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=DF= March 2nd Design Notes: The Exaltia Tower Awaits!

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3/2/2019 1:00:55   
Wolf Rider



The Exaltia Tower Awaits!

Hey there, heroes!

Apologies for the lateness of this week's release, but let me tell you- it is a special one!

Without further ado, we present:

The Exaltia Tower!

In this month's Inn Challenge, climb your way up the Exaltia Tower- but beware of the choices you make along the way.

Battle unbound elementals, Infernals, and Celestials to claim your prize, but make your decisions carefully!

Rewards from this new tower are used to create the first two stages of new upgradable exalted weaponry!

Do you have what it takes to make it conquer the Exaltia Tower? Is luck on your side?

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time Challenge Board to play this week's release: The Exaltia Tower!

Also this week: It's Dage the Evil's birthday this week!

To celebrate, we have a pair of Legion Fiend weapons for sale for Dragon Coins for one week!

Make sure to get them before they leave!

The Heroes Heart Day storybook is also leaving in a week, so make sure you've played through and gotten waht you want from it, because soon it's going to be gone for another year!

Have feedback about today's release, or the game? Having trouble with any fights? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tt.asp?forumid=89]Join the discussion on the official forums![/link]

Want to play DragonFable without using an internet browser?

Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

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< Message edited by Gingkage -- 3/2/2019 1:01:17 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
3/2/2019 1:57:27   
abbc de

OMG! The place looks awesome! Definitely worth the wait for this challenge. Definitely wasn't prepared for the boss seeing as I lost hardcore to them, but what a way to be defeated. Even the boss beating me up looked cool.
Post #: 2
3/2/2019 2:32:23   

Despite the fact that I have not yet beaten the boss yet, this release is worth the wait as Dove and Verly did everything they can to make this awesome release like the art and animations of the new monsters and the risk and reward part of the challenge. Also, the music is great!
DF  Post #: 3
3/2/2019 2:57:08   
abbc de

Woohoo! I beat the boss finally! Man that took long. Managed to do it using SSOT and all 3 food items and 5 potions, since SSOT can only heal itself every 30 turns, otherwise I know I wouldn't have been able to beat it. Now to farm the place 7 more times to get all of the weapons...

Post #: 4
3/2/2019 3:34:39   

How many floors are there currently on 6.
Post #: 5
3/2/2019 3:36:36   

I managed to beat the boss with Ranger: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/373669291440209920/551319175549943808/Screenshot_261.png

Despite the fact that it was done after the boss's HP nerf, I was proud because it took almost a hour as I desperately need HP and MP for this battle. Nonetheless, I managed to plow through and find the lesser evil of the two choices, which leads to this outcome. Throughout my time against the boss, I used 2 HP and 1 MP Potions to beat it.

Now it brings me to farm the tower 7 times to get the weapons in order to prepare for the future Exaltia Tower expansions...

< Message edited by robee495 -- 3/2/2019 3:53:09 >
DF  Post #: 6
3/2/2019 5:02:48   

Pillars of raw mana... Could this be the great spire of Ehr'Ishin?

Also, judging by the similarities between Caeternam and these enemies, this basically confirms for me that he's a Celestial.

Edit: I suppose he could also be an Infernal. Drat.

< Message edited by Flabagast -- 3/2/2019 5:49:14 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
3/2/2019 10:39:01   
Raphael 777

Okay, there are 7 floors with the boss on the seventh one. With EPL, I can manage floors 1-6 no problem, but the boss is a pain. What classes are best in this situation?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
3/2/2019 12:03:06   

Love this release; as usual the Satrday releases are the best ones. The art and animation is amazing, as is the music. The chosen effects of each floor are tons of fun. When I saw last week's design notes I was worried we'd get another Timetorn Matrix, but this system allows for the sustain challenge of a dungeon crawler while also rewarding pragmatic choices, without being an eight-hour timesink you can't take a break from. Amazing.
As with all inn challenges since Failed Doom happened, my one big fear here is that the boss(es) will be heavily nerfed shortly after release, diminishing the challenge aspect and making the quest significantly less fun. This challenge is perfect the way it is now, and I can't wait for future Exaltia Tower expansions.
DF  Post #: 9
3/2/2019 14:49:14   

I love the look of the place,the new enemies look great,the boss provides a nice challenge,however,I feel like it's a bit too hard for an average player. Animations are a bit laggy.

