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RE: Let's Design Some CEBs! \(^^)/

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6/16/2019 21:41:55   
Galactic Assassin X


I uses one DoT potion per turn. This potion can either take a % away from the a bar of the player (a poison) or heal % of a bar of the boss. The chosen poison can be based on damage taken.

Alternatively, it can use a skill that switches % of one bar for another - this is triggered based on its own bars or the player's bars, and this % amount is non-DoT but a much larger value.

The boss has an unlimited number of potions. Players can only steal bar healing potions, not poisons. These healing potions are DoT for the boss, not the player.

There aren't too many DoTs of one kind at once. The chance of a potion is only between HP MP or SP and each DoT only lasts 3 turns so it's not that bad. Not sure if these should be able to crit.

The boss doesn't consume anything to use potions - but it does consume HP MP or SP depending on the skill.

If this seems too easy, maybe the boss can use potions that protect it from status effects or cause status effects on the player. But the % bar thing and the scrambling are supposed to be challenging enough.

As for nuking the boss, maybe his stats can be geared toward survivability. There's no use making his modifiers low since Void and Harm are a thing, but hyping up his MRM resist can prolong the battle; he doesn't need high attack stats anyway due to his mechanics. It might also be good to give him the PWD counter.

One interesting gimmick could be him automatically getting positive status effects if the player uses moves that are super effective - like based on how Purple Rain works, it would activate something on the boss.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 51
6/17/2019 4:42:15   

@Galactic Assassin X
That's not quite what I meant. You've got a lot of random ideas (eg. PWD immunity, getting boosts if hit with effective attacks etc.) which are all very interesting. However, to me they all seem jumbled into this one boss without arranging them in a way which could achieve the aims you've already set out.

Let me give you an example - I'm assuming you want this boss to counter nukes. To that end, the boss can use potions to essentially fuel all his MP/SP into HP if they so choose. However, nukes tend to occur in one turn. Unless that boss has some kind of counter measure to nukes (and doesn't have low ele-resists) it's almost certain to die turn one. Even at 250 END, this boss is not going to be feeling well by the end. Moreover, this % of a bar you keep talking about has to be equivalent to a standard monster attack for a) the boss to be balanced and b) to make the challenge feasible without nukes. As such, it won't be able to adequately recover before you blast the monster with a second nuke.

Another example: You state that the trick to beating this boss is going to be learning and understanding their attack patterns. You haven't stated when the boss is going to try convert HP -> MP, or vice versa. Is it below 60% HP? All the time? If you want them to be predictable, you need the attacks to occur under certain conditions instead of just a % chance. With this conversion in particular, you haven't stated what the MP is even used for. Does the boss have a spell? Does taking potions cost the boss MP? Is the main point to solely use these as extra HP bars? Then we come to the poison - what do you mean by "based on damage taken". If MP is used, will they throw an MP DoT pot? Same thing with skills? Is there a specific threshold of damage?

It's not that I dislike any of the gimmicks raised, there's just not enough information for me to judge whether this thing could be effective. I suspect probably not because it's vastly underutilising the MP/SP bars if only used as extra HP pools. It just needs a bit more detail. If I were tackling this boss, I'd probably do something like...

- Decent resists (so 70-80% all-round). Low-MRM, but high INT/END so that it has a massive reserve of HP/MP
- HP/MP/SP DoT pots deal standard monster damage over a three-turn period (plus a bit extra for waiting three turns). These can stack.
- Can spend MP to drink a potion whenever you attack, reducing the damage of that attack to 0 (think an elemental shield x0) for that turn. This costs MP based on the damage reduced.
- If it has below 50% MP, it can drink potions to restore MP. First converting SP -> MP then HP -> MP
- If it has below 50% HP, it can drink potions to restore HP. First converting SP -> HP then MP -> HP
- If it has above 80% MP, it may choose to spend some in order to increase the power of the DoT poison applied on that turn
- Every turn, you have a chance to steal a potion from the boss and automatically drink it. This has a 50% chance to heal HP/MP/SP (random), but also a 50% chance to increase one of the DoT effects upon you (you chose the wrong potion)

This way, you can really force nukers to sustain since they'll have their nukes absorbed and their resources drained before they can actually get to dealing damage. Defensive builds would have it easier, but would have to heal-loop and whittling down its bars.
AQ  Post #: 52
6/17/2019 21:43:19   
Galactic Assassin X

No, I don't want the boss to be predictable. The whole point of him scrambling the menu is to be unpredictable.

