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10/15/2019 11:54:05   
How We Roll Winner

Hi, welcome to my little gallery. It's called "Pencil," since I draw all my characters using the Pencil! Also, for my own amusement, I forge counterfeit cards!
Normally, I post up my own creations, but occasionally, I will redraw some of my fellow forumites' artwork! Also, feel free to request me to draw a character for you!

This is branched out from my Oversoul art gallery, which you can view here.

I'm probably an unfamiliar face to most of you; understandably, as I do not play DragonFable (you may recognize me if you played AQW or OS). However, I do lurk around this section from time to time, and quite honestly, it blows me away how incredible DragonFable's storyline/art/characters are compared to the mess that is now AQW.

I've moved on from AE games in general now though, but a few months ago, I realized why I played AE games in the first place: not for the gameplay, but for the art, characters, ideas and inspiration.

At one point, I found DragonFable's unique character template to be quite inspiring, and I have made use of it to try to draw my characters. These OCs have nothing to do with DragonFable, although I think I've written them in a way so that they can be inserted into almost any other fictional universe.

The first few posts here are actually some very old DragonFable template drawings, the OCs represented have long since progressed past their appearance I've drawn. I just wanted to share some stuff with you guys, considering the DF forums are actually alive unlike those of AQW and OS.


EDIT: Welp, I went completely nuts slightly overboard, so hopefully you guys enjoy the extra content.

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10/15/2019 11:56:12   
How We Roll Winner

I'll provide background on these characters to give some context (lore is incredibly fun to make). Some will be quoted from me talking on Discord about these characters (narrative format), some will be excerpts from my personal notes (wiki style description format).


This person is Rukan Shikura, the Last Deathking, also known as the Deathless King.
When I designed Rukan Shikura, I thought it would be really cool if he looked like a girl rather than a guy.
In other words, yeah he's technically a trap.
When he's wearing the mask he's pretty scary.
Usually people expect someone called the "Northern Ghost" or the "Deathking" to be an older man, with a beard and sorts but when he pulls off the mask, he's one of the most beautiful people there is.
(The beauty of Rukan Shikura rivals that of his harem members lmao)
Btw "Rukan Shikura" is a Japanese translation of "Lucan Deathcraft."
But now Lucan Deathcraft seems kinda silly to me somehow, so I call him Rukan Shikura instead.
Though his sister still goes by the surname name "Deathcraft"
Since he's wearing a mask up there, there's a chibi form of him without it [below]

Rukan Shikura, the Last Deathking
Rukan Shikura, the fabled "never defeated" warrior is the lord and master of Death God Mountain, the latest in the line of Deathkings.
Rukan begins the battle in the Scholar form. After some time, he can switch to the Deathking form, where the Twin Swords are replaced with the Mercies. Depending on the types of enemies he faces, he will then gain the ability to change again either to the Qi Soulweaver with the Familiar Arts (if fighting against arcane enemies) or the Final with the Nine Swords of Heresy (if fighting against melee enemies).

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10/15/2019 11:58:40   
How We Roll Winner

Notes: The reason Rukan's face is blank above is because he's wearing a mask.

Rukan Shikura, the Chibi Deathking

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10/15/2019 12:06:43   
How We Roll Winner


