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Let's Design Some CEBs! \(^^)/

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6/4/2019 7:43:09   

So... Here's the idea, everyone is well aware of how easy it is to nuke 99% of the content in this game by now, and then you can also use SFP + Love Potion for more nukes even, which ended up making staff need to create the Freedom status and now the Boss Boost.

Even with those though, I think that most bosses are still pretty easy for the more meta players and stuff... Understandably so though, it's kinda hard to design something that can tank over 10k damage in 1 turn and still dish out tons of damage while also being a doable challenge for other builds.

So the purpose of this thread is to brainstorm! Let's try making boss ideas that could actually be hard for meta players! Don't worry too much about balance and numbers and focus on mechanics, the idea is to think what kind of mechanics could actually be hard for a meta player to deal with. This is mainly to have fun, but who knows? Maybe staff steals some ideas from here in the future~

Before we start, one quick ruling:

Don't go just reusing old mechanics to make the challenge boss, make it do something unique... What I mean by this, is that you shouldn't just throw Hard Damage Cap + Backlash + Misc Lock + Freedom to suddenly have a challenging boss... I mean, where is the fun in that? You're just putting a bunch of things everyone already know of together.
You can use old mechanics, but make sure the boss has something unique to it though, and that this unique thingy actually makes it hard.

Okay, that's it, let me try to get started, feel free to give suggestions on improvements on the bosses of other players too~

Evil Meanie Lord of Time Boss of Doom... Maybe

Tanky lean Darkness boss, high HP and standard Shapeshifter-like elemental modifiers. Whenever it deals damage, it also gains a shield that protects it from the next X% amount of the damage it dealt.

Has Boss Boost +30 and a Soft Damage Cap. His unique mechanic is that whenever the player takes an action that doesn't take a turn (equipping misc/changing gear doesn't count, but clicking a misc (like EO) does), he deals a high amount of Darkness damage to the player's SP, if the player's SP reaches 0, the leftover damage carries over to the HP. (He steals your life because you stole his time!)

So... The idea behind this boss came from reading the new GBI from Ruleandrew, essentially the goal is to punish the player whenever it tries taking quickcast actions in order to force you to limit yourself to one action per turn. It also makes EO basically useless since it will remove tons of SP whenever you click it. The fact that it deals Darkness damage instead of Harm whenever you use a QC thingie is to punish people that don't carry armor/shield of all elements in their inv and that try nuking things with CIT, as it will get a pretty big damage shield when that happens and will drain your SP (and then your HP!) at a super quick pace.

Would also get in the way of stuff of Kindred Shield and what not though, which is a bit sad since I like those. But it's a small sacrifice for the boss design I guess...

On the other hand, the problem with this boss is that sitting in a FO armor with a darkness misc and clicking attack button should probably be enough to beat it, since basically everything in its kit is tailored towards stopping people from nuking it, it actually doesn't do much if you don't try nuking. I'm not sure if there is a way to fix that, as I'd need to make its already bloated set of skills even more bloated.

Well, that was the boss I could think of, what are your ideas of bosses that could actually be hard to beat?
AQ  Post #: 1
6/4/2019 10:17:51   

Dunno if these are unique so sorry if they aren't:

Very dodgy boss with very strong but inaccurate nukes.

Boss that doesn't die when 0 HP. Instead you have to drain it's MP or SP.

Pack monster boss except each one attack can kill at most one minion.

Boss that can lock down MP or SP or spells or skills. Or basically only allows you to press the attack button.

Boss where all attacks (both yours and its) deal damage to both you and it. (win by having lower resistances)
Post #: 2
6/4/2019 10:23:38   

ATATATATATA: All attacks against boss deal a flat amount of damage, so you need to maximize the amount of attacks instead of their damage. To give you more of an incentive, this boss deals high amounts of void damage.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
6/4/2019 11:21:00   

Have had this in mind for a bit with the champion sets we've gotten so far, also don't know if this would work with all that would have to go into it.

Primordial Champion of the Elemental Lords

A CEB whose ability is to be able to use the elemental champion sets to rack up statuses against you.

Defenses are based on what set the champion is currently wearing.