But there are the following assumptions:

1. The boss will prioritize using a potion every turn, based on his bars and the player's. That answers your "60%" question - yes, the boss does use potions based on bar values.

2. The boss can use a skill instead, which has more "hurt" than just using a potion. By this I mean while potions create DoTs of low values and are single-purpose, skills are single-turn of high value and can be multi-purpose. He's an alchemist, not just a chemist; he can do alchemical things that aren't potion-based.

3. Basically yes to your entire "example" paragraph; if someone deals Magic damage, the boss will prioritize an MP poison. The point of the boss is to require creative versatility from the player.

4. The % of potions/poisons slightly increases the higher level of the player.

As for your ideas, this is why I counter them:

- Elemental resist with low MRM just means the player will use Void/Harm and get tons of hits in with high power. INT and END are important, but high MRM is the ONLY thing that really gives a boss survivability. By high I don't mean 40, I mean 80 or some other very high number.

- Standard monster damage - no. The potions (including poisons) deal PERCENT damage, not raw damage. This means a poison could hypothetically drain 5% per turn.

- The boss does not require anything other than a turn for using any potion. If you're suggesting this as a skill, that's probably more of an SP thing and it wouldn't involve a potion.

- It can use healing potions for any bar it has at any time. 50% is too low to start doing it. But the boss is supposed to prioritize based on which of his bars are lowest.

- Again, potions don't consume MP HP or SP. They only require a turn. An alchemist can do more than just use potions; if anything, this would be a skill.

- Last one, NO. I already said the Attack button becomes renamed the Steal, button - each attack from it, you have the chance to steal. ONLY Attack should be able to do this, not skills or spells.

Nukes won't work. The boss has naturally high survivability, and it uses skills/potions based on player attacks. If players want to use a nuke spell the enemy will be like, oh wait that's a spell I'll use a move that wrecks their spell use. Normally this is based on the player's attack's MRM but the boss can also react to specific moves. Already there are mobs with PWD counter; this mob can have reactions for various known nukes.

Heck, the entire point of scrambling is so that if a player tries to use a nuke in succession they'll end up unwillingly picking a different move instead because of the scramble.

But if that's not enough, maybe the boss can have a second form that differs based on how many turns were taken to beat its first form. If a player just tries to nuke it from orbit in the first form, they'll have hell to pay for the second form.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 53
6/18/2019 4:49:44   


@Galactic Assassin X said:
No, I don't want the boss to be predictable. The whole point of him scrambling the menu is to be unpredictable.

First of all, scrambling a menu doesn't make a boss unpredictable, it reduces the options a player has to defeat it. It almost goes against the "creative versatility" you want to player to achieve because you're reducing the number of options they have. I guess you could spin it and say creativity is required with the limited options you have? However, I will state that having this unpredictability whilst forcing players to recognise his patterns...


@Galactic Assassin X said:
can only be beaten by recognizing his patterns
Source: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22363842

...is mutually exclusive. You can't make a boss that requires prediction whilst also making him unpredictable! It's made worse by the reasons you rejected half my ideas.


@Galactic Assassin X said:
- Elemental resist with low MRM just means the player will use Void/Harm and get tons of hits in with high power. INT and END are important, but high MRM is the ONLY thing that really gives a boss survivability. By high I don't mean 40, I mean 80 or some other very high number.

The aim behind that was deliberately to prevent nuking. Reason being a high END boss with low resists means you can tank a hit pretty well, getting the potion heal off. Higher END also increases the heal of potions (I'll explain in a minute). The MP effect to reduce your damage to 0 essentially prevents players from nuking straight away, plus wasting all their resources in one go. High M/R/M is made redundant because players a) have bth boost equipment, b) have M/R/M lowering equipment and c) have autohit weapons/spells. Higher M/R/M warrants reduced HP (meaning your potions are going to be less effective). Take a look at nombus as an example. Unless you increase the bosses elemental resistances, which would make nuking easier, this boss won't be able to make effective use of the health potions that make it so interesting!


@Galactic Assassin X said:
- The boss does not require anything other than a turn for using any potion. If you're suggesting this as a skill, that's probably more of an SP thing and it wouldn't involve a potion.

Because you're essentially removing elemental resistance entirely from this equation, you'd have to base it off expected damage (which isn't that high and isn't exactly optimised for a CEBs stats). Did you think you could take, for example, 10% of a players bar per potion without that percentage being in the expected range for damage? Again, the boss would be mathematically unbalanced if this were true.


