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A Bridge Between OOC

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10/20/2019 11:40:45   

Welcome, citizen, to The Bridge! Formed 80 years ago, this bastion of civilization and prosperity in an otherwise wild, untamed world is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the people represented by our fair city. Boasting the shared knowledge of hundreds of different civilizations connected in a single place, everyone can find a role in the Bridge.

The nine districts, named after different translations of Bridge in the founding council members' original tongues, are spread across several mile radii of arid land, the confluence of several rivers and a forest of both indigenous and transplanted flora. The center of these districts is called The Deck, where the official government buildings stand. The city sprawls from there, spreading around the various gates that serve as your pathway to adventures untold!

Find your place in The Bridge!

A new adventure awaits for interested parties. to join the first adventure with The Bridge. The plan is to start with at least three additional players.

The Bridge is a sprawling city built around the portals which connect this ‘between’ plane with the myriad worlds spread over time and space. The major classification of citizens within the civilized cities has to do with being a first, second and third-generation resident.

In the northwest sits the Puente District, home to agriculture and food distribution. The North District is Y'Garrul, focused on electricity and wiring for the city. East of there is the Brucke District, which focuses on aqueducts and water purification.

The western district is Hashi, focused on woodworking and military training. The center district is called the Deck District, seat of the Council and various bureaucratic utilities. The Pont District lies to the east, and houses the major research and development for the city, planning for its future.

The southwestern district is called the Moct District, where metalworking and armoring is done. The southern district is Kopru, which contains a fishery and boating. The southeastern district is the Phaellos District, dedicated to recreation and entertainment.

First-generation residents are typically from worlds recently connected to The Bridge, within the last ten years. Second-generation are those whose worlds were connected from eleven to fifty years ago. Third-generation are the original families, those who originally constructed the city and helped determine its rules, going all the way back to Satoshi Onimura, who is believed to be the first visitor to this world.

Over the past eighty years, the city has worked hard to build up a solid infrastructure to meet the basic necessities of the people living here. Most residents work with that in mind, focusing on engineering and city planning to construct a city that can grow to meet the needs of a growing populace. Others help to protect the populace from anything and anyone that would do them harm, granting some security and ease to their daily lives.

In the last twenty or so years, the city has begun to send out expeditions, small groups of four or five that brave the wilds of the land for two purposes: first, to find new portals that have opened in distant lands and invite any who have made their way through to join with their burgeoning metropolis. And second, they search for ruins and artifacts from the civilizations that used to inhabit this space.

Within the past five years, various worlds have begun to send researchers and teachers to The Bridge, many of them government-funded and tasked with learning how the portals work and why the restrictions on them exist, namely the inability for any non-organic matter to travel out of this world once it has entered here.

When building your character, please answer the following questions, using whatever format you wantchoose (several characters are included below as a reference):

Who is your character? What do they look like? What are their desires (both external and hidden)? Who are their family, their friends, their enemies?
Where is your character originally from? Thousands of portals exist that connect with myriad planets and timelines (AE RP restrictions do apply here). How long has your character's home world been connected to the bridge? What is your home world like and what kind of people live there? What district do they live in now?
How does your character contribute to the city? What job do they currently hold and skilskills do they bring to that role? What do they aspire to do?


Seiko Onimura, age 19, third-generation

Role: Works at the Y'Garrul District - Caeryton Portal as a security officer - aspires to join the Exploratory Core and follow in the footsteps of his grandfather

Home World: Descendant of travelers from second century Japan during the Yayoi period

District: Hashi, western side of The Bridge

Seiko is on the short side, thin and muscular, trained in martial arts and swordsmanship. He has shoulder-length, black hair that he wears tied back, dark eyes and a positive demeanor.


Garret Schmidt, age 52, second-generation

Role: Works at the Y'Garrul District - Caeryton Portal as a security officer - has been offered position as District Captain several times, but has rejected it in favor of less responsibility

Home World: alternate earth Germany from the year 2315, technologically advanced people wanting to help, but limiting involvement

District: Brucke, northeastern side of The Bridge

Garret is a tall, well-built man, with graying, short-cropped hair and a scar on the right side of his chin. He is adept at using various firearms, preferring smaller pistols. He is gruff and curt, avoiding all things superfluous. He does some woodworking on the side while off the job


Isabelle Suiremont, age 31, first-generation

Role: Researcher at the Pont District University, focused on the long-term effects to the psyche of living in this between world

Home World: Caeryton, 4th planet of the Visian Nebula, home to a wide variety of alien species fleeing from various tyrants on other planets, focuses on progress and learning

District: Pont, eastern side of The Bridge

Isabelle is impressively tall, with light blue skin, covered with darker blue markings. She wears long, crimson robes that reach to the floor. She often carries a multi-tool with various elemental powers for her protection.

