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RE: =DF= Nov. 15th Design Notes: The Proclamation War Begins: The Greenguard Alliance

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11/16/2019 23:48:17   
Primate Murder

Somewhat amusingly, my two alts, once I get them to this point in the timeline, would perfectly fit the other two factions.

Weaver is based on Taylor from the web serial Worm. Search and rescue missions are her bread and butter when facing major threats. And if it also allows her to keep an eye on Rose and make sure they don't try to pull something? It's a no-brainer.

Emrys is based on the main character from Merlin BBC. For the first half of the series, he worked with a resistance hidden in the forest to protect magic users and magical creatures from government's magic hunters. He'll be a perfect match for Vind.
AQ DF  Post #: 26
11/17/2019 0:14:28   

"He who saves a life saves the world entire"

From the heroes perspective that's how I see they would approach it. They consistently don't see some big picture that Jaania does, who's willing to sacrifice "unimportant" towns like Amityville and the settlements in the North for the greater good. We would see that the task at hand is keeping the front lines back, or rescuing those trapped, every second we don't an individual dies. We have to care about the individual to be the hero. Therefore for me the choice is the Rose or the Vind. And considering Jaania will use every spare second we grant her for "research"that may prove harmful to us in the future, I will adopt the optimistic view the hero has adopted for so long, that this crisis can be solved without having to rely on on tactics we may find repugnant.

The Vind it is
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 27
11/17/2019 0:16:11   
Lord Alsvinich

I feel a lot better about my choice already know the baron is at our camp
Post #: 28
11/17/2019 5:09:15   

I went with the Vind. Easily the most easily trusted ally. Can't imagine anyone helping the Rose. The sooner that organization tears apart, the better.
The Golden Hand - I was sort of thinking to help them, but then again, we know what happens in a near future, so I feel like this would be of no consequence. Beside that, we can't really trust them.
DF  Post #: 29
11/17/2019 8:26:56   


I can easily see reasons to make either of the choices. Consider that helping the Rose or the Golden Hand is not a show of allegiance, but strictly support for the common cause shared with each on the immediate term.

Helping the Vind, as one might expect, hardly requires justification - They are trusted allies who could use assistance with one of the things we do best: Holding the line against overwhelming hostile forces.

The Rose may work for an ideal we cannot reconcile with, but letting our differences and grudges make our decisions for us could cost innocent lives. We can trust the Vind to hold the line, but the Rose? A large amount of their forces are abroad. They will be spread thin until reinforced, likely rendering them less effective - Especially if more duplicitous members continue taking the mayhem as a chance to further their ambitions. This may be the worst time to pay fanaticism unto fanaticism.

And the Golden Hand... Earnest as they seem, relying on them is a matter of strict, urgent necessity. Trust is an entirely different thing - Ultimately, they are envoys of a hostile authority. One with morals we would consider peculiar at best, and that has strictly set out to make a show of force -- But in character, we don't know that. And their actions constitute an act of war regardless, having rendered them our enemy by virtue of harming innocents. If hostilities may resume in any way, can we trust them to remain unsupervised when bringing the portals back under Magesterium control?
Post #: 30
11/17/2019 10:22:10   
Divine Nexus

I felt there were good reasons to choose any of the three factions, though I ultimately went with the Vind. I feel that assisting the Golden Hand, however, may have been the better choice, as closing the rift as soon as possible is probably the most practical thing to do. And if anyone can protect them from hordes of elementals and such, it's the Hero. Ending the war ASAP would do a lot to help limit casualties.

The Vind would probably be the second most important, holding the front lines to give time for the rift to be closed and keeping the creatures pouring out from advancing. The Hero would also be of great use here. Not only is the Hero a veteran of many wars, in-universe they straight up won the Blood Moon war single-handedly. They are worth quite a lot on the front lines.

Putting aside how one may feel about them, I would argue assisting the Rose to be the least practical choice for the Hero to make. While protecting and evacuating people is important, with what I have stated above I feel that the Hero would simply accomplish more for the war effort by assisting the other two. The Hero being put to proper use on the front lines with the Vind would make the Rose's job easier.