@Galactic Assassin X said:
- Again, potions don't consume MP HP or SP. They only require a turn. An alchemist can do more than just use potions; if anything, this would be a skill.

You're just wasting the potential of other bars then. Sacrificing the bosses other bars makes the healing potion (spell/skill) it can perform more powerful, making the boss more difficult to beat. You also need a decently low threshold so the boss can fire the DoT potions that is (currently) the only method of killing the player.

All in all, I think your boss has some interesting abilities but is executed poorly. You mention a number of things that could definitely slow a player down, but they're set up pretty ineffectively and inefficiently. You really need to think of a logistical way to benefit the strengths of a boss (high M/R/M doesn't work well with healing because it reduces max HP) and you need a solid way of predicting the boss before you can force players to predict it in order to win. Your percentage-based system lacks clarity and you haven't considered the ramifications.
AQ  Post #: 54
6/18/2019 18:41:26   
Galactic Assassin X

I'm not sure what you mean by reducing max HP. High MRM resist doesn't mean low END. The boss can have high END AND high MRM resist. Bosses aren't players; they don't need to be balanced the same as players. If you make a boss that's balanced the same as a player, they're not going to be a very good CEB in the first place.

There IS strategy for beating this boss. The boss for the most part only uses certain skills every X number of turns. The scrambling isn't even that common of a thing; the boss disabling an equip is more common. Most of this was covered in my first few posts about the boss.

Also, there is NOTHING that can prevent nuking without making a reaction for a specific nuke. That's why I said before - the boss can recognize certain moves and have certain natural reactions to them, just like how the game already has PWD counter. The point of designing the boss to use potions and skills designed around shifting around bar values based on % is to not HAVE to rely on "cheat counters" like that. If the boss loses a substantial amount of HP regardless of skill it's from, that should trigger an HP healing skill automatically.

Using nukes is one tactic; it won't OHKO the boss and it's not the only viable tactic. The only thing the nuke tactic would do is focusing on draining a specific bar (likely health) so fast that the boss keeps sacrificing its other bars to heal that bar, which means it won't be able to use skills based on those other bars as often. But that's the only thing that tactic can do. You're massively overestimating the natural survivability of this boss, acting like it can't have certain resistances if it has others which isn't true - this boss DOES NOT deal raw damage; nukes don't come from it and nukes don't work on it...at least not as nukes.

You rely too much on the idea that elemental resist is everything, that having low % means a boss is more survivable. Well, sure, and on other bosses that could work, but this boss will heal itself fully in every bar very quickly if it has low ele resist, making it impossible to beat. I'm not trying to make another Carnax here; I don't want the boss to be impossible, I just want it to be challenging for all players of all levels and require versatility of the combat menu rather than requiring a specific combat setup to beat like other CEBs lean towards.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 55
6/18/2019 20:03:17   


@Galactic Assassin X said:
I'm not sure what you mean by reducing max HP. High MRM resist doesn't mean low END. The boss can have high END AND high MRM resist. Bosses aren't players; they don't need to be balanced the same as players. If you make a boss that's balanced the same as a player, they're not going to be a very good CEB in the first place.

No, they're built around boss standards. Let me give you an example: Mythical warrior. There are two versions. One has high resistances the other (one has max. dark resist set at 100%, the other at 50%). If you take a look at the max HP each, you will find that the former has a considerably higher HP than the other. Why? because bosses still conform to balance, regardless of whether they are balanced exactly to a player or not. What does this mean if you have high M/R/M? well, for a start it doesn't mean low END. You can still have that boss freely invest in a single stat. However, its max HP is going to take a heavy hit specifically because its M/R/M is higher. With the standard Nombus monster, this means 1500HP because it is difficult to hit.

I believe high M/R/M is a poor choice. This is because of the numerous options available to nuke meta players to completely sidestep your counter. Moreover, it limits the bosses max HP, limiting the effectiveness of the boss' HP potions. It's not about being obsessed with elemental resistances, it's about avoiding this limitation. Even having low resistances AND MRM would be a better option because the boss would then have more HP, again to the benefit of potions. Given you wish for the potions to work based on percentages (I personally find the notion outdated, but that's another matter) but that heal will be severely limited by a reduced max HP!