Let me know here or in Discord if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you in The Bridge!

IC Thread

Cast of Characters
Marzen Altbier
Brigadier Jakobal Verltruden

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10/14/2019 21:30:25   
Marcus Twain

It’s been a while now, but I’d like to jump back into something again. Here’s my bio for this. Please let me know if I need to change anything.

Name: Marzen Altbier
Race: Human
Age: 27
1st Generation

Role: Marzen works in the Kopru district aboard a fishing vessel. This is a job he fell into from his familiarity back in his home world, but like all good Nords, he yearns for an adventure that others may one day tell tales of.

Home World: Hailing from a cold, Northern land called Brú, that relies heavily on fishing and sailing as a means of survival; Marzen’s homeworld is full of danger and magic and the primary focus of this relatively primitive society is simply survival. Brú stumbled upon The Bridge a mere three years ago and it’s people have slowly adjusted to the ways of this new world.

District: Marzen also lives in the Kopru district where he works. Living near the water helps him feel more at home and being next to the Phaellos district reminds him of the warrior poets from Brú.

Personality: Pride, strength, and loyalty are the key tenants of the Nordic society that Marzen grew up around. He is a good, hard-working man that yearns for adventure. Headstrong, and a little arrogant; Marzen has a tendency to jump into situations without thinking things through. Quick to lend a helping hand, Marzen is easy enough to get along with. Equally quick to fight, Marzen is the type of person that would end a fistfight with a handshake and paying for the next round.

Background: Marzen lived a pretty typical life in the cold North of Brú. His father sailed on trading expeditions while his mother cared for him as a child at home. When he was old enough; about 14 or so, he was hired onto a fishing vessel. He worked there for ten years, moving up the ranks to First-Mate. Working out on the sea provided enough adventure for him. There was the work as a fisherman, along with the occasional encounter with an aggressive sea monster or unfriendly combatants once they landed ashore. It was in this tenth year aboard that vessel, the Fiskr, that Marzen and crew accidentally stumbled upon the portal to The Bridge. Out on the water, they sailed right through it during a storm. Passing through the portal wrecked the Fiskr and sent it’s crew falling and crashing into unconsciousness. When he awoke, Marzen was greeted by the people of The Bridge and they explained how things worked there. Picking up the only work he knew, Marzen began work as a fisherman as the captain of his own; albeit much smaller, ship, the Veor. He has now captained this ship for about three years but yearns for an adventure that lends to a greater purpose.

Description: This young man stands at about average hight and has a strong, sturdy build. Muscled arms fall down at his side to meet scarred, callused hands; evidence of years manual labor. Short, wavy, dark auburn colored hair sits messily on his head and is parted from left to right. His hair falls down to about his mid forehead. Under a set of equally dark auburn eyebrows is a pair of deep green eyes. A scar reaches laterally across the bridge of his nose and is about three inches in length. A full beard covers his face and is about two inches in length. His beard is also dark auburn in color, but shows more red than brown in the sunlight.
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10/16/2019 18:33:21   

Marcus Twain, welcome back and welcome to The Bridge! I really enjoy your character concept and feel Marzen is a wonderful addition to this RP. I may have some future questions about Brú and Marzen, but those will be posed via PM or Discord. Approved
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10/16/2019 18:59:56   
Marcus Twain

Thanks, I’m guessing with a couple more players we’ll be ready to start IC?
DF  Post #: 4
10/18/2019 11:32:50   

Yeah, with two more players, we'll start.
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10/26/2019 20:09:51   

*throws hat into the ring*

Brigadier Jakobal Verltruden, age 53, 2nd generation

Role: Private researcher in the Pont district, funded primarily by his home government, heading research into the portals, with focus on how they work, allowing two-way travel of non-organic matter and devising a capability to manufacture them. Additional research conducted includes research on how to disable or destroy a portal, as well as tests to find out exactly what can and what can't travel back through a portal.

Home World: Spielsteran, an isolated world, the only planet in its system that was ever habitable and located a few dozen lightyears from the next habitable planet, whose technology has stalled at a level around that of the 1960s for the last 220-some years, as the world was gripped in a 200-year long war, during which science was viewed as the hobby of the lazy man, who wished to hide away from the war. It was only Jakobal's efforts combining science with the military that brought the endless bloody war to a close. With the world having entered an age of peace, the past 20 years have been dedicated to recovery and rebuilding.

