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Lvl 108 Mage Help

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9/11/2019 8:14:20   

Made a lot of progress since I last updated my build and am interested in some opinions on gear moving forward. Below are some of of my thoughts on what I think i should be going for; but please feel free to suggest any ideas. I believe some more gear is about to open up at level 110 as well.

Lvl: 108, Guardian
Build: Pure offense mage
Stats: currently 250 int/dex and planning on 250 luk
No-drop: Wind element staff of awe/guardian shield/plate and no drop vamp
Char Page

Geocastellum Staff -> ? I was originally using tyrant club but didn't like it very much. Geo staff has been working out but the dmg feels kinda low; not sure if there is a better option.

Voidsplinter Tether - Picked this up for the void dmg from gift box, seems solid

Chimeran Defender -> ? I've been liking this armor for the utility of the fire skill and poison; but not sure if there is a better fully offensive option right now. The regular attack doesn't seem very strong.

Aero/Geo Robes & Contradiction Cuirass - Just keeping these in storage because i use them to farm Mighty Shadow Roc/gogg and easily hit my exp/gold caps every day

Chimeran Def Shield - Same as the chimeran armor above
Luminous Shield - storage, just using to farm house guards like i said above

I've mostly been running dual Poelala and godmother as needed

I also have a couple of rare and ultra rare giftboxes; any priorities i should be picking up off the shop?
AQ  Post #: 1
9/11/2019 13:00:53   
Primate Murder

Let's see how I can help!

First of all, in case you're unaware, here are some of the commonly used strategies by the meta players. The current meta emphasizes stun-locking the monster, then crushing it with powerful ele-locked nukes, so that's what I will be basing my suggestions on.


First of all, I would suggest switching your no-drop to energy, as it is the element most lacking in exceptional weapons/shields. It may also be a good idea to upgrade your no-drops to the !!! version and align the special to PWD.

Bloodzerker sword is indubitably the best offensive fire weapon we currently have. For a negligible hp cost, it deals +20% damage, and even more when paired with Bloodzerker armors.

The Kindred sword is pretty good for weapon-based attacks, but if you plan on focusing on your spells, Tidal Pen may be a better choice. It's not very good on basic attacks, being 100-proc, but it provides 18% multiplicative damage bonus to your spells - which can be quite noticable with something like the Hydromancer Bloodmage nuke.

Kazemai Athame provides extra accuracy to your wind spells.

Keep Arctic Athame for ice - its damage bonus will come in very handy with Cryomancer Bloodmage.

Bloodzerker's Terra sword is an earth copy of the fire bloodzerker weapon.

For light, I would suggest the Morningstar Cross. It's a 100-proc weapon, but you can click on it for a 2x damage skill - and that damage bonus stacks with Vamp's Beast Form or Bloodzerker toggles!

Voidsplinter compresses dark/harm, making it the best darkness weapon available.


First of all, complete the advanced subrace mission, if you have not done so already. It will give you a second scaling no-drop in the form of your subrace armor, complete with 10 skills including Int toggle, qc stun and a Beast Form that deals increased damage while also healing you. This should be your go-to armor for both darkness and wind.

Mighty UG plate gives bonuses for melee weapons. You'll want the Insightful version for a mage.

Blazing Bloodzerker armor from UR GGBs deals +20% damage on all weapon attacks and has an ele-locked 2x damage toggle, which pairs nicely with the Morningstar Cross' skill.

Hydromancer Bloodmage is an incredible spellcasting armor, giving +50% damage to all your spells. It also compresses an elelocked water spell (which also gets the above bonus), making it the strongest water spell in the game.

Cryomancer Bloodmage is an ice copy of the Hydromancer.

Terra Bloodzerker is an earth copy of the Blazing Bloodzerker armor.

Taladosian still has the strongest energy skill in the game.

For light, you can use either WKZ (strongest elecomped skill in the game) or Lumenomancer version of the bloodmage armors.

For your utility slot, you can either use whatever Wizard robes you currently need, or grab the Assassin Class armor. Its lvl 5 skill, combined with Lucretia's Ambush potion, gives you over 200 Initiative.


At 250 Dex, the UG shield is probably more useful than the shield of Awe.

Cerberus Ward compresses fire/darkness, in order to fit in CIT (+50% damage on all weapon attacks).

Celtic remains the best offensive option for water.

Fujin shield has a Dex drive for extra accuracy.

Cryo Chrono shield may be a better option for ice, capable of inflicting paralysis when you block a hit. Alterantively, you can use Pies. Since Poes now partially rely on Cha, this is pretty much a boost to all your attacks and spells.

Not sure if you may want to switch out CHimeran, but Morningstar harms the monster a little on block, healing you for damage dealt.

When your Luck is high enough, you'll want the Dragon Head shield for the boost to LS rate. Until then, Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM.


D-Burst covers fire darkness, and you don't need light or earth spell since you'll deal about as much with weapon attacks in Beast Form.

Tide and Fury are still good enough for their respective elements.

Warmaster's Burst is a slightly better wind option.

Angry Trobble is an energy spell that deals extra damage with every hit. You can also click on it to switch it to a boost your bth for the next few turns.

Purple Rain is pretty much a necessity for the meta. If nothing else, you can pair it with SFP's celerity and Vamp's Mesmerize.

The Imbue spells from the Warrior's Tower can be pretty useful, like pairing Terror Fist with WKZ skill, or Fire Dragon Talon with Horo Show nuke (if you decide to keep that).

Essence of Carnage guest (the Defiant toggle) can heal your mp based on damage you do with weapon attacks. Useful if you run out of mp for spells.

Splosion and Research are situationally useful , so it's up to you whether you want to use a slot on them.


If you intend to continue using the Kindred sword, it may be a good idea to grab the Kindred pet for charge gathering.


Monsters generally die way too fast these days for resist miscs to actually be useful. At most, I'd suggest carrying around Cyclops' Eye to cover all elements.

Rejuvenating Necklace is a staple for any spellcaster, rgening mp based on damage dealt.

Keep Essence Orb and Bell Shell - those two remain useful for any offensive build.

Shadowfeeder Pendant gives you qc celerity, making it a necessity for the meta.

Taladosian Pendant grants +10 Mental Potence, increasing your chances of inflicting Vamp's Mesmerize.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap bth booster, with a bonus that's not /2 for spells.

Finally, you'll want some kind of an Int misc, like Warlic's Oblivion Sphere to boost your damage. Alternatively, Grakma Harbinger misc can inflict you with Berserk - giving you extra damage at the expense of accuracy. It's actually pretty good for spells, since it gives over 20% damage bonus, and multiplicative too - as long as you're not afraid of missing the monster.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 2
9/12/2019 0:32:30   

thanks, i'll start trying out some of these suggestions and see how it works out for me. One quick question, if realigning the no drops to energy, the guardian plate becomes pretty much redundant if still using Taladosian right? Would just be utilizing the ele swap on the wep/shield
AQ  Post #: 3
9/12/2019 5:00:40   
Primate Murder

Yeah, pretty much.

Then again, who actually uses the no-drop armor?
AQ DF  Post #: 4
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