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RE: Zenn's Suggestion Thread! (Take 2)

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8/2/2019 3:19:57   
Primate Murder

As always, your class armor has an intersting thematic component, one I like more than the current emphasis on heavy armors. And, as always, that won't stop me from nitpicking at any imbalances in its skills.

- Moonlight Grace. I think you need to mention somewhere that the graceful stats deal the same damage as magic weapons instead of melee ones (you know, due to +200% battle's damage via pets).

- Graceful Boon. 50% melee (at 50/50 save) only pays for player celerity. If you want to give your pet celerity as well, you'll need *1.4x cost - 70% melee in sp.

I am, of course, smugly satisfied that my humble suggestions have inspired other players.
AQ DF  Post #: 26
8/2/2019 8:16:59   

I can go ahead and make the change to the Celerity skill, but I'm not sure where the Magic damage thing is coming from. It's not had any precedent in other stat-replacing effects for beastmasters, such as the War Hawk.

In either case, having to adjust Midnight Grace would mean I'd have to adjust the Dracopyre of Night's subrace skill as well as its Level 8 skill.

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AQ  Post #: 27
8/2/2019 9:03:52   
Primate Murder

Actually, the magic damage thing has been there for a while - with both Cha-based recent weapons (Fresh Astracenae and Moglin Fan) using it.

It makes sense when you think about it - Str gives you full weapon damage, where as Int stores 20% damage away as mp for spells. Of the two formulas, Cha closer resembles the second by giving extra 20% melee damage to your pets.
AQ DF  Post #: 28
8/2/2019 11:28:49   

Fair enough. Went back and tweaked both Dracopyre variants to reflect tht CHA damage standard.

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9/2/2019 1:40:24   

This isn't a suggestion for a weapon or item, so much as a quality-of-life suggestion. One problem I've repeatedly had with the Blazing Bloodzerker armor is that I tend to forget if the skill is active, which is annoying against enemies that absorb fire.

Would it be possible to add a slight change to the armor's appearance when the rage skill is active? Maybe have the edges of the armor glow with light of its respective color, so a bright red glow for Blazing Bloodzerker, bright green glow for Terra Bloodzerker, etc.
AQ  Post #: 30
9/27/2019 2:35:49   

I always found the Chopalot's description amusing, given that it's a pretty bad weapon nowadays, so here's a concept for a new version. Overpowered? Maybe, but as one of the OG token items I feel it should have power fitting its semi-iconic status.


Chopalot Prime

20%-proc Earth sword with a -5 BTH lean. Special is one hit of ranged Earth damage.

Appearance: Same as the original, but much larger and a with more detailed stone texture on the blade.

Description: The legendarily powerful Chopalot has been reforged into an even more fearsome blade! Its devastating attacks will leave you more vulnerable, but its special deals unmatched damage!

Effect: Your attacks deal +15% damage and you take +(15/1.4)% damage. This does not apply to the weapon special, which has its own damage modifier.

Mastercraft Bonus: Special deals +75% damage. If the hit connects, you take +[50/1.4]% damage on your next turn.

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9/29/2019 15:46:13   

The fourth Kingdom of Loathing class, the Accordion Thief.


Stolen Mariachi Uniform
Accordion Thief Class Armor

FD Wind armor, with secondary Darkness resistance. Very weak against Light (about 113% at level 150), secondarily weak against Earth (about 95% at level 150), moderate weakness to Fire and Energy (84% at Lv150). Average resistance to other elements.

Average MRM with a focus on ranged

2-hit attack at a +3 BTH lean. Instead of using your equipped weapon, you play a tune on your accordion, hitting the foe with a blast of musical notation. Melee converts to ranged for this attack.

Appearance: A slightly worn mariachi uniform, with the more colorful elements painted grey and black. The character holds an accordion in their hands, with your equipped weapon and shield displayed below the battle screen. Your character's face is replaced with a face wearing a sombrero and domino mask.

Description: Accordion Thieves stealthily sneak through the shadows, burglarizing the most prized of all musical instruments. All mariachis fear them and their Moxie.

Accordion Thief Songs - Passive

If your class title is Accordion Thief, you gain the ability to use the Accordion Thief's togglable skills. However, you can only have three active at a time. With six total toggleable skills, each toggle is equivalent to +10% melee, or two mastercraft bonuses.

When toggling a skill on, a short animation plays of your character playing a song on the accordion.

Level 0: Shadowy Arts and Crafts - Passive

With a secret technique passed down through generations, you can sneak your ranged weapons' full damage output past your armor, dealing damage with them as though you had a neutral lean. Just stay out of the spotlight or you're busted.

When wielding a non-100-proc ranged weapon, your lean will not apply a 0.8x damage penalty to normal attacks. This is equivalent to a +20% bonus in damage.

The ability pays for 7.5% of this boost (7.5% for a non-restrictive trigger, since both non-100-proc and ranged restrictions aren't too unreasonable even when taken together), the rest is paid for by a +(12.5 / 1/8 / 1.4)% increase in Light resistance, rounded to +71%. Ordinarily, this armor has a secondary resistance to both light and darkness, but turns what would otherwise be a secondary light resistance into the armor's primary weakness.

This means that if your class Title is not Accordion Thief, and thus don't have any of the class abilities, Light resistance for the armor is 42%.

Level 1: The Moxious Madrigal - Toggle

Hearing this song will fill you with great Moxie, boosting your Dexterity and Charisma.

DEX/CHA drive, costs SP.

Both stats are boosted equivalent to a standard one-stat drive (so +50 to each at Level 150). As this toggle counts as equivalent to two skills, the first skill bonus is used for the drive itself, and the second skill bonus is used to reduce the drive’s SP cost.

Level 2: Crab Claw Technique - Passive

You're an expert at all things accordion-related. With your expert techniques, your attacks will strike with greater accuracy.

All normal attacks performed in this armor get +4.25 BTH.

Level 3: Jerkwad’s Symphony of Destruction - Toggle

This song will fill you with rage, letting you hit your foes even harder.

Your weapon attacks and skills deal +10% damage.

Level 4: Ten-Finger Discount - Passive

You know what's cooler than paying one million gold for something? Paying nine hundred thousand gold for it.

As long as your class title is Accordion Thief, all gold costs in shops are reduced by ten percent.

(Treated as equivalent to the mastercraft bonuses on the “Spirit of X” miscs, except shops are made cheaper by an equivalent instead of monsters dropping extra gold.)

Level 5: Accordion Bash - Active

Bash your foe on the head with your accordion, stunning them for one turn!

Weapon-based skill. Deals 1 hit of melee damage according to your weapon’s element, at a -3 BTH lean. Despite dealing melee damage, it uses the ranged formula for damage and BTH calculation. If the hit connects, it attempts to inflict Daze (100% chance of inaction, 1 round), the opponent can resist at a +20 bonus (DEX/LUK vs. END/LUK).

