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RE: Leveling up trough Mystery Scroll of Learning

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8/29/2019 5:02:01   
I Overlord I

Given that I only recently Guardianized my alts and there being an ongoing war, I haven't really had the opportunity to test out QH/AB for myself. For perspective, my level 71 has 250 INT and 105 LUK. Certainly, as a glass cannon, there's a good chance of death, but I generally find that the faster you kill a mob the less opportunities they have to "chance" you. Besides, having "blanket" HP is meaningless if you simply don't deal enough damage to kill her before she charges up her own nuke. Furthermore, the initiative from LUK is very useful in drawing first blood and avoiding "free" damage.

If you're still worried though, I would look into Whispering Raiment and/or "Ambush potion" from Lucretia's Apothecary. Not that dying has any real drawbacks other than losing SP (easily amended by EO @ Cmb. Trainer), but w/e.
AQ  Post #: 26
8/29/2019 5:19:06   

Well i thought of that because of two things - LS is a thing and can be very hard hitting. And the fact that i need DEX and INT so i will always be on the catch-up game with LUK - i atm can have 50 luck i think and standard enemies on this level should have like 150 or so.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 27
8/29/2019 21:01:53   
Legendary Ash

LS is only appears powerful through its high random, from it gives 0-23% melee damage on a Lucky strike, which on average is 11.5% melee while Str/Int gives 19.25% to 57.75% melee, which on average is 38.5% melee.
200 End gives 77% extra Hp, with Essence Orb's half efficiency Hp to Sp conversion, thats another 77/2 = 38.5% melee worth of damage from Sp.
AQ  Post #: 28
8/30/2019 4:32:55   

@Ash Thanks for the breakdown Still this stat i only want for farming purposes - at 150 it will be untrained. My end game stat line will be 250 dex/int/cha. My vision of this char is defensive BM. I have the dex/int maxed out - i'm just wondering what stat will give me the easiest time in farming - that's all. Neither luk not end will remain in the final build.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 29
8/31/2019 3:57:44   
I Overlord I

LUK will occasionally give you MASSIVE hits; DEX will consistently give you more accurate hits. Either one is suitable for farming purposes.

However, I don't recommend END at all, especially as EO is rendered useless in this scenario (you'll be exclusively using MP nukes -- not SP nukes). If you absolutely insist on getting it, I don't know what to tell you. Best of luck (pun unintended), I guess.

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AQ  Post #: 30
8/31/2019 5:20:16   

@I Overlord I Nah i don't "absolutely insist" on it - just saw the damage output of Queen Hybee and i was thinking it should be a pretty easy matter for her to kill me at high levels when it is super scary to not be in the proper resistance armor when enemy is not controlled in some way to stop them from attacking. That's all really. Repeating battles due to death complications will slow things down - that's really all there is to it - and that's why i had the END idea.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 31
9/2/2019 5:23:24   
I Overlord I

You won't be playing catch-up if you pump all your "leftover" points into LUK and get WR/AP. Should be enough to ensure the first turn more often than not, even against something like Hybee. Besides, it's really only her nuke that can one-hit you from full in an off-element armor.
AQ  Post #: 32
9/2/2019 14:19:50   

Well i put them in LUK and at 118 lvl i have 90 LUK. I hope i wont need WR because switching in and out of armors takes time plus if i switch out of robes i need to activate the Lore enhancement again when i witch back in - all of this will make the farm that much longer. Hope AP is enough to pull trough.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 33
9/3/2019 10:28:08   
I Overlord I

If you have an UR box, I'd simply use LMBM instead. Wizard Robes (and its variants) are currently bugged, so "blood spells" consume SP when you imbue them.
AQ  Post #: 34
9/3/2019 10:37:40   

@Overlord: The sp consumption is fairly minimal, only 151 at level 150. Though costing more mana, an imbued blood spell in generalist robes is equal to bloodmage spells in damage. An imbued burst spell in its corresponding elemental robes are significantly stronger than the bloodmage spells. Wizard robes are also bugged in a way that if you use lore with celerity, the second cast will not have increases cost.

Sqwall: it will only take longer if the battle takes longer than 15 seconds btw.

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AQ  Post #: 35
9/3/2019 11:09:19   
I Overlord I

That's definitely fair, though my main issue with imbuing spells is that it's especially punishing when you miss. Especially if you run guest Poe as well. Because you won't even get a second imbued cast due to the lack of MP. Which is why Brilhado Necromancer Robes (which can be coupled with Blackbones) are the best bet, imo. Their M/R/M is pretty high as well, so he may even be able to dodge some attacks with a bit of luck.

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AQ  Post #: 36
9/3/2019 12:35:59   

I think if you can kill it in 1 turn or 2 turns with shadowfeeder, then it's better to use wizard robes. In all other cases, Necro robes are better for darkness.

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AQ  Post #: 37
9/4/2019 1:54:47   

Well i still have some 8 levels to get until i reach 126 to go to the bee so i guess we'll see in like 4 days or so. On a separate note i was wondering why Imbue Lore takes SP - it's nothing grand but was odd. So it is a bug - good to know.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 38
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