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Nerfing Juggeenaut Battle.

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5/27/2019 22:44:46   

Juggernaut earlier during its release was the best battle mode that everyone liked. However, now this is referred to as NPC battle unless we don't find a really player landing up to Juggernaut battle. The only limitation why Juggernaut battle begin less worth is because there are very limited number of low level players and even these players prefer to play Solo instead of Team because team battle eventually is uncertain. And they don't know when will they land up to Juggernaut instead of real 2Pv2P. Anyways, the solid reason for players doing Juggernaut includes:
a) They can't make it to Solo battle because they consider real PvP as a tough battle and they lack in strategy on using builds, so, in comparison to that Jugg makes it easy for them to play and win fast. (89% of player said this)
b) It grant more Credits and Experience. (2% of them say this because Jugg is best during the power up hours and power up weekends)
b) You can watch movies and play other games if you set a botting software (I know its strange but truth is always bitter) (9% who really care nothing just free wins)

I would suggest the following to make Juggernaut a way more limited and attracted. The suggestions are as follows:

I don't find it very feasible that winning a battle against two NPCs will reward you more then what a real PvP gets. So, the reward i.e. Credits and Experience given for every juggernaut win must be reduced by 40% i.e. if a Juggernaut battle is giving 24 xp then it would be made 14. Yeah 24 will be good if the player encounter a really player.

It is strange that a really PvP battle reward less War Drops as compare to Juggernaut and I do understand that Juggernaut consumes more time but it should be lowered because Juggernaut battle is 99.9% certain that a player will WIN, so what is the use of granting Juggernaut battle with higher drop rates. Even, make of the Factions in ED is just went to do Juggernaut only to again War Drop. It would be strange and unbelievable that Faction doing 7000 Juggernaut Wins. This is ever possible? I suspect that.

Yeah we can keep everything as normal like same reward and same drop but only if we increase the level of NPCs by 5 - 7 levels more. Making them more power will lead to time consume and a sort of real efforts involving in it. So, this can also be done.

Stop giving any sort of Buff to the player when they encounter NPCs

I know Juggernaut was a good battle system but when ED started getting down with players this battle got really broken. So, in order to fix this, these can be done.

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5/28/2019 4:47:54   

No. This would break juggernaut, especially removing Player buffs and higher NPC levels. It's currently an escape from 1v1 high rank bullying and already churns out slower war drops + slightly slower credit/exp gain than 1v1, depending on how often a low rank can beat high rank players.

No gameplay decisions should be made based on botting. Just look at how AQW's doing with that. And it arguably takes about as much strategy to beat 2 NPCs as it does to beat players who take and deal 30 less damage per turn.
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5/28/2019 10:41:57   

Jugg is easy, sure, but I agree with Foulman that this is way too extreme.

The people who actually play a lot of Jugg would know that (a) it is not easy at all to get a "99.9% win rate", (b) real players show up at least once per hour, on average, sometimes a lot more if you're the only people playing Jugg, (c) they aren't that easy to beat if they're smart (d) the bomb drop rate in Jugg is lower than 1v1 now.

After the level 27-33 NPCs were buffed, do you even know how hard it is to play Jugg as a Rank 1 40? I do, I've tried, and it's brutal. Even worse if you're a casual player who isn't even the right class (e.g. BM, BH).

And as a high rank, if you want to get anywhere near a "99.9% win rate", you'd have to try really, really hard. You'd have to make a purely defensive build and not ever take risks, especially since he made it so almost every NPC has at least one stun skill and one 25% crit skill after the buff. If you were to do this, you'd be getting wins at a much slower rate though. And the major problem with this is that most purely defensive builds (think boss fighting builds) would get slammed by real players.

In general, real players are not to mess around with if they know what they're doing. A really smart level 30+ paired with Yeti Hulk or another strong NPC is almost a guaranteed loss for most Jugg builds. And often, one stun is all it might take for a real player to sneak in the win, even if they or the NPC partner aren't that good. As I mentioned before, almost every NPC in Jugg now has at least one stun skill.

No, I'm not denying that Jugg is the most efficient way to earn rewards these days and has the highest win rate of any battle mode. That's obvious, but your suggestions are basically asking to make it impossible and reducing the rewards by 40% would make it worse, on average, than 1v1 unless you're already max rank (since in 1v1, you can get extra rewards for beating higher level or rank players).

As a major Jugg player, it always bothers me a bit when people take shots at Jugg or look down upon it. We're all just here to play a game and people shouldn't be treated differently depending on what they like to play. To say that people who play Jugg are poor players that don't know how to strategize and aren't "good enough" to play PvP is an insult and pretty ridiculous, to be honest. I don't know where the 89% statistic comes from, but that's wrong, or at least a big misinterpretation. Just like in any battle mode, there are good Jugg players and bad Jugg players depending on how well they know how to play the game and the effort they put into optimizing builds/strategies for consistency. I find that it is the people who don't play Jugg much who tend to exaggerate how easy it is, which makes them come off as being spiteful or envious and makes me really uncomfortable. If you genuinely wanted to balance the battle modes, that's okay, but then you'd have to also say thing or two about 2v2 being horrible. If you don't and all you play is 1v1, that makes you a hypocrite in my book.
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5/29/2019 0:55:37   

My rank 7 CH currently takes about 15 rounds to win a single jugg battle. That's about the same amount of time that beating a rank 50+ in 1v1 would take, with lower rewards and much higher waiting times. Some people like CactusChan use jugg to get to a competitive rank instead of grinding away at 1v1 with a massive statistical disadvantage, and I have absolutely no problem with that.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 4
5/29/2019 2:30:04   


I agree and respect your words. I never considered or treated Juggernaut player the say you have mentioned and I know that Juggernaut once was a difficult battle mode. Yeah, I know there are many people who say this and I also feel bad. But NDB to be honest I wonder if how a player or a faction can score 7000 Juggernaut Battle and whereas players owing 1000 battles. I know even the battle start very lately and to be honest I'm poor at juggernaut battle but it's strange that how can a player and faction make that much wins? Anyways, that was just my suggestion, but I did comparison one day I found Jugg dropping more than Solo. I might wrong but I don't know.

For me 2v2 is like hellish lol reason being that it all depends on partner. And whenever I played team my partner either skipping turns or lagging and leaving.

Yeah, true Juggernaut is good for Rank upgrading and yeah for credits too.
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5/31/2019 16:42:19   


2 vs 2 at this point has the highest drop rate for war items seeing as some time ago nightwraith buffed the drop rate for 2 vs 2 while lowering the drop rate of 1 vs 1 and jug to promote players into playing 2 vs 2. As it stands now Juggernaut now has the lowest drop rate of the three modes so there is no need to try and discourage/punish players who want to play juggernaut by doing this.

While I do agree with you that juggernaut as it is is indeed massive punishment for some players who do indeed play 2 vs 2 seeing as they almost always face a juggernaut as NDB mentioned thanks to changes (passive to actives underdog buffing lower levels ETC) they aren't nearly as easily as 3 years ago when NPC's were first added to juggernaut.

If anything juggernaut as much as it has been said needs to just be a separate mode not tied to 2 vs 2. this way anyone who plays 2 vs 2 won't be punished by juggernauts (those who have trouble) and those who want to escape 1 vs 1 bullying as Foulman mentioned can have it and grind without issue.
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