His shimmering black hair and blue-pink eyes were inherited from his mother.
No one knows who his father is unfortunately, and he doesn't remember who is mother his either.
In another land called Faladous, a villain called the Shadow Lord (spoilers: named Akuyuru) rules the land.
(in case you don't remember, Akuyuru is one of Crizox's Five Tigers [best generals], on par with Caeos Essence)
Many heroes are there who lead the resistance, the leader of which is a paladin named Ladon.
Ladon's mother's name is Lenore, and she was once a paladin who used Eastasian martial arts.
Apparently Akuyuru killed her before he took over Faladous.
and the funny thing is . . . according to Loren, Rukan's sister, their mother's name is Lenore.
Loren does remember Lenore.
Loren once described that Rukan was sick or something at the time, and Lenore seemed really flustered (neither knew it at the time but she knew she was about to be killed by Akuyuru).
Lenore turned to a friend of hers, a man known only as the Dark Fearclaw.
The Dark Fearclaw wields a greatsword called Mujihina . . . which is the exact same sword Rukan himself wields now.
The Dark Fearclaw is one of those known as a Deathking. When Lenore left Rukan with the Fearclaw, he took Rukan as his apprentice.
Well sort of.
In the world at any time there is only one Deathking.
When a Deathking chooses a successor, he dies.
For reasons unknown, the Dark Fearclaw chose Rukan Shikura as his successor, and subsequently disappeared (if the legends are true, then he is most likely dead).
Rukan never knew who Fearclaw was.
Well he did have a vague memory of Fearclaw but he never really interacted with Fearclaw.
Instead, Fearclaw left Rukan with his lover, Suji, the Ethereal Maiden of the Mountain (she's standing on the left in the picture above below).
She's called "Ethereal" for a reason: she is deceased.
she lives on as a spirit (I wanna say ghost, but in China they're called yaoguai, which is a different kind of ghost, almost physical).
(Note: that Suji was deceased since Rukan's story began, she was a ghost the entire time)
Rukan's mother figure is Suji.
She trained him in his martial arts and his qigong methods.
And since she did not understand the Dark Fearclaw's powerful, masculine fighting techniques . . .
Since she did not understand the Dark Fearclaw's masculine techniques, she taught him her version.
Rukan Shikura's beautiful appearance also extends to his elegant fighting techniques.
Typically he doesn't do heavy attacks very often.
(that would be subject to change some time later)
He's the precision guy more.
Because of the feminine style he uses, his musculature went towards the slender side, giving him his current appearance.

Suji, Ethereal Maiden of the Mountain Elemental Spirit of Benevolence
Suji Haruyama, the benevolent spirit of Death God Mountain, was once the lover of Shikura's master the Dark Fearclaw and now the mother figure of Rukan Shikura.
She once said that when she was young, she was rescued by the Dark Fearclaw, but died. Guilty for his lack of skill, he kept her alive as a noncorporeal form to give her another chance at life. Though as a result, she is perpetually young and while she has the experiences of an immortal, she is still able to see Rukan Shikura as both an adopted son and a lover. She disapproves of his vengeful tendencies in combat.
She's not actually faceless; her face is just so bright and her features are so faint that it's hard to make out. She has large eyes, a straight nose, and perfect lips, but they are both so pale that they seem to be molded out of light and shadow alone.

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10/15/2019 12:16:40   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan's backstory

At one point when he was close to finishing his training, he asked Suji if he could go down from the mountain to explore the outside world.
She gave him a pretty cryptic answer, but what she meant was that although he could defend himself, he might not be able to protect someone he cared for.
But since he was pretty young at the time he didn't get it, so he went down from the mountain anyway.
I call his appearance at this time the "Scholar."
He went exploring and that kind of stuff, and got along fine.
At one point though, he noticed this girl (who was a Demonslayer) fighting a group of enemies.
Those enemies were from a rival sect of some sort, and she was pretty close to being overwhelmed.
He decided to interfere (although he hadn't finished his training, he's extremely powerful) and saved her life.
I don't write love stories so I'm not sure how it's supposed to go, but they started traveling together.
The quote from the narrator is that "The Deathking claims they were only friends, but anyone could look at their faces and instantly tell."
The Demonslayer girl had a very special sword.
It was actually a pair of swords but with only one sheath.
Soon, she trusted Rukan greatly, enough that she let him use one of the swords.
And so they fought together.
[someone asked what her name was]
In Rukan's lore, she isn't named.
She only appears in flashbacks, and Rukan won't name her
I think her placeholder name for now is "Memoria", but it's highly unlikely that's her real name
As for the reason Rukan refuses to name her . . .
Rukan's style's true strength lay in the fact that at its peak, he could flawlessly complement another's fighting style.
But since he hadn't quite completed his training yet . . .
Although together this Demonslayer and her extremely powerful companion were close to undefeatable, there would eventually be an enemy they could not defeat.
The battle happens off screen.
She is mortally wounded and Rukan holds her in his arms.
With her dying breaths, she asks him just to move on without her, and not to let her death weigh him down.
He only responds that he would cherish their memories together forever.
When she dies, he completely ignores the presence of the enemies and walks away with her body into the rain.
Twelve days later, Rukan returned, wielding both of her swords.
The blood of those enemies washed away in the rain.
Later, Suji saw Rukan return.
He said nothing, only cremating the Demonslayer's body and scattering the ashes in the lake of the mountain which he and Suji resided (it's called Death God Mountain)
The Demonslayer's swords would later became the Twin Swords of Reminiscence, and they are the Ninth Sword in the Nine Swords of Heresy.