Essentially is an ele-seek, uses whatever set is best against you currently and shifts sets when you hit him with what he is weak to, so if you hit him with dark when he's in Light Realm Champ, he'll shift to Under Realm and do his normal attack in that. Can choose between the seven we currently have, so between Sinmaw (Energy / Water - Elemental Vulnerability), Custosilva (Earth - Entangled), Tera'suul (Ice - Burn), Akriloth (Fire - Burn), Under Realm (Darkness - Def Loss), Light Realm (Light - Blind), and Airenal (Wind - Dex Loss). When he doesn't have enough SP to drag you into whatever realm he's currently in for that set, he just uses that set's weapon and the regular attack animation. Has a soft damage cap due to the elemental shifting and is tanky.

If you stick with a neutral armor to counteract he would probably stay in Akriloth and rack up a burn on you which racked up enough could take you down. If you go into an energy armor, he'll go into either a darkness armor or an ice armor.

So it basically switches between sets when you hit it and when you're weak against another element, so you wouldn't be able to sit against it in one armor / weapon combo unless you came in with something that could do alot of damage as the same element of the armor.
AQ  Post #: 4
6/4/2019 17:09:02   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Immortal War

-) Tanky lean, heavy base lean on damage so his numbers are stable
-) Boss Boost +30
-) Low resists across the board
-) Every turn that passes, Immortal War stacks a "counter" on itself, boosting his damage (think Wicked King's Haunted except it benefits the monster and can't be removed) by a certain amount.
-) Every turn Immortal War did not take damage, he stacks 2 counters instead of one. War never ends, so he uses turns of peace to increase his death toll.
-) Every time Immortal War is inflicted with a status condition that deals damage, he will purge himself and mirror the status right back onto you.
-) Every time Immortal War is inflicted with a status condition that lowers his effectivity (be it frozen, paralyzed, choked, blinded, whatever), he corrupts the status into a boost for himself, similar to a quickcast spell. Being frozen or paralyzed grants him immunity for a turn, choke would boost his STR and Blind his DEX instead. Or something like that.
-) Every turn Immortal War is hit with Harm or Void damage, he regenerates half of the damage dealt (think Osiris Misc).
Post #: 5
6/4/2019 17:17:39   
Galactic Assassin X

Potion Master

Uses potions to heal itself and poisons against you. Can use attacks that sacrifice one bar for another (its HP for more MP, MP for more SP, etc). Its poisons drain HP SP or MP over time. It can throw acid potions that make an armor unusable for a period of time.

While fighting it, the player's Attack button becomes a Steal button, letting you grab HP and MP potions as you attack, but if you miss you get an acid attack that makes your weapon unusable for a time.

It can use potions that temporarily increase its resistances, especially against the element you've just used. It can also use confusion potions that make you use an attack, skill, or spell other than the one you've selected. It can also use potions that divide and combine it - so it can split into multiple enemies and then regroup.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
6/5/2019 9:34:33   

@roobee The boss that requires you to drain its HP/MP to win could be interesting, would require bringing some specific items... I'm not sure how many of those still exist nowadays though, but it's a novel idea nonetheless.

The one that locks spells/skills seems boring though, like... You can't really use much strategy against that, just use armor, shield and misc of a given element and click attack to win... >.>

Last one seems basically the same as Ultimon... Not that innovative I guess?

The one I liked the most was the one you needed to drain MP/SP to win! ^^)/

@Kaizoku So... Basically EoWD that deals Void Damage? Dunno, seems kinda... Eh?

@Inferno369 I loved this one! Seems really interesting! \(^^)/

I don't think it's that good at incentivizing people to change armor/shield though, what I'd do about it would be to sit in Svad's armor, put a water shield and a Water Misc, then the boss would be using a water armor and wouldn't be hitting that hard because I'd have a water misc on me. And I'd also be hitting decently hard because of Svad's element locked attack.

... Well, Svad is a bad example because the Champion set for Water is Sinmaw, which also doubles as an Energy set, so I'd probably need some other armor with element locked attacks, but... You got the gist of it. Sit in armor of Element A and bring a misc/shield of the opposite element to minimize my damage intake. Would probably work very well with Angel of Souls + Scarab Shield + Osiris Misc.

@Rafiq A bit weird boss, I mean... It's tanky and has low resistances (even harm/void are low), so it's kinda hard to nuke... But then it gets stronger and stronger the longer the battle goes, so it's hard to try playing the grind game against it... And it is basically immune to status aliments...

