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RE: =DF= March 2nd Design Notes: The Exaltia Tower Awaits!

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3/2/2019 23:49:02   
Raphael 777

Okay , defeated Yaphael with Ascendant (I have Blade of Awe for the HP+MP heal, Soul Purifier for the -X% health penalty and Ascedant's mana heal for the -X% mana penalty, so Ascendant can make it). Now to win this 7 more times so I'll be set for the next upgrades. Btw, I had a good laugh when I fought the boss. Raphael vs. Yaphael, couldn't get any funnier than that (I even had Wings of the Unraveler shown, wish I took a screenshot).
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
3/3/2019 0:35:47   


Some Inn challenges are literally impossible to do at low levels, such as Weird Duo/Bearginion. Actually, that challenge is problematic in quite a number of ways, not least due to its bad scaling.

Problematic for low level players, specifically.
I don't consider level 40 low-level, but rather mid-level.
And I don't recall asking for a nerf or criticizing the balance, I'm speaking in the context of the challenge of attempting the Inn challenges at low levels.


I have personally cleared it with a level 40 DA character

I don't find this hard to believe. Was it NDC?
DF MQ  Post #: 27
3/4/2019 0:58:42   

@TFS How is Ranger powerful?
DF  Post #: 28
3/4/2019 3:22:18   

and I quit...(for now at least). may or may not start pulling my hair out
DF  Post #: 29
3/4/2019 4:56:28   
Fire alandry

Failed with SW (when I didn't know the rotation).
Managed to beat it with Necro-Paragon (alone, I think that without foods..), Death Knight+ Artix (men, this class is mana eater.. used 4+ mana potion.). Ranger+Artix, MSW+ Artix... Yeah. Used seeweed only once (deathknight I think?), But you can grab herodiet cause why not. I started with 5 potions, but I didn't use all of them.
I met only Ezjerael till now (so.. another try!), maybe it's different with Yaphael.
Another advice: go in and out for the first level, till you have a good debuff option. (You can collect HP and MP too that way... just saying)

Anyway, awesome release. The art is cool, and the choices add so much. Thank you Dove and Verly!
DF  Post #: 30
3/4/2019 5:01:04   

For players with dragon amulet, i would highly recommend Dragonlord, with 5 potions. Since it has a great mana regen and health regen, you can choose the tower options that take away your mana and health, and just get it back when you fight the elementals.

< Message edited by Vikken101 -- 3/4/2019 13:01:26 >
Post #: 31
3/4/2019 8:57:50   

@dragon_master: Ranger is powerful because you get double turns after using any of the left side skills 5 times, which can be lost if you use Quick Reflexes, Cripple, Kick or Recover. By getting double turns, you can loop 200 Crit, which is useful as by the time you get double turns, you get 3x Crit damage.

In other news, Infernals and Celestials have trembled to the chickens:
Yaphael: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/416863840576471040/551844964556865559/Screenshot_268.png
Ezrajal: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/416863840576471040/551920946865373184/Screenshot_270.png
DF  Post #: 32
3/4/2019 12:48:28   
Shadow X Ascendant

BSW + Ice Scythe Combo + Not-So-Tiny bubbles is one of the faster and safe ways, even here.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 33
3/4/2019 19:31:03   

^You sure about that? RDL seems like a good option here, because you can just restore the HP/MP you lose for choosing to nerf your opponents while being able to kill elementals quickly at the same time. Switching to PDL against the final boss should take care of it easily
Post #: 34
3/4/2019 21:38:26   

Beat Ezrajal quite easily with Patience Dragonlord, took a while though, but had no issues with damage thanks to the shield, the earth dragon skill, blindness, damage lowering, and healing.
Only had my hp get lowered to about 1200 at the lowest just because my dragon didn't want to cooperate while my stuff was on cooldown.

I'll work on getting the rest of the sourcemetals another time.

Victory Pic: https://i.imgur.com/gDi5TtT.png
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 35
3/5/2019 1:19:39   

So another floor of the exaltia tower going be the ghosts and wisps given effects with the angry spirits given the undead berserker's effect, regular old spirits DoTs and wisp given the stun effect?