From a sheer point of pragmatism, assisting the Golden Hand is likely the best choice, in both ending the war and ensuring that they don't screw us over if they are indeed untrustworthy.

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DF AQW  Post #: 31
11/17/2019 12:03:43   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Whew, finally got my alternate caught up on the main book 3 line! If anyone was wondering, Sulen'Eska quests are very very hard at level 22...

From people's responses on the thread, we;re currently at Rose: 2, Golden Hand: 11, Vind: 9.

Tomix's tweet has 16% assisting the Rose, 42% helping the Golden Hand, and 41% fighting with the Vind.

I think I'll put my alternate in the Rose camp to even the numbers out a little bit! Keep up the fight, Lore is relying on us!


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 32
11/18/2019 13:06:33   

I would reply to this with something meaningful, but battleon threads disappear after 5 seconds, so why bother.
Post #: 33
11/18/2019 15:36:41   

I find the idea very intriguing so far (not to mention the fact that carrying 3 chars through all those releases finally pays off). It feels like receiving information from different points of view which complement each other well and gives you a certain understanding what was really going on the whole time since we unfroze. Fingers crossed it will work out as well as you intend it to be and open up some fresh story telling options.
Post #: 34
11/19/2019 2:28:48   

I'll pick the Golden Hand because they'll be able to get whatever weapons and items that they need by teleporting them over and that means we'll be able to get whatever inside the magisterium's treasury easy and maybe guess if these two are also foodies in which we'll see them eat more then us hahaha! Also secondly I'm thinking maybe they'll be greedy as well for them to hurry up,teleport back into the magisterium and get more gold and gems from the treasury and their research or say to the other golden hands members that its disbanded.

Third I'm thinking the Golden Hand going be either in Falconreach and Ravenloss to be paired with somebody in the aftermath for the fan artists hehehe or not as they staying home to help out with family.

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DF  Post #: 35
11/19/2019 10:07:28   

I based my decision on the character's strengths and weaknesses. They posses great leadership skills, as well as the abilities to inspire others around them. However, tactically, they excel at being the strongest one in the area, pushing through waves of enemies to end a war fast by taking out the leader.

Logically speaking, I felt our skills were best used to head a strike force to take the magesterium scientists to close the portals. We probaby could have saved many lives fighting off waves of enemies or protecting cities, but I figure we can save the most lives by trusting our allies to protect them while we push to end the conflict as soon as possible.

I went with the Golden Hand.

So, what do people think of this new war system so far?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 36
11/19/2019 12:23:28   
spirit of greed

I like this type of quest and war.
So we got 3 choices:
-Help the Rose:They help on the citizens of Swordhaven
-Help the Golden hand:They try to close the rift
.Help The Vind:They fight against the elementals at the frontline.

I speaked with all 3 faction before i choosed.
First of all i couldn't choose the Rose. Jaania, Akanthus and the rest of them made it impossible. Sure there are a lot of good guys with good intention in the Rose but i still think they are doing more bad than good.
In the end i choosed The Vind. They helped me so much and i want to return the favor. Also fighting against the elementals at the frontline is one of the worst post in this war. It's the most dangerous and vulnerable post. Truth to be told i wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the Rose would be glad if the Vind would die at thee end of this war.
I can see why so many people choosed to side with the Golden Hand. Some people try to keep them in check, some just find them cool. While i admit these two new character is really interesting and i hope we can be friends with them in the future the fact is i don't trust them. I think even if the hero tries to make sure they won't betray us or do any stupid thing with the rift, they can do anything since the hero isn't really knows this type of magic (I think even Warlic would be clueless) and probably would realize just at the end that something is wrong.
So the Vind it is.

Also the music is fantastic.

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DF AQW  Post #: 37
11/19/2019 15:51:54   
Baron Dante


So, what do people think of this new war system so far?

There's a lot to like about it for now, I think.

