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Empowered Phlox [and other Void Battles]

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5/5/2019 10:34:48   
Phlox Lover

It's about time that I give my namesake the honor it deserves. No longer will it be a thing of the past. It shall bring its fearsomeness into the present.

This empowered Phlox is found in the Void. Defeating it would grant some rewardwhich I've yet to determine, outlined below. The monster maintains its original flavor while presenting new challenges and not completely shutting down non-Spell damage. Soft damage cap makes nuking harder (10,000 damage becomes about 850), and its Water attack inflicting Choke furthers that.

When it runs out of MP, it becomes significantly less threatening and resorts to making a low-damage attack that inflicts a weak poison and regenerates MP.

Its beak attack uses the animation of a chicken pecking the ground.

Empowered Phlox
Water Element
Power 3.75
Level   150
EstHP   5400
EstMP   2800
EstSP    408
MaxSP   1400

XP      1637189
Gold    1337189

Melee	50	
Ranged	45	
Magic	55

DEX	215	
INT	260	
END	70	
CHA	0	
LUK	195

Fire	70	
Water	-100	
Wind	50	
Ice	10	
Earth	50	
Energy	100	
Light	70	
Dark	50

  • It regains 102 SP each turn.
  • It begins the battle with Arcane Body, a re-named Chi Shield that absorbs up to 386 Melee and Ranged damage. Costs .625 SP per point of damage prevented.
  • It has Burn Immunity, Soft Damage Cap 324 with clawback 0.25, Initiative +105 and Boss Boost +20
  • If it has at least 392 MP and the player isn't Soaked, it makes a seven-hit water attack that can leave the player Soaked*.
  • If it has 653 MP and the player is Soaked, it does its two-hit lightning attack, which attempts to paralyze** the player and set up a Psionic Link ***, or both†. The psionic link is a four-round power 0.25 Energy Burn.
  • It makes its beak attack when it has no MP, which attempts†† to inflict a 10-round Water Poison†††. If the poison is reapplied, it compresses its effects‡. Phlox regains 92 MP each time it makes this attack.
  • If it has at least 592 SP, it spends that much SP to give itself a Defence Boost +40, and a BtH Boost +15, each for 1 round‡‡.

    * Phlox's attack leaves you soaked!
    ** Phlox's lightning incapacitates you!
    *** You feel crackling energy tear through your mind!
    † Phlox's lightning overwhelms both your body and mind!
    †† You resist Phlox's poison!
    ††† Phlox's poisonous saliva floods into your body!
    ‡ The poison worsens!
    ‡‡ Phlox peers into the waters of the future, predicting your next few moves!

    It seems that a cult of fanatical worshipers has imbued Phlox with the power of the Void, making its water powers significantly more dangerous. Phlox must be stopped before it converts all of Lore into a fish tank!

    Obviously, Phlox's appearance would not get a little bit of an update. Because it is beautiful and perfect already. Namely, the eyes would need an inky-purplish color to represent that Void empowerment, and the beak could probably look a bit more threatening, especially since it uses it now.

    Defeating Empowered Phlox would open the Empowered Phlox shop, which has a "Phlox Lover" title and a fancy Water spell that Soaks the enemy;

    Phlox's Wrath

    «Water spell. Mastercraft; soaks the enemy if all hits connect.»

    Location: Empowered Phlox Void Takeover
    Element: Water
    Level 150
    PowLevel 153
    MPLevel 152
    Price  24205166
    Sell   12102583

    Hits: 7
    Type: Magic
    Element: Water
    Damage  8-92
    Stat%  158.6
    BtH  40

  • There is a 100*[hitsconnected]/[hitsattempted]% chance of the monster becoming soaked*, +50% Energy resistance.

    *Your opponent is soaked by the watery sphere!

    Surviving the battle with Empowered Phlox has allowed you to understand its powerful water magics! Now you can call aquatic magics to slam your opponents for 7 accurate hits of water damage that will leave them soaked.

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    5/14/2019 20:49:30   
    Phlox Lover

    The Essence of Love Dragon is a fearsome foe that will test the mettle of any weathered adventurer. Its simple appearance of a pink dragon reskin with a heart-like body pattern would make many foes scoff. But it is no laughing matter.

    Essence of Love Dragon
    Fire Element
    Power 3.75
    Level   150
    EstHP   14000
    EstMP   2650
    EstSP    560
    MaxSP   1020
    XP      1537189
    Gold    1537189
    Melee	56	
    Ranged	56	
    Magic	56
    STR	0
    DEX	0	
    INT	250	
    END	225	
    CHA	275	
    LUK	0
    Fire	-50	
    Water   150	
    Wind	150
    Ice	200	
    Earth	50	
    Energy	50	
    Light	125	
    Dark	125

  • It regains 40 SP each turn.
  • It has Control Immunity, Soft Damage Cap 763 with clawback 0.40, and Boss Boost +40
  • Whenever you deal damage to the dragon with a spell or weapon attack, it regains 20 SP, and it deals 3% more damage with its attacks. This stacks*.
  • At the end of each of the dragon's turns, there is a 100*[HitsAttempted/HitsConnected]% chance of attempting to inflict Cuddling, a re-named Control, Level 150, 1 round, on your pet and guest**. This new control deals snuggle damage. This means your pet and guest take their turn to deal PowLvl control damage against you. You get +20 to your save (it's one save for the whole side)***.
  • When the dragon reaches 75% of its Max HP, it begins to consume 252 MP at the end of each turn to inflict Cold as Ice, a re-named Control Weakness, on you for 1 turn, -1000, with the description "You were willing to sacrifice their love!", and also inflict Infatuation, a re-named Berserk, which gives the player a -30 BtH penalty for a 85/55* (1.55x) damage boost&.
  • If it has at least 560 SP, it spends that much SP to use its breath weapon, which attempts to inflict the Heartbreak status, a re-named Greater Spiritual Resonance of Fire at Level 150 with a hidden modifier of 5, with a ten-round counter†. You can resist this with a CHA save at +0††. The dragon doesn't use the ability again until the status expires. During each turn, the greater spiritual seed damages your HP by an amount equal to a .10 power Level 150 Fire damage Burn†††.

