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=DF= August 9th Design Notes: The Thorns Saga: Unraveled

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8/9/2019 21:56:28   

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Super Cat

The Thorns Saga: Unraveled

Hey there, heroes!

This week in DragonFable, we have the epic finale of The Thorns Saga! After following behind Theano's steps for so long, the time has come to face him. Last time, you and Belle fought your way into Theano's fortress, but arrived just in time to see Theano finish his spell. Now, it's time to face him, and stop him and his destructive scheming once and for all!

Head over to Book 3 Falconreach and talk to Ash to play this week's release: Unraveled!

We know how much you all enjoy seeing behind the scenes of how we create our releases, so this week, I'd like to share some of my very professional concept art (by yours truly) from this week's release!

Can you recognize which moment this is from the quest?

As part of our design process, we often have to step outside of our comfort zones in order to share our visions and ideas for the way the story is told.

This means that sometimes, boxcats must create concept art, artists may suggest mechanics, etc. And as a team, it's up to us to work with each other and to review and understand each others ideas to create the best releases possible!

Have feedback about today's release, or the game? Having trouble with any fights? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

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< Message edited by Jay -- 8/9/2019 22:07:42 >
DF AQW  Post #: 1
8/9/2019 22:24:02   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

Wow your stick figure art really speaks to me Verly! My guess would be... yeah I have no idea.

Fantastic ending to this saga, and I especially loved the laugh that Theano had!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
8/9/2019 22:37:04   

I'm most excited about having a stone scythe. Now you can run the ancient elemental scythe and still have a stone weapon. And it even has a special effect Sure it is a weaker version of the lucky hammer, but it isn't rare.

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 8/9/2019 22:57:13 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
8/9/2019 23:47:58   


Part of me wishes we just let Belle go all Infinity War on Theano but I suppose I can make do with him no longer being capable of touching and hurting others ever again and locked away too.

Though I have to admit I thought that at the very least that Theano loved Persephone but given how vile and repugnant he was as a human being it only makes sense that he viewed her as just another tool and taking it a step further with viewing his own child in the same way. His wife, his child, his men, and the civilians he hurt along the way were just a means to an end to lash out at those with magic and be on top. Then he not only didn't even remotely get what he wanted, but he ended up losing not only his dignity but his ability to inflict cruelty as well in addition to having a piece of Death following him onto the end of his days. However, I wonder what Jaania will actually react and deal with Theano.

Theano aside I guess Vitael is no longer a light elemental spirit anymore although I got to say I'm enjoying their new look although hopefully, Warlic was correct in that their mana corruption won't be negative. All of that being said can't wait to see the epilogue of this questline.

DF  Post #: 4
8/9/2019 23:59:48   


The Rose can deal with its own messes? Oh please.
They'll probably be like "How dare the Hero stop something one of our members was doing!" and try to find a way to give him new arms or something. :|
The Rose simply cannot be trusted to actually punish someone for doing evil deeds, because it itself is an evil group.
Post #: 5
8/10/2019 2:12:03   
Primate Murder

Man, the fight ended up surprisingly difficult - not only were the nukes pretty strong, he just kept healing himself. Took me 4 tries to grind him down.

On a side, note - a spell crafted by Death to lull foolish and arrogant mortals into a cursed existence? Am I the only one getting the Deathly Hallows vibe?

@ mds

While I wouldn't go as far as blatantly calling them evil, I do think Jaina will just wave it off - did you see the way she brushed off Warlic and Xan? Most likely she'll just make somebody else deal with the mess, while she focuses on her experiments.
AQ DF  Post #: 6
8/10/2019 2:27:25   


On a side, note - a spell crafted by Death to lull foolish and arrogant mortals into a cursed existence? Am I the only one getting the Deathly Hallows vibe?

Most people (as in the harry potter fandom) believe that the legend of "Death" creating those items is just that, a legend. More likely that the Hallows where simply powerful items created by very talent wizards (the Peravell brothers).

But as a fable about being careful what you wish for, I agree that they are similar. This spell Theano used (to supposedly resurrect the dead) matches well with the resurrection stone in that both do not actually resurrect you.

Which brings up an interesting question: have we seem anyone come back to life in DF (game mechanics aside obviously)? And necromancy doesn't count since they aren't really alive. Have we seem full on resurrection?

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 8/10/2019 2:29:58 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
8/10/2019 3:46:58   

I really liked this finale - the animations and art for the boss battle were especially on-point.