Costs 125% melee in SP (extra 25% to compensate for melee damage not getting boosted by Shadowy Arts and Crafts), and deals a base of 200% damage of a melee attack. The skill deals reduced damage to pay for the daze effect.

Level 6: Brawnee’s Anthem of Absorption - Toggle

With this song stuck in your head, your body will become extra-absorbant, letting you absorb more damage.

You take -(10/1.4)% damage from all sources. This effect does not reduce Healing damage.

Level 7: The Chorale of Companionship - Toggle

This little tune will let you inspire your pets and guests, letting them deal extra damage!

Your pets and guests each deal +10% damage.

Level 8: Benetton’s Medley of Diversity - Toggle

Having this song in your head teaches you an important lesson — that the elements of Lore come in all manner of shapes, forms, and colors, and how to make your attacks burn with all of them.

All attacks and armor skills inflict Prismatic Burn (Power: round([Hits Connected / Hits Attempted] * 132/109)) for one turn. The opponent can save at a +0 bonus.

Level 9: Toby’s Toccata of Torment - Toggle

Give your opponents a bad time with this impossibly catchy song! Whenever you dodge a foe’s attack, they’ll face karmic backlash and hurt themselves!

If you block at least one attack, you attempt to inflict Control on the monster at the start of your next turn (100% chance of not acting, 1 turn.) The monster can save at a +20 bonus (CHA/LUK vs. CHA/LUK).

Level 10: Cone of Zydeco! - Active

Blast your foe with a cone of pure zydeco energy. A zydecone, if you will. Deals extra damage to group monsters, because nobody hates zydeco more than crowds. Usable 5 times per day.

Spell-based skill. Deals four hits of ranged wind damage at +0 BTH, for a total of 350% of a melee attack, multiplied by elecomp.

When used against mob enemies, the number of hits becomes equal to the number of monsters in the mob. When it does so, it hits every monster in the mob once for ([350 / Number of enemies] * elecomp)% melee damage, plus an additive +5% total damage for each monster in the mob. (So against a mob with two enemies it deals +10% damage, against a mob with three it deals +15%, etc.)

When used against non-mob enemies, it deals -5% damage, for a total of 345% melee damage.

Costs nothing except a turn. (One day’s worth of MC = 1250%, /5 = 250%, etc.)

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10/25/2019 0:23:56   

The offensive "muscle" class of the Kingdom of Loathing classes, the Seal Clubber:


Sealhide Sinews
Seal Clubber class armor

Neutral-lean Ice Armor with earth secondary. Lower-than-average elemental resists across the board.

Lower-than-average MRM, with a focus on melee

Standard attack is one hit at a -3 BTH lean

Appearance: A simple set of clothes crafted entirely out of various seal body parts, and stuffed with fur from various arctic animals, and adorned with decorations made from teeth and tusks.

Description: Seal Clubbers hail from the frigid Northlands, because one character class always hails from the frigid Northlands. They rely on their muscle to survive, dealing powerful blows and ferocious critical strikes.

Level 0: Wrath of the Wolverine - Passive

Have you ever seen a wolverine go after a herd of shrews? It's crazy. It just doesn't stop. It's like every shrew it takes down multiplies its desire to take down shrews. Anyway, you're like that, but with everything else.

You gain a special resource called Fury. At the end of a fight you have a ([RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds] * 90)% chance to gain one Gallon of Fury, and a ([RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds] * 10)% chance to gain two gallons of fury instead. This only works if the mob is Lvl-10 or higher.

One Gallon of Fury is worth 90% Melee, and you can have a maximum of five. When you die or flee a fight, you lose all of your Fury.

This ability also gives you a secret trigger: if you're fighting an enemy named "Gologowl" or "Selkie", your weapon attacks and skills will deal Void damage instead of their normal element.

Level 1: Clobber - Toggle

Haul off and clobber your foe! Your normal attacks will automatically hit, but deal less damage.

Your normal attacks autohit, but only deals 71.25% of the damage, 80.625% if wielding a club, hammer, or mace in your main hand.

(Seal clubbers are expected to have both STR and LUK to take full advantage of their skills, meaning expected hit rate is 50%, plus 15% for STR, plus 10% for LUK, so 75% total. Multiplied by *1.075 for non-restrictive trigger if wielding the right weapon, and multiplied by *0.95 downtrigger if not.)

Level 2: Advanced Smithery - Active

You can’t be a Seal Clubber without a club, so why not make one?

Quick-cast, costs nothing. Equips a Seal-Iron Club, a temporary 0-Proc melee earth weapon with a -5 BTH lean and 0.1 base lean.

While equipped, your weapon attacks deal +10% damage, but you take +(10/1.4)% damage.

Level 3: Furious Wallop - Active

Use a Gallon of Fury to strike your foe for critical damage!

Perform a normal attack, except it always deals a lucky strike. Costs one Gallon of Fury, and is affected by Clobber.

Level 4: Aim of the Arctic - Passive

Some would say it’s hard to be precise with a large, blunt weapon. They’d know how wrong they were, if it weren’t for the precise concussions you gave them.

All weapon attacks and armor skills get +6.375 BTH as long as you’re wielding a club, hammer, or mace in your main hand.

Level 5: Precision of the Penguin - Passive

Have you ever noticed that when penguins dive into frigid water, they always land exactly where they intend to? No? Well you’re the same way, except instead of “dive,” it’s “use fury,” and instead of “into frigid water,” it’s “for critical hits.”

Bonus LUK damage from lucky strikes is multiplied by *(1 + [Fury / 5]).

This effect is applied during damage calculation after any Fury costs are paid. For example, if you have 5 Gallons of Fury and spend 1 to use Furious Wallop, bonus LUK damage will be multiplied by *(1 + [4 / 5]), or *1.8

Level 6: Ire of the Orca - Active

By howling with the primal rage of the orca, you can convert SP to Fury!

Quick-cast, once per turn. Consume 90% melee in SP to generate one Gallon of Fury.

Level 7: Lunging Thrust-Smack - Active

Lunge, thrust, and smack your foe for extra damage. If you're wielding a club, hammer, or mace, you'll be more likely to land a critical blow!

A weapon-based skill, one hit, -3 BTH. Costs 100% melee in SP, or 125% melee if wielding a magic weapon. You deal melee damage of your weapon's element equal to 200% of a standard melee attack.

If you're wielding a club, hammer, or mace in your main hand, this attack gets a *1.75 chance of landing a Lucky Strike. Otherwise, it deals -5% damage.

Level 8: Double-Fisted Skull Smashing - Toggle

You’ve mastered the long-forgotten art of “using both hands,” and are able to wield a second club in place of a shield.

