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=DF= Nov. 15th Design Notes: The Proclamation War Begins: The Greenguard Alliance

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11/16/2019 0:05:43   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP



The Proclamation War Begins: The Greenguard Alliance

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we're taking the first step in a new permanent story war- The Greenguard Alliance!

With the tenuous truce decreed by Queen Victoria, the Rose, the Vind, and the Golden Hand are set to defend Swordhaven, the center of the Kingdom of Greenguard. The Rose is spread thin across the continent, holding the line against the other rifts while this endeavor begins.

You'll be able to choose to ally with one of the three factions- a significant decision that you will not be able to change until this story arc reaches completion!

Will you help escort the Golden Hand to the rift so that they can bring it back under Magesterium control?

Will you assist the Vind and their allies on the front lines against the hordes of elementals?

Or will you work with the Rose to rescue citizens and stop any invaders who've snuck into the city of Swordhaven?

While this decision may not have a MAJOR impact on the future story, each faction will have exclusive lore and dialogue, as well as quests and eventual rewards!

Keep in mind that this is only the first step of this story arc- what we've set up this week is only the beginning.

Some notes:

- As this war is story based, you will have to be caught up in the Book 3 main story in order to participate.
- There is no war counter, total or personal for the waves in this war.
- This war (and its drops) are permanent.
- Please remember that this is only the beginning! Getting a lot of these systems set up and prepared will make it easier for us to produce this content in the future as well.

To play, head over to Kara in Sulen'Eska to receive your invitation to Swordhaven Castle! After that, you will be able to access the war from Queen Victoria in her throne room.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
    11/16/2019 0:09:11   
      Stephen Nix

    Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

    Okay time to pick a side. Which to choose...*proceeds to leave and realizes I can fish*

    Not a bad gig.

    Alright you guys are on your own.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    11/16/2019 0:17:44   

    At times like this I wish I had 3 end game characters instead of 2. I picked Rose and Vind. Would someone be able to enlighten me what happens in the Golden Circle camp?

    If we change allegiance at the end of the event, can we then access the rewards of that other faction? Or is the allegiance changing purely for dialogue?
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
    11/16/2019 0:46:01   

    Man this is unexpected. well more reason to work on my other characters now, but now i am gonna sit and think about which to choose for my main.
    DF AQW  Post #: 4
    11/16/2019 0:55:11   
    Primate Murder

    I joined the Golden Hand (because keep your friend close, but enemies closer) and so far not much happening except for some knights grumbling.

    Anything interesting in the other two camps?
    AQ DF  Post #: 5
    11/16/2019 1:37:18   

    Wow, a permanent war with a (semi)permanent faction choice huh? That's not what I expected, but I can't complain about something new like this!

    I've been going back and forth between my options for a while now. I never bothered to work on my alts so my main will have to carry all the weight of this choice. No changing characters to see what goes on with the other factions for me. My loyalty is strongest with the Vind, but I also believe that the Rose has the most noble objective during this war. As for the Golden Hand, they'll do just fine with a couple of knights I'm sure! What I am really interested in knowing is what unique rewards or consequences each faction has to offer assuming they are different. But the war can't wait around for me to figure that out later.

    Between the three options, I will choose to fight with the Vind. It is an extremely tough choice between them and the Rose. However, there seems to be a few things troubling Kara so I refuse to leave her to this duty alone. And besides, fending off the waves will help both the Rose and the Golden Hand. At least that's the way I see it.

    Best of luck to everyone in the war!
    Post #: 6
    11/16/2019 2:10:51   
    Lord Alsvinich


    Also, can we get some sort of quick teleport button to our camps?

    < Message edited by Lord Alsvinich -- 11/16/2019 2:30:10 >
    Post #: 7
    11/16/2019 5:27:08   

    This... was honestly a tough choice.

    The Golden Hand have the big task of shutting down the portals. Without them fixing it, this war could go on forever.

    The Vind have to take the fight to the front lines and stop as much of the assault as they can.