"Current" Rukan

Rukan stayed and completed his training.
Since he learned how to dual wield two swords in the space of twelve days, his favored weapons (in Fantasy Past at least) were Mujihina and Jihibukaidesu. Aka the Merciless and the Merciful respectively.
A greatsword and a rapier, dual wielded.
Since it was raining when she died, he learned how to conjure rain using Taoist magic.
No take that back, it was a special kind of qigong that used rain as concealment.
When the rain comes and blurs the landscape, you know that the Northern Ghost is coming.
Once he completed his training, in Eastasia he was the Northern Ghost in the land's Invincible Five.
The Invincible Five include Rukan Shikura, the Northern Ghost; Sariel Shadowlight, the Western Foreigner; Long Shewang, the Southern Nomad; Hollow Lake, the Eastern Emperor, and Qing Liu, the Central Exile.


How powerful was Suji when she was alive? Can't say for sure, since when Rukan's story starts, she was already dead.
The Dark Fearclaw never left behind any records that we currently know of detailing his relationship with Suji, and she hasn't said anything about it either.
However, part of Rukan's swordplay techniques that he learned involved fighting alongside a partner.
Although he dual wields Mujihina and Jihibukaidesu in the picture, (and most of the time by himself), its true strength was in the partner aspect.
When Suji was able to gain a physical body, she would be that partner for that swordplay technique.
She'd wield Jihibukaidesu in her right hand, and Rukan would wield Mujihina in his left hand.
Also as part of the stance, she would often stand on his shoulder.
When Rukan fights solo, the Swordplay of the Deathking's Eleventh Implementation, Level 2, is renowned to be so fast and so -- I guess you could say "ambidextrous" or "independent" that most opponents could swear they saw two people fighting at once instead of just one.
Eleventh Implementation Level 2, aka "Condor Hero and Dragon Maiden Heart Sutra"'s double vision illusion isn't just for show; the user him/herself gains enhanced perception as though there were a second person watch his/her back.
and should the need to fight alongside others arise, Rukan would be able to flawlessly complement another's attacks with his own.
As far as I know, Suji hardly ever fights independently; whenever we do see her fight, it's always with Rukan.

. . .

All she's said so far [about her past] is that when she was really young, she was "rescued" by the Dark Fearclaw but she died.
The Fearclaw felt guilty over her death, so he brought her back in a noncorporeal form so she could still enjoy a second chance at life.
"Rumors abound" that it was probably some kind of war Fearclaw was involved in, though it was not the Disciples of Crizox.
Whether she was wounded or ill, we don't know yet.
in other words, I haven't come up with that part of the story yet lmao

Nine Swords of Heresy
The Nine Swords are Rukan Shikura's nine iconic weapons. The word "heresy" is derived from the Latin word "haerticus," which means "choice." Indeed, the Nine Swords vary greatly in terms of usage, design and abilities. The first eight are grouped in pairs:
Mujihina and Jihibukaidesu comprise the balance between Power and Elegance,
Malleus and Corpsemaker comprise the balance between Purity and Corruption,
Chokutanto and Malady Crossbow comprise the balance between Closeness and Distance,
Wooden Sword and Jade Flute comprise the balance between Physical and Magical, or Constance and Variation.
The last sword, the Twin Swords, symbolizes Unity.
While as the Deathking he uses the Nine Swords often, later he uses more common weaponry and those he trusts most use the Nine Swords instead.

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10/15/2019 13:14:30   
How We Roll Winner

Blade of The Dark Fearclaw: Mujihina
This giant sword once belonged to the previous Deathking, the Dark Fearclaw. As the latest Deathking, Rukan inherited this sword and uses its weight and size to devastating effect. He can easily break through any defense with it. This sword is difficult to use in the agile manner of smaller swords, so Rukan focuses more on pure strength rather than fancy moves when using this sword. Its name, Mujihina, means "merciless," or "ruthless." It appears to be an oversize Qin blade. Recent study of the blade has revealed that it is made of a vanadium alloy.

It turns out that Mujihina does indeed have different sizes. It uses layers of "blades" to build up on its size. When the Dark Fearclaw wielded it, he built it up to its maximum size. Rukan, on the other hand, stripped it down to its smallest size, in order to use it effectively.

The designs on the blade are reminiscent of a guqin, including guqin string designs, the blade being roughly the size of one, and the blade tapering towards the end. Also, the blade isn't completely smooth on the edges, with the width abruptly narrowing near the tip. It seems to be a hybrid of a greatsword and a dao.

