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Umazen Uprising Pt. 1: The Umazon Stirs

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The Umazon Stirs

Location: Travel Map » Umazen Civil War » The Umazon Stirs or Yulgars Inn » Go to lounge » Sage Uldor » Burning Solstice » War Begets War: Umazen Uprising » The Umazon Stirs

«In the plains near Battleon, an Umazen leads her horse pulling a wagon of barrels. Yulgar speaks to her while Robina and a group of farmers watch from the side.»

Yulgar: ...No, the coin's good. I didn't have trouble with the order, and I can guarantee you'll have no issue with the quality.
Umazen: We had no reason to doubt a blacksmith of your renown regardless. But you are clearly dissatisfied, and I'd rather not let unspoken concerns cost my people a good start to a convenient trade arrangement.
Umazen: Speak frankly.
Yulgar: Alright. Look, if I'm going to be completely honest? I've heard all the rumors about your people. Sure, I have no reason to believe half of them, but I know enough to be sure that you've got to have plenty of enemies.
Yulgar: And I don't just mean bandits who get too tempted by big caravans with half-armored women.
Yulgar: I'm talking about raiders. Slavers. People nasty enough to have bounties on them across every town with a name, even in Krovesport.
Umazen: Are you worried that our deal might attract their retaliation?
Yulgar: The farther away those renegades stay, the better, but this is Battleon. They can't get near without having an army of adventurers and Guardians flatten them.
Yulgar: No, I'm all for you taking the fight to them, freeing their victims and going back home with plenty of reward gold. You do a good deed and I eventually get that gold.
Umazen: Speak directly then, blacksmith. Our mutual respect demands that much. What is your concern?
Yulgar: But when a client with enemies that nasty is clearly going to war, I'd appreciate it if people got a heads up about the coming danger.
Umazen: ...The Umazen forces are not marching to war. Only our Emancipators and deserters carry out such open conflicts. Our only concern is protecting our homeland.
Yulgar: Look, miss. I've manned the forge through more wars than anyone should have to live through.
Yulgar: Even my disciple has already seen too much, and I was hoping he wouldn't have needed to see half the things he already has before the day he takes over.
Yulgar: If I thought this gear was going to go to a bad cause, I wouldn't have made it. So please, just level with me. Is there going to be a war that anyone needs to be warned about?
Umazen: I give you my word that my people are not bringing war on any others.
Yulgar: ...That's as much as I'm getting out of you, eh? Fine. That'll do.
Umazen: Farewell then, citizens of Battleon.

«The Umazen leaves the scene with her wagon.»
«You enter the scene and Robina gets closer.»

«You»: ...What was that about? I've never seen so many Umazen in one place. Almost thought we had a war on our hands for a moment, with a whole platoon on our door.
Robina: That's how trade with the Umazen usually goes. They make big bulk deals out of town, where the big armed caravan won't get people riled up.
«You»: That explains why I haven't seen them around. They must trade very infrequently, then, and cover their needs for a long period every time. Must make them a juicy target for bandits.
Robina: That's right, «You». That's why they send word ahead of time, make their orders via messenger and travel with a platoon for escort.
«You»: Let me guess: They then show up too early or too late, and take a different spot. Or show up with a bunch of bandit loot to sell on top of the agreed goods.
Robina: Little bit of column A, all of column B. Not a bad guess, I'm impressed.
«You»: Thank you. Good to see nothing bad was happening... Er, Yulgar? Is anything wrong? You're awful quiet. Don't tell me we DO have a fight to worry about.
Yulgar: Don't worry, «You». We don't have a war coming our way for once.
«You»: You don't seem reassured by that.
Yulgar: That's because I'm not. I've seen how much lies offend Umazen, but that one was clearly hiding something.
«You»: How bad do you think it is?
Yulgar: I don't know. The deal was very strange. A few quality arming swords and longswords, huge order of bronzed hoplons, and so many suits of riveted mail that Hans and I were working nights for weeks.
«You»: None of that sounds like Umazen gear. You think they might be arming someone else?
Yulgar: Exactly. Especially considering the suits were too small for them. We used Hans's measures. I seriously don't think it's anyone bad, but I don't appreciate not knowing.
Yulgar: Maybe you could follow them and find out...? No, they probably wouldn't take kindly to being tailed. Bah, maybe I'm getting paranoid with age.
«You»: Don't say that. Your instinct's as sharp as any of your swords. I can try to investigate for you, but you're right, I don't think they'd be very happy with me following or asking questions they clearly don't want to answer.