Nice rewards, and boss monsters

< Message edited by LurkBlackSmith -- 3/5/2019 1:26:20 >
DF  Post #: 36
3/5/2019 2:24:52   

This Inn Challenge went beyond my expectations, and really made my day, week, and month even. First of all, the Art. The Art on the Slide from where you access the chests and the Ascend button, the wings on the choices, the backgrounds and the appearances of the monsters all are marvelous. I absolutely love their appearance. Then thereís the animations on the Celestials which looked fantastic, and made me enjoy the battles more. Inn Challenges recently had gotten to a point where most of them were becoming pretty easy, albeit a lot of the difficulty erodes in discovering the mechanics of the fight beforehand, and the rewards werenít really as great as expected, but the Ancient Duo release and this one were amazing. Up until now, Inn Challenges were focused on Equipment and actual strategy, while this was based on Resource Management. While the bosses are fairly easier than more than half of the other Inn Bosses, I wouldnít call them Lackluster, as there is the rest of the quest and mini-bosses that you have to beat beforehand, along with the options that could potentially make the fight harder, all in all making the whole quest really enjoyable and giving it a ton of depth, making it feel like a very challenging regular quest than a typical boss battle. However, from the records of most people in the thread above me, the bosses seem to be fairly hard as well. Perhaps it was because I was using Paladin that I didnít need to worry about potions and stuff xD

Lastly, the rewards seem to be fantastic for their level and I hope they continue up this path, and that we get a weapon with 13 All and -26 Health at the end.

For future Exaltia Tower Expansions, I feel like potentially, at the end of one boss fight, you get a temporary token, and can choose to ascend further. If you stop, you can cash in the token for a Forgemetal based on the number you have. Besides this, Iíd also like to see other types of Infernals and Celestials besides Mahanaem and Samaranth for a bit of depth, even if they just have different names and similar animations. Similarly, itíd be really cool if we had more Bosses than Ezrajal and Yaphael with different skills and mechanics. Donít get me wrong, Iím not saying that itís bad that we have only four of them, Iím just saying that itíd be really cool if we had different minibosses and bosses with a few changes in mechanics, perhaps. By reskinning the assets and adding 2 minis and 2 bosses for each expansion, weíd have a ton by the end for a much better experience!

tl;dr, Splendid Work, Dove and Verly!


So another floor of the exaltia tower going be the ghosts and wisps given effects with the angry spirits given the undead berserker's effect, regular old spirits DoTs and wisp given the stun effect?
This would be so cool to see! Iíd love to see monsters from ancient-ish times come back in the quests revamped and ready for another thrashing.


BSW + Ice Scythe Combo + Not-So-Tiny bubbles is one of the faster and safe ways, even here.
BSWís gonna get a nerf soon, so itís best not to get accustomed with that. Iíd personally recommend PDL, RDL, Ranger, Necromancer or Paladin, since theyíre all fairly sustainable classes, though Paladin may not be the best choice for people new to using it because it struggles a tad bit with healing bosses.


I don't consider level 40 low-level, but rather mid-level.
To be honest, isnít most under Level 80 Low-Level to do the challenges, since Level 80 is when the PowerCreep drops in and items of this level are significantly better than the same items at lower levels? Either way, itís possible for Players Lower than Level 80 to do multiple challenges with a good class and mastery of its skills such as Cryptic, Ascendant or Ranger.

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[DragonsGrasp DragonFable Discord Server]
[Falconís Nest DragonFable Discord Server]
DF  Post #: 37
3/5/2019 13:44:27   

My first encounters with the inn was the four dragons, theanos, siofra, crescent jack, and the cauldron groupies all at levels 40-45. (Had to use necro at the time for any hope of winning, no herodiet because I didn't know about it.) I went back at level 60 with BSW. Now I'm at 85, and still struggle with some challenges. Though the inn challenges are definitely possible at lower levels, they're not for the faint of heart, especially at the lower levels.
Post #: 38
3/5/2019 17:02:26   

So after seeing @robee495's post about how ChickenCow managed to beat the challenge, I decided to try a run myself and managed to clear it with relative ease.

Just used Blade of Awe, Not-So-Tiny Bubbles, Max All resist gear, 200 Prot Dragon, and Firebrand when I felt like I was in a spot where damage wouldn't be an issue.

Had to use 1 potion because of bad dragon healing, but other than that it was just a long and tbh quite easy fight.

Victory Image: https://i.imgur.com/sJOvpZV.png
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 39
3/5/2019 22:26:49   

I may just pass on the Tower and come back to it later or something, because I keep dying with Ascendant and I've only gotten like 1 Exalted Forgemetal so far (used it to get Thaumaturgus Alpha).
DF  Post #: 40
3/6/2019 0:03:58   


I love the look of the place,the new enemies look great,the boss provides a nice challenge,however,I feel like it's a bit too hard for an average player. Animations are a bit laggy.
Yep, and thatís exactly the point of the challenge :D
Itís not exactly that hard with DragonLord as you have amazing Health and Mana Recovery so you can always choose the option that nerfs your enemies (since the effects seem to stack, from what Iíve seen) at the cost of some Health and Mana which can be made up for in the next battle with a Shield Bash and Earth/Water Dragon Spirit.
DF  Post #: 41
3/6/2019 1:37:58   
Fire alandry

I got a run with -25 Immobility◊3. Managed to stun Ezjerael himeslf!
I want to do similar run with EPL. This class is so much better when you can rely on the scythe for defense and use the Stun>weaken combo.
Edit: tried, I think it was my fastest run.