Toggling this will unequip your shield, then equip your character’s shield hand with a Seal-Iron Club.

With the second club equipped, all weapon and class skills will deal an additional hit of melee damage of the same element. The hit has -3 BTH, and deals melee damage equal to (5 + [Expected shieldDef * 5/3] + Expected max shieldRes)% of a standard melee attack. (So, roughly 45% of a melee attack at level 150). When using an normal attack with Clobber enabled, the second hit will also autohit, and its damage will be reduced with the same autohit penalty.

The off-hand club gains the +6.375 BTH from Precision Clubbing if you have a club, mace, or hammer in your main hand. Otherwise, the second club gets a -5% damage penalty.

Level 9: Northern Explosion - Active

Infuse your muscles with the cold of the Northlands and bash your foe! If you're wielding a club, hammer, or mace, your lucky strikes with this skill will inflict a debilitating frostbite!

A weapon-based skill, one hit, -3 BTH. Deals melee ice damage, equal to 275% the damage of a standard melee attack. Base cost is 175% melee in SP, or 219% melee if wielding a magic weapon. Cost is then reduced by elecomp.

If wielding a club, hammer, or mace in your main hand, a lucky strike with this skill will attempt to inflict Burn (ice element, power 10, 1 turn), which the Monster can resist at a +0 bonus (STR/LUK vs. DEX/LUK). Otherwise, bonus damage fron lucky strikes for this skill is multiplied by *0.5.

Level 10: Cavalcade of Fury

Use five Gallons of Fury to perform a series of crushingly powerful attacks!

Weapon-based skill, -3 BTH lean, costs five Gallons of Fury. During the animation, the character drops their off-hand item and attacks with a two-handed grip, so double-fisted skull smashing won't give extra hits, but shield effects (e.g. CiT) are still applied.

Deals five hits of damage of your weapon element and type, doing 110% the damage of a normal attack each.

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10/26/2019 18:43:05   

The final KoL class, and easily the most complex, the Turtle Tamer.


Turtle Dermis
Turtle Tamer basic class armor

MD Earth armor with secondary water resistance.

Average MRM, even across all three

Regular attack is two hits, with a -3 BTH lean

Appearance: A set of armor fashioned out of an ancient turtle shell, with scaly leather beneath the main shell, on the legs and torso. A living tortoise remains perched atop the character's head, which can be removed by clicking on it.

Description: In a faraway dimension, Turtle Tamers forge a spiritual connection to their scaly brethren. Their Muscle and their animal bonds with their animal companions are the key to their success.

Level 0: Turtle Totem - Passive

Turtle Tamers share a spiritual connection with their weapons, using them as totems to bond with their familiars. While equipped with a melee weapon, your Pets and Guests gain bonus damage.

Pets and guests gain +10% bonus damage while a melee weapon is equipped. This bonus is increased to +20% damage in the advanced armors.

If "Out of Your Shell" is toggled on, the bonus is reduced to 5% either way.

Level 1: Headbutt - Active

Butt your foe with your head. You butthead.

Weapon-based skill, 1 hit, -3 BTH lean. Costs 25% melee in SP, or 31% if using a magic weapon. Deals melee damage with the element of your equipped weapon equal to 125% damage of a normal attack. CHA is used in place of LUK for lucky strike damage and BTH.

* NOTE: Butt skills will always take a damage penalty according to your lean — so -10% damage in the basic armor, and -20% damage in the advanced armors. The penalty is removed if "Out of Your Shell" is active.

Level 2: Kneebutt - Active

With your expert knowledge of all things squishy, you can give your foes exactly what they kneed.

Weapon-based skill, 1 hit, +3 BTH lean. Costs 100% melee, or 125% if using a magic weapon. Deals 200% the damage of a melee attack with the element of your equipped weapon. Stat bonuses use CHA in place of LUK.

In the advanced armors, the skill has additional effects.

The War Snapper: Takes a damage penalty and inflicts Wincing, a renamed Defloss (-6 MRM), for one round. Opponent can resist at a +0 bonus (STR/CHA vs. END/LUK).

She-Who-Was: Deals darkness damage, gets appropriate elecomp as a reduced SP cost. Takes a damage penalty and inflicts Knee'd, a renamed Choke, for two rounds. Opponent can resist at a +0 bonus (STR/CHA vs. END/LUK).

The Storm Tortoise: Deals energy damage, gets appropriate elecomp as a reduced SP cost. Before elecomp is applied, the base SP cost and damage is increased by an additional 25% melee.

Level 3: Shieldbutt - Active

After being infused with a secret supersoldier serum, you've learned... wait, no, that's someone else. Anyway, this lets you bash your foes with your shield.

Weapon-based skill, neutral BTH lean, costs 100% melee in SP. Receives elecomp to SP cost, under the assumption that your shield is the same element as your armor. Deals 1 hit of melee damage according to the highest elemental resistance of your equipped shield, equal to 200% the damage of a normal melee attack. Uses CHA for lucky strike damage.

If your shield has even resistances to two or more elements, the skill does Harm damage at a 10% damage penalty.

In the advanced armors, this has additional effects.

The War Snapper: Takes a damage penalty, but has a chance to inflict Internal Bleeding (renamed Bleed, power 1). Foe can resist at a +0 bonus (STR/CHA vs END/LUK)

She-Who-Was: Takes a damage penalty, but restores HP.

The Storm Tortoise: Takes a damage penalty and inflicts Daze (3 rounds, 33% chance of inaction). The monster can resist with a save at a +0 bonus (STR/CHA vs END/LUK).

Level 4: Empathy of the Newt - Toggle

Harness your spiritual power to enhance your empathy and boost your charisma.

CHA drive, costs SP.

Level 5: Out of Your Shell - Toggle

By removing your shell, you can set an example for your pets and guests, coaxing them out of theirs! Metaphorically. Real turtles can't remove their shells.

When toggled, your character flashes briefly, and the shell on their outfit vanishes. Your lean becomes a beastmaster lean (you take 1.25x damage and deal 1x damage with attacks, but pets and guests deal 1.25x damage.)

Once you've become a level 5 Turtle Tamer, you can switch your basic armor for one of three Advanced Class Armors. You may only use skills for the advanced armor corresponding to the advanced class path you've chosen.


War Snapper's Armaments
Advanced Turtle Tamer class armor

FD earth armor. Resistances follow the elemental wheel.

Average MRM, has higher melee blocking than the basic class armor, but lower magic.

Regular attack is two hits, with a -3 BTH lean

Appearance: A much more aggressive-looking variant of the basic Turtle Tamer class armor, with a red spiked shell and a number of other spines adorning the armor.

Description: Become a follower of the War Snapper, the fiercest of the Great Turtle Spirits!