«A quick small pause occurs before the dialogue continues.»

Robina: …«You», are you really up for finding out more about the Umazen?
«You»: If it gives Yulgar some peace of mind, sure. Besides, if there's going to be a war anywhere, it can't hurt to be warned.
Robina: Then I'll be waiting for you at the edge of Greenguard, right past the farms. Be ready for a long trip on foot.
«You»: Now you're the one that seems troubled.
Robina: Sorry. I couldn't possibly trust you and Yulgar more, but I really can't talk about this in public.
«You»: ...Alright. I trust you too, Robina. We'll meet there.

«Robina leaves the scene.»

Yulgar: If anyone knows every last passage through the forest, it's her. She might even get you wherever that caravan's going before it arrives.
«You»: I'm more concerned with what could get her that serious, that suddenly.

You take the first transport to the farms, but have to get out and start walking not long before reaching the forest. The roads and forest edge are unusually thick with wildlife and outlaws after the caravan's passage. You'll have to fight your way to where Robina's waiting.
  • Continue
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal every second battle
    «In a forest somewhat far from Battleon, you meet up with Robina.»

    Robina: There you are.
    «You»: It took a while to find you.
    Robina: Sorry about that. Had to make sure neither of us got followed here.
    «You»: Fair enough. Now, what has you so terribly worried that we have to be this secretive?
    Robina: We've known each other since I was practically a kid, but there's some secrets of the woods that you can't be too cautious with, «You».
    «You»: Like whatever it is the Umazen are hiding?
    Robina: And wherever, too. I'm not friends with the Umazen. But they make the kind of enemies that wouldn't mind razing through the forest and all its creatures if they knew where they can be found.
    Robina: So I don't speak of their last city lightly.
    «You»: Last city... That makes sense. I've never even seen another of them on any recent maps. And if raiders of any kind found that one of their favorite enemies are down to one city...
    Robina: Now you see what I mean.
    Robina: Alright. That caravan still has at least one stop to make, so we can make up for lost time if we cut through the woods. It won't be safe, and we won't get to rest much...
    Robina: -but we should be able to reach the Umazon in a matter of days. Hopefully before the caravan.
    «You»: Bold, but I like it. With you leading the way, I don't think any bandits could keep up anyways. Let's get going.

  • Fight beside Robina! - Robina Hood will now fight by your side!
  • Proceed as you are
      6 BATTLES
    «After every second battle, you are given the following prompt:»

    You and Robina faced down fearsome foes, and night is falling. You have limited time and supplies, will you take a long rest and heal up, or only stop for a short break before continuing on?
  • Rest for the night - You are fully healed and consume one of your remaining rests.
  • Continue - You do not heal any HP or MP, but do not consume one of your remaining rests either.
    Rests Remaining: 2

    «During nighttime, in a small clearing within the forest, both you and Robina face each other next to a bonfire and 2 tents.»

    Robina: Your turn to take first watch, «You». I'm toast.
    «You»: Get some sleep, you've earned it.
    Robina: You know the deal by now. If any animals walk into the camp, knock them out and slap a bag of coin on them.
    «You»: And if anyone shady walks into the camp, knock them out and give their gold to the animals. After taking a cut for my trouble.
    Robina: You learn fast. We need to do this more often. *yawn*
    «You»: Saving the world makes for a tight schedule, but it could be fun. Now go to sleep already.

