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A DragonFable Manga

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2/19/2019 7:36:23   

Hello o()o

First off, let me just say that the Tomix Saga has been one of the most emotionally driving stories that Ifve seen in a long time. I never would have expected an almost forgotten game to impact me deeply in so many ways.

I havenft heard anyone talk about DF since I was in highschool (that was seven damn years ago), I wasn't around for it when it was released (missed the war), I think Ifm even missing chunks of Book 2 Ravenloss (canft remember when Pandora was introduced) but boy oh boy, was I completely astounded to see what amazing content Ifve been missing.

The developers did a really good job on the execution - I damn well cried by the end. The character development, the plot progression, the art and music, all of it almost felt like I was watching an actual anime. So much so, that in light of such an accomplishment, and I know this is four years too late, as my eternal appreciation and gratitude for the DF team and a tribute to Tomix, Ifve decided to center my own action fantasy oneshot manga around the DF setting.

I shall use my own DF character as the protagonist. Ifve attached a sample illustration of what I want her to look like (hope it uploads). The knife stash in the roguefs leg is sexy as hell, so Ifll be abusing that character design way more than necessary. For reference, here is a link to a sample unrelated manga that Ifm also currently working on:

Hikkikomori-san to Karoshi-san

Title of the Manga:
Lumen Stagna or The Stagnant Light. Google translate disagrees with this but whatevs.

Fantasy, Action, Magic, Drama, Shounen+

World Building:

Weaponry shall, for the most part, follow the same game mechanics as in DF: swords for warriors, wands for magic, and daggers for pierce damage (sometimes also magic). However, as there are too many elements in DF, I shall narrow it down to the 12 elements in gElements the Gameh, an online deck building card game I also loved. These are: Fire, Water/Ice, Air, Gravity, Earth, Aether, Darkness, Light, Death, Life, Time and Entropy. You can play it here

Another game I love which I shall take inspiration from is GetAmped. Itfs a 3D action game where you run around and jump in 8 directions using chibi anime characters. There are 30+ classes and more than 700 different accessories, itfs really fun. Fighting styles would not be limited to the use of weapons. Individuals can have their own personalized spells/pets.

Here are some sample GetAmped youtube clips:

Dual Pistols

Some Korean Pro


The theme of the story shall be ehaving the freedom to do what you wantf. Ifm imagining a sort of character development where Protagonist-chan is sort of royalty (successor to King Atleon) and canft really do the fun things normal people can. (If you can suggest a name that would be highly appreciated. Ifd like to just use my username Lhalane but she was my secret highschool crush and has no idea Ifve been using it.) She is gifted with a eblessingf or a prophecy if you will. Her life is laid out in front of her, telling of how she will do great things and save the world.

Personally, in DF I like to horde weak items that would be considered useless gamewise, but have a bit of sentimental value to them. For example, Ifve always kept the Frostvale Cloak in my inventory even though it doesnft do jack, simply because it makes me feel like I really saved those moglins that one time. I play it as if I were an actual protagonist in that universe, and so I often do things that are strategically not optimal. She shall be like this too (and no, Ifm a dude in real life). She can afford to do this because she posses the Twin Blades of Destiny, one of the strongest weapons in the entire world.

Story Direction:

Not final yet, but I envision she meets, in one of her diplomatic missions, a guy with Darkness and Entropy element. He attempts to steal the Twin Blades from her, hoping it would fetch for an exorbitant price. To do this he uses an ancient scroll that has the most powerful one-time use steal spell in the world, guaranteed to steal anyonefs most prized possession. It fails, as the Twin Blades is protected by a divine enchantment from the heavens.

Or so they think, but in a twist of fate, Darkness guy actually stole Protagonistfs blessing instead of the Twin Blades. Now he was the one who had the prophecy, who will do great things and is destined to save the world from evil. Protagonist was freed from her shackles, thinking that maybe now, she can finally start a life of being normal.

However, she takes a good look at Darkness guy and, from looks alone, he definitely doesnft look world-saving material. If he was the last defense against evil, the world would be destroyed in three weeks. And so, against her better judgment, she accompanies Darkness guy in his journey.

More adventures if it turns out well. Also Ifll throw in DF references occasionally. Robina is waifu so thatfs definitely the first thing thatfs coming (I just hope I can pull it off decently. Robina now looks like a dude... and Warlic looks like a babe... and Ifm pretty sure Melissa has a schlong OMFG what happened to this game while I was gone???)

Will post the pages here when enough of the intro is finalized. Or if itfs too big Ifll just link to a folder where you can read it in one go.

I'm doing everything myself from storyboarding to cleaning so it may take time, but I'll try my best and get it out as fast as I can


Image tags removed. Allowed dimensions: 500 x 500. Your dimensions: 774 x 1032. ~Gingkage

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9/27/2019 4:20:05   

Okay, I know I promised a DF tribute manga, but I think it's safe to say this project is a bust. At the rate it's going (more than one month a page), I'll die before I even finish 10% of chapter 1.

So imma just lay out what I've finished, and let's leave it at that...

Again, sorry for the bad artstyle (Robina doesn't even remotely look like Robina anymore *frustration intensifies (>?<). Drawing a manga is just too much work for one person to do alone.

Lumen Stagna

(Read right to left, just like a regular manga. Also, I don't know how to upload thumbnail image here, so just go to the link...)

Feel free to check out my other latest works. Maybe I'll pick up this project again. You know, ...if anyone even likes this or thinks it's slightly not worth throwing in the trash. U_U

I'll write it as a web novel instead just so the output's faster. It's easier to make one highly-detailed illustration like "This", rather than multiple black and white pages that can only fit six panels of storytelling at a time. The work load is hell...

Right now, I'm focusing on another web novel I'm writing based off a web game called Elements.
Link if you want to check it out

R.I.P. Tomix Saga, best saga in all of DF timeline.

(P.S. Does anyone know where I can play the part where Pandora becomes Tomix's soul ally? I seem to have missed it.)

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10/12/2019 14:37:39   
Jet Silver

I think you should have more confidence in your art. I really thoroughly enjoy your style. I'd love to see you keep at it.

And to answer your question, Pandora becoming Tomix's soulally doesn't happen in-game. It occurs during the time-skip between books 2 and 3. Pandora however does first make an appearance in the soulweaver beginning quest where you meet Aegis.
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