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Do you make non CC items only so that you can get two items for the price of one?

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4/27/2019 4:49:52   

Please stop making everything E/P and CC/non-CC. Quality over quantity is always a better choice.

I don't think that people really want or expect you to make a new full set every other release. I'm sure they would be perfectly satisfied with two awesome (non E/P copy) swords/guns/auxs every few releases. Maybe reserve the full set ideas for the promotional packages? Heck, maybe make them without a core and just put them with one of the lower value packages?

People who still stick around ED are collectors, they want the best and the rarest items. I really don't think anyone wants to buy the generic E/P seasonal rares, unless they absolutely fall in love with the design.

A few years ago (2014-ish?), you had an influx of guest artists, when you put absolute metric tons of new weapons in-game, which nobody uses today. Please don't make a repeat of that.
Don't get me wrong, I love how inclusive EpicDuel is with allowing players to be a part of the item/mission creation. But, please just make sure not to prioritise quantity.
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4/27/2019 17:42:59   
.Lord Ginger.

Agreed. I used to be a collector, but now there are so many pointless weapons so I donít even bother anymore.
With cores also being non-removable, why would I buy another weapon to use when Iíd have to buy more varium cores to put in them?

Also, most of the older weapons have a better design anyways, so thereís really no chance to bother unless the new weapons get some serious style.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 2
4/27/2019 19:31:13   

Making energy and physical versions of every single item has ruined their designs. The whole red and blue color scheme is preventing any good taste in what color a weapon looks like it should be. To this day I'll never understand why there are red Frozen Fury weapons or a blue Botanical Borg. I don't even think there should have been red Omega weapons since the Omega symbol is blue. And don't even get me started with Infernal Frostbane.

In addition, it bothers me that we haven't had any thematic energy or physical weapons since about 2011. Like, what the heck happened? Just taking a look at some of the classic merchants like Mirv really make me wonder where that creativity went. Back in the day, there were few re-colors. Every set had a unique energy or physical counterpart like the original Dragon, Frost, NW B-day, or Celtic weapons, and this was done to ensure that the physical weapons actually looked like physical weapons and energy weapons actually looked like energy weapons. If they did do re-colors, they were almost always differentiated in some way and they rarely had the "E" or "P" tag stuck at the end of their names. Just take a close look at Frostbolt/Skullfire Blaster, Energy/Imperial ACP, Stun Blaster/Cannon, Dage's Haunted/Skull Boomstick, Ghoul Cannon/Spectral Blaster, Cupid's Bane/Sorrow, Scythe of Liberty/Liberty Scythe, (E) Bunny Chompers, etc.. They are re-colors that aren't just red and blue versions of each other and none of them are identical in design. We need more of this.

I don't like that they have been putting in lazy recolors some of the classic sets recently in Arcade or as Prize Codes just to pump out "content". It often tarnishes them. Like, if you are really going to make a physical version of Frostbane that is fiery, get rid of the ice on the handle! Also, in my mind, Valentine's weapons shouldn't be blue and Wraith Cannon just doesn't make sense as being physical. I'm thankful that they've at least decided to leave the old robots alone (for now). I wouldn't want to see a blue Azrael's Borg or Botanical Borg, or a red Pyro Fly. In the meantime, I am most definitely not looking forward to a blue Dragon Buster, red Cryo Claws, or a who-know-what-whacky-colored Stars and Stripes. And adding "2019" at the end of a name instead of coming up with a new one is seriously unflattering, seems lazy, and gives us the impression that it's just done as a cheap marketing trick to appeal to people who wished they had the original version.

Also, I don't like how they keep recycling the same design for all weapons types. A good design for a wrist blade isn't necessarily good for a staff or a club and usually not good for a gun or aux. And an aux shouldn't always be a bigger version of a gun. Back in the day, the different weapon types were rarely related to each other, but now we have these big sets like the Omega Wolf promo or the Molecular Annihilator set or the just released Spring set where only one or two of the weapons actually look good with the theme. Sure, the original frost weapons, Frostbolt Blaster, and Frost Cannon were related too, but they each utilized a different concept. Now, the recycling of art and lack of coordination makes a lot of weapons look unrealistic, like toys, especially if they are poorly colored as described above.

