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Core and Robot buffs!

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7/11/2019 21:11:54   
.Lord Ginger.

I will start with robots because robots are fun

Monkakazi: It says it does damage with the difference in the highest and lowest BASE stats in the game, itís not a bad idea, but typically not the best. I feel like it should be the difference in the highest and lowest stats AFTER the +35s are applied, that way itís a 35-damage buff, which can be a decent buff to this robot.

Omega Yeti: This robot is basically the most expensive robot in the game and it still isnít that good of a robot. If you just buy the robot normally without buffing it, it does 150 damage, and the special, CHOMP, is weak. I donít know if CHOMP has been buffed recently, but thereís a 60% version of it, and thatís probably for the robot you just buy.
Having it be 150 damage, and having the special suck isnít worth it at all. The damage from just buying it should be the base 170, and I think chomp should be 85% at least.

Now the Warrior yeti should be 180 damage and chomp should stay at 85%

Omega Baby Yet should be 190 damage and chomp should maybe be buffed to a 90% to make this good, being as it cost 2500 Varium at NW right now, which is depressing. IMO, this robot should be a contender for the strongest robot for the game, since itís so dang expensive.

Weapon Cores!!!

Meteor/Plasma meteor shower say it does 110% weapon damage, which is frankly just a 360 sword + like 36, which is almost nothing, so maybe it should do like 120%? A solid +70 would be decent
Thorn Assault/Jack-O fire : 123%, to not make it so much better than meteor/plasma shower, but still decent

Hawk Guardian: 125% weapon damage for 25% health is like +90 damage, which is alright, but only under 25% healthÖ maybe like 135 to add like 120.

Yeti Fury says it does 105% damage, which may mean it scales off primary, in that case Iíd want it to be 110%, if itís like Hawk Guardian and is just primary, Iíd take it being like 120% because it gives back HP.

Legion/Exile strike: Same buff as Meteor/plasma shower, and make the special against other alignment do +50 instead of what it is right now

Deep Plague/Molten Bullet: can this just cost 0 energy and be like 10% per turn or something, idk.

Phase Shift: Would like a 1 cool down because 3 isnít useful, Iíd rather just use some other core.

Bloodseeker blast/Blood Shot: Make it stackable with Blood Lust? Make it do 105% weapon damage.

Tremor Blast: Lower all the chances to 0, and yes, itís still possible for this aux to literally not do anything even with this buff

Improbability Gate: Plus 10% of targetís max health. This aux core was basically supposed to help be a strength build killer, but it hardly does damage

Frost Aura: All melee attacks (and make the core removable because people want to use come cool armors!!! :D)

Curse Aura: All melee attacks
(From Racing)

Infernal Fury/Hair trigger: maybe have it do 105% weapon damage so at least it does more, so thereís a reason to use it on rage.

Screaming Soul Spears: This is a varium core: 100% Damage, make it do more, like 33 poison/energy per turn

Wolf's Fury: Can this like not stun? With the energy return when people do it, it can be a sheer win, especially if it's done on rage.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 1
7/11/2019 22:23:02   

With Curse aura I was thinking more of the lines of making work like a passive version of itself. Meaning that from the start of the battle to either (A) the end of the battle or (B) the person who has the passive core gets KO,ed the effect weakens the opponent or in 2 vs 2 or juggernaut Opponent's support by a certain percent.

This would make far more useful in my opinion then having it just work for a few turns with all melee attacks.

As for robots in general I honestly liked them better before that IMO stupid standard for base attack was placed on all but the golden yeti. If anything all the robots should go back to having varied normal attack damage based on how powerful/useful their special's are in battle.

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Epic  Post #: 2
7/12/2019 1:10:24   

There's merit in all of these suggestions. Monkakazi is really underpowered in most cases, especially considering that Infernal Android and Gamma Bot got buffed. I'm a big fan of making robots have different base damages so, yeah, I think that's the best way to go for buffing Omega Yetis besides buffing Chomp. If the base damage isn't buffed, Chomp may as well be 100% seeing as Kartherax is 100%. As for all those skill cores that just add damage, yeah, they are badly outdated compared to all these new cores and should be buffed. I like the Hair Trigger idea a lot since, the way it is now, it technically doesn't actually do anything for you in the long run. All the health gain cores most definitely need to stack with Bloodlust so they aren't useless for 1/3 of the classes. I agree with the Yeti Fury buff... it used to be the best strength core and now it's barely used because it just doesn't do enough. The rest of the ideas are all also good.

I do think that a passive support reduction for Curse Aura is a great idea too, if the percent was brought down to 15-20%. It probably wouldn't be overpowered considering you'd be using it in place of +30 defense or +12 stats. It'd be an amazing thing to have in 2v2.

For Frost Aura, it might be cool it triggered 100% of the time the opponent uses a melee attack, but it only lasts 1 turn instead of 3. Or make it a very small percent of the damage received. So similar to Absorption and Spirit Thorns. It could be be neat to combo this with Azrael's Will. Either that or make it automatically put Frostbite on the opponent when the battle starts or something.

I think most of these ideas have been suggested already at some point on the forums... if only we'd get some of them actually implemented because they pretty much all make sense.

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Epic  Post #: 3
7/14/2019 22:34:53   


Bots like monkakazi and omega yeti need a buff, specially omega yeti because of its cost expensive. I think it would be a lot of work to change the basic damage of each robot. I would like.

Weapons cores:

I have checked the cores and according to that I mention the following.

Meteor shower: it is a basic core. Let's omit it.
Hawk Guardian: 135% seems to much. I know that has its limitation, but does a good damage and is unblockable. It could be buffed anyway.
Yeti fury: 110% is a good number.
Legion/Exile strike: It must be special against the opposite alignment. Ok
Deep Plague/Molten Bullet: It was already buffed with the suggestion that you published here.
Phase shift: It was already buffed with the suggestion that you published here.
Bloodseeker blast/Blood Shot: It is the same concept when you have absorption and reroute. Not supported.
Tremor Blast: It was already buffed with the suggestion that you published here.
Improbability Gate: To be honest, its not bad of all with the last buff in bazooka.
Frost Aura:( Melee attacks )It has already been suggested, let's see if it can be done.
Curse Aura: (Melee attacks) Let's see if it can be done.
Infernal Fury/Hair trigger: I think the function of this core is to use it without rage, not with rage.
Screaming Soul Spears: ok. Let's see what can be done.
Wolf's Fury: it will not be modified.

AQW Epic  Post #: 4
7/15/2019 7:27:06   
.Lord Ginger.

The point is to buff cores to make them useful, not buff once (while still being bad), and go, ďokay we buffed it, doneĒ
AQW Epic  Post #: 5
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