I'm having a hard time getting to grips with how this boss is supposed to function because very few hard details are provided. I appreciate that hard details are both difficult and this is just a thread for ideas, but stating that there quote "IS strategy for beating this boss" without giving those details makes your point difficult to see. It feels like a lot of wishful thinking without real thought being put into how such abilities would function. It's a real shame too, because I like the abilities. I tried to provide such a framework to give such ideas context, but it's quite difficult when a) I can't see the true aim behind all the ambiguity and b) some of the ideas are counterproductive (*cough, M/R/M lean).

If it's not too much trouble, I would like some more logistics. How do these skills function? What percentages are we talking. What triggers the reaction for a specific nuke? What is this reaction? What does it cost (if at all)? Do you make use of MP/SP and how? I really like some of the ideas, but to me the idea just reads like a mess (which, again, is sad because some of the ideas are good).
AQ  Post #: 56
6/19/2019 0:45:24   
Galactic Assassin X

I'm honestly not entirely sure how each and every skill would work and their costs. I was just laying the groundwork - the boss is based around the theme of bar %, can switch bar values for others, can take away player bars based on % rather than raw calculation, and can disable equips and scramble the combat menu. The boss having survivability and extra skills for nukes and such is anything additional that should come about after the devs have tested the boss's initial mechanics.

What you're suggesting is that the boss should be able to counter meta. The problem with that is that attempting to counter a meta can make the boss impossible for players that aren't meta. I want players to be smart in this battle, not feel as if they're fighting a brick wall because the boss has too many counters. Sure, consideration needs to be made against nukes and BTH, but it shouldn't be done at the expense of the entire playerbase.

That's why I'm not giving 100% detail and having specific costs. That's for the devs to decide. This kind of boss doesn't exist in-game, so it's hard to balance it without testing. This is just the raw idea.
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6/19/2019 3:58:40   


@Galactic Assassin X said:
The problem with that is that attempting to counter a meta can make the boss impossible for players that aren't meta. I want players to be smart in this battle, not feel as if they're fighting a brick wall because the boss has too many counters. Sure, consideration needs to be made against nukes and BTH, but it shouldn't be done at the expense of the entire playerbase.

The ideal boss would be difficult for all builds without players thinking that it totally counters their playstyle. This is nigh-on impossible to do. Why? because there are a number of factors to simultaneously juggle. The problem is I can't even assess where this boss excels or falls short. I appreciate that...


@Galactic Assassin X said:
I'm not giving 100% detail and having specific costs

...but in this you've left the details so ambiguous that it becomes like trying to fit a jigaw together with pieces upside-down and half-missing. You've thrown a number of disconnected ideas onto a page under the guise of a boss without thinking how they're balanced or going to work with each other. Numbers are pretty difficult to offer, but some more detail is definitely necessary. Otherwise,
saying you want "players to play smart" and assuring everyone that this boss will challenge, yet be predictable is nothing but wishful thinking given so much is missing. I offered a framework to try and fix that, but clearly it wasn't liked. I'm not going to try again because, frankly, it's a mess. However, the things you should be aware of:

1). A boss is not balanced like a player, but it does conform to balance. If you increase the M/R/M of that monster, it will have to be paid for somewhere. That includes HP, damage or otherwise.
2). If that monster is based on percentage heals/damages, they must be based upon expected damage to make it fair. That means conforming to the 20-turn (currently) model like everything else. It might be based on percentages, but it will do roughly the same damage as every CEB either way
3). A number of your suggested ideas have unintended consequences (again, not helped by the ambiguity). Have you considered any healing potion might outheal defensive playstyles, thus making it impossible for them to win without burns/poisons? Have you considered without some form of damage reduction, the boss might not survive long enough to use potions, especially considered the high M/R/M limiting HP/Healing potential? Those are just two examples and I can think of plenty more.

On another note, I'm still not entirely sure what scrambling the player's menu bar does in this situation. It's a gimmick, sure, but it doesn't add anything to this fight (at least, as I see it). If it's based on percentage damage (rather than elemental resistances etc.) what does limiting your armours do? You can literally just carry 8 separate armours and switch when necessary. The attack button steals potions, but you haven't specified what they do. Does the player use them? Is it like literal health/mana potions?
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6/19/2019 15:27:24   
Galactic Assassin X

This is a battle of outlasting the opponent. A defensive playstyle doesn't mean not dealing enough damage to the boss. If there's really a scenario where a defensive player cannot deal more damage to the boss than it heals, then giving the boss a maximum number of turns could work for that. Perhaps adding a debuff to the boss based on the number of potions it's consumed could work with that, or just actually limiting the number of each potion it has. That way a defensive playstyle could outlast it. Plus it would make using Attack/Steal more viable. The boss could still use skills if it has the HP SP or MP for the skill costs.