Armors are suffering from the same problem. Before, armors fit their class type perfectly and not all armors were mutating or had counterparts. We had guards and military armors for mercs, spellcaster-like armors for mages, and agile-looking armors for hunters, which fit with what the classes were supposed to be and what you would expect to see in Delta V based on the storyline. The Desert set from Big Tuna was spectacular, thematically, as were many other old sets. Now, armors are always mutating yet you can barely tell the difference between the classes, which isn't at all flattering and greatly detracts from the overall look. Even worse is the difference between male and female armors now. We want our characters to look strong and, generally speaking, this means distinctly masculine male armors and distinctly feminine female armors, you know, like the heroes in comics or movies. That simply isn't the case anymore, especially for female armors and female hairstyles. Also, the proportions of armors and weapons really need to be designed more carefully, as well as how the color customization is broken down in armors. I see too many extremely oversized or awkward looking items these days which makes them look unrealistic or just flat out strange, and the color customization of a lot of armors is very uneven or too complex due to the use of all 7 categories. And need I say that "troll" armors, like Land Shark Suit, and "mutation" armors like Alydroid Shell need to be kept at a minimum?

In the future, I wish that the artists would just make a few (not 50) new, unique, tastefully colored, appropriately themed, and aptly named weapons and amors.

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Epic  Post #: 3
4/28/2019 3:15:20   

^That sums it all up perfectly.

If Nightwraith or any guest artists are reading this thread, I'd highly suggest that you take 5 minutes and read the above post.
Epic  Post #: 4
4/28/2019 12:56:38   

I, as well, agree with most of NDB's post. One thing though:


And don't even get me started with Infernal Frostbane.

Infernal Frostbane looks amazing!!! Maybe the name should be changed, to something like Flamebane, but the creation of this weapon is one upside that came from all this physical/energy gear.

Now for some of my own opinions:

Another issue with all these items is choice fatigue. Sometimes, fewer choices is better. When I want to create a new look I feel like I have to spend hours looking through all the items available to find the one I want, whereas in the past there were only so many items to choose from so it wasn't so stressful.
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4/28/2019 13:19:58   

Oh god my thoughts exactly on the matter. Oh and NDB you missed a set of weapons The spectral and Harvest reapers. They were Physical and energy mutating weapons as well, however unlike all the other mutating weapons they were unique in the form that for TM/BM they one was physical while for the other classes was energy and visa versa. Now that is something that is extremely unique seeing as none of the other mutating weapons (At least that I can think of) works like this.

I really miss those creative weapon designs big time as well as the love that was put into so many of them.

I am also glad they didn't make a physical Infernal intridictor, or Infernal slayer either.
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5/5/2019 7:31:06   

So, guess what? I check the DNs today, I notice "new CC Pyro Fly travel form!"... Go look at the item finder, and there it is, a CC and non-CC Pyro Fly vehicle...
Epic  Post #: 7
5/5/2019 10:54:20   

Sorry if this sounds silly, but what does CC even stand for? I'm used to it standing for "Crowd Control" from other games, but I don't think that makes sense here.
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5/5/2019 11:59:03   

It stands for color custom. I think everything would be a lot better if we had separate color custom for our character and vehicle and if we had a hex color picker. Then there would be no need for making CC and non CC versions of everything and we wouldn't have to worry about our character color messing up the vehicle.
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5/5/2019 14:09:55   
Mr. Delector

I agree with 8x and NDB.
Epic  Post #: 10
5/5/2019 14:32:41   
.Lord Ginger.

It's probably the war prize

Edit: Yeah, it is the war prize.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 11
6/2/2019 3:32:39   

More non CC items, I don't understand why?

Edit: I guess they can't make the CC one that detailed because of the colour range? or something along those lines
Is that it?

< Message edited by 8x -- 6/2/2019 3:54:58 >
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