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RE: Your Top 5 Items You Want Revamped?

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4/13/2019 23:53:05   
Mr. Popo

Protector Armor and Armour of Sensing and Gauntlet of The'Galin

Canine Warrior

I actually made an armor on my suggestion thread of an armor like this and found out that this similar (yet far weaker version of it) already existed, so I keep it on my thread as a possible revamp of the armor; especially since Aria's pet shop is the only one that doesn't have a leveled shop:

Name: Wolf Lord

«Mastercraft Mid-Defensive Light/Darkness.»

Element: Light/Darkness

Level: 148 (with weaker versions)
PowLvl: 148 MC


Defense Modifiers:
-----Melee: 56
-----Range: 32
-----Magic: 45
-----Fire: 69
-----Water: 69
-----Wind: 69
-----Ice: 69
-----Earth: 69
-----Energy: 96
-----Light: 42
-----Darkness: 42

Player sacrifices their turn and does nothing (Acts as a cost free spell that prevents weapon specials)

Immensely boosts the damage of canine pets and guests:
• Armor detects number of canine relevant equipment (pets, guests (active and non active), werewolf subrace)and applies damage and BtH boosts based on the number
• Each canine pet in inventory grants 1 "point" each towards the end boost; includes werewolf pets, Creptus, and razorclaw (max=8 points)
• Each inactive canine guest (spell) grants 1 "point" each; includes werewolf guests and chupacabra. (max= 8 points)
• An active canine guest counts as 1 "point"; includes werewolves, shadow wolf, and chupacabra
• Being a werewolf sub-race grants 1 "point"
• Having the Hunting Horn grants 1 "point"

# of specials 1 2 3 4 5-19
Modifier= +(#) : (#)*1.5 (#)*2 (#)*3 (#)*4 etc.
[Not really sure how to numerically balance this with making pets stronger, however, given all the versatile equipment you would have to sacrifice in order to get max points (19); each point should be significant, considering you're sacrificing damage that would be produced from a normal armor attack + weapon. Max points should easily put you on par with the bloodmage armors' armor skill spells in terms of damage.]

(Zero points)- * You're a lone wolf eh? Surely you won't survive for long.
(1-5 points)- ** Your pack is barely managing.
(6-12 points)- *** Your pack is strong, but not as strong as it could be!
(13-19 points)- **** *HOWLS*!!!!!!!!!!

• You receive Armor Lean x0.9.

• Against any canine enemies (Guard dogs, Shadow wolves, Werewolvess, Wolf riders, Heckhounds, etc.), all boosts are nullified completely. This is to encourage the player to change armors (as if to prove your dominance over your pack, you have to fight by yourself to defend your position and respect.)

*Your pack stands back as your leadership is challenged!

Graced by the blessings under moonLIGHT, wolves recognize you as an aspect of their nobility! You control all of dog kind but something about thunder unsettles you; I wonder why?

Something I just realized is that, however very unlikely though still possible, this armor would be unfeasible if a character didn't have any pets or guests (at least ones that can deal damage). Now that could be chalked up to the player's fault for not having a well rounded and diverse arsenal (like only buying and/or possessing fire weapons and running into a Magman). However, I DO have a solution to this problem, but I'd rather that be a more or less last resort especially since my reasoning for this being so powerful is how difficult to get the conditions right to be able to reach its max potential.

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Post #: 26
4/14/2019 9:50:10   

*looks at MD*
*pukes blood*
AQ  Post #: 27
4/14/2019 10:53:09   
Mr. Popo


*looks at MD*
*pukes blood*

Honestly, this was one of my least cared about suggestion on my thread.

But the reason behind it being Mid defensive is:

1. I like suggesting things that there seems to be a lack of content for (which is why I always suggest rouge type items)

2. The defensive is because your pets attack for you instead of an armor attack

3. Its mid because a pack leader still needs to be strong in of themselves

4. I researched wolf tactics and they fight mid defensively if they have their prey surrounded by running in and jumping out to avoid taking damage, confusing and tiring their prey as one prepares to sneak attack while the prey is focusing on the other members of the pack.

If it got implemented in the game as FD then I wouldn't really care. I'd be more glad they put it in the game.

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Post #: 28
4/14/2019 11:31:35   

1. Protector armor

2. Protector armor

3. Protector armor

4. Protector armor

5. Protector armor
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 29
4/14/2019 12:20:08   

^What about the other items in the set?
AQ  Post #: 30
4/14/2019 13:47:08   

@Mr. Popo Well, the problem with MD is that it's worse than FD in 100% of the cases no matter what you're fighting against or your build, FD is a straight upgrade of MD.