    The Rose have the task on protecting the innocents and cities, Swordhaven especaly.

    In the end, it all comes down to what you think a hero should do: Stop the threat at the source, hold the front lines, or protect the innocent.

    I went with option 3 so I guess I'm working with The Rose for now.

    < Message edited by megakyle777 -- 11/16/2019 5:28:13 >
    DF  Post #: 8
    11/16/2019 6:30:41   

    There's certainly no wrong choice here!

    As much as I want to help Hansa out, and as tempted as I am to the see rifts up close and maybe take a look on what's on the other side... I have to join the Vind. We've been with them since the beginning, and their task is a difficult one.


    That and I want a front row seat to Alteon's reveal. That's gonna be awesome!

    TO WAR!!
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
    11/16/2019 7:17:30   

    Navigator of

    Definitely going with the Golden Hand on this one; aiding the Rose is aiding Jaania, and that's not good for us in the long term, and we've assisted the Vind more than enough. Besides, someone with at least a marginal amount of knowledge on Azaveyran affairs and the Magesterium should keep an eye on the Golden Hand to make sure they're not stepping out of line... right? Or perhaps the adventurer in me is just drawn to the unknown.

    Either way, this release definitely makes me want to focus on my other character slots. I had a secondary who is almost up to this point in the main story, and a tertiary who is quite a ways behind, but I think I'll enjoy revisiting and replaying the Nieboheim saga once more.
    DF  Post #: 10
    11/16/2019 9:54:35   
    The Finnish Phoenix

    Here I was excited to have a chance to farm Defender's Medals...but their drop rate is so bloody low it'd be faster to do Togpocalypse.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
    11/16/2019 9:58:23   

    Can't we just take another chance to change our alliance ?
    AQW  Post #: 12
    11/16/2019 10:46:41   

    Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

    Well, I guess this is the motivation I needed to actually shove my alternates into book 3 xD

    Will be going with the Vind for the primary choice! Kara needs some support and, quite honestly, I think they're the group most likely to suffer losses - so lets see if we can minimize those.

    Fight hard, whichever side you pick! We need fighters in every group!

    (From just skimming this thread, we're currently at Rose: 2, Golden Hand: 3, Vind: 4. I can update the count if people keep posting!)

    Edit: Dove totally beat me to this and made a tweet for it...

    < Message edited by Starflame13 -- 11/16/2019 10:59:54 >


    Have you checked your forum inbox? PM Notifications are down!

    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
    11/16/2019 11:22:28   

    Went with the Golden Hand here. All the tasks are very important , but without their success, Lore is doomed.
    Also in case they choose to misbehave, its important for the hero to be there to stop them , and finish the job.
    Post #: 14
    11/16/2019 11:51:23   

    Now the quest is an actual decent way, albeit unreliable, to get me some defender medals without trudging through togs or waiting for wars.

    Thanks for this!
    AQW  Post #: 15
    11/16/2019 12:10:24   

    Honestly there was only one choice for me.

    The Magesterium is... evil.

    And the Rose is also... evil.

    Even if there's a truce, I'm going to associate myself with them as little as absolutely possile ever.

    The one side without evil people it is, then.
    Post #: 16
    11/16/2019 12:56:46   

    -the rose should be spread as thinly as possible, the more trouble they have the less time jaania has for her grand plan.
    -the vind do have some allies besides the hero such as the dragonlords and the atealans so they should be able to handle a few elementals.

    so with that being said ima go with the golden hand, both to keep and eye on those fellas and out of curiosity.

    DF  Post #: 17
    11/16/2019 14:48:10   

    Wow, I did not expect that! It will be interesting what those rewards will be.

    As I am so interested in Magesterium lore, I went with them. I have no interest in helping Rose, and as much as I wanted to help the Vind, Vseslava and Ostromir are the only ones, whose actions matter in the endgame.

    And the soundtrack is amazing in this.

