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=AQ= Comparison Tools

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9/4/2019 13:36:12   

Have a spreadsheet or other method of calculation you use to do item or other comparisons and want to make it public? Post it here.
Please do explain how your sheet works, posting a random link with no explanation of what it is for or how it works may be removed without notice.

Discussion and bettering of the process is welcome as well.

Do NOT post help request here, use the main Q&A board.

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9/5/2019 7:45:56   

I made a spreadsheet that will help you calculate your average damage per turn (DPT), you can download it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NuOJfAnK1eSbdLd-sSQ6QqDW58-cvO_o. The link contains various versions, but they are there just for backup. Please always download the latest one.

I believe the sheet is fairly intuitive, but here are the instructions of use:

First of all, the workbook has 4 different sheets in it, "Player Attacks", "Skills & Spells", "Pets and Guests" and "Fixed Values". "Fixed Values" has a bunch of formulas and you shouldn't ever touch it if you don't want to break the entire workbook, the other 3 sheets are the ones you should be using.

The way to use all 3 sheets is basically the same. In the left side of the sheet you will see some formulas and values, this is another part you shouldn't touch as it's what the sheet will use to calculate your average damage per turn. What you want to look at is the "Average Damage Per Turn" part at the bottom left of the sheet, the "Auto-hit Value" just tells you how much damage you're doing if you don't factor accuracy in, it is not applying any auto-hit penalties whatsoever.
You might also want to look at the Hit Rate part of the sheet as that will show what is your chance of hitting the opponent, in decimals. So a chance of 0.81 means you will hit 81% of your attacks. Again though, don't touch this part.

The part that needs your actual input is the right side of the sheet, in it you'll see things like "Level, Stats, Weapon Proc, Monster's MRM" and many others for you to fill. I'll go over everything just to make sure it's as clear as possible. But I believe they're self-explanatory for the most part. Many of the things overlap between sheets, so I'll explain each only once.

Lastly, keep in mind that a value you put in one sheet has no effect whatsoever in anything on the other 2 sheets. So if you set your STR as 250 in the Player Attacks Sheet, it won't matter one bit for the Spells & Skills sheet.

Player Attacks Sheet
This is the sheet that calculates your average DPT with normal attacks, as in, the attack button on the top of the menu.

Level is your item's PowLvl. This is important because you should use 153 for any level 150 item or 143 Z-token item. It also means that the sheet won't be able to calculate things properly if you have armors and weapons of different levels, so the numbers will be slightly off if you have a lv 147 weapon and a lv 150 armor or something.

STR/DEX/INT/END/CHA/LUK are your stats after any modifiers that you want to use. So if you want to calculate your damage while using a 250 INT character with Celtic Wheel's boost, you should put 300 INT there.

Weapon Proc Rate should be in %, not decimals. A 20% proc weapon should have its proc as 20, not 0.2. If the proc is 0% the sheet will automatically multiply your damage by *1.08 as that is the latest balance standard for the no-proc boost. If you're using an older weapon with a +9% boost or *1.09 boost, you'll have to divide the final number by /1.08 and then apply the appropriate boost of your no-proc weapon. (more on how to do that later)
If your weapon is 100% proc, you should not set the proc as 100, see below on how they work.

100% Proc have a Yes/No prompt. Put it as Yes if your weapon is 100% proc, and put it as No otherwise. Make sure to check your spelling as it default to "No" in case there is any typo in it.
When setting the Weapon Proc Rate of a 100% proc weapon, the default value should be 0. If your 100% proc has a special special (something like Frostval '15 Spoon), then you should set it as the chance of the special special proccing. (in the case of the frostval spoon, that's 20.)
100% Proc weapons without a real special will automatically have their damage multiplied by *1.1, as that's the latest balance standard for the no-real-special boost.

Armor Lean should be either FD, MD, N, MO or FO in all caps. Make sure to double check if you wrote it properly as any typo there will default your armor to FO. (in case of unusual leans like Spellcaster, just put the lean that corresponds to how much damage it deals when attacking, so... In case of Spellcaster it would be FD)

Armor/Weapon BTH Leans are that thing that some items have that make them have something like... "+3 BTH, but deals 85/88 damage", in this case the BTH Lean should be 3.

Monster Resistance is your enemy's elemental modifier, in decimals. The default is 1.3 because mobs usually take 130% damage from their weakest element, but you can change it as you see fit.