It's a multi-way war, but it's not presented as a competition. There's no war tracking or anything, not even a war meter. This means nobody is going to feel pressured to do war beyond what they want.
Also, something I like here is that right now, there's basically nothing to go off on in terms of which team is the "best" choice. We're given a vague idea on what we're doing, depending on the team, and that's basically what we're basing our decision on. There's nothing concrete about the rewards or potential consequences. You don't pick a team for the sweet loot. You pick it based on what you think is the best for the story, more or less.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 38
11/19/2019 17:34:34   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

So! It *is* apparently possible to get a level 14-15 rogue through all of the Sulen'Eska quests, provided you have Doomknight, a Dragon Amulet, and a whole lot of luck on your side xD

(It may be possible without the first two but that's what it took me - I think you need luck regardless though...)

Tariel, Reckoner of Souls and my first attempt at a Rogue character, reporting for duty to the camp of the Golden Hand!

From people's responses on the thread, we;re currently at Rose: 3, Golden Hand: 14, Vind: 10

Tomix's tweet has 17% assisting the Rose, 43% helping the Golden Hand, and 39% fighting with the Vind.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 39
11/21/2019 2:15:07   

i remember the last time we had to deal with a rift. we fought so hard for so long, and even then, if the rift hadn't been shut down by, essentially, divine intervention, it would have all been for nothing.
the mission to shut down the rifts needs to succeed, because if it doesn't... we are all lost.

the sooner that rift goes down, the less likely it is that either forces suffer breaches. our presence would help with with that too, but we can't be everywhere at once.
i'd prefer to assemble a small group of elites to swiftly penetrate enemy lines, but in a pinch, just us will do. i have faith in the Vind, as do i in the the countless heroes that reside in Greenguard, sung and unsung.

they'll hold the line until we get back.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 40
11/24/2019 19:28:04   
Alm Nullamors

That trout was suuure tasty! :D

I jest, of course. My main character will be helping the Golden Hand since they've got the most important and potentially most dangerous task; marching to the rift itself and putting those things back under control. I have two alts approaching this point in the story so I could have them pitch in for the Rose and Vind camps once they're caught up.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 41
11/25/2019 12:06:29   
King of Zards

Heh, I'm getting Guild Wars 2 flashbacks. This is like choosing between Vigil/Priory/Whispers all over again.

As much as I'd love to fight alongside Vind once again, I chose the Hand. This is my chance to get information and build diplomatic relations. Plus someone needs to keep an eye on those two, so it might as well be me. I have faith in Rose and Vind's ability to protect Greenguard without me.
Post #: 42
11/26/2019 13:00:06   

To all those saying that the hero should keep an eye on the Golden Hand, when has that ever worked? Time and time again we've been used to serve our foes, remember Sek Duat? Our character does not know enough about their magic to foil any plot they might have in mind. And as for trying to end a conflict by jumping straight to the source when have we ever done that? When the SMUDD began to darken the world, did we go straight into figuring out how to destroy it, or did we first ensure that settlements were protected and people evacuated? It is in our hero's character to save as many people as possible before confronting the threat directly. As it should be.

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"I am Sir Oracle. And when I ope my lips, let no Tog bark."
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 43
11/26/2019 21:15:55   

you get it @Sneevillord, i agree with you :D


P.A.I.N.S.= positive attitude in negative situations
im really glad that your my friend and this is a friendship that will never ever end (if you get this reference than 10 points to wwe fans)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 44
11/27/2019 3:08:49   

The Golden Hand guys mention that they are technically Magesterium members, but are often running errands out of town. So it's possible that not all the Magesterium will present to be wiped out by Riorr. Just some food for thought for later.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 45
11/27/2019 7:24:06   


So it's possible that not all the Magesterium will present to be wiped out by Riorr. Just some food for thought for later.

they won't have the piece of the mana core though, maybe if they somehow harvest it from the fissure but if it is possible then what prevented them from spreading more pieces across the land so they won't be forced to stay in the capital or use the nexuses.
DF  Post #: 46
11/29/2019 2:43:55   

Hmmm....if the golden hand can't teleport back and get inside the treasury in the aftermath to get a chest of whatever out as the reward, and with those medals, who's going forge their rewards? The rose has their own blacksmiths, the Vind also has their own blacksmiths,to they teleport another golden hand member that specialize in forging stuff....? To a soulsmith or we get Lim,the gnomes and Lanrete to arrive and make it together?

While on another hand will it be weird shapeless engraved rewards or just the magester's helmets turned into weapons?

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DF  Post #: 47
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