A mushroom shaped pommel represents shiitake, one of the main ingredients to eternal life.

Mujihina is in fact a trick weapon*. Besides the size alteration, it can become a bident (its ranged form, which can conjure balls of qi to hurl), a war guqin/guzheng/duxianqin (which emits slicing qi power when played), a narrow barreled qi blaster, a two handed (Gauss) cannon, and possibly even a bow or bladed shield. Classified as a skill and arcane trick weapon.
In bident form, the blade splits in two and the handle lengthens.
In war guqin form, strings appear on the blade and it can then be played.
In qi blaster form, the top half of the blade either reverses direction to create a "hollow" gun, or splits in two to create a cannon.
In bow form, the blade splits in two and flips around to create a bow.
Its shield form is used as a defense trump card when attacked by overwhelming barrages, unfolding in the blink of an eye (it needs the other layers to do this).

Mujihina can be hidden on the tongue like a fanblade, but its spell repellent nature causes the shrinking spell to have to be reapplied each time it is enlarged.
It is so spell repellent that a person with insufficient inner energy would be unable to even grasp the hilt.
Because it repels spells, it is excellent for defending against magical attacks but it cannot be empowered by anything other than qi. Similarly, its gun form has limited attacks.
However, qi is capable of indirectly manipulating steel, mind, stone, body, wind, energy, and anti-mana.
It also has its own ceremonial sheath, although this is far too unwieldy for everyday use. If it was used, it would have to be carried on the back, or on a stand.

*Bloodborne term: refers to transforming weapons

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How We Roll Winner

Rapier of the Deathking: Jihibukaidesu
The true Jihibukaidesu is not related to Mujihina in any way. Rather, it is an ornate rapier designed for accuracy and speed. Its name means "merciful," or "mercy is deep."
Despite its description and name as a "rapier," it bears more resemblance to a mortuary sword, with a blade being a hybrid of a sabre and a katana (kyu gunto), and a jian.
The elegance of the weapon and how its forms parallel and oppose the forms of Mujihina have led some to theorize that it actually belongs to and was possibly crafted by Suji.

It is also a trick weapon, and can turn into a two handed sword, a bladed chain whip (its ranged form), a war huqin or violin (thanks to its alternate sheaths) and even a large dagger. It can even transform into a gun. Most other swords can attach to the bottom of the sword's hilt to create a twinblade, but it is preferable to use a parrying dagger. Classified as a skill and arcane trick weapon.

The daisho method is used often, with the main sword in its various forms and a dagger (usually the Chokutanto).

Technically, the two handed sword form isn't that different from the normal rapier form, except that the handle is longer. and the curve can rotate in slightly to create a straight sword.

In dagger form, the blade splits in two and compresses, forming a needlelike opening in the centre of the blade.
In chain whip form, it can extend very far, with the blade turning into a very long whip with five pieces of the blade along it. Rukan wields it in a similar fashion to the clothstick. His clothing and gloves enable him to hold it while it is curved. In general, Rukan tries to avoid using it in this form except as a surprise attack to extend the range of the sword.
In war huqin or violin form, it emits slicing qi power when played but is far more maneuverable than Mujihina, but has a narrow range and is less powerful.
In gun form, it resembles a long elegant pistol with a long bayonet. With modern weapon parts it can be turned into a bolt action rifle.

Jihibukaidesu has another secret form that can only be used when empowered by Chaos. In this form, the blade splits in two and exposes a hollow in the guard. This is the "arc caster" form and can use the Chaos power much more efficiently.

The rapier's ornate handguard has delicate swirling designs and has several modes of transformation, the two main modes being centered on either the pommel or the handguard. It can be lifted 90 degrees to allow for extra maneuverability and cover the forearm, 180 degrees with the guard inlaid with the blade, or be split in two and then rotated to form a guard with more coverage.
Despite being described as curved, it is surprisingly straight except for the tip. The curved tip of this double edged rapier is interlocked with a straight edge, resembling "a drop of water" or "an injured, dying flower."

There is an alternative handle for Jihibukaidesu; dubbed "The Square Handle," it is highly impractical and consists of the user's fingers wrapping around the front (as usual), but the thump now resting vertically along a rectangular protrusion, resembling the palm grip of brass knuckles.