    «Scene changes to the top of a hill within the forest, still at nighttime.. You, being represented by a dark silhouette with the default male face and guardian armor, are sitting next to your guardian blade that is stuck on the ground. You are looking up towards the sky.»

    «You»: (thinking) Awful quiet compared to the last few nights...

    «Screen fades for a moment before showing the same scene. Only, this time you are looking downwards.»

    «You»: ...I don't know WHAT that bear is doing, but I hope it stays away...

    «Screen fades and then shows the same scene once again. You are looking upwards this time.»

    «You»: Eight hundred and one bottles of moglinberry juice on the wa-

    «You move your head left and right before looking downwards once more.»

    «You»: Sounds like someone outside our camp. Better check this out.

    «Scene changes back to your camp. Two shadows approach the location, but the people whose shadows you're seeing stay out of sight. "???" are numbered (they're not numbered in-game) for reader convenience.»

    ??? #1: Another orc camp? Or is it elves this time?
    ??? #2: Elves wouldn't camp like this, are you daft? Not that it matters, just get to looting.
    ??? #1: Aw come on, another fight? We've been in the woods for a week, that caravan's going to leave us in the dust before we find the Umazen city if we keep making stops.
    ??? #2: Whose bright idea was it to cut through a path in the woods we've never been through, anyways? We're already lost, might as well get some money out of it. We won't get anything if we fall too far behind the others anyways.
    ??? #1: If they even made it through those armored maniacs.

    «You enter the scene»

    ??? #2: Shush! I think that one heard us!
    «You»: Looks like we're getting some action... Hey, Robina, are you awake?
    Robina: Zzz… Don't eat the last roll, «You»…

  • Wake Robina up! (-500 Survival Instinct) - Robina will now fight by your side!
  • Battle by yourself
      2 BATTLES: Raiders
      Full Heal
    «The shadows no longer remain on the scene, instead, Robina is up and standing next to your tents.»

    Robina: Bandits, this far into woods? We're not near any of their forts.
    «You»: It gets worse. I heard them say they're looking for the Umazon too. And there's others.
    Robina: Oh zardspit. The Umazen aren't the only ones living in this area. The more peaceful Greenguard Orc tribes have villages all over this region, and there's elven settlements too.
    Robina: They can handle bandits, but if common thugs suddenly know the way to the Umazon…
    «You»: Then nastier raiders have got to know it too. No matter what the Umazen are gearing up for, trouble's coming here either way.
    Robina: Add it up to whatever conflict's brewing, and there's no doubt it'll spill out into the forest. Orcs, elves, the wildlife, everything's going to get dragged into it.
    «You»: We've got two potential disasters to stop, then. Let's get a little rest, we better head out at dawn.

    «Scene changes to another part of the woods, now in the morning. A man in bronze riveted mail with a shield on his back is speaking to an Umazen. A large tent is positioned next to them.»

    ???: ...Then the men are almost ready. I'd prefer to stick to impact weapons, we can pass out the hammers from the mine as soon as the Guard gives the order.
    Umazen Warrior: We can't rely on a best case scenario. My women and the Guard will train them accordingly, but if llias fights...
    ???: He'll go for the kill. I know. We're prepared for that.
    Umazen Warrior: And still you want him crowned. I understand the symbolism of it, but it's not tactically sound.
    ???: I've already gone over this with Sophie, it's not about gender. I won't always lead our group, and if someone more resentful takes over, he'll be a counterb-
    Umazen Warrior: Silence. Footsteps to the east.

    «The man turns around and takes a few steps backwards.»

    ???: ...More bandits? At this rate we'll have to wait to know what's up with them before we make our move.
    Umazen Warrior: I said silence.
    Umazen Warrior: Show yourselves! Hands out and in sight, if you want to keep them!

    «You and Robina enter the scene.»