I'm not quite sure what happened to Death though. He did a fusion dance with Theano and then just... disappeared? Definitely looking forward to some resoltion with the epilogue, hopefully it's out soon.
DF  Post #: 8
8/10/2019 5:42:02   

@Kurtz96 Well there was Warlic. But one could say he doesn't count. Ya know... 'cause he's Warlic.


I don't think Death stuck around for the fight. I think that the power that Theano got from the ritual came from the "piece of Death" that he was talking about, which is what that white figure behind Theano represents. Actually, I think that's what Verlyrus' drawing is portraying too!

And I suppose that portion of Death's power now resides in Belle and her soul ally, which would explain Vitael's rad new look?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
8/10/2019 6:32:15   

That was very exciting. Level 90 seems to have a very low drop rate, though. About 10-20 tries - nothing. I had to buy it,unfortunately. Decent Stone weapon finally, with added rainbow colors.

This, in my opinion, should be the Inn version of Theano, with maybe some added abilities. What we have right now, is quite weak and outdated.


On another note, he should've been banished. There is no fixing something, that is beyond broken.

Wish to see Epilogue as soon as possible, though.

Please do continue Six Heroes after this, or maybe the main story. This was a nice overall run.
DF  Post #: 10
8/10/2019 10:01:46   

Oh... Wow. Just this quest.

I'll be honest, I dont remember a lot of the beginning, since the releases were with huge gaps in between.

I think I'll be redoing all of them though.

And this weapon. I'm going to definitely farm for this. The fight is doable, and doesn't require a calendar or DC Class to complete without some amount of luck.

Well done DF team :D

First time i've seen Death right and proper mad at a mortal. Till now, he's mostly just been mildly annoyed with humans.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
8/10/2019 11:49:59   

Pretty good ending to Thorns saga. The weapon and the boss were amazing.
DF  Post #: 12
8/10/2019 11:55:41   

Theano is really stupid.

As in, he really, really is dumb for calling Death moronic.
Post #: 13
8/10/2019 14:38:11   

Kudos to whoever guessed

Belle's parentage in the thread when the last quest was released. I still say that that reveal should have happened two quests earlier, at least. On a related note, when I fought Theano, he attacked Belle exclusively until she was dead, which I found hilarious.
DF  Post #: 14
8/10/2019 15:29:21   
King of Zards

Haven't the battles gotten a bit hard lately? I mean how are non-DA characters even supposed to beat these?
It took me this long to realize that Theano and my main have the exact same hair color.

< Message edited by King of Zards -- 8/10/2019 15:32:59 >
Post #: 15
8/10/2019 20:36:39   

No harder than the bosses we've been having lately. The assassin golem and that... thing at the end of the last war, were both nearly as hard.
DF  Post #: 16
8/11/2019 6:31:58   
King of Zards

Wow, Theano's laugh sounds like the Dollmaker from Alice: Madness Returns. (Once you hear it, you can't unhear it.)
Post #: 17
8/11/2019 21:06:37   
Silver Sky Magician

So I assume the entire Thorns saga was just Belle's origin story?
Post #: 18
8/12/2019 10:24:46   

Maybe at the end of the Thorns Saga we can add Belle as a permanent guest? Would be nice to bring her into quests outside of the Thorns Saga.
Post #: 19
8/13/2019 8:54:19   
Alm Nullamors

I hope this saga isn't the last we see of Belle. Though I was neutral at first, I've grown to rather like her during these last two quests.

I'm uneasy though. Akanthus wouldn't sit around and read comics while we dismantle a super-extreme Rose sect that he actively hides from Jaania. It doesn't sound like him. He's gonna pull something totally outrageous in the epilogue and undo this success like it were nothing.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 20
8/13/2019 21:43:36   

Forget Belle for a minute. Did people like Theano as a villain? I thought he had a little bit of that 'love to have' appeal, but wasn't up to the level of, say, Noxus.
DF  Post #: 21
8/14/2019 12:04:13   

I felt that Theano was an adequate villain for the arc, but in my opinion he is Literally a less successful version of the Roiir story. Just like in the Flesh weaver story, he uses forbidden magic that sacrifices people to revive a dead family member. I wonder if that was the point? Making a similar story, but a version where the hero stops what happening, while intertwining the extremist parts of the rose.
Post #: 22
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