If you have troubles, my advice: go in and out until you get an option you like at the beginning. -20 damage, for example. And use Artix, high damage and endless life (till the boss kill him with one nuke) is always good.

< Message edited by Fire alandry -- 3/6/2019 7:48:32 >
DF  Post #: 42
3/7/2019 14:14:07   

I would recommend nerfing the opponents into oblivion if possible while carrying a class with good sustain so you can make up for lost mana and health, which seems to be the best method of doing this. DragonLord works, and you can clear the whole tower with just Patience, you donít even need Rage (though the battles are considerably easier). Itís not really a hard challenge with Necromancer, Paladin or DragonLord, however, Bosses can get annoying if you have low Bonus, especially Ezrajal.
DF  Post #: 43
3/15/2019 2:31:16   

bit of an update: found my footing with BSW, but died @ Ezra (didn't have a good attack plan laid out). But yeah, BSW + Wings of the Unraveler III, Soulforged Ring (Blue) and Amulet (Purple), Baltael's Aventail, Vaal's Ego, Crystal Notched Belt V, Legion Bracer with (various weapons depending on monsters element(s) Ultra OmniKnight Blade for mini + main bosses); Blade of Awe (shown) and Hero's Diet + 5 Potions & Avalon (pet dragon) was good for me (until I got to the boss).

< Message edited by Plutonium -- 3/15/2019 5:51:30 >
DF  Post #: 44
3/31/2019 0:00:56   
Malarik the Caster

So I tried my hand at this challenge. Thought I'd give MSW a try, to see how it handles in this challenge. It can handle the elementals
fairly easily, but Samaranth is a bit on the tougher side. So, under normal circumstances, I'd try BSW. Not anymore, I'm afraid. DL is
the best so far, as I can switch to rage to deal with elementals within a single stun, and I can go patience for the boss. And boy did I
underestimate the boss. I don't know of any way to counter Yaphael's offensive buffs. Hopping that the other one is easier.

Do I really need to beat 6 floors of these things again? Also having a few elementals before the boss would actually make it easier, as
sustain classes would have the opportunity to heal.

I also get the feeling this was designed with Epoch in mind, as the elementals would be gruelling to fight as epoch. Only thing that hurts
epoch worse is a multi fight.

Now, the tower awaits.
Post #: 45
3/31/2019 0:20:22   
Da Awesomancer

CDEpoch is pretty good for handling the elementals, while EEpoch can take on the bosses with only a bit of trouble.
DF AQW  Post #: 46
3/31/2019 0:24:55   
Malarik the Caster

I forgot Doompoch was a thing. Flipping between the DL artifacts is already OP enough, that
I completely overlooked how epoch gets a buff just by having a new class be released every
year. I kind of want to see a restriction on Artifact shifting mid-quest, but that would nerf DL
as well, and it already kind of needs it just to keep the player sane. PDL can deal with anything
RDL can, RDL just deals with mobs faster, hence it is more of a convenience. Doompoch can
smash mobs, and eternalpoch great against bosses. If only I had either.

Although I'm currently doing it with DK, and crushing it. I'm guessing that maining it for
so long makes it really easy to use in these challenges.

< Message edited by Malarik the Caster -- 3/31/2019 0:25:56 >
Post #: 47
3/31/2019 0:29:07   
Da Awesomancer

@Malarik the Caster I haven't had much luck with most other classes against Yaphael, he's kind of insane with that Forged buff, since it activates even on a miss, but I have had luck against Samaranth with both Paladin and Deathknight. She doesn't hit too hard that often, so their passive heals can help offset the need to use potions. Hope that's some advice that is actually useful.
DF AQW  Post #: 48
3/31/2019 0:33:50   
Malarik the Caster

I've had to restart 4 times because it gives me two horrible options.
For example, +50 bonus for a HPpot or +15all for a 25% HP heal
No, I will not buff my enemies, I went all nerfs my first run and still failed
that one miserably. RNG is not on my side today.
I't not even that I wont accept a small buff, it's just the scale of the buffs it
wants to give. I dont care about a small buff, so long as the nerfs balance it
out a bit. -5all does not scale against +15all.
Post #: 49
3/31/2019 0:36:29   
Da Awesomancer

Yeah, the choices can and will make or break a run. Just grin and bear it, as with many of the challenges, that's all you really can do to win.
DF AQW  Post #: 50
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