Regardless,what was the story behind Cel and Inf?

Are they like supposed to be the ultimate embodiment of Good and Evil elemental forces?
DF  Post #: 10
3/2/2019 15:11:28   
Da Awesomancer

Oof, was not expecting the boss to hit so hard. I went in to play sustainably, but that doesn't seem to feasible against the big guys.
DF AQW  Post #: 11
3/2/2019 15:24:29   

Another great Inn Challenge.

Got pretty far on my first try with Chronocorruptor but couldn't beat the boss, that 1% HP healing per hit was a terrible choice lol.
I'll have to try it again, are the choices semi-randomized or is it always the same two options after each level?

The choice aspect is really neat, but a couple of times both options are bad when you take the slight extra time to keep your HP/MP up.
I feel like maybe the mini-bosses damage could be buffed a bit to make the healing options worthwhile, would depend on the class used though.

Just didn't feel very fun picking between upping the enemy block/dodge/parry for no reward (again, since I was able to keep nearly full HP/MP).
...Hmm, I don't remember if either of those options gave an Potion but that would be an easy fix, since extra Pots would be helpful at the boss.
Practically speaking it's not much of a choice when you are only going to be mainly using 1 of the damage types so you just pick that.

All of the enemies/animations and new weapons look really cool though.
Has the music been used before? I don't immediately recognize it; it's pretty good.

Ah, so the choices definitely switch around every time, tried a few times with other classes. Reminds me I need to finish training Mana Potions...
Must have just unlucky the first time with the first choices. Feel like I should definitely be able to win next time I try Chronocorruptor.
Man, I'm looking at some of these other choices like +50 enemy damage and that would definitely make it a lot harder.
The different final bosses which makes it more interesting. I'm going to have to pay more attention - wondering if the choices determine the boss?

< Message edited by Plendamonda2 -- 3/2/2019 16:08:44 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 12
3/2/2019 16:32:36   
Shadow X Ascendant

Finished all weapons and Extra resource , time to write the strategy on DF Battle Thread.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
3/2/2019 17:26:43   

The Avatar of Time in the Inn currently has one book available. This is the backstory (more like lore, even...) to this challenge.

Good luck, mana potion training is still broken, lags more each minigame, and is extremely tedious.
DF MQ  Post #: 14
3/2/2019 17:29:02   
Da Awesomancer

Some of these choices are completely absurd. +50 Enemy Damage for a potion I don't need or +50 Enemy Avoidance for a heal I don't need is a question whose only right answer should be "or."
DF AQW  Post #: 15
3/2/2019 18:06:43   

Managed to beat the tower without any mana potions. And since I did not need any healing, I could just pick the enemy debuffs the whole way up.

DmK is great for this challenge since the the power and hax of DmK means that the buffs the enemy gets are not too relevant. And between blade of awe, baby dragon, and 2 mana potions you should have no mana problems.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
3/2/2019 18:58:55   

looking for a way to beat this Tower, because Ascendant isn't really cutting it.
DF  Post #: 17
3/2/2019 19:14:58   

There's something I've always wondered. Is it supposed to be feasible to beat Inn challenges at the level of their lowest-level rewards? Is that the intended meta? I got a character coming up on 40 and it'd be nice for him to have a Good weapon. Is realistic for me to try to beat this new challenge? A lot of Inn challenges give rewards that are level 25. Has anyone beaten such a challenge at such a low level?
DF  Post #: 18
3/2/2019 19:23:27   
Shadow X Ascendant

@Shiny Up there beated they at even low levels
And Lv 40 Character can Have Good Weapon, check Sir Robin Shop in Heroic Interviews.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
3/2/2019 19:31:39   
The Jop

Died at the final boss.