Level 6: War Snapper's Blessing - Passive

The War Snapper doesn't care for subtlety. With his blessing, your normal attacks and specials will deal extra damage.

All normal attacks and weapon specials deal +5% damage.

Level 7: Butts of Steel - Toggle

You like powerful butts, and cannot lie. Use this skill to make your butts more powerful.

Costs 25% melee in SP per turn. Headbutt deals an extra +20% (calc: 25 / 1.25) damage. Kneebutt and shieldbutt each deal an extra +12.5% (calc: 25 / 2) damage.

Level 8: Spiked Aura - Passive

Infused with the War Snapper's will, your armor will strike back at any foe who hits you!

At the end of a monster's turn, if they successfully dealt damage to you, they will take Harm damage equal to (5 / 1.4 / 0.85)% of the damage they dealt to you.

Level 9: War Snapper’s Fervor - Active

Instill both your pet and guest with the War Snapper’s fighting spirit, boosting their damage for a turn!

Pay 100% melee in SP to increase the damage of your pet and guest by 100% for one turn. You must stay in the armor for the effect to be applied. Usable once per turn.

Level 10: Rage of the War Snapper - Active

War! Huh. What is it good for? Hit them again, y’all. Usable 10 times per day.

Weapon-type skill. A powerful, three-hit melee attack with a -3 BTH lean, using your weapon’s current element. Deals a total of 200% melee damage normally, 225% if "Out of Your Shell" is active. Uses CHA for lucky strike damage.

Has no cost except your turn. (One day’s worth of MC is 1250%, /10 is 125%. Weapon skills cost 125% of normal in FD armors, so damage is reduced appropriately in defensive mode.)


Mantle of She-Who-Was
Advanced Turtle Tamer class armor

FD Darkness armor, has good overall resists to everything except light.

Lower-than-average MRM to pay for resistances, with a focus on magic

Regular attack is one hit at a neutral BTH lean

Appearance: The standard turtle tamer’s garb is now worn and greyed, and the turtle shells have become bleached white bone of immeasurable age. The armor has an almost ethereal quality to it, as though it were ever-so-slightly incorporeal.

Description: Become a follower of She-Who-Was, the most ancient of all the Great Turtle Spirits!

Level 6: Blessing of She-Who-Was - Passive

She-Who-Was lived before the material universe. With her blessing you are more resistant to the material, and take less damage.

All damage you take is reduced by -(5/1.4)%. This doesn't apply to Healing effects.

Level 7: Spirit Shell - Active

Channel the spirit of She-Who-Was to call upon her protection, boosting your blocking and resistance for as long as you wear her armor. Does not cost a turn to use.

Costs 100% melee in SP. Quick-cast, once per turn.

When used, you gain the Ghostly Shell (renamed Defense Boost) and Astral Shell (renamed element shield) statuses for four turns each, boosting your combat defenses by +7.5 and reducing damage from all elements by -(12.5/1.4)%. Does not persist if you change armors.

Level 8: Soul of the Ageless - Toggle

She-Who-Was lived before the Elemental Lords, and before the boundaries between elements. Channel a fragment of her power to ignore your foes’ elemental resistances, and return to the time before time.

At the end of your turn, the monster makes a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) at a +0 bonus. If it fails, all its elemental resistances are set to 100%.

The toggle has no cost and automatically turns off when you succeed.

Level 9: Compassion of She-Who-Was - Active

She-Who-Was loves all of her children, and that same bond is shared between a Turtle Tamer and their companions. Channel the power of She-Who-Was to have your pet and guest attacks restore HP for a turn.

Costs 100% Melee in SP. For a turn, all pet and guest attacks will heal you equal to the damage they deal. This does not apply to existing heal damage from pets and guests (e.g. Fairy Godmother or Retro Twilly), and requires you stay in the armor for the turn.

Level 10: Voice of She-Who-Was - Active

Speak a single word with the magnificent voice of She-Who-Was, confronting your foe with its indescribable splendor. Deals damage from all elements, and is usable 10 times per day.

Spell-type skill. Deals eight hits of magic damage at a +10 BTH lean, one for each element. Uses CHA in place of INT for damage calculation. Deals damage equal to a standard spell, *132/109 for hitting with all elements.


Storm Tortoise Heraldry

Advanced Turtle Tamer class armor

FD Energy armor with wind secondary and decent water resistance (about 70% at level 150). Weak against other elements to pay for higher MRM.

Higher-than-average MRM, with a slight melee focus.

Regular attack is three hits at +3 BTH lean

Appearance: The standard Turtle Tamer armor is replaced with a much sleeker looking armor, with chrome, almost mechanistic shells for the torso and helmet, covering white clothes that almost resemble clouds. A pair of lightning rods adorn the shoulders, crackling with energy.

Description: Become a follower of the Storm Tortoise, the the swiftest of the Great Turtle Spirits!

Level 6: Ride the Lightning - Passive

Slow and steady wins the race? Not for the Storm Tortoise.

As long as the armor is equipped, you gain a passive initiative bonus equal to your CHA/1.67.

Level 7: Thundersnap - Active

Lightning never strikes twice, but it always strikes first. If you get the jump on your foe, you can strike them with lightning for massive damage!

Spell-based skill, deals two hits of ranged energy damage at a +5 BTH lean. Deals damage equal to a standard spell, with elecomp applied to damage. CHA is used in place of LUK for lucky strike damage.

Costs nothing except for a turn — however, it can only be used during your first turn, and only if you go first.

Level 8: Galvanic Bond - Passive

Your bond with your companions electrifies your soul, restoring your SP when they deal damage.

Your pet and guest attacks restore SP equal to 5.625% of the damage done.

Level 9: Storm Tortoise’s Agility - Active

Infuse your companions with the agility of the Storm Tortoise, letting them act an additional time this turn!

Quick-cast, costs 75% melee in SP. Grants both your pet and guest celerity for the turn, enemy can save at a +0 bonus (CHA/LUK vs INT/LUK)

(Standard guest is 25% melee SP per turn, the additional 25% melee upkeep cost for the guest’s second action pays for part of the skill, the remaining 75% is paid upon activation.)

Level 10: Will of the Storm Tortoise - Active

The Storm Tortoise’s voice is thunder, and his actions are lightning. Invoke his will to strike your foe with paralyzing energy! Usable 10 times per day.

Spell-based skill. Deals 2 hits of ranged energy damage at a +0 BTH lean. Has a (100 * [EnergyResist] * [HitsConnected]/[HitsAttempted])% chance to paralyse the monster for 1 turn. The monster can resist with a save at a +0 bonus (CHA/LUK vs. END/LUK). CHA is used in place of LUK for lucky strike damage.

Deals 225% melee damage total, but takes a -60% damage penalty to pay for the effect, for an overall total of 165% melee damage.

