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The yearly big gifting event and why it is bad (a lot of problems)

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7/15/2019 14:39:28   

The big gifting event, which normally occurs every year for a month from December to January (last time it began in November), completely devalued the credit currency at all levels. It completely ruins the purpose of having to fight or complete unique missions in order to earn your credits. In the most inactive days during the gifting event, you would still easily receive 10000+ credits from other players. In numbers, it might take more than 50-100 battles to get 10000+ credits (assuming you play 2vs2s and juggernaut).

So what's my point? Well lets proceed to my argumentation :


The majority of the lvl 40s that are playing right now are super rich thanks to the gifting event, even some that barely have 200 1v1 and 2v2 wins together. In a few words, 'people that didn't deserve their credits' are rich. I know this sounds offensive but that is how it is. Right now, even if the developers of this game decide to add lets say new unique weapons + cores that can be bought with credits, there wouldn't be any kind of a challenge to getting them. People that earned millions of credits during the last gifting event can easily get those without even looking at the price. This itself sounds absurd and not right.


Imagine you put your level 1 alternate character in a big gifting room with 120+ players. A massive raining of gifts start and at the end you get lets say 500 gifts. You open all of them and you get guaranteed 150 000+ credits, 80+ arcade tokens, 80+ custom useful stat boost x30 cores, void shards that can help you get the endless armor. So what next? Well, you can literally buy the strongest gear available for credits (including azrael gun/aux, any robot you like, etc). You can also put +8 stat boost cores in all passive slots. In other words, you are a godlike level 1.

Now lets say another player randomly registers an account because they want to try out the game. That player has no idea whats going on and starts following the tutorial steps. All cool. It's time to enter a 1vs1. Boom, you get a fully geared up level 1 opponent with a full set of cores. You get completely outmatched and crushed by a person that is at the same level as yous, so as a result, you obviously quit the game.

The level 1 thing is just an example. There are many other unfair examples. People with better gear than usual at levels of 15, 20, etc...


So what can be done right now? Well I don't know. I can't suggest a solution that will fix this problem for all of these years. All we can do is prevent it for the future. For example lowering the rewards from the gifting events and setting level requirements in order to be able to receive gifts are somewhat solutions. The truth is nothing can be done about the credit currency being devalued.

For now these are my points, please feel free to discuss this as I don't know for you guys, but personally I find this topic a very important one that really needs attention. Thank you

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AQW Epic  Post #: 1
7/15/2019 16:35:13   
.Lord Ginger.

Yeah, gifting is bad.

I have a level 22 who is 500-8 because of gifting for weps/robots and then buying hazmat

I also have a character who Iím 196-5 because of buying a promo and having nice weps

I also have characters who are 90% just because of knowing how to properly save money from all the dang missions that there are in the game.

Point is, anyone can exploit the game if they know what theyíre doing at the lower levels, so that isnít really a good argument.

Now, what I think is an argument is being a level 40 against other level 40s who have a plethora of weapons because of gifting (honestly, I have extra weps because of gifting and I donít even need gifting to have all the OP best because theyíre promotional items and missions are also ridiculous)

The only problem I se with gifting is the fact that a lot of new gear that is decently cool costs an exceptional amount of credits probably due to gifting.

Gifting is a revenue generator, I doubt theyíd remove it, although it does count for item inflation, If youíre wise with credits, youíll have no problem buying the necessary gear to succeed
AQW Epic  Post #: 2
7/15/2019 17:17:54   

gifting = money in the developers AE pockets and that is something that I doubt they will remove even if it completely devalues the game.

However I have an idea for another solution in this case bring back battle token and make them obtainable "ONLY" in either battle or Missions and not gifting.

then add battle token costs to all items that are PVP related while leaving items that have nothing to do with PVP as they are.

This would help fix said issue.
Epic  Post #: 3
7/16/2019 12:57:00   

It completely devalues everything, yes. I still have 20 million credits and 6500 arcade tokens, and have every single credit sink achievement maxed, every arcade maxed, have already bought every weapon I possibly could since last gifting and have way more rarity score than is required for the last achievement tier. For perspective, it takes 5.6 million credits to max one 15k rating achievement and only about 600 tokens to max one arcade depending on luck. And I have only ever been to two giftings (I was completely inactive for the first two years). I have much lowered motivation to farm for credits compared to before gifting and groan out loud when I see prize codes on Twitter. We all make fun of the people who only show up once a year for gifting, but, if they get loaded, than there really isn't much of a reason to play hard unless you care about war influence... it's sort of a vicious cycle. On the bright side(...?), there is a limit to what gifts can do for you. If they don't make enough new stuff to drain my resources, than after this year's gifting I won't be able to improve no matter how many gifts I get, and that's true for most of the people on the rating leaderboard right now considering pretty much all of them have maxed cheevos too. And for low level people buying all the gear, there's a limit to that too considering most stuff is seasonal and you can pretty much get enough credits to buy one set of whatever you want with missions by level 20 except for Endless Armor. It's still not fair and making a level limit for gifting could be an option, like level 10 or higher, but the example of a new player quitting because they get crushed by someone with better gear isn't really valid since that's going to happen all the time with or without gifting and it happens in every game ever.