It would probably be a hard boss alright, but what is the expected method the player should take in order to beat it then? Just nuke it to death before it can stack enough charges? Seems a bit weird rn because it seems to basically incentivize people to use the standard nuke meta.

@Galactic Assassin X Interesting idea overall, but uhn... If the player has no spells nor armor skills, how do they win? Wait until pet/guest kill the boss? I feel like removing the attack button is a bad idea.

Making an armor unusable is kinda weird though, I mean... I guess it could give you a temporary armor like the Ultra Magma Akriloth gives.

Lastly, the thing about confusing the player is... Uhn... Well, kinda harsh? I think most people would just want to nuke it in order to avoid getting confused in the first place, since not being able to control the flow of the fight is generally pretty horrible.

The dividing and regroup potion is fun though~
AQ  Post #: 7
6/5/2019 16:44:24   
Galactic Assassin X


Attack isn't really removed, it's just renamed Steal. It's still essentially Attack but it also Steals potions. The only time Steal is scrambled is when it, say, has multiple specials or forms and those are scrambled - like the weather remote weapon that has multiple elements using a different element than selected, or a ranged/melee optional weapon using ranged when you select melee.

The fight's difficulty is purely based on the player not being able to fully control the fight. It requires the player to think of alternative ways to use what they have and learn the boss's complex patterns enough to try to sacrifice certain armors/weapons when they know acid is likely to proc and so on. The boss isn't supposed to have superior stats beyond what's necessary to make it difficult in addition to its tactics.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
6/5/2019 18:13:23   

Ooooooooooh, the steal still giving standard damage makes it interesting then... But with how much HP/MP potions heal nowadays, this would probably trivialize the fight... >.>
AQ  Post #: 9
6/5/2019 23:46:09   
Galactic Assassin X

The frequency by which Potion Master uses attacks that purely remove HP MP and SP is meant to counter that (his poisons stack their effect, so HP poisons for example can stack to greatly decrease HP each turn). Basically the way you fight Potion Master is by frequently using potions (which you can keep stealing from him) and trying to sacrifice certain weapons/armors while managing to keep the use of others and also making sure your inventory is designed so that you can handle any switching the Potion Master forces on you. Starting with a high amount of potions, like from housing, certainly helps but considering that the fight will consist of you stealing tons of potions, since the fight's drawn out, the benefit of it doesn't last long.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
6/6/2019 21:45:20   

Titanium Dragon would be a fun fight I think.

Titanium Dragon (Normal Power 4 Tankish Dragon with special PASSIVE effects for each element)
Earth Element
A maximum TANK. All excess stats go to ENDELEMENT MODIFIER
Fire	66	
Water	66	
Wind	66	
Ice	66	
Earth	66	
Energy	66	
Light	66	
Dark	66	
*Harm*  100
*Void*  100
This monster has a passive effect depending on what element you hit it with
  • Fire - Whenever the monster is hit with a Fire attack, it becomes "Overheated"* for 5 turns. The player is dealt a backlash of about 7.5% of Fire damage (NO ROLL. Flat 7.5% backlash]; the monster's Ice resistance increases to 150%.
    *The monster is burning hot and needs to cool off! (Deals passive fire damage and raises ice defense) <-- status condition on monster
    **Note: Whenever this status is active, the monster's "Supercooled" status disappears and is replaced by "Overheated"

  • Water- Whenever the monster is hit with a Water attack, it becomes "Slippery"* for 1 turn. The player takes -10 bth without any damage penalties on their next attack; the monster's Energy resistance increases to 150%.
    *The monster's hide.. errr coating?.... is slippery and hard to hit. (Decreases player bth and increases energy defense) <-- status condition on monster

  • Wind- The monster has a passive status of "Immovable Wall"*. Wind attacks all deal only 75% damage.
    *The monster's adaptation to its windy home has made it withstand even the strongest gales without trouble. (Wind attacks deal 75% damage) <-- passive status that is ALWAYS active on the monster

  • Ice- Whenever the monster is hit with an Ice attack, it becomes "Supercooled"* for 5 turns. The player is dealt a backlash of about 7.5% of Ice damage (NO ROLL. Flat 7.5% backlash]; the monster's Fire resistance increases to 150%.
    *The monster's cold aura chills you to the bone! (Deals passive Ice damage and raises Fire defense) <-- status condition on monster
    **Note: Whenever this status is active, the monster's "Overheated" status disappears and is replaced by "Supercooled"