Monster Melee/Ranged/Magic are their MRM. The default values are the default MRM for lv 150 monsters (which is 54 btw), you can keep them as is or change it as you see fit.

Monster DEX/LUK are there solely to help the sheet calculate the monster's overall dodge chance. Once again, the default values there are the default DEX/LUK for level 150 monsters. (which are 250 and 225 respectively)

Additive/Multiplicative/BTH Bonuses are any and every modifier you can think of that you would like to put in your calculation that is not your armor's lean nor your weapon's proc. Things like Poelala, Chieftain's Iron Thorn and Osiris Misc go there. It is important to note that the boost you need to put should be the value it gets after any outside modifiers. (For example, if you want to put the BTH boost of Osiris Misc in your calculation, it should be a 10 BTH boost if you wanna use it for melee/ranged weapons, 13.3 BTH boost if you wanna use it for Magic Weapons, or a 5 BTH boost if you wanna use it for spells.)
  • Additive Boost should be in %, not in decimals. A Hydromancer Bloodblade's boost would be 20 for melee/ranged and 25 for magic, not 0.2 and 0.25.
  • Multiplicative boosts should be pretty straightforward, a Chieftain's Iron Thorn would be a 1.5 boost, for example. In case you wanna use this to remove the *1.08 bonus of a No-proc weapon (you should only do that if you're using an outdated weapon with a different no-proc boost), you should apply a boost of =1/1.08 (Make sure you put the "=" symbol there, or the sheet won't understand that "1/1.08" is actual math).
    Also worth noting that the sheet already takes into account the /1.1 penalty that has been applied to weapon attacks ever since Patch 39. So you do not need to apply it manually.
  • BTH Boosts are also in %, not in decimals. Osiris Misc should give 10 BTH for Melee/Ranged, not 0.1.
Spells & Skills Sheet
This is the sheet that calculates your average DPT with both spells and skills since they are calculated almost the same way. There are a few things you have to be careful with in order to not mess things up though, I'll go over the things you need to be careful with as I explain the sections that require your input. And as I said above, I'll be skipping stuff that is shared between sheets.

Armor Lean should not affect any Spell-Type skills whatsoever, but make sure the lean is appropriate when calculating the numbers for Skill-Type skills.

Type can either be Skill-Type or Spell-Type. As with Armor Lean in the previous sheet, please be careful with writing it exactly as it's written in the sheet or it will default to Skill-Type otherwise. Spell-Type should be used for all spells and for any skills that are treated as spells. Skill-Type should be used for skills that are treated as Normal Player Attacks.

Elecomp should be 1 for all spells used from your inventory. If it's an Armor Skill, use the appropriate elecomp. If your Armor Skill has elecomp reducing the cost (like Headless Horseman), the elecomp should also be 1.

For the Additive Bonuses and the like, you need to remember to apply the appropriate boost for things after multipliers. For example, if you were using a spell, the multiplicative damage boost from Sila's Staff would be *1.0625, however, the damage boost from the level 150 version of Polygalactase Process would be *1.105.

Pets and Guests Sheet
The sheet that calculates the average DPT of your pets and guests, almost everything here is the same as the other sheets, so I'll be quick.

Monster MRM refers to the monster's appropriate MRM for whatever attack type your pet uses. There wasn't much point in separating it into Melee/Ranged/Magic like in the other ones because your pet's damage is the same regardless of what attack type it uses.

Phew, that's pretty much it for explaining how the sheet works... This ended up being far bigger than I thought... >.>

Guess I'll just close this with one last tidbit of info then.

What this sheet won't do:

Calculate anything related to how much damage the monster will deal to you. I have no clue how to calculate that and in all honesty I don't have much interest in doing so either.

Calculate your DPT involving status aliments. If it's something as simple as Elemental Vulnerability you can just put it in the Multiplicative Bonuses part of the sheet, but if it's something more complex like Burn, Bleed and Poison, I'm afraid this sheet won't be able to help you... Mainly because I dunno how to calculate those. If I ever learn it I might make a new sheet to include it, but that's not something I plan to do in the foreseeable future.

That will be all, I hope this sheet will help you out somehow! ^^)/

Change Log

Version 8.1: Fixed an issue that Weapon BTH Lean was not applying to Normal Player Attacks.
Version 8.2: Added Support for 100% Proc Weapons.
Version 8.3: Added some colors to make it simpler to use.

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