    ???: This isn't terribly safe territory, friends. You don't look like bandits, but you might want to identify yourselves before we decide we can't take our chances.
    «You»: No need for threats. We're not looking for a fight.
    Robina: [He's/She's] with me, guys. You know I mean no harm.
    ???: Do we?
    Umazen Warrior: This is Robina the Hood. Quirky, but honorable. Never betrayed our location to anyone. The only thing you'll see between her and bandits is arrows.
    ???: The growing count of unwanted visitors might beg to differ, but you're the expert - And I trust you on this. Now then, who's her friend?
    «You»: «You» of Battleon.
    ???: Nice to meet you, Robina and «You». You'll have to excuse me keeping you at a disadvantage, but times are troubling for us Umazen. It's not very friendly around here right now.
    «You»: I gathered. We fought a suspicious amount of outlaws all along the way here.
    Robina: We're on an investigation. It looks like trouble is brewing in the region that could threaten the whole forest.
    Umazen Warrior: What do you know, exactly?
    «You»: You'll have to excuse us for keeping you at a disadvantage. We don't know that you're not suspects yet, and a hidden camp is very suspicious.
    ???: Haha, I suppose that's only fair. We're both suspicious to each other, but there's no need to be unfriendly to one of your renown. We'd gladly help with your investigation, but I'm afraid we have to be going soon.
    «You»: If you're returning to the Umazon, could you show us the way?
    ???: I'm afraid there's no way you'd be allowed in if I came with you. See, Umazon men aren't supposed to be out here. And I imagine I'm in a lot of trouble by now.
    Robina: Why aren't men allowed to be here specifically? I know you're not seen out much, but that's new to me.
    ???: ...It's complicated. And more than a little rigid. I don't think either of us has time for me to break down our entire society for you right here and now, but the short of it is that men can't usually leave the walls of the Umazon.
    «You»: Does that have anything to do with the rumors that your people enslave their men?
    ???: Whoa, slow down a little. Slaves? We get a strict lot in life, but it's not THAT bad...
    Robina: Maybe the rumors are exaggerated, but it doesn't sound like you're very free if you can't leave the city.
    ???: None of us are, as far as work goes. Each must keep to the professions we have natural advantages with. I'm told other peoples have roughly the same size, or usually bigger men.
    ???: Our women are naturally taller and have an easier time bulking up, so only they train to fight... And only combat-ready Umazen get to leave our land.
    «You»: And you're out here to escape that?
    ???: Not exactly. I'm watching. Hoping for change. Waiting for an opportunity. And making sure nobody gets carried away chasing it.
    ???: You should see exactly what I mean during your investigation. Visit the Umazon. Take the northeastern gate, the guards there should be friendlier. Don't be intimidated if they get a little rowdy.
    ???: Newcomers aren't exactly barred, but we ARE hidden... So this is as much a new experience for you as it is for them.
    Umazen Warrior: Speaking of hiding, this spot is clearly no good for that anymore. We're leaving. Now.

    «Both of the Umazen leave the scene.»

    Robina: They don't seem like bad people, but I'm getting a bad feeling from this, «You»…
    «You»: So am I. Secretive people in places they're not supposed to be and mysterious weapon shipments don't add up to anything nice.
    Robina: And he said Umazon don't train their men to fight, but he was clearly geared up for it.
    «You»: They might not give off a bad impression, but they've got to be relevant to our investigation.
    Robina: We'll find out soon enough. The Umazon awaits.

    «The screen fades and dialogue continues in a grey background.»

    Umazen Warrior: Why did you encourage them? We don't know how long we can wait. They might get caught up in this. Or worse, they might join the loyalists.
    ???: I don't doubt the Prime will reach out to them. But we'll look and BE dishonest if we try to sell our side without letting them see what she has to say. If they're who you say they are, they're heroes.
    ???: Their presence might inspire our people, or keep things from getting too far out of hand.
    Umazen Warrior: Now I know why Sophia says you're a huge idealist. But since that's exactly what we need right now... I really hope you're right this time.

    To be continued...

    The Umazon Stirs

  • Thunderpoint Spear [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Umazen Aspis [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Play Again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    Beastly Bush Baby
    Drakel Water Mage
    Superlative Owl

    Write Up and Monster Pool thanks to Legendary Ash.

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