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=DF= October 4th Design Notes: The Corrupted Seven and the Release of Chaosweaver!

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10/4/2019 22:31:45   

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Sleepy Cat

The Corrupted Seven and the Release of Chaosweaver!

Hey there, heroes!

The elemental spirits of Wrath and Sloth have appeared at the Inn at the Edge of Time!

Avoid getting smashed by Wrath, and don't fall asleep on Sloth in order to earn some cute chibi versions of the spirits to wear on your back!

And also make one step closer to opening that splendid locked chest! What could be inside?

Note: The Gluttony challenge will have to be repeated due to a previous bug.

The Chaosweaver class is now LIVE!

After so much playtesting and adjustment, the Chaosweaver class is now ready. While you may be excited for the Chaosweaver class, it's sold by the mysterious Secundus... and even finding him may be a challenge in itself!

Follow the red threads to purchase the Chaosweaver class for 1800 Dragon Coins!

Chaosweaver's skills:

You begin every fight with 2 Soulthreads. By clicking the vials above the Attack button, you can unempower or empower certain skills which can consume Soulthreads. Certain skills will allow you to regain Soulthreads.
  • Attack
    • 2 hits for a total of 125% base damage.
    • Can trigger on attack specials.
  • Soul Aegis
    • Prevent yourself from dying to direct damage for 2 turns. (DoT effects will bypass this).
    • Costs 15 MP, 8 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, duration increases to 3 turns, and provides an additional 300 Immobility resistance.
  • Soul Gambit
    • Increase your Bonus and Boost by 200 and 175 respectively for 4 turns, but reduce your Defenses by 200 and your All resistance by 60 for 8 turns.
    • Costs 30 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, you can take your next turn immediately.
  • Soul Slice
    • 2 hits for a total of 200% base damage.
    • Increase your Crit by 50 for 3 turns.
    • Costs 5 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
  • Hexing Wheel
    • 8 hits for a total of 200% base damage.
    • Reduces all cooldowns by 1.
    • Costs 20 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
  • Aggression
    • 8 hits for a total of 225% base damage.
    • Applies a DoT of half of your base + stat damage for 4 turns.
    • Costs 45 MP, 4 turn cooldown.
    • Can be Empowered to increase the DoT duration to 10 turns.
  • Soul Shred
    • 7 hits for a total of 200% base damage.
    • Stuns your foe for 1 turn.
    • Costs 27 MP, 14 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, the stun bypasses Immobility resistance, and also applies -100 Bonus on the foe for 3 turns.
  • Soul Assault
    • 12 hits for a total of 225% base damage
    • If you have at least one vial available, increases your Soulthread count by 1.
    • Costs 20 MP, 10 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Siphon
    • 2 hits for a total of 175% base damage.
    • Heals you for more depending on your missing HP.
    • Costs 35 MP, 9 turn cooldown.
    • Can be empowered to remove all DoT effects on you.
  • Dominance
    • 1 hit for 160% base damage to all foes.
    • Costs 30 MP, 3 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Rip
    • 1 hit for 125% base damage to all foes.
    • Stuns all foes for 1 turn.
    • Costs 25 MP, 19 turn cooldown.
  • Vengeance
    • 19 hits for a total of 175% base damage.
    • Reduces foe's All resistance by 20 for 4 turns.
    • Costs 45 MP, 9 turn cooldown.
    • When Empowered, increases foe's Health resistance by an additional 50.
  • Rebuke
    • Deals 3 hits of damage based on your missing HP.
    • Costs 20 MP, 9 turn cooldown.
  • Obliterate
    • 1 hit of 200% base damage.
    • May annihiliate your foe, or apply a strong DoT for 1 turn.
    • Costs 35 MP, 7 turn cooldown.
  • Untangle
    • 5 hits for a total of 300% base damage.
    • Guaranteed critical.
    • If you have at least one vial available, increases your Soulthread count by 1.
    • Costs 35 MP, 16 turn cooldown.

Chaosweaver accessories are also now available!

You can purchase the new $9.95 Chaosweaver Dragon Coin bundle to get 2000 Dragon Coins and the 3 accessories: The Puppeteer, The Threadcutter, and the Weaver's Facade!(Chaosweaver armor not included).