The notion that it is "hidden within" Mujihina is partly true; it is placed behind Mujihina on Rukan's back. Although it has a sheath, Rukan carries it around in dagger form for concealment.
Also, it can be hidden inside Mujihina as well; just not from the handle. Instead, Mujihina's blade has a niche in the center.
When drawing this sword, it seems to suddenly appear behind Rukan's back since he triggers it to extend into sword form before pulling it.

Jihibukaidesu's sheath is designed to be carried by the side or on a stand.

Unlike Mujihina, which is spell repellent and is empowered only by qi, Jihibukaidesu can be empowered by jing, blood, ice, illness, death, chaos, and fire, the seven colors of the Jade Flute. Its gun form can use specialized bullets following these empowerments as well.

Jing Qi Shen - It steals the breath of enemies during the fight to empower the owner. The enveloping jing can also repel energy weapons.
Storm of Blood - Covered in blood, the blade (and its dagger) is lengthened and leaves a damaging blood trail when slashed.
Icy Beauty - The icy wind slows down enemies and time and makes their defenses become liabilities. Sword locks become more frequent.
Illness - (rust) Or poison, which weakens enemies once a hit has landed as the fight progresses. Can also launch poison gas. Death and illness together produce "sleep" instead.
Death's Embrace - The killing instinct becomes stronger, enhancing an enemy's fear, and even attacks aimed to be nonlethal become fatal. The closer the user is to death, the more powerful he is.
Dancing Chaos - Energy and arcane attacks that will disrupt any form of trickery. Its blinding fury disorients enemies. The arcs resemble lightning, but are actually distortion halos.
Fiery Passion - A fiery trail that begins with an explosion, following the sword and leaves scorching wounds. Potentially ignites anything even slightly flammable.

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10/15/2019 20:30:43   

Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes!

Good to see you back! I look forward to seeing more from you!
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10/17/2019 9:59:47   
How We Roll Winner

@LigerBeard: Hey, glad to see you're still around. Feels like old times


At the end of the Dragonguard war, the Dragonguard's numbers prove too great for even the Invincible Five and they take over Eastasia.
Hollow Lake is missing and rumored to be dead following a siege at his fortress.
Long Shewang is on the run with his band of friends.
Sariel simply leaves, Ching Liu retreats, and Rukan is stranded from access to Death God Mountain.
Technically, this marks the end of the "Fantasy Past" era and the start of "Practical Past."

In Practical Past, Rukan adopts a persona known as the "Fell Slayer."
At this point he's really getting involved with the Five Slaying Schools, aka the Shadowslayers, Monster hunters, Demonslayers, Dragonslayers, and Witch hunters.
Sariel is an official Demonslayer, and is "friends" with the head of the Demonslaying school.
In Practical Past, quite some time has passed from Fantasy Past's end, so the names and titles of the Invincible Five have pretty much become legend.
Only the few people that Rukan interacted with during Fantasy Past know that he's the Deathking and the Northern Ghost in Practical Past.
He never joined the Five Slaying Schools, only remaining a really uneasy ally due to his sometimes conflicting interests with the schools.
Multiple storylines happen during this period, including an interaction with another one of my main characters, Nero Harrowing.
Some of Sariel's major plot events happen around this time too I think.
Sometimes Rukan works with Sariel.
Some major storylines happen when he goes to Eveningsong, the capitol of the magical world.
Also the full extent of the Bloodknives' organization is formally introduced, being touched on as multiple sects and groups back in Fantasy Past.

Rukan Shikura, the Fell Slayer

On a more serious note, I could actually see an outfit like this used as an NPC character in DF.
I'm sure you guys can sense the Witcher vibes coming from this outfit.

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10/17/2019 10:27:08   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Fell Slayer: Hunter of Beasts

This is an alternate "skin," I guess you could call, for the Fell Slayer. I was really indecisive about how the Fell Slayer should look so this was one of his possible outfits.
This costume is slightly more complicated. The cross-tie/ribbon thing on his chest are not sewn onto his clothes, and can flao around freely as you can see in the upper right corner.

If any of you have played Bloodborne (if you haven't, watch gameplay or play it, it's a masterpiece), you might recognize the weapons he's holding.
In front hand the weapon was inspired by the Burial Blade and the Beasthunter Saif. There's a tiny drawing there where you can see how it can fold together.
It is called the "Corpsemaker of Hemorrhaging."
Here are my notes on what it is supposed to do. (Note they're really garbled cause I was conceptualizing it, and haven't bothered to clean up the notes when I ended with the final version.)