Jakobal is relatively tall and heavy-set man whose entire face crinkles into an easy and reassuring smile, he wears military-style attire, with the Star of the Brigadier pinned to the chest over his heart. Once vibrant red hair, now fading to grey lays about the top of his head in a pure mess. A full beard of similarly greying hair is kept meticulously groomed. Piercing steel-grey eyes gleam with copious intelligence. Jakobal boasts proficiency with most conventional firearms and the capability to helm a tank. He appears kindly and jovial to all, but on occasion can take darker moods.
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11/4/2019 19:35:21   

nield! Welcome to The Bridge! I'm liking the direction your character is going, but I'm curious about a few details:
What brought Jakobal to The Bridge?
Why did they send him here to do this private research?
What kinds of things is he doing as part of this research?
What kind of group does he have working with him?
How many and in what roles?

Feel free to hit me up on Discord if any of this stuff is not for the other players.
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11/5/2019 6:28:36   

Spielsteran originally discovered The Bridge about thirteen years ago, when seismic activity revealed a massive underground cavern. A small expedition, lead by Jakobal, descended into the cavern to see if they could find anything of value. What they found was, of course, the portal to The Bridge in the middle of an otherwise empty expanse.
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11/28/2019 21:54:37   

nield, as I said on Discord, your character is accepted. One more character and we'll get the ball rolling on this. :D
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12/1/2019 0:16:42   

Name: Tayberry
Race: Dryad
Age: 62
1st Generation

Role: Tayberry works from the Puente district. He works with the laborers, advising them where to plant seeds and when to harvest, and speaks to the trees in the orchard. His natural empathy with animals also makes him an excellent shepherd, able to lead animals better than many of the others, and willing to defined them from both man and beast. The distance placed between him and his tree has filled him with a wanderlust that is uncommon for his people, and he has begun to seek more adventure.

Appearance: Tayberry stands at 6' even, with a slim and lean build. His skin is dark and soft, like oak leaves in autumn, and grows paler as the winter comes, lighter in the spring, and then darker again as summer and autumn eclipse. His hair is long and straight, brown locks interweaving with oak leaves and vines until it brushes his shoulders. He often wears his hair in a long ponytail or braid, and claims to not be able to cut it, as it grows back almost overnight. His skin is rough to the touch, with the texture of bark and areas on his arms and legs even having a mossy texture to them. Eyes the shade of pine needles shine from an impish and youthful face. His clothes are simple, made of cotton and wool, with a burlap cloak to shield him from the harshest weather. The only weapon Tayberry carries is a longbow, made of gnarled wood and strung with plant fibers. A quiver of arrows is always on his person, woven from dried leaves and horse hair.

Homeworld: Tayberry hails from the magic filled world of Eler. Eler is a magical fantasy world where technology has not progressed past the dark ages, and many of the civilizations are feudal kingdoms. His tree is a tall standing oak in a large forest in one of the many temperate forests that dot the central continent. Tayberry knows little of the world outside his tree and the surrounding forest.

Background: Tayberry was born with his tree one spring morning as the mighty oak sprouted from the earth. He grew as it did, frolicking with the other dryad's in the forest as he and the tree faced this world together. He protected the oak from the cutting axes of humans, and shielded it from devastating weather. As he and his tree matured, he began to feel a wanderlust that was out of place for his kind, wandering farther and farther from his tree but never leaving his forest. Tayberry found he could wander from his tree for many miles, and still not fatigue or lose sight of his tree. While wandering the forest one day, Tayberry came upon a portal. Presented with this way out of the safe world he knew, his wanderlust kicked in and he passed through it. Finding himself in The Bridge, where he quickly integrated and began to adjust to life in his new home, while still making trips back to his tree to care for it and the grove it sits in.
DF MQ  Post #: 10
12/3/2019 23:49:18   

Riprose123, I'm a fan of Tayberry. Simple, solid character. Approved.

And with that, we begin the RP!

I'm adding a small extra section to the opening post that will give you something to react to, so once you've read it, feel free to create a starting post to introduce your character in the world and where they will begin for the RP.

For those not yet joined, do not dismay. You may feel free to join in whenever you have a character concept that is approved. Simply post here with your character concept for review and acceptance.

Welcome to the Bridge!
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