I've already answered the other questions. Scrambling the menu harms a player's ability to spam the same equip / skill over and over, as does disabling. You're supposed to have a maximum combat menu, you're supposed to switch around. That's the point. And I said in my original posts that the potions you steal are just like normal potions for the player, they're the boss's potions but they don't work the way they do for the boss.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 59
6/19/2019 18:42:50   

@Galactic Assassin X: Your boss lacks basic clarity and strategy, so it's too messy for me to really offer any more advice at this stage. I think the best course of action would be to go back to basics and decide on a set number of abilities/effects (skills) and work out how they complement each other. There are far too many counterproductive abilities at this stage. Some of them are even making the initial aim of your suggestion more difficult to achieve.

On a completely unrelated note, @Rafiq and I have reworked another old boss. It has similar strengths and weaknesses to our reworked War, but covers them in a completely different way

AQ  Post #: 60
6/19/2019 21:36:16   
Galactic Assassin X

Here's how the boss works, at its basis:

- The boss uses potions to DoT heal itself. It throws poisons at the player to DoT damage them. Each potion/poison can affect HP SP or MP bars, and deals % not raw points.

- When the boss gets low enough on a certain bar, it can use a skill that trades part of one bar to replenish another bar.

- The boss has the ability to scramble the player's combat menu and to disable a skill and/or equip just used by the player.

- The battle is supposed to be long. Any survivability given to the boss is just meant to prolong the battle, not to make any playstyle impossible to use against it.

- The battle isn't supposed to be unbeatable.

Any additional stuff given to the boss would only be done in concerns to the boss. That's the clarity of the boss, right there. And the strategy is dealing with the bar switching and changes to the player's combat menu. That's the plain-as-day, most basic description of how the boss works, and anything additional should really only be decided based on initial testing of the boss mechanics.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 61
6/20/2019 0:24:34   

Gravis' Rework is interesting, you want to hit him with as few hits as possible to let him actually take damage, but this makes him get celerity more often, which makes the fight harder...

If anything, I disliked the 9999 turns burn, putting a normal burn that stacked with usual stacking rules would be better IMO... I mean, he already incentives nuking enough, I don't think a 9999 turns burn to put the player on a clock on top of that is necessary.
AQ  Post #: 62
6/20/2019 4:37:17   

@AliceShiki: The reason it's a 9999 turn burn is because Gravis' original attack had semi-permanent damage. You were covered in magma, which burned until a save of a sort. I felt like upgrading it for two reasons:

i) I was going to make this boss have a burn permanently on you, even if the status itself didn't last 9999 turns. There was always going to be a timer of sorts, I just decided to make it official
ii) I felt searing magma should burn you for longer than traditional methods because it clings to your skin.

On the side, this just helps counter heal loops. In low temperature form, Gravis can reduce damage but hasn't got much of an outlet for damage, losing celerity and having a significant portion of his damage devoted to burning and "heatstroke". The latter, much like celerity is going to significantly eat into his overall attack damage (it's version of soaked AND it reduces damage by 30%). Even for two turns or so, that's going to significantly reduce damage. I haven't run the numbers and it's quite possible with these bells and whistles, Gravis won't be able to outdamage those players exploiting heal-loops. Having that permanent burn prevents an infinite battle. Eventually, it will outdamage any heal, even if the increments are small

@Galactic Assassin X: At least two of those statements are redundant:
i) This is a CEB boss thread, by design it should be beatable
ii) Forcing the player into a long battle is completely counteracting the Nuke meta playstyle, yet you don't want to make any playstyle possible? You cannot achieve one if the other is correct without a caveat thus far omitted from your boss design.

Of the three left, nothing new is mentioned, my last post still stands. I cannot help without something more solid.
AQ  Post #: 63
6/20/2019 15:24:23   
Galactic Assassin X

The boss isn't designed to counter nuke or require nuke. The nuke playstyle can work on this boss, it just won't be nuke-spam like on other bosses. The boss is meant to be hard for all playstyles yet beatable with all playstyles. I don't see why you think nuke would destroy the boss or be impossible with the boss; it'll just be a struggle because nuking is mindless and you can't be mindless on this boss.