    * Love is a battlefield. <X>% extra damage.
    ** The dragon's allure causes your allies to turn on you for affection!
    *** Your allies stay loyal to you!
    & You're a crazy little thing called love!
    † Your heart is swallowed in despair and burns with emotional fervor!
    †† You stand strong in the face of heartbreak!
    ††† You're devastated! You weren't meant for loving the Essence of Love Dragon!

    It's said that this dragon has terrorized adventurers for years with its subduing aura. There's only one way to crush a love so pure.... And that can only be done with a heart as cold as ice.

    Defeating the dragon grants access to a shop with a misc. item, whose sole purpose is to boost your pet and guest damage. The item has the following properties:
  • The item uses its 5% MeleePower MC to pay for the skill compression.
  • It costs (1.15/1.25)*60 SP of equivalent turn-taking misc item for the EleRest and +CHA plus the two status resistances, plus an additional 78 SP for 20% of MeleePower, and uses that 20% MeleePower to give pets and guests a respective appropriate boost.
  • The cost of the item is the standard 6051293 plus the price of an armor skill, which is 24205166
  • The skill starts out as a standard armor skill, dealing 179-537 with 1110% stats and +38 BtH. The damage is compressed into a 10-round Spiritual Resonance and Burn effect. The power of the Burn is 0.20, and it deals Fire damage, which costs 25% of the skill's damage. The remaining damage is compressed into a Spiritual Seed (duration of 10 rounds, Level 153, with a Modifier of 15/17*). The Seed will deal 169-348 Fire damage, and doesn't receive EleComp because it's on a misc. item.

    Essence of Love

    «CHA-boosting misc. item. Mastercraft; gives access to a skill that inflicts a Fire Burn and Spiritual Resonance on the enemy.»

    Location: Essence of Love Dragon Void Takeover
    Element: Fire
    Level 150
    PowLevel 153
    Price  30256459
    Sell   15128230

    Activation: 1 turn
    Cost: 133 SP on activation (no turn upkeep)

  • Damage you take from Fire is multiplied by 0.50*
  • +50 CHA
  • You receive Resist Spiritual Seed +11.2
  • You receive Resist Burn +11.2
  • Guests deal an extra (10/0.6)% damage, and pets deal an extra (10/0.4)% damage.

  • Click on the item to make use of a skill for 392 SP, or 490 for Magic, and spending a turn. The monster must make a CHA save or be inflicted with Heartbreak, a re-named Spiritual Seed/Burn compression, Level 153, 10-round duration and Power 0.20 for the Burn, and Level 153, 10-round duration with modifier 15/17* for the Spiritual Seed.

    Sure it was a nightmare to acquire, but the essence of love will give your loved ones a HECK of a damage boost! Oh, it'll also boost your CHA and your resistance to Fire damage, and aid in your future resilience to long-term emotional seeds and heartburn.

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    5/14/2019 23:36:57   
    Primate Murder

    Love the monster! I've long wanted to see something that turns your pets/guests against you. And that description, lol.

    Control and Choke seem rather contradictory, though, since if you miss a turn, the damage reduction won't even matter. Maybe make the effect inflict DoT damage based on how much you're controlled? Additionally, +40 to save seems rather harsh - at 50% chance to even attempt the infliction, it means you only have a 5% chance of being inflicted.

    Spiritual Seed's description seems rather misleading, since it doesn't actually do anything for those ten turns.

    The misc on the other hand seems rather underpowered, and overly costly.

    a) Modern miscs provide a multiplicative damage reduction, not subtractive - *0.5 fire damage, not -10%.

    b) A standard offensive level 150 misc gives +20% damage, yu only give +10, combining the bonuses to pets and guests.

    c) I know of no modern misc that takes a turn to equip. If you really want to make that a thing, you'll need to give an extra bonus to compensate for a lost turn worth (100/10 * 10/9) or around 11% melee.

    Come on, it's an interesting monster, surely it deserves an Essence-worthy misc!
    AQ DF  Post #: 3
    5/15/2019 7:23:20   
    Phlox Lover

    Thank you sir, I appreciate your comments. I have implemented changes to the dragon and also changed it to use "Snuggle" element for its control damage, to re-flavor it.

    The player now gets +20 to their save, and the control is attempted every round, but it only targets pet/guest.

    A devil whispered to me in the night and told me to have the breath weapon drive you "wild" with love, and this has been implemented.

    a) I don't like multiplicative resistances but I will cave since I know everyone else does, so that's been changed.

    b) This misc. now correctly gives +20% melee power for 78 SP.

    c) The turn cost removes the future upkeep cost.

    d) The MC is used to compress a skill.

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