You can also purchase the accessories from Secundus for 500 Dragon Coins each.

These accessories can all be upgraded every ten levels at Secundus as well. However, if you upgrade the 500 Dragon Coin versions, their resale value will drop to 0.

It's finally the time of year for Mogloween!

The Mogloween storybook has reappeared in the Book of Lore for this month only. Play through all of the old Mogloween seasonal events while you can!

Have feedback about today's release, or the game? Having trouble with any fights? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Want to play DragonFable without using an internet browser?

Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks and updates (and feel free to tweet us your fan art and feedback too!)

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< Message edited by Jay -- 10/5/2019 18:15:05 >
DF  Post #: 1
10/4/2019 22:44:00   

My boy Zellaraneish is looking more and more sad as we progress. I must say though, I love the designs of these two (three?). I wouldn't want to mess with Wrath!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
10/4/2019 22:51:00   

I beat Gluttony again and lost a light on the center chest (green coloured for Envy even though I didn't fight him). The only light left now is the yellow one. Is this suppose to happen?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
10/4/2019 23:00:35   

I just defeated Lust again, and it still says I have to beat her to fight Sloth. Seems bugged.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
10/4/2019 23:11:25   

Wrath takes no damage from crits. Other than that he seems pretty straight forward.
I do find it strange that wrath is water element since water is usually seen as soothing and calming.

EDIT: I also can't fight Sloth. I says I have to beat Lust first even though I already did.

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 10/4/2019 23:32:19 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
10/4/2019 23:36:45   
Warmonger DragonJax

That is the most beautiful weapon art I've ever seen. I'm in love, please save me.


Post #: 6
10/4/2019 23:43:58   

The locks are working now! All the colours except the central for lock for Pride.

Have we seen Pride before? Cause because of his association with Lucifer Pride has always been the leader/most important/most powerful of the 7 sins. Seems unusual that we haven't met yet.

EDIT: Sloth switches between the 2 people, has a nuke, and heals (I think, wasn't paying any attention). But doesn't really have a "gimmick"

Wrath and Sloth are pretty basic compared to Lust and Gluttony.

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 10/4/2019 23:51:44 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
10/4/2019 23:45:50   

Ohey it's that one character from the Steven Universe Movie

So is it just me or is it odd that there's like... two Sloths that are just hanging out together instead of there being one entity/body <.<

< Message edited by mds2006 -- 10/5/2019 0:13:54 >
Post #: 8
10/5/2019 0:09:05   

Gah...... This is the first time I've tried to fight these Sin enemies.

Envy and Lust are total MONSTERS, how did any of you manage to kill these things!? I brought down Greed easily enough, he's not too bad, but these others.... Yikes.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
10/5/2019 0:37:54   
De Sade

The art for Chaosweaver accessories are just exquisite. It captures the essence of the class very well, but stat-wise?
I'm not convinced, currently on the fence on buying the package and the class or just buying the class.

Also, I can't seem to find any confirmation wether the armament package will stay permanently, seasonal or will it perish completely along with other rares in the past?

Get ready for spook season lads & lasses!
May the moderators of Dragonfable bless us with a bountiful war this season.

< Message edited by De Sade -- 10/5/2019 0:38:16 >
Post #: 10
10/5/2019 0:53:44   

Wrath's noteworthy facet is that scoring a critical hit will cause her to heal and increase her damage. The fight isn't particularly difficult, but Wrath can be REALLY obnoxious at higher levels. I'd recommend using the Magi Sentinel Helm to lower your Crit while fighting Wrath; once you've gotten past this annoying little stumbling block the fight is very easy.
There's lots of weird stuff going on with Sloth; I'll post again once his mechanics are better documented.
DF  Post #: 11
10/5/2019 1:01:27   
Katsushika Hokusai

I could be wrong about this, but I believe that Sloth's gimmick is that he changes personalities every time you hit him, and if you don't deal X amount of damage in one turn he goes to sleep and heals a lot of health back. What I'm not sure about is when he does the arrow attack, I feel like it occurs when his health reaches a certain point. At least that's what it seems like to me.
DF  Post #: 12
10/5/2019 2:17:11   

Will the issue of having to beat Gluttony/Lust be fixed? I really don't want to have to fight Lust again. I'm not even sure how I beat her the first time (other than void barrier cheese).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
10/5/2019 2:37:47   

Does anyone know where Secundus is? i cant even find the first red thread.