  • Earth- Whenever the monster is hit with an Earth attack, it becomes "Mineralized"* for 5 turns. The monster's MRM each increase by 10 for the following turn.
    *Your Earthen attacks are absorbed by the monster's hide! (MRM defenses increase by 10 each) <-- status condition on monster

  • Energy- Whenever the monster is hit with an Energy attack, it becomes "Super-conducted"* for 1 turn. The monster deals 150% Energy damage instead of its normal Earth attack.
    *The monster's metallic hide is excessively charged with Energy! (Deals a powerful Energy attack) <-- status condition on monster

  • Light- Whenever the monster is hit with a Light attack, it becomes "Lustrous"* for 5 turns. The player takes - 10 bth for 5 turns.**
    *The monster's skin reflects the Light! (Player is Dazzled for 5 turns and takes -10 bth) <-- status condition on monster
    **Blinded: The player takes -10 bth for 5 turns <-- status condition on player

  • Darkness- Whenever the monster is hit with a Darkness attack, it becomes "Tainted"* for 5 turns. The monster regains 1.5% of its [base health] each turn.
    *Your Darkness attacks negatively reacts and bolsters your foe! (Monster regains 1.5% of its base HP for 5 turns) <-- status condition on monster

  • Harm- None... Harm is just 100% no matter what.

  • Void- Whenever the monster is hit with a Void attack (ahem DragonBlade users), it becomes "Catalystic"* for 1 turn. The player is hit with a backlash of 10% of total damage dealt.
    *The unstable Dragonbane from your weapon reacts violently with this dragon's Titanium hide! (Major backlash) <-- status condition on monster

Sure this may still be easy but it would be cool to have a monster that you would benefit from switching your Inventory. Of course this was a suggestion from way back so some elemental effects are more bleh than others but I couldn't think of much at at the time.
AQ AQW  Post #: 11
6/7/2019 3:09:01   

Um, isn't this what the suggestion section is for?
AQ  Post #: 12
6/7/2019 12:55:01   

@battlesiege15 Well... It seems like a boss that can be beaten just by hitting it with Darkness each turn, and if you need to heal for any reason, just make a fire pet hit it to change the status to the one that doesn't heal the boss.

... It really doesn't seem very hard! >.<

I did like the base concept though, a boss that changes effects according to what you hit it with can be fun~

@CH4OT1C! Sort-of? I mean, those are more like brainstorming ideas than anything I particularly want to see in-game. I just wanted to see what people could come up with in order to make a challenge that would be actually hard for meta builds.

... And well, it's not the first thread like this that I made, and Rosharch never scolded me for it... >.>

Essentially, I want to discuss what would would a boss need to have in order to be a challenge for meta builds... I think it falls under GD.
AQ  Post #: 13
6/7/2019 14:14:58   

Very well,
Me and a few others on the discord came up with the overcharged sizzler boss, which essentially prevents nuking because any attempt at over 1000 damage will be an autokill. Stunlock over long periods is also limited due to the sizzler spawning mechanics. I've also created a couple of challenge bosses for the arena. These include myself, forcing you to deal random elements and potentially healing the boss, and Dreiko, in which you can only deal damage if "trusted"
AQ  Post #: 14
6/7/2019 14:52:36   

Mmmmmmmm, the Sizzler boss just seems weird? I mean, with the mechanic of it taking 1/2 your HP whenever a new sizzler explodes on you, it makes it kinda hard to consider tanking it out... But the weird auto-kill mechanic makes it so that you can't nuke it?

I mean, what's the expected way of beating this boss? It seems to discourage drawn out battles, but also discourage nuking, it's just weird.

The Chaotic and Dreiko bosses both seem perfectly nukable though, only difference is that you'd need to wait until you got the trusted status to nuke Dreiko...

I mean, Chaotic has low resistances and can get them lower with RNG, so I guess it might be a bit harder to nuke, but you put the monster as an offensive lean, and the mechanics of trying to pull you to a different realm like the Underbeast just encourage killing it before the new realm thingy can make a difference, so... Dunno, they don't seem very good at stopping nuking attempts?