As in, FD takes *0.8 damage and deals *1 damage, meanwhile MD takes *0.9 damage and deals *1 damage... It's just a pure trash lean... >.>

MO at least has some benefit over FO (taking *1.125 instead of *1.25 damage), but MD is just terrible.

@Kaizoku So many different options!!! *gaaaaaaaaaaaasps*
AQ  Post #: 31
4/14/2019 15:03:42   

I wont use the rest of the set anyway, just give me that armor
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 32
4/15/2019 0:02:11   

Has anyone mentioned Sila's Staff? Would be great to have a multi elemental spell boost item.

Also, I think the Ebil Scythes would be cool for revamps. They all have unique abilities which would be neat to have.

Miss Fixit has the Winged Staff as well that would be a good asset to mages if revamped. Other items would be the Blood Crystal Axe, Hourglass Axe, Robocockatrice Blade, Boreal Bolt Plate, and Centaurion Form.
AQ AQW  Post #: 33
4/15/2019 2:14:53   

All that needs to be said


Thank you for 1K subs! <3

AQ Epic  Post #: 34
4/15/2019 4:03:45   

Melore Dark Statue spell:
Would be perfect for a dark freeze and give people a reason more to buy a great book.

Vartai Blade Master- with a nice dual weapon bonus.

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AQ  Post #: 35
4/15/2019 10:52:15   

OMG, Sila Staff! I'd love to see that one being updated! Would be really cool if it had actually useful spells instead of just a spell boost attached to it! >.<

As well as a useful draw mana function~

Ebil Scythes also bring up some really old memories, would be nice to see them alive again indeed~
AQ  Post #: 36
4/15/2019 17:04:53   

I'm going to go ahead and name a couple more that I think could use some rebalancing:

Jester Armor

This could be a very good armor, and is only kept from being good thanks to a couple of outdated stats. First of all, its ability is overcosted in comparison to most modern SP skills. Secondly, because it was released before the Mastercraft designation existed, it takes -5% damage to all normal attacks. Increasing the price slightly to give it a MC bonus and re-balancing its skill could make it a viable armor.

Gatekeeper Armor

This is a really cool armor, but the Mastercraft bonus feels somewhat underwhelming, even if the idea of combining the Twilight and Overlord MCs is cool in theory. Its usefulness is also completely killed by having a neutral lean.

Dragon Leathers

I love the aesthetic of this armor, and it has some very unique resistances, but as it is there's no real reason to bother with it.

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AQ  Post #: 37
4/15/2019 17:20:13   

1) Nemesis Set
2) Canine Warrior
3) Protector Set
4) Solaris Set
5) Nova Knight Set

I know a lot of other ppl suggested these, but yeah
AQ  Post #: 38
4/15/2019 21:45:38   

*grumbles about people that don't read the OP and mention yearly MCs*

@Zennistrad Well, I guess Gatekeeper was made this way because it's combining a FO and a FD armor... I agree that there isn't much point in using it though...

Jester is one that could have some simple update to put bot hskill and attacks on modern standards though, poor armor is in such a sad state! >.<

As for Dragon Leathers... Well, the bland +6 MRM MC is also kinda depressing... Especially because of the 46 MRM it has, which is extremely low.

I never understand why we sometimes get gear with blocking bonuses that have low MRM... It's just so anti-synergistic.
AQ  Post #: 39
4/15/2019 22:27:09   
Lord Markov

1. Overlord Set

2. Golden Set

3. Twilight Set

4. Asgardian Set

5. Taladosian Set

AQ  Post #: 40
4/16/2019 13:46:18   

AQ  Post #: 41
4/17/2019 15:14:06   


Well, I wouldn't call Shearhide's interaction with Pixel Ether a "powerful synergy", it's more like a bug that is way too hard to fix even after being reported multiple times... >.>

IMR seems to think it's intentional
Post #: 42
4/17/2019 19:44:09   

Cyclone Wyvern Rider
Nightmare Wyvern Rider
Dragonrider armor
Icewolf Rider
Darkwolf Rider
these are not the only ones I want to see them revamped, there are many other items that I want to see them revamped.
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 43
4/17/2019 20:48:44   
Phlox Lover

1. Glacial Short Staff
2. Glacial Short Staff
3. Glacial Short Staff
4. Glacial Short Staff
5. Glacial Short Staff
Post #: 44
4/17/2019 22:47:12   

@roobee That was back in 2013, standards changed since then.

The proper way Astromorph should work, is that if you went from 50 -> 131 with Pixel Ether, then unequipped Astromoph to fully heal your MP, you should lose a quantity of HP equivalent to the 2500 MP you just gained. (which would be about 4k HP IIRC)

... I don't think there is a clean way of coding things to work that way though, the way Astromorph works is really weird.
AQ  Post #: 45
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