Costs nothing except a turn. (1250% is one day’s worth of MC, /10 = 125%)

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AQ  Post #: 34
12/27/2019 12:43:10   

An armor inspired by AliceShiki and (what I assume is) her namesake.


Dollmaker's Dressings

Neutral light armor, resists follow the elemental wheel

Average MRM, with a primary focus on magic defense.

2 hit attack with a neutral BTH lean.

Skill: Doll Judgment! — When used, the player will order one of their dolls to attack the foe and detonate for massive (250% of a melee attack) damage. Spell-based skill, deals three hits of ranged or magic damage at a neutral BTH lean, with elecomp. Has a standard SP cost, but can only be used three times per battle. After using the skill, the player's MRM is reduced by 5.29411764706, and their MRM won't return to normal until the dolls regenerate during the next battle.

Calc: Using the 20-turn model, dealing three turns of 250% damage would mean that the player would deal 1250% damage over the remaining seventeen turns. This would translate to three turns of +150% damage and seventeen turns of -26.47058823529% damage. The damage penalty is translated to an equivalent 3/5 MRM penalty of -15.88235294117, one-third of which is 5.29411764706. This is rounded to 5.333 in the battle display, or -16 when all three skill uses are burned.

Appearance: For female faces, a white blouse with a blue dress, reminiscent of Alice Margatroid from Touhou Project. For male faces, a white shirt with blue craftsman's overalls. In both cases, the player is flanked by three wooden dolls in dresses resembling the female outfit, each doll having a standard female player face. Each doll would be carrying a miniature shield. Blocking animation would show the dolls swarming in front of the player to intercept attacks, if none are left a standard block animation is used.

Description: The garb of a master artisan and powerful magician. Attack your foe with your doll minions, or use them as bombs for massive damage!

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AQ  Post #: 35
2/1/2020 20:43:13   


Doom Jelly Garments

Fully-Defensive Water Armor with secondary Energy resistance. Weak against Earth and Wind.

Average MRM, with a focus on melee and ranged.

2 hit attack with a neutral BTH lean.


Doomvolt! — Spell-based skill. Costs 100% melee in SP, 125% if using magic damage. Deals ranged energy damage by default and magic energy damage if INT is high enough, with elecomp. No frills otherwise.

Appearance: A set of blue, glowing, transluscent robes that appear to be made out of the body of a jellyfish, with tentacles hanging out of the sides. The armor has a togglable hat that looks like a jellyfish.

Description: Don the armor of a doom jelly, one of the most resilient creatures of the deep!
AQ  Post #: 36
2/2/2020 21:57:25   

An energy armor with an ele-locked skill, though with a twist.


Voltaic Fencer

Fully-Offensive Energy Armor. Resists follow the elemental wheel.

Average MRM, with a high focus on melee but low magic defense.

3 hit attack with a +5 BTH lean.

Skill: Voltaic Strike! — Strike your foe with the power and precision of a thunderbolt, locking your weapon to the energy element for a stronger attack that's guaranteed to hit! — Locks all weapon attacks to the energy element. Attacks deal *1.25 damage and autohit. SP cost is 25% melee per turn, plus additional SP for the autohit (25% of a melee attack in SP for ranged weapons, or 35% of a melee attack in SP for melee and magic weapons), with the total cost reduced by elecomp.

Appearance: A lean, foppish swashbucker's outfit made of primarily out of sky blue fabric, as though the fabric were woven out of electricity itself. Your weapon and shield are visible below the battle menu, as the armor itself shows your character wielding nothing but a single rapier, similar to the one wielded by the Pirate Costume armors.

Description: Become a masterful swashbuckler with this armor! For a small SP upkeep, you can lock your attacks to energy for a guaranteed strike!

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AQ  Post #: 37
2/17/2020 21:34:11   

Since the starting armors are being revamped, I feel like I'd go ahead and suggest revamps for the corresponding classes. Like subraces, this class armor will scale to level 150.

First up, we have the Fighter, a class a well-rounded set of abilities that are good at handling most situations:


Fighter Armor
Class armor

Neutral-lean armor with earth, water, wind, and ice resistances. (45% base resistances at level 150)

Average MRM, with high melee defense, medium ranged defense, and low magic defense.

Starts off with a 1-Hit attack, with a -3 BTH lean. When Full Offense is toggled or Decisive Blow activates, the armor will switch to a 2-hit attack.

Appearance: Similar in appearance to the updated Steel Plate, but with a slightly leaner and more nimble build.

Description: The base class Fighter armor! Only get this if you want to be a fighter or more advanced fighter class. This class will let you master Weapon Proficiency, Call Friend, Intense Focus an Power Attack!

Level 0: Weapon Proficiency - Passive

Melee attacks are your specialty. All weapon attacks will deal melee damage, and if you're already wielding a melee weapon, your attacks will be more accurate!

All weapon attacks, specials, and skills are converted to melee damage, with damage from magic weapons multiplied by *4/3 to bring it up to melee standard. If your weapon is already a melee weapon, it instead gets +4.25 BTH.

Level 1: Tough Armor - Passive

Your armor has been made more resilient, making you take less damage from melee attacks!

All damage taken from melee attacks is reduced by -(10/1.4)%.

Level 2: Armor-Piercing Strike - Active

Tear through your foe's armor with a brutally powerful strike that reduces their combat defense!

Weapon-based skill. Costs 25% melee in SP. You perform a normal attack: if the attack connects, your opponent is inflicted with Defloss (-8.93 MRM for [Hits Attempted / Hits Connected] * 4 turns). Opponent can resist at a +0 bonus (STR/LUK vs. END/LUK).

Level 3: Intense Focus - Toggle

Lower your guard to focus on all-out offense, increasing damage from all weapon attacks.

The player loses 6 MRM but deals +10% damage with all weapon attacks.

Level 4: Decisive Blow - Passive

Take advantage of openings in the enemy's guard to strike with unmatched ferocity! Every normal attack you make will have a small chance becoming an extra-powerful 2-hit attack.

Every normal attack you make has a 20% chance of dealing 25% extra damage. When this happens, the armor will automatically switch to a two-hit attack at a neutral BTH lean, with both hits totaling 125% damage. When Full Offense is toggled, instead the armor's default two-hit attack will have a 20% of dealing 25% extra damage with each hit.

Level 5: Call Friend - Toggle

Call an ally to accompany you into battle!

Calls a Fighter Friend, an SP-costing Earth guest. The Fighter Friend deals two hits of melee earth damage each turn. No frills otherwise.

Level 6: Brace for Impact - Active

Adopt a defensive stance, reducing the amount of damage you take this turn!

You gain the defensive stance (renamed elemental shield) status for one turn, reducing damage from all elements by -(90/1.4)%.

Costs nothing except a turn.

