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Character advice

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7/22/2019 11:10:11   

Went away for a short while, wondering if there have been any significant changes needed for both characters. Thank you!

Pure FO warrior

FD spellcasting beastmage
Post #: 1
7/22/2019 16:13:05   
Legendary Ash

For master

Umazen Aspis for -26 Energy and +20 Paralysis potence to pair with FruitcakeZard from The Umazon Stirs
Lunar Eclipse Shield
Sell Lantern and store Dynamo

Sell Poutine

Sell Archer from Vault and store Tranquility

Void Visor
Bell Shell from A Cavernous Chronicle
Sell Collar, Horo and Seed as its a Harvest Fest seasonal

For masterofslave

Sell Arm

Sell Gorarog, Saviour and Bulk

Grimlord for complete elemental coverage for guests
Sell Poutine and store Rain

Sell Helm of Drak
AQ  Post #: 2
7/23/2019 0:22:34   
Primate Murder


First of all, the stat cap has been raised in case you were unaware. For an offensive character, it would make sense to raise at least Str and Dex to 250.


Your no-drop element is earth, which is not a bad choice, but not the most optimized one either. I would suggest changing it to energy.

Bloodzerker's Sword is mildly better than Thrale's Scorn, due to no-proc and a free damage bonus when used with Bloodzerker armors.

The Kindred sword has a chargable autohit, which is rather useful and a more reliable gimmick than Sacragon.

Long Talon is still the best f2p wind weapon currently available.

Gloom Glaive compresses earth/harm, which frees up your ice slot for the Blade of Frostval Past. Seriously, 60% extra damage on Horo Show + CIT is over 300% melee extra damage - and that's not counting boosters or miscs!

Weapons like Zabura's Hammer or Morningstar Cross have a clickable weapon skill. It's a pretty nice thing by itself, but what really makes them exceptional is the fact that damage bonuses from these skills pair up with Bloodzerkers - allowing you to noticably increase their damage output.

Terror Blade is still the best choice for werewolf builds.


For the most part, you're fine here. I have only two minor suggestions to make:

Blazing Bloodzerker is the best fire armor in the game. It deals +20% damage on all weapon attacks for a negligible hp cost, and has a toggle for 2x fire damage - one that synergizes very well with the Zabura Hammer's skill or Eat Terror.

For darkness, Angel of Souls may be a better choice, with an hp-costing darkness skill.


Once again, two minor suggestions:

If you deecide to switch your no-drop to energy, you'll need an earth shield. As you have high Dex and Luck, Mornigstar Bulwark is a good choice, harming the monster and healing you a little when you block.

For werewolves, the Terror set's shield (tokens) is the best darkness options. It's an inverse of Terror Eater - instead of eating fear to harm the monster, it eats fear to heal you - and without that *0.9 penalty that most heals get. Not to mention that it's quickcast - doesn't take a single turn! If you're feeling particularly ridiculous, you can try stacking enough fear to heal the damage cap.


Kepp Dunamis and Purple Rain - those are very useful for the meta.

Buy Call Thernda if you get the chance - old standard skills default to Ranged, not melee.

The Warrior Tower's z-token SPells are among some of the best options for a warrior, particularly the imbues. For example, you can use Horo Show's skill with Fire Dragon Talon, dealing elecomped fire damage and 50% extra. Or Terror Fist with WKZ - deal high darkness damage in a light armor and inflict Fear that you can stack with Snarl and Eat for high damage/heal.

If you're searching for more basic sp-costing nukes - the gold-costing Warrior Tower spells are just that, covering every element except harm.

Finally, when you get higher level with high Luck, you may want to check out Arms of the Dragonguard, whcih make your next attack a guaranteed LS.


If you ever decide to switch out your multiple resist miscs for a single Cyclops' Eye, there are several useful miscs you may want to check out:

Bell Shell, as mentioned by LA, heals you for a small portion of damage dealt. It's less than CoRS, but also doesn't reduce your damage in any way.

Terror Visage gives Fear Potency - greatly increasing your chances of inflicting Snarl.

Your Helm of Frostval Past is a qc accuracy booster. You can even click on it for the effect, then switch it out for a damage misc!

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.


Your weapons and armors are pretty much perfect, I can't really think of anything to make them better.

Go to Umazen Civil War Part I in Today's Event and pick up the energy shield. It's by far the best energy shield we have for beastmasters with +20 Paralysis potency.

You're missing out on three really powerful guests. Grimlord and Mogsterio deals double damage for an hp cost. Doomquake Minions deal double damage for double the mp upkeep.

There have been 3 pets released or updated that may be worth taking a look at:

- Aqua and Flame bots from UR can be toggled to deal +50% damage for an sp upkeep.

- Fu Dog has been updated to inflict Petrify against Cha (usually 0), and with a potency for all petrification-type effects.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 3
7/24/2019 10:46:29   

Thanks for the replies! Regarding the stats for pure FO, do i reduce the stats from END or LUK?
Post #: 4
7/24/2019 12:03:59   
Primate Murder

I would suggest shifting stats from End. Extra hp is wasted in most fights, while Luck gives several useful effects, including accuracy, chance for extra damage, initiative, and increased chances of inflicting and resisting status effects.
AQ DF  Post #: 5
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