.
«You»: What will you do?
Changeling: Oh, me? I will be beside you. It won't be like last time.

«You proceed to change into a Truphma disguise to blend in with the rest.»

«You»: Then, let's go!
Changeling: I hate how you look even more now.
«You»: Good! Now, let's get in there!

Can your disguise fool the Truphma guards?
Difficulty: 71
Stat Used: Charisma

«If you fail the roll, you encounter 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. If you succeed, you proceed to the next roll.»

More acting!
Oh no, more guards? Can your disguise fool these?
Difficulty: 71
Stat Used: Charisma

«If you fail the roll, you encounter 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. If you succeed, you proceed to the next roll.»

This is well-guarded.
Is your disguise still good enough to bypass more guards?
Difficulty: 71
Stat Used: Charisma

«If you fail the roll, you encounter 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal. If you succeed, you proceed into the heart of White City. Truphma are all around, instead of the usual order and compliance that is expected.»

Changeling: See what I mean?
«You»: Yeah... it's like they aren't as driven.
Changeling: The building where the others are held is towards the east side of town.
«You»: Then, let's head over there.

«Over at the east side of White City, you arrive at the building where the captives are held.»

«You»: That's just creepy. How long has it been like this?
Changeling: Seems like a long time.

«Xov can be seen entering the building.»

«You»: Xov... What does she want with them? It's not like they've suffered enough. I am going to go see what is up.

«You enter the building with the Changeling. Inside the building, Xov is addressing her subordinates. Changelings can be seen chained to a pillar.»

Xov: Report.
Truphma General: It's not what we thought, Lady Xov. Not at all. The results are all over the place.
Xov: Really? You had assured me that you had this under control.
Truphma General: The machines are not calibrated for this, my Lady. It's causing issues with the detectors and transformers.
Xov: Then test HARDER.
Truphma General: But, that could kill them.

«From off-screen, you comment:»

«You»: He... he questioned her?
Changeling: This is how badly its fallen apart.
Xov: That is not a concern. Dare you question me?
Truphma General: No, Ma'am. I was just listing potential results. We will begin immediately.
Xov: That is better.

«Xov approaches the chained Changelings.»

Xov: GET UP!

«The Changelings do not comply.»

Xov: I said, GET UP!

«Xov yanks one of the Changelings up.»

Xov: Take this one. It's ready.
Truphma General: Yes, Ma'am.

«One of the Truphma takes the Changeling into a room on the right, hidden away from view. A bright glow of light spills from the room, screams echoing the hallway. Everything dies down as quickly as it starts.»

Truphma General: Failed. Recalibrate and ready the machine.
Xov: If we can't change them, we can at least still use them for our own purposes, right?
«You»: What... is going on here? I am going in!

«You enter the scene. A dark figure materializes across the room.»

???: Oh no, it isn't going to be that easy, "hero". We are too close. You will not get in the way.
«You»: Like heck I'm not.
???: Such fire! Too bad you are just a mortal with good intentions. Converge!
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE: Truphma General
    Full Heal
«Xov and the mysterious figure are nowhere to be seen after the battle.»

«You»: Cowards!!!!!
Changeling: They took off while you fought. But, they left behind these who are hurting. Please, can we take them with us?
«You»: Only if we can get out of here without running into trouble.
Changeling: The edge of the city is not far. There is a ridge of boulders; we can use them for cover to hide the other Changelings from sight until we can move further.
«You»: Let's get them there, then. Save who we can. We will be back.
«You»: She's... experimenting on them. What is going on?

«The scene fades to black and the White-Washed Walls shop opens. Once you exit the shop:»

To be continued...
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    White-Washed Walls

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