    DF  Post #: 18
    11/16/2019 16:41:06   
    Ace Woodlink

    Looks like I've got to get my inn-main back to speed on the story.

    I'll go with the Golden Hand for now. Ostromir's too fascinating of a character to not follow, and the story-junkie in me needs more first-hand information about this group.
    MQ  Post #: 19
    11/16/2019 18:26:32   
    Primal Light Dragon

    I chose to go with the Golden Hand. I wanted to go with the Vind (to prevent the faction Jaania is opposing from being wiped out), and the Rose has the PR-based job of ACTUALLY PROTECTING PEOPLE... but Villains Act, Heroes React. We need to do more than play for time; we can't be everywhere at once, protecting everyone. As long as this is going on, we lose people, so shutting it down ASAP is the pragmatic choice.

    More importantly, we'll get to see, up close and personal, the weak points in the Rift, as well as how to shut them down. The Hero has magical experience, as well as Runic Experience (potions training). We could learn a lot about the nature of magic, the powers held by 'the enemy, at least for now.'

    Also, someone powerful needs to keep an eye on the Hand. Even without their living mana-sources, they probably could do things before the knights could stop them. Let's keep it together behind enemy lines, guys!

    I really hope this will have minimal effect on the storyline. Losing major Vind forces, or PR with the civilians to the Rose, will suck.


    Ego sum egredietur tempestas, manifestum chaos, et ascendit hominum.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    11/16/2019 19:39:18   

    Choice was simple, the Golden Hand. They are our key to Exalted Lore, stuff that will surely be important in the future. #GoldenHandLoreSquad
    Post #: 21
    11/16/2019 20:14:16   

    Do you think there will be consequences for this war depending who we choose?
    Vind Pros/Cons: +Are good guys. +We want them to be strongest after the war./-They have plenty of strong allies.
    Rose Pros/Cons: +We should keep an eye on them. +It's Mage Hansa./-Are bad guys. -Jaania isn't on the frontline.
    Hand Pros/Cons: +Their mission is the most important. +We know nothing about them./-We know nothing about them. -Are most definitely spies.

    I think we should choose the hand. A single elite hero is wasted on the front lines.
    AQ DF  Post #: 22
    11/16/2019 20:54:35   
    The Jop

    People who tried to kill me, people who tried to kill me, or creatures who only tried to kill me in Book 1? Easy choice.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
    11/16/2019 22:46:07   

    Chose the Vind. I absolutely do not trust The Rose, and I definitely don't trust these Golden Hand people, either. So I'll stick with the faction that I know doesn't have any ulterior motives and help them out.


    If you join the Vind and talk to Kara in the camp, she'll tell you a little bit about how the Vind originated. She mentions a little bit of what Jaania did after we were frozen, although she eventually cuts the story off because of the battle going on. You can also talk to Melissa who doesn't really say much other than being glad she doesn't have to wear a dress, two soldiers mentioning that they're worried about The Rose backstabbing them, and Alz'ein who's hungry for a good fight.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 24
    11/16/2019 22:49:15   
    Baron Dante

    Basically explained this on Twitter already, but... Golden Hands up in the air. I like 'em. Funny fellas.

    I figured I'd just look at this through the lenses of what I perceive the character of The Baron to be. Vind and Rose are both doing things that essentially anyone can do (Obviously withing reason. We're talking about soldiers and such): Saving civilians and fighting the cannon fodder.
    The Hand, on the other hand, is going directly to the source, something that essentially needs to be done. Regular everyday folk dying is unfortunate. The two people that can almost definitely stop this dying? That might be the END.
    Not only that, given what we know so far, it would make sense the bigger, stronger and meatier enemies would likely pop up there. That MIGHT be the actual main reason there. Who cares about the fate of the world when you can fight strong things, and all that?

    The best part is, there's no way to know any of that is even correct. Maybe the Hands are just gonna go and fix the Proclamations to go against us. Maybe they CAN'T fix it. Maybe the big bois aren't actually there? That'd be sad.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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