Level 7: All-Out Attacking - Toggle

Lower your guard even more to focus even further on offense, both taking and dealing extra damage!

You take +(10/1.4)% damage, and your weapon attacks and skills deal +10% damage.

Level 8: Fighter's Strength - Toggle

Fighters prize their strength above everything else. By focusing your SP, you can increase your strength for the duration of the battle.

STR drive, costs SP.

Level 9: Power Attack - Active

Unleash an inaccurate but brutally powerful weapon-based attack!

Weapon-based skill, costs 100% melee in SP. Deals 1 hit of melee damage equal to 200% of a normal attack. -5 BTH lean, so the attack gets -5 BTH but deals *85/80 damage.

Level 10: Full Offense - Toggle

Sacrifice your defense to maximize your armor's offensive capabilities! Your armor will switch to an offensive lean, and Intense Focus and All-Out Attack will remain active. Your normal attack will also switch to a two-hit attack.

Your armor changes to a fully-offensive lean, and your default attack switches to a two-hit attack.

In addition, toggling this ability will also force Intense Focus and All-Out Attacking to remain toggled for as long as Full Offense remains active.

< Message edited by Zennistrad -- 2/21/2020 23:41:36 >
AQ  Post #: 38
2/19/2020 18:31:40   

The second starting class, here's the basic mage class. While not nearly as powerful as either my planned Wizard revamp or Archmage class, it's designed to make up for it in its versatility, and its neutral lean makes it take much less damage than offensive mage classes.


Mage’s Robes
Class armor

Neutral-lean armor with fire, energy, light, and darkness resistance. (45% base resistances at level 150)

Average MRM, with very high magic defense and poor melee and ranged defense.

1-hit attack at a neutral BTH lean

Appearance: Similar in appearance to the updated starting mage robes

Description: The robe of Mages. Buy this only if you want to quest to become a mage with Warlic. Level up as a mage to unlock powerful elemental spells, summon a familiar and learn basic metamagic like Empower Spell!

Level 0: Magic Initiate - Passive

You’ve learned the basics of magic. Your spells will deal more damage than the untrained caster.

All spells deal +7.5% damage.

Level 1: Fire and Brimstone - Active

Hurl a sulfurous ball of hellfire at your foe, seeking between fire and darkness damage.

Standard spell, two hits at a neutral BTH lean, seeks between Darkness and Fire. Costs the MP of a standard spell, plus 10% melee in SP for the compression.

Level 2: Mage Ward - Passive

You know how to guard yourself against hostile magic. You’re better at blocking magic and take reduced magic damage.

Your Mage Robes armor gets +3 magic defense, and you take -(5/1.4)% damage from magic attacks.

Level 3: Plasma Bolt - Active

Fire a bolt of incandescent plasma, seeking between light and energy damage.

Standard spell, two hits at a neutral BTH lean, seeks between Light and Energy. Costs the MP of a standard spell, plus 10% melee in SP for compression.

Level 4: Summon Familiar - Active

Summon a flying eyeball to attack your foes and restore your MP.

Summons a Flying Eyeball, an SP-costing magic darkness guest. Attacks for two hits at a neutral lean. Deals -50% damage, but restores MP equal to *1.5 the damage dealt.

Level 5: Metamagic - Toggle

Shape your spells to alter their power, accuracy, and damage range!

Click to bring up a menu with four toggle options.

Stable Spell - Convert random spell damage to base, dealing more consistent damage but with a lower maximum damage output.

All random damage from spells is converted to base. Cannot be toggled at the same time as Wild Spell

Wild spell - Make your spells deal random damage, making them potentially much more or much less powerful than normal.

All base damage from spells is converted to random. Cannot be toggled while Stable Spell is active.

Focused Spell - Make your spells more accurate at the cost of dealing less damage.

Your spells gain a +10 BTH lean. Cannot be toggled while Empowered Spell is active.

Empowered Spell - Make your spells less accurate, but much more powerful.

Your spells gain a -10 BTH lean. Cannot be toggled while Focused Spell is active.

Level 6: Force Barrier - Active

Conjure a shield to reduce the damage you take from your next attack.

Quick-cast, once per turn. Costs 50% melee in MP. You gain 1 turn of Force Field (renamed elemental shield) status, reducing damage from all elements by -(45/1.4)%.

Level 7: Frigid Gale - Active

Summon a powerful blizzard, seeking between Ice and Wind damage.

Standard spell, two hits at a +0 BTH lean, seeks between Ice and Wind. Costs the MP of a standard spell, plus 10% SP for compression.

Level 8: Mage’s Knowledge - Toggle

Focus your SP to recall the knowledge of your studies, increasing your INT.

INT drive, costs SP.

Level 9: Mudslide - Active

Summon a crushing avalanche of mud, seeking between Earth and Water damage.

Standard spell, two hits at a +0 BTH lean, seeks between Earth and Water. Costs the MP of a standard spell, plus 10% SP for compression.

Level 10: Maximized Spell - Toggle

Increase the amount of MP spent on your spells to greatly increase their damage, with a chance of dealing even greater damage!

While toggled, your spells cost *1.4 MP (calc: 175 / 125), but deal +20% damage. In addition, while active there is a 25% chance for each hit of a spell to deal *1.2 damage.

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AQ  Post #: 39
2/20/2020 0:13:12   
Primate Murder

If you're basing Force Barrier on Geocastellum Robes, you forgot the *0.9 penalty for always-useful.

Magic Initiate, on the other hand, could triple the bonus it gives. 50% passive, /2 for expected #ofSpells, /2 for 2x spll damage, *0.6 for omni-elemental.
AQ DF  Post #: 40
2/20/2020 8:12:36   

I'm not sure where you're getting "50% passive" from. I was under the impression a passive was worth 5% in melee damage by default, or 2.5% of a standard spell. Unless there's something I'm missing?

I agree with the Force Barrier thing though, but I wonder if it means I should also modify the Fighter's "Brace for Impact" ability.
AQ  Post #: 41
2/20/2020 11:10:35   
Primate Murder

I meant the overall effect. 5% * 10 expected turns = 50%. That's why Magestaves give +9.375% damage boost to their spells: 50%, used twice per battle (expected spell casts), /2 for spell damage, and finally *0.75 due to being a magical weapon. The formula has been used for every modern spell-damage boosting weapon, from Pumpkin Fang to Arcane Cutlasses.

I'm... not entirely sure about the Impact penalty thing. Normally you wouldn't have to - the fact that it uses a turn means you'll only use it against armor-element monsters, but when the armor is neutral... Frankly, I don't think we have any examples of that in the game, so you have a degree of liberty here.
Edit: Actually, you already seems to have a much harsher *0.6 omni-elemental penalty for it. You can probably get away with switching it to a *0.9 one.