For me, personally, I feel like the cash ratings system is a way more annoying issue than the credits/arcade tokens inflation. Last year they added an insane amount of new cash rating and exclusive items features to motivate people so it's just getting worse. Almost all twenty places of the rating leaderboard changed over night and most of the people on there really don't deserve it at all. The daily gifting leaderboard is especially absurd and extremely unethical in my opinion, especially since they made the daily achievement tiered. Gifting Streak is pretty unethical too since it's relying completely on impulse buys in the heat of moment and one DC, which are all too common during laggy gifting events, can completely screw you up after you've spent a ridiculous amount of real money. Epic Supporter was an okay idea, but making it tiered? That's 21,500 ratings for spending $650, folks.

But they've said themselves that gifting accounts for pretty much all of the game's yearly revenue from a relative standpoint and they've dug themselves into a whole so deep it's pointless to talk any reason into them. From my understanding, the first years of gifting were much smaller than last year. The fact of the matter was that they were desperate to get EpicDuel some attention this past gifting that they were willing to try anything, even if it felt wrong, and a lot of effort was put in to ensure that it'd draw more money than in previous years. It feels cruel to make fun of that effort because they seem to genuinely want EpicDuel to succeed on a bigger scale. NW is just one man and he's clearly over-worked and I can't help but sympathize when I think of what it must have felt to be in his shoes going into last year's gifting. There was probably a certain amount of guilt. People call him greedy (probably not true at all) and every insult under the moon when things go wrong and he doesn't deserve most of it. Guess what I'm trying to say is gifting is around for political reasons, period. It's not going to go away or be changed in any way that will decrease profits, the damage from years past has already be done, and we should learn to live with that. But I definitely agree that it shouldn't ever be allowed to get more over the top than it already is in the future.
Epic  Post #: 4
7/17/2019 11:30:54   


As someone who was on the ranking LB from the very beginning since it came out (before all the massive P2W cheevo's came out) I can tell those cash grab cheevo's were the worst things that ever hit. Even though I am only a Delta player I had worked hard doing every mission, beating every boss, PVP in past War Etc for the cheevo's I got and to see someone who did little or none of this but got on the LB due to just spending a good deal of money IMO is a disgrace to everyone who worked hard to get there in the first place.

It even saddens me more that now it is mandatory for you to do just this just so you can even have a chance to be on the LB which believe me is no fun to be honest.

As I posted before I really wish they would find a way to add another currency that can be earned only by battles to help curve this issue or at least another solution.
Epic  Post #: 5
7/24/2019 20:44:00   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

I'm in agreement with you guys on this one. In my opinion gifting ruins the game economy while actively rewards players for not battling. The team was never expecting that gifting would become as popular as it has and for better or worse what started as a fun community feature has exploded into one of EpicDuel's defining characteristics.

At this point removing gifting would remove a huge chunk of EpicDuel's annual revenue and isn't being seriously considered. Alternative currency is an interesting idea, I'll bring it up when we start thinking about improvements to the gifting system this fall.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 6
7/27/2019 17:10:20   

Possible solution could be you could tax the people who have over 1 million credits and spread the wealth to those who have a W/L ratio lower than 1.

Itís called Socialism. Personally hate it, but Iím sure everyone loves free stuff when it isnít lol

Just a wild idea
Post #: 7
7/28/2019 12:12:20   
.Lord Ginger.

That's an awful idea
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
7/30/2019 1:32:13   

Back on track, thereís too many money in the economy, time to raise prices (10%-15% higher) or X%. Now we still have the same problem wifh people having a lot of credits, how about we release expensive but very useful gear (swords, clubs, etc) with very powerful cores that come with 100x, rather than infinite and sell the gear at high price like 1 to 10 million credits. Since you want people to spend all their credits, or you could bring back seasonal rares from other seasons and sell them high price. Needs and wants, most people want something, rather than waiting for a whole year, why not buy certain seasonal rares now for 1 to 10 million credits.

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Post #: 9
7/30/2019 7:25:14   
.Lord Ginger.

Yes, letís tick off anyone who misses gifting
AQW Epic  Post #: 10
7/30/2019 13:04:20   

Anything that's already in game and is named Gold "item name" (I guess most of them are sold in the legendary shops?), is an overpriced credit item that acts as a credit sink. So we already kinda have a part of what you're suggesting in-game.

In my opinion they should put the guest artists to work on badge achievements (since nobody wants to see any more pointless E/P weapons). Single purchase badge achievements that cost 15-50k credits (no more leveling achievements, those are horribly boring and uncreative). If they manage to put out maybe 10-20 simple badge achievements per month, I'm sure that it would make a lot of players happy.
Epic  Post #: 11
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