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Would anyone else prefer the staff to update the Knight classes instead of new content for a week or

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All Forums >> [Artix Entertainment Games] >> [AdventureQuest] >> AdventureQuest General Discussion >> Would anyone else prefer the staff to update the Knight classes instead of new content for a week or
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10/31/2019 13:57:26   

These classes have good design already. Is it not possible to release level scaled versions up to 150? It seems like a numerical thing that doesn't require too much programming.
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 1
10/31/2019 14:07:38   

I don't wish to lobby on this decision, instead I'm just voicing my opinion:

No, I disagree for a number of reasons. The main ones are:
i). As we saw with subraces, it took multiple weeks, not just one week to get one up. Coding a class is much more difficult
ii). This is a tier II class so should not scale to level 150
iii). Knight is pretty much the only fully-updated class. For that reason, this would be the one I'd least like to give attention to
iv). Thematically, I much prefer a great many other classes over Knight as deserving for a rework. Necromancer would be my top choice if any.
vi). I believe the next class update that was suggested (with no time frame, so don't expect anything soon) was Paladin and then Necromancer, which I find to be much more interesting
vii). We also have unfinished subrace updates (i.e. Dracopyre).
viii). The writer behind knight has now left, so any lore changes would have to be done by someone else (should the need arise).
AQ  Post #: 2
10/31/2019 14:38:21   

We have class tiers?
Post #: 3
10/31/2019 14:41:36   
Red Blood

Well as I remember you needed to have fighter trained for Knight so Knight is tier two class for that reason I believe.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
11/3/2019 2:28:15   

Honour, Hope, Love

The way Classes are set up are... weird for now. I'm just going to state some opinions

1) Tier 1 Classes should stay true to their initial design and only be used until Level 30-40.
2) Some Tier 2 Classes are fairly unique. Ninja, Pirate, Berserker, Wizard and Dragonslayer are generally 'standard' Classes for most MMOs. Allowing them to scale up to 150, similarly to how Subraces currently work, would allow for varied uses. However, there are a ton of balance issues to work out. Berserker needs a damage cap of some kind. Dragonslayer's Elemental Defences are a problem to deal with, setting it up to follow the Elemental Wheel and triggering on the Base Element of the Dragon might work? It's... difficult to balance.
3) Personally, I'm hoping that future Class updates treat Classes like Subraces, allowing the Class Armour to take the use of the Subrace slot, but only allowing HUMANS to upscale to 150. Currently, there is no benefit to being a plain, vanilla human except for very select fights. This is going to sound weirdly racist, but HUMANS NEED LOVE.

I'm hoping for Paladin, personally. The War was won by Paladins, and Sweeping Paladin would be an excellent start.
AQ  Post #: 5
11/3/2019 5:52:29   

@Ward_Point: If no.3 were to be happen, I think you'd have to lock all the abilities if you don't hold the specific class. Otherwise, humans would essentially have access to every updated class, with hundreds of skills potentially at their disposal and no real downsides. Subraces would have access to elemental variations of the same armour and downsides to boot (like undead triggers etc. I know that's not a lot, but when you compare the two it's worth mentioning). To that end, you'd also have to make switching class much more difficult.
AQ  Post #: 6
11/3/2019 7:51:07   
Primate Murder

I'd like to suggest a different solution to point one. Tier 1 classes should be generic (like, neutral lean, +3 MRM kind of thing) with no bonuses above +25% melee. Basically, I want it to be possible to use them for endgame content, but not be optimized. Just think of all the memes!

Other classes can be more specialized rather than more powerful. Ninja can specialize on dodge and poison, pirate can gain LS and steal items, etc.
AQ DF  Post #: 7
11/3/2019 9:21:25   

Creating higher level variants of knight classes would not take too much work (1 week worth of work). Ensure knight class are balance (2019 standard) before AQ team create higher level variants of knight classes.

One class(subrace) rework would require at least 3 weeks worth of work.

November 2019 plan: one week set aside for 2019 master craft set quest (big release), two weeks set aside for extra time to work on 2019 master craft set quest and 2019 frostval event.

Link (knight classes armors):
https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21577376&mpage=1&key= (see post number 122)

< Message edited by ruleandrew -- 11/3/2019 9:38:43 >
AQ  Post #: 8
11/3/2019 11:47:32   

Honour, Hope, Love

@CH4OT1C I was actually thinking that the Class Armours that can be purchased can only scale within their Tier. For example, Knight Armours currently scales to 70. Only the Class armour in the Class/Subrace slot is allowed to Scale to 150, and this slot is tied to Human and Class. Ie: If you want Knight (95) you must be human and your class must be Knight. Every Class change should cost a Level-Appropriate amount of gold eg: 96m at level 150.

From a Lore point of view this makes sense for some cases, eg: Vampire Paladins make no sense (Then again there are Undead Paladins...) But Werewolf Berserkers could work? Better to just limit the scaling Classes to Human to avoid weird contradictions.

In any case, I feel that it is a bit of a waste to put in so much effort into Classes that won't be used after the initial release. If there are no plans at all to release Classes that scale to 150, I'd rather not even bother updating them.
AQ  Post #: 9
11/10/2019 11:22:13   

Agreed. Classes need to scale to 150, no question. I do agree that the starter classes should remain starter classes, but the rest should scale. There are so many fun classes like Pirate, Dragonslayer, Dracomancer, Knight, etc. that should absolutely be playable at 150.

I'm not so sure about restricting classes to Human only, though. Yes, there might be some weird lore contradictions, but we've already had stuff like that in game for so long that I don't think anyone would really mind if you were a Vampire paladin, or a Neko dracomancer. That said, Vartai should totally be a new subrace in the future ;)

While I don't get mad when new content other than class updates is released, I do completely agree that this should be more of a priority. I know that continuing to churn out GGB and token package releases is what keeps money coming in for the game, and I'm fine with that. But I don't get why the staff are so silent on the subject of class updates. I really don't think they'd be getting any complaints if they released a class update instead of another random event.
AQ  Post #: 10
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