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 2/20/2020 11:14:11 >
AQ DF  Post #: 42
2/20/2020 19:19:57   

That's a fair point — I wasn't aware that was the logic behind spell-boosting MCs. I've gone ahead and made the changes you suggested to the Force Barrier and Magic Initiate abilities.

I've also revised the Defensive Stance ability. Now, it costs nothing except a turn and causes you to take -(90/1.4)% damage.
AQ  Post #: 43
2/22/2020 13:59:02   

Here's a revamp of the starting rogue class. As expected, this one is focused less on raw damage and more on dodging attacks and hitting with greater accuracy, with a couple of other supporting tricks.


Rouge Outfit
Class armor

Neutral-lean armor with fire, wind, earth, and darkness resistance. (45% base resistances at level 150)

Average MRM, with ranged > melee and melee = magic

Defaults to 1-hit attack with a +3 BTH lean. If you’re using a ranged weapon, the attack animation shows you firing your crossbow, otherwise you attack with your dagger. Changes to a chance of one of two alternate attacks if Hide in Shadows is active (detailed under the ability)

Appearance: Similar to the new starting Rogue armor. Your character’s weapon and shield are visible beneath the menu, instead you carry a crossbow in your right hand and a dagger in your left.

Description: The armor for Rogues! Get this only if you want to quest to become a Rogue. This class will let you master the Weapon Throw, Hide in Shadows and Potion Power Shot Attack!

Level 0: Tools of the Trade - Passive

You’re never seen without your trusty dagger and crossbow. When wielding a dagger or a ranged weapon, you’ll deal extra damage.

Ranged weapon attacks and attacks with weapons tagged as daggers deal +5% damage.

Level 1: Thief’s Reflexes - Passive

Years of experience evading watchtowers have given you a sharp eye for faraway threats. Your chance of dodging ranged attacks is increased.

You gain +6 ranged defense.

Level 2: Weapon Throw - Active

Throw your dagger at your foe for an attack with greater power and accuracy!

Weapon-based skill, costs 25% melee in SP, or 50% if wielding a magic weapon. Deals one hit of damage according to your weapon’s element. Deals ranged damage if wielding a melee weapon, otherwise uses your weapon’s damage type.

Base damage is equal to 112.5% of a standard melee attack, or 102.5% of a standard melee attack if Hide in Shadows is active; either way it has a +3 BTH lean. The attack then gets an additional +10.625 BTH.

Level 3: Hide in Shadows - Toggle

Hide in the shadows to increase your accuracy combat defenses, at the cost of reduced attack power. However, you’ll occasionally be able to attack for increased damage.

While toggled, you get +3 MRM and +4.25 BTH on all weapon attacks. Ranged damage from weapon attacks convert to melee while active, but still uses the ranged damage formula.

While active, your standard attack becomes one of two options, chosen randomly:

Strike from Shadows:

Your character stabs with their dagger, dealing one hit of damage at a +3 BTH lean. Deals 85% of the damage of a standard attack. Has an 80% chance of occurring.

Sneak Attack:

Your character stabs twice with their dagger, dealing two hits of damage at a +3 BTH lean. Deals 110% of the damage of a standard attack. Has a 20% chance of occuring.

Level 4: Call Partner - Active

Call a Black Cat to jinx your foe with bad luck, reducing their chance to hit.

Summons a Black Cat guest, a guest that deals one hit of melee darkness damage. Gets -41.667% to damage and attempts to inflict Jinxed (renamed Blind, -30 BTH, 1 Turn). Opponent can save at a +0 bonus (CHA/LUK vs. CHA/LUK).

Calc: Blind effect w/ save costs 25% melee, guests deal 60% melee by default, 60 - 25 = 35. 1 - (47.5/60) = 0.41666666667, or 41.667%.

Level 5: Mug - Active

Attack and attempt to steal a health potion from your foe. Usable once per battle.

Cost nothing to use. You perform a normal armor attack: after performing the attack, the opponent makes a save (DEX/LUK vs. DEX/LUK). If they fail, you gain +1 health potion.

Level 6: Uncanny Dodge - Active

Increase your dodge chance for one turn! Doesn’t cost a turn to use, but the boost disappears if you change armors.

Quick-cast, once per turn, costs 50% melee in SP. You gain 1 turn of Uncanny Reflexes (Renamed defense boost, +30 MRM). Disappears if you change armors.

Level 7: Bandit’s Trick - Passive

Take advantage of your foe’s distraction by dealing increased damage every time you dodge an attack.

Whenever you dodge an attack, on your next turn you get +(5 * [Monster Hits Blocked / Monster Hits Attempted] / 0.15)% damage to all weapon attacks, and half that boost for spells.

Level 8: Rogue’s Deftness

Spend a bit of SP each turn to increase your dexterity.

DEX drive, costs SP.

Level 9: Potion Power Shot - Active

Consume a health potion to damage your foe with a fiery crossbow bolt, healing you as well!

Spell-based skill, costs one health potion. Deals 1 hit of ranged fire damage at a +10 BTH lean, magic damage if using magic stats. Deals damage equal to 175% of a standard melee attack, or 150% the damage of a standard melee attack if magic. Damage is then multiplied by elecomp.

Afterwards, you’re healed as though you just drank a health potion, with the healing multiplied by *0.25.

Level 10: Brutal Shank - Toggle

Go on the offensive, causing your attacks to leave your foe bleeding! While toggled, Hide in Shadows will remain active.

Your lean becomes fully offensive. However, instead of dealing *1.25 damage with attacks, your weapon attacks, specials, and weapon-based skills inflict Bleed (0.25 * [Hits/Attempts] Power). If you're wielding a magic weapon, the Bleed power instead becomes (0.188 * [Hits/Attempts] Power). Monster can resist at a +0 bonus (DEX/LUK vs. END/LUK).

In addition, while toggled Hide in Shadows will automatically remain toggled as well.

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AQ  Post #: 44
2/23/2020 17:41:37   

I've recalculated the Charm ability of the Dracopyre of Night, it now passively gives -2.58 MRM to your opponent.

Using the Werewolf guest as a basis, I've found that one turn of defloss at -6 MRM is worth 9.882% melee. (-16.47% * 0.6 = -9.882%, removing the 50/50 save give one turn of defloss instead of two).

One turn of defloss at -3 MRM is thus worth 4.941%. Removing the requirement to hit your foe each turn gives (4.941/0.85)%, or 5.81294117647%. 3 * (5 / 5.81294117647) = 4250/1647, rounded to 2.58.
AQ  Post #: 45
2/23/2020 19:35:18   

Next up is the Ranger class, a new fifth starting class intended for defensive characters. While the rogue is also a character for ranged weapons, this one focuses more on using 100-proc weapons, but also works decently well as a starting class for defensive mages. (It also gives an excuse to have Robina as a class trainer, which should have happened a very long time ago. )


Ranger’s Garb
Class Armor

Fully-defensive armor with Earth, Wind, Light, and Ice resistances. (45% at level 150).