Corpsemaker of Hemorrhaging (Right Arm of the Beast, the Iron Maiden)

A deadly weapon which can turn into a scythe, a sawblade, a cleaver, a sicklelike scimitar (saif/greatsword), and a spearsword thanks to its folding handle design. A hard black substance coats the blade and gives it its spiky serrated design. In organic transformation, the spikes grow and extend to pierce the target. And as a final trump card, its pulsator form creates an organic looking cannon that launches a black glob that explodes. It is kept in an old cloth cover. A faint heartbeat can be sensed from holding the weapon when a beast is near. When viewed it looks horribly terrifying but emits a calming aura, like the sensual curves of a woman. A small decorative carving of a woman in a bridal gown is located behind the scythe blade. Despite its corrupted appearance, it actually aids the user by devouring infected flesh and blood that could taint him. Shukketsu no Shi-tai Meka. A skill and organic trick weapon. Aka Right Arm of the Beast or the Iron Maiden.
Corruption Rune: Black substance pulses and comes alive; serrations grow longer and quiver. Venom effect. Signature ability, where serrations become huge tentacles that attack enemies from every which way, and also tunnel and explode up from underground.
Purification Rune: Black substance disintegrates, leaving shiny metal in its place.
Decay Rune: Black substance dries and turns a dead sandy color. It melts dead bodies together into walls.
Flower Rune: Black substance sprouts flowers that glow. It turns corpses into explosive traps, which can then be thrown.

In his back hand, he's holding a weapon that resembles Bloodborne's Stake Driver. From that, I came up with Malleus Maleficarum. In the Nine Swords silhouettes, Malleus is the fourth one from the top.
Yes, the actual Malleus doesn't resemble the Stake Driver at all, but some of the Stake Driver's functionality was incorporated in to Malleus.

Malleus Maleficarum (The Witch's Hammer, Left Arm of the Saint)

The Witch's Hammer, a strange and complex weapon that resembles wind chimes, a nod to old charms that were supposed to defend against dark magic. Components include: one short handle, three long "handles," two "glaive blades," a chain, cross shaped daggers, and several "lockers," which take various shapes. Interlocking blades become punch blades, a small double sided axe, a large single sided axe, or a kukri. Daggers extend the reach of the blades. Handles are trick handles, but can only connect to each other, extend, or widen the grooves. They have blunt tips but can pierce enemies with ease. Combinations include: halberdlike polearms, "guitar axe," a keyblade, a triple pronged energy lance, a gliderlike stun tube/battery or gauntlet, a cross weapon, a stun tonfa, a stake (axe) driver, a crush claw, or a power breaker. In general, it resembles a mecha's endoskeleton arm. Three long handles can activate as impaling traps. The weapon shines slightly in the presence of a witch's spell. Other weapons and tools can be hidden inside it. When viewed, it looks like a noble weapon but harbors a terrible aura, like viewing a severed arm. Aka Left Arm of the Saint or the Caged Key. Majo Hanma. A mechanical and arcane trick weapon.
The weapon can fire missiles.
Style 1 - Left Arm of the Saint: Held in the left hand, and wielded like a part of yourself. Its primary attacks are thrust and pierce.
Style 2 - Totem of the Witch: Resting on the shoulder, designed for strength.
Style 3 - Emperor's Warmace: Two handed mode, using devastating smashing attacks.

Malleus is probably really difficult to imagine so imagine this: a giant severed mech arm that uses a spring loaded axe in place of a hand or wrist that stabs instead of slashes!

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10/17/2019 10:45:32   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Fell Slayer: Hunter of Witches

This is yet another outfit for the Fell Slayer. Technically in my notes, he was supposed to be more armored (as you can barely see, he's wearing an armored vest), and would have an emphasis on firearms rather than swords.

One of his main gimmicks here is that he's wearing his swords like guns in a shoulder holster rather than at his hip or his back like a sensible swordsman.

The black balls at his hip are like those old fuse bombs, but detonate when he throws them with sufficient force.

His weapon here is actually the very first version of Jihibukaidesu! (As you can see compared to the newer version, this is far more vanilla.)

The axe on his back is based off "I, Frankenstein"'s axe blade weapon (the one where the axe blades detach into fist weapons). That combined with the Stake Driver gave me Malleus Maleficarum.

The blade attached to the pommel of Jihibukaidesu is supposed to be sixth in the Nine Swords list, the Chokutanto.

