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zfinity gauntlets

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11/1/2019 16:20:04   

hello, id Like to ask some questions

Since my Main Character is Mage

Zfinity Gauntlet: Mind Is a must buy right? (This misc works like pixel ether?)

Zfinity G: Soul (Does this works like essence orb?? ) can you also tell me full details of this misc, it seems i didnt understand about the **free thing*
Let me know if this is better than essence orb so I would know if i need to skip buying this.

Zfinity G: Time (this gives u celerity or chance to paralyze/control enemy am i right?)

Let me know if buying the other gauntlets is still necessary..


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11/1/2019 17:38:22   
Legendary Ash

The heals from the Gauntlets are basically a worst version of Essence Orb/Pixel Ether/Candy Bag due to a 25% increase in cost per use, which makes them incredibly inefficient.
I would rather wait for the Devs to implement trade to enable player to give each other Pixel Ether/Candy Bag, or them to release standard cost resource exchange miscs in the future.

The Mind has a normal skill is Hpcost per use in exchange for Mp heal, the 1 time use skill pays 87.5% melee for a 125% melee Mp heal.
The Soul has a normal skill is Hpcost per use in exchange for Sp heal, the 1 time use skill is a Sp heal worth 45% melee, which is weaker than 16th Birthday Cupcake's 100% melee heal for example.
The Time has a normal Blind and Defence Loss skill that pays 80.9% melee in Sp for a 4 turn -7.5 BtH Blind and -10.625 Def loss, the 1 time use skill is a paralysis that requires no save, Kamui also forgot to include /1.4 for the Def loss due to pet and skill adding 40% melee to player side.

Arguably the no save paralysis is the best ability of the gauntlets, but enemies with Paralysis immunities block this skill.
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11/1/2019 22:28:48   

The Mind has a normal skill is Hpcost per use in exchange for Mp heal, the 1 time use skill pays 87.5% melee for a 125% melee Mp heal.

Does it mean that Mind Gauntlet skill is usable only once per battle like cupcakes?

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11/1/2019 23:17:01   
Primate Murder

Mind has a 1/battle skill that pays sp for mp, and a 1/turn skill that pays hp for mp. Both are quickcast, making it the mest mp regen misc since Pixel Ether.
AQ DF  Post #: 4
11/1/2019 23:34:34   

@Legendary Ash:

The Soul Gauntlet is pretty much ALWAYS more efficient than Essence Orb at 0 END. Let's take a lot at the calculations:

For Essence Orb:
  • SP/HP Efficiency = (88.98 * 0.92 + 88.98 * 1.625 * 0.08) SP / 75 HP = 1.24572 SP/HP

    For Soul Gauntlet:
  • SP/HP Efficiency of the Nth Cast = 490 / (207 * 1.25 ^ (N - 1)) SP/HP
  • Cumulative SP/HP Efficiency on the Nth Cast = (176 + 490N) / (207 * (1 + 1.25 * (1 - 1.25 ^ (N - 1)) / (1 - 1.25))) SP/HP

    The the cumulative SP cost formula is based on the sum of a geometric series.

    Based on these formulas:
  • The SP/HP efficiency of the Soul Gauntlet for each individual cast is superior to Essence Orb up to the 5th cast, having an efficiency of 1.32 SP/HP on the 5th cast. It would have given you a total of 2626 SP. On the 6th cast, it will have an efficiency of 1.05 and a total of 3116 .
  • However, cumulatively, the Soul Gauntlet is going to be more efficient up to the 6th cast, having a cumulative SP/HP efficiency of 1.34 SP/HP. On the 7th cast, it would finally become less efficient than the Essence Orb at 1.16 SP/HP cumulative efficiency after restoring 3606 SP.
  • However, for a 0 Endurance character (as an optimized character should), it is not even possible to cast the Soul Gauntlet 7 times as you would have ran out of HP (assuming you did not heal and have taken 0 damage).

    Realistically, there are only 3 situations where Essence Orb will outperform Soul Gauntlet for a 0 Endurance character:
  • In an extremely long, drawn out fight. However, if you are indeed in a long, drawn-out fight, you wouldn't want to be using Essence Orb this many times.
  • If you are using Prototype Astromorph to gain infinite HP/SP/MP.
  • Stacking Werewolf fears for Terror Eater with Purple Rain. However, many builds don't even run this as it requires you to be a Werewolf (not great for mages), the token cost and the unreliability against bosses with Freedom/Boss Boost.

    To put this into perspective, you need about 33 (2475 hp) or 34 (2550 hp) casts of the Essence Orb to match the the amount of SP restored by 6 casts of the Soul Gauntlet. However, if you don't need to use Soul Gauntlet 6 times in 1 battle (which you usually don't) then Soul Gauntlet is even more efficient.

    In addition, assuming you start a fight with full (or ~1k SP), you can Purple Rain + Arcane Int/Buffalot + Shadowfeeder + Stun of Choice + Power Gauntlet + Purple Rain/SP Regen item of choice + nuke and end the fight with ~1k SP (or full SP for mana users) with both Essence Orb and Soul Gauntlet. As such, aside from the above situations, the unlimited # of casts in 1 turn isn't too relevant. Shadowfeeder + Stun + Shadowfeeder gets you 4 free hits, which is enough for Soul Gauntlet's efficiency to eclipse Essence Orb's lack of once/turn limit.

    This combined with the fact that the Soul Gauntlet also compresses Light Resistance and Melee Blocking, the comparison isn't really even close TBH.

    The Mind Gauntlet vs. Pixel Ether is sort of similar. However, because Pixel Ether converts SP and Mind Gauntlet converts primarily HP. As such, the 2 each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Even after the nerf, these Gauntlets are still extremely overpowered. From the most important to least important, I would rank them as the following:

    1. Power Gauntlet - This is the most important. It gives you a damage boost AND allows you to equip a different damage-boosting misc. Very unique and powerful. The once per battle effect is very useless.
    2. Mind Gauntlet - ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE PIXEL ETHER AND ARE A MAGE. If you are a Warrior, this has the lowest priority. If you are a mage with Pixel Ether, I would rank this under the Time Gauntlet.
    3. Time Gauntlet - Outperforms Love Potion substantially against bosses with high boss boost effects (again, assuming you don't use Prototype Astromorph). The defense drop is technically also damage boost that can stack with other miscs.
    4. Soul Gauntlet - Even though it is better than Essence Orb, Essence Orb can still take its place.
    5. Space Gauntlet - Not worth buying. The defense effect is strong, but there are better ways to spend your SP.

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    11/2/2019 2:51:24   

    Thank you so much for info guys. Although the pixel ether is much better

    Just bought this mind Gauntlet for Manna supply.

    Wish devs would implement trade for Pixel ethers.

    It pains me for Missing the Pixel items. I was not active that time. Hopefully they would release a replica of it

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