The reason I said the boss shouldn't be unbeatable is because you want the boss's elemental modifiers to be low for its defense. Doing that will make the boss unbeatable considering how well it can heal itself, which is why focusing on the elemental modifiers would be unreasonable.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
6/20/2019 16:52:46   

@Galactic Assassin X: I have tried to explain this multiple ways as best I can. I hope by being blunt, you can see my point more clearly. Here goes...

You have stated multiple times what you aim to accomplish with this boss, but have no detailed plan as to how that can be achieved. You have suggested multiple interesting, yet vague ideas which do nothing to alleviate this inconsistency. It tries to achieve too much, in the end achieving nothing but ambiguity. I cannot help solve these issues because there lacks a solid core to build upon, just some (again interesting) random ideas.

Edit: I decided to turn my version of the boss into a formal suggestion for the fun of it

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AQ  Post #: 65
6/20/2019 23:32:22   
Galactic Assassin X

That's fine to start off with, but there's a few points:

- Aligning his potions to an element can make them less effective. Making him Void might be better.

- I only wanted players to gain potions from him during Attack (renamed Steal but still attacks), and make it a very high chance if not guaranteed. This way Attack would be tactical.

- I wanted the boss to be able to throw any poisons at any point in the battle - in other words, holding back HP poisons until MP/SP are low would go against that.

- I'm not sure how I feel about the "bad potion" mechanic. I really just wanted stealing a potion to add it to the player's HP/MP potion stacks.

About the character description, although this idea was a rough one for a CEB, I came up with it when thinking about all the alchemical creatures created by "mad" alchemists (like Chomper by Ralligy); my idea was that if there was a single alchemist that created them all, what would their fighting style be - how well could they use alchemy in battle? This is also why in one of my posts I suggested a "second form" because it honestly wouldn't be far-fetched for this kind of person.

So the thing about hating wizards, Barry Jotter, etc... doesn't really fit with that. I get you want to punish mages because of the magic meta, but where does Barry Jotter come in?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 66
6/21/2019 13:43:09   

@Galactic Assassin X: This is my version of the boss with a unique backstory that includes an incredibly subtle reference ( ). This is not your version, and yours can be completely different if you want.

As far as your criticism of the mechanics goes:
- Switching to void damage would, like the the percentage effects I remove, have to be based on expected damage given the player can't really defend against it (outside of the horo-show set). I add elemental vulnerability to limit the abilities of defensive players so his potions will still work
- The potion steal mechanic is, much like the boss, my hybridised version. It doesn't work like the mechanic you suggested because it's not supposed to. I like the idea of stealing potions, but not the fact it gives actual potions. Given each can heal >1000 health and there's no limit, it would make for an unbalanced/extremely hard to balance boss. If you wish to use that mechanic, all I can say is "good luck balancing it". My mechanic allows the player to heal, but also take damage. This essentially balances the mechanic, so over time no overall change will occur. If you get unlucky, you'll get multiple bad potions and the fight will become a lot harder. The staff could even skew it so the damage pots could deal more, at the cost of the boss' power level, but I digress.
- As far as HP poisons etc go, you misinterpreted how this boss functions. The bosses regular attack can apply a poison that will damage HP/MP/SP and can occur at all times. He heals himself with a potion which converts MP -> HP or SP -> HP whenever his health is below 50%. This functions as a quickcast skill and can be used once a turn. He has unlimited potions so "holding them back" so to speak is irrelevant.

I state again: This is my version of the boss. Feel free to do the same thing with your version. I'd actively encourage it - it will streamline your ideas into something more structured.
AQ  Post #: 67
6/21/2019 17:40:21   
Galactic Assassin X

The issue with your version of potions is that you're basing it entirely on luck, and not even LUK. That can throw the battle completely out of the player's favor with no way for them to counter it other than using their own potion stacks. Part of the reason why I want the boss to last long is so that players with 20+ potions to start with won't have a greater advantage than players that start with none. If potions healing such a high amount is an issue, then just increase the % at which the DoT drains the player the higher the level of the boss/player. Having the potions you get from the boss be potentially "bad" in large numbers gives an advantage to players with a high number of starting potions since those would be preferable to the alchemist's potions. The entire purpose of this CEB is to create a battle that is equally fair to all players, countering spammers and P2Wers (ie players that overly rely on P2W equips and the housing potions).
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I repeat, this is my version of the boss. If you don't like mechanic, you are quite welcome to ignore it in yours. However, if you don't like the RNG aspect, this is little different to rolling against a status effect. The only difference here is something good can also happen.

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