Seppuku Knife: Chokutanto

It is a simple tanto dagger with a wooden handle and sheath. Its blade is fairly straight and double edged, and is much longer than usual, giving it the name of "chokuto." Apparently, Rukan had journeyed to Japan at some point to obtain it. He uses it a sadistic close quarters weapon and can kill instantly by sneaking up and stabbing clear through the throat. This weapon is eventually modified to become a stylish folding butterfly knife. It is used extensively in future timelines; such as being the dagger for Jihibukaidesu (sword and dagger form), the knife for the Nightfighter, and the multitool for the Combat Arachnid.
This weapon is capable of taking on swords and knives alike, providing practically perfect defense from all ranges and being lethal at close range. The dagger itself is made to be paired with barehanded attacks to catch opponents offguard. Rukan demonstrates exquisite knife skills, tricks and techniques, such as twirling it around with his fingertips. "He usually described his killing methods to be clean, without needless movements . . . "
Due to its lethality, Rukan sometimes replaces it with the equally deadly but more potential stun baton, which deals heavy internal injuries instead. In fact, these two weapons can be dual wielded to deadly precision. "A baton can break bone(s). We're trained to target non-lethal/low risk for permanent injury areas, but in a fluid situation like a struggle, unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way."
It can be hidden in plain sight by fitting it into the needle hole of Jihibukaidesu's dagger form. It is pulled out by the handle and must be yanked out, making sparks.
NEW: New modifications to the weapon now include rings for karambit style attacks.
It's name is "choku katana tanto," which translates to "Direct Sword Dagger." It's referred to as the "Chokutanto," which is translates to "Minor Sword," a short sword. Or just "Straight Short Sword."

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10/17/2019 11:31:02   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Fell Slayer: Hunter of Shadows

And this is the final outfit for the Fell Slayer. The white cloak was inspired by AQW's FrostScythe's cloak, and the armor is inspired by Geralt's Ursine armor.
In the end, I trashed this entire concept except for the cloak, but this is still fun to look back at.

The weapon he's holding in his back hand is the Malady Crossbow. In my lore, alongside the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Conquest, War, Famine, and Death) there are Four Sirens of Torment (Anguish, Malady, Poverty, and Trauma). It's the fifth in the Nine Swords of Heresy, though I've since changed its appearance to be more sleek so as to resemble Chirrut Imwe's lightbow. The original concept of its appearance I actually put it together using pieces of Bionicle weapons!

Malady Crossbow

An ancient skeleton of a tactical crossbow that can shift form from a collapsible crossbow that single fires specialized bolts, a pickaxe reaver, a claw weapon (that can be thrown), and a polearm (bow part folds in and reverses direction). Its limbs resemble curved pincerlike but slender armblades with a shield. The weapon can be held in the hands or be shoulder launched. His favored method though, is to hold it like a classic longbow. A remote activation lets the limbs extend to defend the owner from the back (although this proves to detract from combat ability). He also wears it in crest form on his back as Qi Soulweaver. Byotekina Kurosubo. A mechanical trick weapon.
For all its complexity the weapon is actually indestructible; it can be blasted out of his hands but not destroyed.
Despite being dated as "ancient," in modern times it actually resembles today's high-tech compound bows!
This weapon can still fire even when collapsed, although only through use of smaller bolts designed for this function.
Like its modern counterparts, its bolts can be stored underneath its bow part; so when it is held upright like a longbow it mimics the multiple arrow shooting techniques of legendary archers.
Although this crossbow is a singleshot bow, it can fire up to three bolts at the same time (with tentative accuracy).
Harpoon - A soundless, wickedly barbed arrowhead, capable of downing and pinning most enemies with one shot. Can be equipped with the other variant types.
Shock - With a taser as the arrowhead, it fries nearby enemies in seconds.
Freeze - A canister of condensed vapour that instantly traps nearby enemies in ice. Damaging their cellular structure, allowing them to be shattered. Those who venture near can also be frozen by the present ice.
Smoke - A smoke canister as the arrowhead unleashes a dense smokescreen, allowing extra cover. Can equip the gas with poison.
Flash - A horseshoe shaped arrowhead that flashes, blinding anyone in its radius.
Explosive - A mine warhead that explodes into shrapnel. Can be set up in almost any way possible.
Incendinary - A warhead that spouts fire in all directions.
Poison - A warhead that unleashes corrosive, toxic acid.
Rope - Attached to the end is a rope, which serves multiple purposes; snaring enemies to creating makeshift ziplines.
. . . also can be equipped with the various "grenade" warheads later used in the future.