< Message edited by HORRIOR -- 10/5/2019 2:38:11 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
10/5/2019 2:48:46   
De Sade

Go to book 3 Ravenloss (Finish the Tomix Saga first, where you closed the void gate that connects Pellow Village & Ravenloss), enter the house where the annoying sloth-like creature sits in front of.
Stand on thee right corner of the empty room and wait for at least 20-30 seconds.
When the portal reveals itself, click enter.
Post #: 15
10/5/2019 3:23:54   


I could be wrong about this, but I believe that Sloth's gimmick is that he changes personalities every time you hit him, and if you don't deal X amount of damage in one turn he goes to sleep and heals a lot of health back. What I'm not sure about is when he does the arrow attack, I feel like it occurs when his health reaches a certain point. At least that's what it seems like to me.

This seems to be the case. Each of his two heads has its own attack that he should alternate between every time he is attacked under normal circumstances. If your attack doesn't deal enough damage, both of his heads will fall asleep and he'll heal; if it deals too much damage, both of his heads will wake up and he'll buff himself. If you continue to deal too much damage while he's buffed, he'll nuke you with the arrow attack. The exact damage thresholds that determine these behaviors are still being determined.

EDIT: Both heads will fall asleep if you deal less than 1% of his max HP, and both heads will wake up if you deal more than 7.5% of his max HP.

< Message edited by TFS -- 10/5/2019 15:15:23 >
DF  Post #: 16
10/5/2019 3:30:18   

Has Lust been buffed since release? I could beat her fairly often before (for the cape) with Ascendant but can't now.

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 10/5/2019 3:45:03 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
10/5/2019 4:18:15   

Lust has not been altered since release.
DF  Post #: 18
10/5/2019 4:30:34   
Lord Alsvinich

I really wish Chaosweavers could summon Aegis
Post #: 19
10/5/2019 5:41:44   

Anyone knows where the bundle is ? Cant seem to find it on the store packages.
DF AQW  Post #: 20
10/5/2019 5:58:25   

Where exactly is the bundle at?
if you can, please give me a link, because I cannot seem to find it.

Checked the homepage and Artix Points. Nothing.
DF  Post #: 21
10/5/2019 6:03:12   

Allow me to introduce you two to a great strategy I like to call... stun-locking and beat Lust up in her sleep
For the setup, you should invite 2 guests, one of which needs to have a 3-turn stun (cough Sir Leon cough) and the other should be able to dish out a lot of damage like Nythera. Now, the meat and potato of this cheesy tactic: Lust has low health compared to other inn bosses, but she has 200 immobility so most people don't bother stunning her. However, Using classes with -all resist skill (I used pirate/techno for that -50 all) coupled with pet dragon's 200 mischief fume skill (which gives a one turn -100 immobility) makes it possible to have a 50% chance to stun Lust that turn. Needless to say, if Sir Leon's stun worked, then Lust is pretty much defenseless for the next 2 turns, allowing you to ignore the 2 pesky minions and beat Lust to a complete pulp!
If the setup fails, you could just try again 'til it works. It's so stupidly simple that I actually felt a little bad for Lust: Lost due to the player's complete cheesiness!
AQ Epic  Post #: 22
10/5/2019 6:09:51   
The Betrayer123

When I click the bundle on the DC page it comes up as Sun God Set and not Chaosweaver. Soon as it's sorted I'll buy it so I know I'm getting the right thing
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 23
10/5/2019 9:39:33   

1. Click >Get Dragon Coins< on the main DF website.
2. Click >this< option.
3. >Login<
4. Select the >Chaos Weaver Set< package!
DF  Post #: 24
10/5/2019 10:34:58   

Loving chaosweaver so far, such a shame that the new running animation makes sheating weapons look awkward, naruto running was a fav of mine haha
AQW  Post #: 25
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