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Make NPC wins count towards ranks such as Emperor, Grand Emperor, etc...

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5/25/2019 12:02:39   
.Lord Ginger.

A lot of peope do jugg battles, which is just a glorified NPC mode, and hardly ever get any real players.

Since players get ranks like Emperor and stuff from beating up NPCs, I don't see why there shouldn't be ranks for NPC wins.

NPC wins counted in Delta and before for 1v1 wins and they counted for ranks.

Also, the cap for NPC wins should be removed or at least increased to 200/250 since glorified NPC mode does not have a cap.
AQW Epic  Post #: 1
5/25/2019 12:28:04   

I agree.

With such low population they might as well make NPC wins equal to other wins and remove the limits on them.

Heck, you might as well add a NPC leaderboard. There's already way too many leaderboards, so another one couldn't hurt. Also, I'd imagine that people would be more motivated to play if there was a fresh new leaderboard.

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Epic  Post #: 2
5/26/2019 0:28:53   

Yeah. I wish NPCs were a legitimate battle mode again. Watering them down in Omega did no good. I don't know if that was supposed to be an effective way to force people to PvP or something but it was largely counterproductive to the game's longevity since the ultimate goal of any game should be to appeal to as many players as possible and lots of people happened to like farming NPCs. It made a lot of people leave the game at the start of Omega.

The state of NPCs now is kind of weird though. It was cool how back in Beta and Gamma, NPCs could be really hard to beat and beating NPCs higher level than you actually gave extra rewards. And obviously they could count for losses then too. It actually felt kind of competitive and fun to challenge NPCs because of that. I remember wanting to buy varium just so I could get stronger and beat up NPCs faster. Designing NPC-killing builds was fun too. None of that's really true anymore since NPCs are too easy in general these days. But I digress...

More on topic--yeah, I would be cool if the cap was increased. Back then you could theoretically do 360 NPCs in a day with the 15/hour limit and people bought the boost thing that reset your hourly limit all the time for the sake of chasing the 1v1 leaderboard. Counting towards player rank should definitely be a thing. I don't know how I feel about letting bombs drop in NPC fights though. Having an NPC leaderboard could be cool. Buffing the NPCs a lot and adding some new NPC-specific cores or more Legendary Rank categories or something could make it more compelling too.

Edit: On second thought, a nice idea could be to make it so there is a 50 or 100 daily limit for the same NPC, just like how before there was a 5 hourly limit for the same NPC. The daily cap could then be increased to 250 or 500 or even unlimited. But this way you can't just keep picking on the weak NPC, you would have to think harder about your build and gear, and you would have to think carefully about which set of NPCs you want to choose to fight. And, to address the big elephant in the room, this would deter cheating.

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Epic  Post #: 3
5/27/2019 12:24:59   

Technically speaking making NPC wins added to Rank will be interesting. But there is no value to it because this will lead to botting and this is a 100% sure. Even yesterday I reported a character being botting, so just imagine if a real PvP battle can do botted than why not NPC battles. It's easy to farm using Botting software. This will be unfair for those who really spend their entire time in playing Epic Duel.

It would be better if losses are also counted into Ranks because a battle is a battle after all and lose and win are the faces of one coin. So it would be better if losses are counted to ranks instead of making NPC wins count.
Epic  Post #: 4
5/27/2019 12:52:10   

Speaking of botting, would it be a bad thing if botters moved from PvP to PvE?
Epic  Post #: 5
5/27/2019 13:49:38   

Back when you could only do 15/hour I doubt it was possible to bot since your character would just DC after it finishes the 15 wins, plus having to jump to three different locations to farm 3 different NPCs would probably be complicated, especially since you would probably use different moves and/or equipment against the different NPCs. Hence why I suggest we make it so you can only fight the same NPC 50 times per day, or something along that line, if we are to increase the 100 per day cap.

Plus, the main argument of the original post was that Jugg already counts for ranks so there isn't any reason why regular NPCs shouldn't.

Making losses count for ranks is not a good idea since it is very easy to purposely lose, making it exploitable. It'd be really, really easy for a bot to bot losses, for example. It doesn't make much sense anyway in my opinion.

I don't think there are very many botters in PvP and if there are, they get banned pretty fast. Moving botters to PvE makes it so they can do it much more easily and have a low chance being caught, which would be a bad thing. Botters in Jugg can still be caught relatively easily since they fight real players every day and they get exposure, but botting NPCs would be really easy I'd imagine.

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Epic  Post #: 6
5/27/2019 16:18:41   


Nope it would be a horrible idea. It is basically giving players a way to cheat the system with the lowest of risks of getting caught. when players bot 1 vs 1 (yes we have some people who still bot this) and Juggernaut real players see them and in many cases report them. With a pure PVE mode the NPC would never do this and this would hurt the game even more.
Epic  Post #: 7
5/27/2019 20:58:30   

Just no, why because you have something like 40,000 NPC wins? Which is just ridiculous in itself. The point of killing bots and getting ranks would be absurd. Still, I do agree with the jugg comment, but for killing bots the game really should not award you ranks.
Post #: 8
5/27/2019 22:27:45   


I know what you mean but that 15 minute duration means when a player is completely ideal (as I know) even a inch of moving makes player active again. If a player bot there is no issue with the policy of "15 minutes AFK leading to disconnection", since the player is still playing by clicking something or the other. As far as the botting is concern, I have reported it several times and I wonder that nothing happening to them even after submitting the proofs i.e. Video which clearly shows up that its a botting. To be honestly, I hardly find any MODs in ED being active, since the game is worldwide and all the moderator can't be active for 24x7 hours this will again make it impossible to report. Nevermind, do you think that any player will take any sort of headache for reporting about botting like we do? 90% of ED player even don't know anything about the forum and reporting system. No way, no one cares who is botting or not, its always legit player and player with absolute respect will be the one who reports. And if PvE starts counting to rank then this will motivate player to further cheating without begin caught I hope every knows that NPCs can't REPORT. So, this is not a feasible idea.

Coming back to Juggernaut point, I personal don't support Juggernaut battle too because it's also typically an NPC battle, however, we can't rule the fact that it was not meant for NPC battle, high level get NPC because there is very limited low level players playing Team Battle who lands up in Juggernaut. So technically this doesn't make any point that Juggernaut Count then why not NPC. The only limitation to Jugg is that we need low level players so that it can be really 2P v 1P battle.

Yes, it will be a bad idea. It is like we are promoting players to cheat as simple as that, there are many player to whom I personally had conversation regarding why they play Jugg and the reasons I received was:
a) They can't make it to Solo battle because they consider real PvP as a tough battle and they lack in strategy on using builds, so, in comparison to that Jugg makes it easy for them to play and win fast. (89% of player said this)
b) It grant more Credits and Experience. (2% of them say this because Jugg is best during the power up hours and power up weekends)
b) You can watch movies and play other games if you set a botting software (I know its strange but truth is always bitter) (9% who really care nothing just free wins)

I absolutely agree with your point. Because NPC battle doesn't count to rank that's why people stopped doing npc. If we reverse the system back we are like giving them a handful amount of power to cheat technically.

Yeah exactly, I have 3000 NPC wins out of which 500-1000 is made due to the mission requirements and I just hate that too. I will never be proud saying "Hey, Look man I'm Grand Emperor", when the reason simply behind this would be 50k NPC wins. Strange and yeah you are correct that it will be absurd.
Epic  Post #: 9
5/28/2019 11:55:25   

Oh yea... I forgot that credits have an impact on PvP through legendary ranks. I was just thinking about "the economy" and not about the PvP aspect.
Epic  Post #: 10
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