Though in all honesty the Chaotic fight does seem fun to try in a drawn out battle, similar to Underbeast I guess~
AQ  Post #: 15
6/7/2019 15:42:27   

The idea for sizzler is a long-term fight. The main sizzler itself can't deal as much on his own, given a good chunk of his own life and power is focused on the minions. The point is to first take out the minions, dealing excess small amounts to the overcharged one. You'll want anti paralysis gear. Nuking is prevented, though stunlock is something you might want to prevent yourself from being paralysed on the sizzlers being charged.

Dreiko works on a hit basis, so you have to store charges over time for any chance. It's risky doing so because he has a chance to remove all of your charges. The quickcast effects also count towards this charge limit, meaning you require a huge number of charges to pull off a full nuke in these circumstances. He's definitely the better of the anti nukers given he gives you trusted status based on his attacks, so stunlocking him prevents you being able to damage him.

You can nuke chaotic, but it's more of a risk reward scenario. You may be able to hit on his max resistance. It's going to take multiple hits to kill given the END stat is so high. Alternatively, you may also heal the enemy given it's based on a hit by hit. Combined, you're going to need to be lucky to finish the job instantly. If you don't succeed, you won't be having a good time given the damage output he'll be capable of dealing.

Not limited to these either, I've also put out a Herald of Light which can force your nukes to miss at the cost of her MP. She regenerates so much MP that it's difficult to get the nuke off. The midwinter king will also only take damage from certain weapons, making nukes practically impossible.

Of course, these are just more quirky ways to limit nukes, but the traditional ways remain the best. If you want a surefire way to prevent nuking, a hard damage cap solves the problem.

One more thing: Your boss won't prevent nuking because we don't need quickcast skills/etc. to obliterate any single boss. That thing would need a lot of health to even attempt to survive

< Message edited by CH4OT1C! -- 6/7/2019 16:08:25 >
AQ  Post #: 16
6/7/2019 16:09:53   

^Speaking of damage cap, I always wanted to fight a challenge boss that focus on defense.

You know instead of hitting hard like most bosses, the boss focuses on inflicting status conditions and buffing it's own stats. Sort of like "The best defense is a good offense"?

I imagine something like a boss that inflicts poisons and burns on you, while it heals itself. The boss also has a damage cap shield to prevent nuking.
Post #: 17
6/7/2019 20:14:25   

@CH4OT1C! Well, there aren't that many anti-paralysis gear in the game, but I guess Morningstar Crown can be a blessing for those... I'd actually like if we had more stuff that gave resistance to specific statuses in order to bring them against some specific CEBs... >.>
But yeah, super Sizzler might be a fun fight, though the summoned sizzlers would probably need to have lower health than normal or it would be hard to kill them as they spawn...

And oh my, I honestly paid 0 attention to the stats of the mob and focused on mechanics and on the lean thingy... Interesting idea to put a heavily offensive boss with over 200 END, I guess this can help making the boss survive a lot easier~

But yeah, for Dreiko I was thinking of using single or 2-hit nukes on him... And well, considering how many elements he hits with and the hyper offensive lean thingy, I don't think aiming for a drawn out battle would work very well.

And oh? For Chaotic he changes his elemods per hit? Such a weird mechanic... Feels like more of a battle in which you need to trust RNG than anything else... Dunno if I really like this kind of design. But it's an interesting concept at the very least.

Herald of Light is a fun one, I think it would be possible to try controlling her MP and keeping it low by using low level spells, but that would still end up wasting turns just missing attacks in order to bring her resources down.
A drawn out battle would probably work better against her though, I loved her concept nonetheless~

Midwinter King on the other hand seems quite annoying as you're only able to deal damage to him with a 0% proc weapon with no effects in particular... Feels a bit too limiting tbh, the fact that it also stops weapon-based skills also feels weird since they're generally just... Using your weapon to hit the enemy really hard. This also ends up really reducing the amount stuff you can try using against him effects-wise, since there are tons of spells that don't work if they deal 0 or less damage.

I dunno, I liked the idea of a pack mob that redirects damage to the minions and then revives them later, but the take no damage from anything other than Long Sword feels... Bleh. I dunno, I feel like a lot of the fun in AQ is being able to find out what gear would work better against a given boss and come up with your own strategy for it. This boss feels like it completely removes that aspect as your weapon is fixed and your spells are mostly useless, and the armor would basically be anything that can compress Ice/Light well.