Average MRM, with Ranged > Magic > Melee

Armor attack defaults to a one-hit attack with a +3 BTH lean.

Appearance: Durable clothing designed for maximum mobility, colored forest-green to blend in naturally with the forest environment, with sturdy leather boots and gloves. Slung across your back is a recurved longbow and a quiver of arrows. Your shield is visible below the menu. If the weapon you’re using isn’t a 100-proc weapon, that weapon is also shown below the menu and instead you carry a small shortsword.

Description: The armor for Rangers! Get this only if you want to quest to become a Ranger. This class will let you master abilities that enhance 100-proc weapons like bows, such as Ranger’s Eye.

Level 0: Novice Marksman - Passive

You’re trained in the art of marksmanship, letting you wield 100-proc weapons with greater strength and accuracy.

Normal attacks with 100-proc weapons deal +2.5% damage and get +2.125 BTH.

Level 1: Ranger’s Eye - Passive

You’ve got a sharp eye, and can more easily strike your foe’s weakness. While wielding a 100-proc weapon like a bow or wand, your foe’s defenses are reduced.

While wielding a 100-proc weapon, your opponent passively gets -3.03 MRM.

Calc: 5% melee = 4.25 BTH, /1.4 for affecting the player's whole side, giving 3.03571428571, rounding to -3.03 MRM.

Level 2: Double Shot - Active

Fire two arrows at once, dealing increased damage.

Spell-based skill. Costs 25% melee in SP, 50% if using a magic weapon. Your character’s weapon disappears and they pull out their longbow, firing two shots in rapid succession.

The arrow shots deal two hits of ranged damage at a +0 BTH lean according to your weapon element, magic damage if wielding a magic weapon.

The base damage of the skill is 120% of the damage of a melee attack. In addition, it gets a further +4.25 BTH.

Level 3: Favored Enemy - Passive

Your favored enemy is [element] monsters. When fighting a monster of that element, your attacks will be stronger.

A unique passive. Upon completing the level three quest, Robina asks you who which of the eight standard elements you want to be your favored enemy. Whatever element you select, your attacks, spells, specials, pets, and guests will deal +7.5% damage against enemies of that element.

Once unlocked, you can change your favored enemy at the Ranger class with Robina, but doing so costs gold.

Level 4: Archery Styles - Toggle

Choose an archery style to alter the damage and accuracy of your 100-proc weapons.

Brings up a menu with one of two options:

Precise - Make your shots more accurate at the cost of power.

Attacks with 100-proc weapons get +5 BTH and deal *(85/90) damage. Also changes the lean of the Double Shot and Aerial Volley skills.

Powerful - Make your shots deal more damage at the cost of accuracy.

Attacks with 100-proc weapons get -5 BTH and deal *(85/80) damage. Also changes the lean of the Double Shot and Aerial Volley skills.

Level 5: Animal Companion - Active

Call a loyal falcon to aid you in your hunt!

Summons a Falcon guest, an SP-costing melee wind guest that deals two hits at a +3 BTH lean. No frills otherwise.

Level 6: Ranger’s Stride - Passive

You’re able to strike your target unimpeded in any terrain. You gain resistance to any status that would hinder your dexterity or BtH.

You gain the Unhindered passive intrinsic. This gives you a +10 to any save against Crippled, Blind, Buffeted, Entangled, Offbalanced, and The Cold.

Level 7: On the Trail - Passive

Once a ranger sets your sights on their target, they’ll track it to the ends of the earth. Hitting a foe with a 100-proc weapon will make your next hit more accurate.

Whenever you hit a foe with a 100-proc weapon, the next hit you attempt with a 100-proc weapon gets +5 BTH.

Level 8: Nimble Scouting - Toggle

It takes a lot of skill to move through the forest without leaving a trail. For a bit of SP, you can increase your dexterity.

DEX drive, costs SP.

Level 9: Aerial Volley - Active

Daze your foe with a trick shot for extra damage. The arrows will take an extra turn to hit, but will deal massive wind damage!

Spell-based skill. Costs 100% melee in SP, or 125% if wielding a magic weapon. Your character’s equipped weapon briefly disappears as they pull their longbow and fire a barrage of arrows into the air.

On your next turn, after you make an attack, the arrows fall and damage your foe. Deals three hits of wind damage at a +0 BTH lean. Damage defaults to ranged, but becomes magic if the weapon you had equipped when you used the skill was a magic weapon (e.g., if you use a magic weapon when using the skill, but then switch to a ranged weapon on your next turn, the arrows still deal magic damage.)

Base damage of the skill is equal to 100.5% of a standard skill, or 201% of a standard melee attack.

Level 10: Ambush Arrow - Toggle

Once you’ve trapped your target, it’s time to let loose. Lower your defenses and blocking to increase your damage with 100-proc weapons!

Changes the lean of the armor. You go from x0.8 damage taken to x0.9 damage taken. In addition, you also get -3 MRM.

In return, attacks with 100-proc weapons deal +15% damage. Damage from the Aerial Volley skill is boosted by +7.46% (calc: 15 / 2.01) and damage from the Double Shot skill is boosted by +12.5% (calc: 15 / 1.2). The boost to Aerial Volley is halved if Ambush Arrow is toggled off before the arrows fall.

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AQ  Post #: 46
2/23/2020 22:19:16   
Primate Murder

Lvl 9. Aerial Volley

Unfortunately, the delayed turn bonus is worth 1%, not 10%, as you can see from the Axemaster's Burden info subs. The overall skill damage should be 301%.
AQ DF  Post #: 47
2/23/2020 23:07:28   

Funny thing, I'd totally forgotten that armor existed. Fixed.
AQ  Post #: 48
2/24/2020 10:51:02   

Some minor edits:

* Rangers's Aerial Volley now deals 201% the damage of a standard attack instead of 301%. I had assumed the two turns it takes would boost the damage by a standard attack, but this doesn't work because you can still attack on the turn the arrows fall.
* Adjusted some of the Seal Clubber's abilities. They now account for downtriggers for active and toggle skills that have a trigger on wielding a club/mace/hammer.

< Message edited by Zennistrad -- 2/29/2020 11:44:00 >
AQ  Post #: 49
2/24/2020 23:27:07   

More minor edits:

*The Ranger and Dracopyre of Night's MRM-reducing abilities have once again be re-adjusted. New calculation is:

5% melee = 4.25 BTH, /1.4 for affecting the player's whole side, giving 3.03571428571, rounding to -3.03 MRM.

This is a whole lot simpler, IMO, and works better than trying to base it off an existing item.
AQ  Post #: 50
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