Those special bolts are just notes I kept; they're a blatant ripoff of The Evil Within's Agony Crossbow.

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10/17/2019 11:48:17   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Chibi Fell Slayer

This is the revamped version of the Fell Slayer. I don't know if you can tell, but initially I had him wear a faceplate under his hood and hat. While I liked the idea at first, it somehow eventually ground my nerves so I went back and redesigned his head, as well as his shoulder plates.

Et voila!

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10/17/2019 15:44:33   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Nightfighter

This is his appearance in the time period of "Future Present," a dystopian military future rooted in modern day science.

I've altered the Nightfighter costume greatly from this old version though, so this is just for fun.

There are some concepts of a motorcycle that wouldn't be out of place in Attack on Titan, escrima sticks that become chain whips, a belt sword club, the Chokutanto, and Jihibukaidesu and Mujihina once again.

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10/17/2019 15:50:08   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Mysterious

This is his appearance during the time period of 'Present." I'm sure you can guess what time period this is in.

The development story behind this one is that I tried to fit him into the Watch Dogs universe. As you can (hopefully) see, he looks pretty different but still resonates with themes from the past. Note the white cloak.

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10/17/2019 15:54:36   
How We Roll Winner

Rukan Shikura, the Combat Arachnid

Lastly, this is his combat armor in the time period of "Future."

The suit was based off of various sci-fi suits, drawing inspiration from Dead Space, Doom 2016, Halo, and Titanfall.
The term "combat arachnid" was actually just a description I read in a book about Boba Fett.

Like the Nightfighter outfit, I've long since changed his actual combat armor to something else as well. In this case, the Combat Arachnid doesn't really resonate well with his previous outfits, being too modern with equipment.

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10/17/2019 16:02:54   
How We Roll Winner

To top off the Rukan series, this is a drawing I doodled of him after I read the manga series Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge. I really liked the eye style of that manga; said style permeated into the piece here.

In fact, I think this was the point I decided to give Rukan a feminine appearance!

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How We Roll Winner

Caeos Essence, Grand Master of the Disciples of Crizox

ChaosRipjaw, aka Caeos Essence is the Grand Master of the cult called the Disciples of Crizox.
At first I named him ChaosRipjaw but it seemed really silly now.
So now his name's Caeos Essence.
The term "ChaosRipjaw" comes from the Eldritch beast he keeps imprisoned to power his weapon, the Sliiker of Crizox.
(That thing on his side)
The sword's tip was sliced off in battle, so it's got a diagonal tip (but it's currently sheathed)/
The sword's sheath is a withered demon's body, inside which is incredibly potent venomous blood extracted from the ChaosRipjaw.
By keeping his sword's blade dipped in that liquid, any injury he inflicts causes agonizing pain and is potentially fatal
Also it emits a noxious mist that resembles tangles of daemons, and its mist makes it hard to tell if his sword is straight or curved.
Caeos has betrayed Crizox, the daemon he serves many times, but he hasn't been killed yet for his insubordination and betrayals.
Rumors abound that the only reason he still lives is for his feat in capturing and holding the ChaosRipjaw, the methods of which remain unknown to this day. which means I haven't thought up of how yet lol)

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Hey Chaos, mind me asking a favor?

You think you could do a DF style sideview of my current and likely final DF Persona, Bok Bok?
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
10/18/2019 20:19:28   
How We Roll Winner

Liger, are you sure you want to make Bok Bok your final DF persona? I still remember Sir Jonah and the Phantom-like Boogeyman persona, which IMO, with some tinkering to modify him into a Soul/Chaosweaver and making the Phantom his Soul Ally, would be a far more serious take.

EDIT: Welp, I just checked your DF char page and apparently you really are Bok Bok :sweat_smile:
I don't know if I'll be able to do Bok Bok or not; most of the stuff I'm posting here are pretty old that I dug up for fun. Truth to be told, I haven't drawn anything for a long time, as you can see in my Oversoul gallery the huge gap in the time stamps.

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10/18/2019 20:35:33   

Admittedly, I initially was going to go for a more serious design for my DF Persona. However, that was before I drew Bok Bok, and I kid you not, I was giggling through the whole process!

But don't worry if you don't feel up to the task just yet. I can wait as long as I need to!

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