The 90% chance of redirection also feels too steep, since it would be nigh impossible to kill both mobs before hitting the king, you'd basically spend the entire fight praying for RNGeesus to hit the king and the fight would take forever... Perhaps 25%, 50% or 75% would be better.

I really liked the concept of those 2 a lot more than I did of the first ones you linked though, they seem fun!

@J9408 Essence of Wind Dragon says hi! xD
AQ  Post #: 18
6/7/2019 20:19:29   

^Essence of Wind does play somewhat defensively, but it does still hit hard.

I meant a monster that does little damage but what it lacks in damage it makes up for it's ability to use status conditions effectively.
Post #: 19
6/7/2019 20:27:28   

@J9408 Well, EoWD doesn't hit suuuuuuper hard though?

And like... If any boss hit weaker than her, it will be laughably easy to heal loop the fight, so... I don't think it's really feasible to have a boss with smaller damage output than EoWD! >.<
AQ  Post #: 20
6/7/2019 20:41:48   

^I'm aware of the heal loop. Perhaps Disease can be used? Maybe in combination with Spiritual Seed and Bleed?

For a Boss that plays on Defense, it will need to excel in stacking harmful status while buffing it's own. In combination with the Damage Cap shield, a boss like that will be difficult to nuke.
Post #: 21
6/7/2019 22:03:37   

Maybe it'd work! \(^^)/

... Though it would probably need to be a stronger source of disease than what we usually see, since heal looping through the damage of ALX or the BURPs isn't particularly hard... >.>

A boss that stacks a bunch of effects could be interesting for sure, to finally give us an use for those spells that cleanse status! xD
AQ  Post #: 22
6/8/2019 3:39:56   
Red Blood

Hmmm as I mentioned before on Discord the old fight against yourself from Halloween could provide quite a challenge if it was updated to perhaps be a better version of yourself/ had special status for knowing what you should do in a situation. Granted some resistances to the current metas may be required to deny a cheese but having an enemy able to use your own tools/stats along with say some adaption you yourself bring to the table would be rather interesting. Granted sure it would be a challenge to do compared to the old version that exists but it to would give reason for status clear items, and needing to change things up perhaps by the turn least your doppelganger take advantage of you by say pulling out one of your own armors to resist say The Burn tome and your collection of fire spells. Granted they may have killed that idea off very quick seeing our Horse God Created clone was killed off like nothing, but I still find the idea very interesting seeing how it could provide a challenge fight that alters to fit the player themselves rather than say being a static boss with only a few strats that work well like say with the Mods in the Arena. I will admit it may be more fitting as an update to that mob more than anything else however.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
6/8/2019 16:12:09   

@Red Blood I dunno, I think that a player-like character would very easily be nukable for as long as you got 1st turn (which is guaranteed if you bring Ambush Potion), we just don't have enough tools at our disposal against people that start the 1st turn...
AQ  Post #: 24
6/9/2019 2:31:03   
Red Blood

Kinda why I left it that to the it would know what you'd do as a bonus say with it getting a prep bonus like a player would from potion effects, or special effects from class armor. But yeah think it would go a bit easier if the mob would be tricky to get perfectly right to avoid being nuke fodder, and give the player a chance without instantly using a given nuke strat that would kill them with an added pet disable handling the issue of booster pets being another way to pad out some anti nuking. Perhaps touching on the entire idea of a Doppelganger foretelling your own death might be another way to go about it entirely although I'd say not make it an instant kill effect once a certain amount of turns passed by, but perhaps a sort of soft cap on your damage perhaps due to a feeling of weakness, or dread.

Granted not sure how the AE team would take to the idea of a Doppelganger being linked to another major form of Death via that later Ankou tie in seeing we already have a few avatars/ major players in the realm of souls already in game. Still mostly just brainstorming an idea that the team themselves did at one point if only once for the entire challenge of balancing player v player content in the game until the recent Arenas. An Ankou challenge could be a rather interesting idea of a fight itself given the different versions of them in myth be it a collector of the dead after dying themselves, or as a challenger of death cursed with Undeath after a life as a cruel prince. A harsh taskmaster of an undead horde might make for an interesting challenge fight, or in the vein of the Reaper perhaps as another test for the chosen to overcome to cling to their life given how often a player may have died. Granted making that different compared to the lich boss already in game would take some doing or it might as well just be a remixed version.

< Message edited by Red Blood -- 6/11/2019 1:41:54 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 25
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