< Message edited by The Jop -- 3/2/2019 19:33:32 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
3/2/2019 20:26:14   
Sakurai the Cursed

@Plutonium - I just finished beating it with Ascendant, soo... :p

As far as sustain while ascending the tower, I just used the Blade of Awe and Hammer->(Book Ch. 2 if needed)->Dagger->(whatever you need to finish them off if still alive) every fight with the elementals, to keep topped off on both HP and MP. The minibosses are really easy, I don't think they need much of a guide.

For Yaphael, his rotation is:
Slight heal + crit and bonus buff -> 5-hit attack -> 5-hit attack -> avoidance buff -> nuke -> nuke -> repeat
So just do Staff->Book->Scythe->Wand to start, then Dagger since he'll shield after that, ideally you'd use food to make sure you survive the nukes since if you spend a turn shielding or using a pot you won't have time to use Hammer, but either way after the second nuke just repeat the process as he starts his rotation over from there.

For Ezrajal, his rotation is:
Slight heal + copy 100% of your defense/avoidance (not including MPM from Luk, but including buffs) to buff himself with -> 2-hit attack -> 2-hit attack -> blind -> nuke -> nuke -> repeat
You mainly just want to avoid having any avoidance/defense buffs active when he copies you, to avoid him buffing himself too much. That said, the strategy is largely the same; Staff->Book->Scythe->Wand to start, but use Shield after that rather than Dagger, followed by Hammer (or blind if you really need to) and then repeat, using a pot or food instead of Shield when it's on cooldown. You don't really need to worry about the blind because it'll wear off before you Wand anyway, but Zard Kebabs can be useful to buff your bonus back up if your damage is too low.

@blowthemandown - A couple people have beaten most of the challenges with level 20something characters, even NDA.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
3/2/2019 21:16:31   

Some Inn challenges are literally impossible to do at low levels, such as Weird Duo/Bearginion. Actually, that challenge is problematic in quite a number of ways, not least due to its bad scaling.

Low level strategies are just memes. I haven't attempted any inn challenges since Dominion with my level 26, since most are either too difficult or impossible as NDC DA (i.e. the restrictions I employ for a low level alt character). You need to farm gold XP-less for Destiny Weapons, however. Extra food items now exist, so there may be a few more workable strategies.

The character page is here. I've kept all the rewards for completed challenges, excluding Necro Paragon Cape, so you can easily see which are possible.
The key point is that this character wasn't created blind-- it is intentionally kept low-level. If possible (eg. for something like timetorn matrix), I farm teleshards then exit without saving XP, for example. Level 85-90 characters are much stronger, and this is what the challenges are balanced around.

Some challenges are quite easy to do, such as the Blood Moon ones, squirrel, etc. Ranger is a good choice for any level, pretty much. You may need some WIS, however.
DF MQ  Post #: 22
3/2/2019 21:22:45   
Lord Alger

got to drop in and just say that the music was on point and fit the whole entire theme of the tower it almost sounds like something you might find in dark souls, thats how good it is.
Post #: 23
3/2/2019 22:07:52   

Well I suck, but I'm enjoying myself, so overall 11/10 definitely recommend.

< Message edited by Luckyjazzt -- 3/2/2019 22:08:03 >
DF  Post #: 24
3/2/2019 22:59:40   

The Inn at the Edge of Time CHALLENGES are ENDGAME content. They are intended for players who have completed the rest of or most of the game, and are at or near the level cap. If you come on here to say "these are literally impossible pls nerf btw I'm level 20 NDA" the challenges are not for you.
That being said, the vast majority of the solo challenges can very plausibly be cleared by a level 30ish DA player who both knows what to expect from the fight and has unlocked or fully trained more powerful classes such as Ranger or the Atealan bases (there's a gallery of a player beating most of the inn bosses as a level 30 RiftWalker floating around in one of the Discords). As far as the Weird Duo being "literally impossible" at low levels I have personally cleared it with a level 40 DA character and can vouch that that is untrue.

think before you post please and thank
DF  Post #: 25
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