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RE: =AQ= Hollowborn Evoker and Conjuror Sets, Spirit of Freedom, Harvest Fest, etc.

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11/29/2019 21:16:08   

Well technically it is a nerf, since it is possible to push those shields to even higher efficiencies compared to what their unboosted efficiencies are now, while absorbing even more damage per cast. That's right. Investing Int was, and probably still is more HP efficient than investing in END if you use Gandolphin/SoI. That's how useless END is.
AQ  Post #: 26
12/2/2019 2:12:45   
Ryu Draco

So, moving away from the Stat discussion, lots of new BURPs this year, but the one that stands out to me is the 'BURP?'. These guys are way more humanoid than other rats, and while the flavor text mentions pirates I rather doubt these guys are Black-Wiskers crew. It would seem more along the line of maybe the SeekRat's work, but I've got a feeling this may be a new tactic by our 'Friend', Mr. Portal-with-an-Interesting-Offer (name pending).
AQ  Post #: 27
12/2/2019 7:12:28   

Most monsters in this war are not tanks.

W.H.E.E.L is tricky tank (zero Luck when monster level is 154).

W.H.E.E.L sp attack is water.
W.H.E.E.L regular attack is earth.

War meter (2320 AEDT, 2/12/2019): 31%

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AQ  Post #: 28
12/2/2019 19:50:53   

Has anyone else noticed that gold donations are not being added to your character?
Explanation: Yesterday, My gold was capped at 1.2B gold, I got several gold donations of 100M and was being wasted, so I donated
two times at 100M. Took me to 1B gold. OK, the problem is I have since received two 100M gold donations and today I am still at 1B gold.
My point being I should be capped again. I quit donating because I was paying forward the donations I was receiving and since I wasn't seeing mine added,
I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this. No use donating if others wasn't receiving it either.
Don't get me wrong here, gold is not important to me, but it is to others that need it. Not blaming anyone in any manner whatsoever, just wondering if it was just me or a global thing.
sorry for the long post, but I felt it was worth mentioning for the sake of newer players that desperately need it. maybe it could be looked into.

< Message edited by doomas -- 12/2/2019 20:41:54 >
AQ  Post #: 29
12/2/2019 20:22:48   

why would you be capped again when you already received the donations at 1.2B gold?
AQW  Post #: 30
12/2/2019 20:25:58   

I was at 1B when I got the other donations. At 1.2B I donated which left me at 1B then received two at 100M which would be 1.2B again

but I only still have 1B instead of the 1.2B I should have

< Message edited by doomas -- 12/2/2019 20:40:12 >
AQ  Post #: 31
12/2/2019 22:36:57   

Haven't seen anyone else put these up, so here are Serenia's remarks from the end of the tribute gathering quest:

It pleases me to see you succeed again, as strange as it is to meet as siblings. I will restore the harvest again. The price is one I will gladly pay.

We wane, <<player>>. But you have more immediate concerns, and imminent trials to prepare for.

I do mean immediate concerns. You have not met your fellow defenders since returning to humanity.

Armies rise out of order. Your friends seek your help. Open up to them and lend your aid- we will speak again when the harvest is safe from this further menace.

Should be interesting to see this storyline continue to develop.
AQ Epic  Post #: 32
12/2/2019 22:42:06   
Primate Murder

I totally forgot about that!

Thanks for posting.
AQ DF  Post #: 33
12/2/2019 23:54:13   
Ryu Draco

And apparently I was wrong, huh. This really seems OOC for BlackWisker.
AQ  Post #: 34
12/3/2019 0:30:12   

in reference to the posts I left above. I found my problem. I feel so stupid right about now.LOL
I believe I was miscounting the zeros. I received two more donations since those posts and they were 10M instead of 100M.
sorry for any concerns this may have caused. I'll go stand in the corner for a time out session now. Sorry!!!
AQ  Post #: 35
12/8/2019 22:44:16   

Would it be possible to fix the war record on the character page(s)? For some reason 'Harvest 2019: The Waning of Famine' is on the bottom of the list.
Post #: 36
12/10/2019 19:15:19   

i need like 25418758 exp to get to level 136 will there be enough time in this war to get that exp using my mega world portal or will there be another war next month?
Post #: 37
12/10/2019 19:41:08   
Lord Markov

Not sure if you can make it this war but we're basically guaranteed at least one if not two more wars this month so you can probably pick up the level there at the very least.
AQ  Post #: 38
12/10/2019 22:46:04   
aq DarkKnight

The war meter is now 100%. HarvestFest War is over.
Post #: 39
12/10/2019 22:54:21   

"Shop Restricted by Character Clan"
AQ  Post #: 40
12/10/2019 23:04:19   

should be okay as long as a 2019 harvest fest painting appears.(we already have a harvest fast painting that returns every year) i'm saving for the 2019 frostival painting. i can try and grind the hybee queen for exp while i wait for the next war. got pretty lucky with donations.

unless more yearly paintings appear all i would need to worry about are platinums painting (if it ever returns)the cinco doom mayo paintings and the zardnado paintings.

still a great war

< Message edited by Ashmander -- 12/10/2019 23:09:08 >
Post #: 41
12/10/2019 23:43:56   
Ryu Draco

And the Harvest War ends, with new frenemies, cryptic messages, and a pet Rat. Just in time to build supplies for a few days before the next crisis.
AQ  Post #: 42
12/11/2019 14:23:51   

Serenia's further message:

"Wisdom and might meet in a trickster warrior, an ancient regent is chosen by a greater crown. Where his singular gaze falls, fortune and misfortune alike follows, for he is opportunity made flesh.

Heroes from afar, deceived in ways they yet ignore, would seize this hour, and you would be wise to lead by example. You may yet share in the sage's pride and make merry like few ever have, if snow stands the test of thunder."

Though it may not be quite as obvious as the preview makes it seem, this will still do a lot to flesh out the lore of a MC set location and be a showdown of... mythical proportions. Very much looking forwards to this.
AQ Epic  Post #: 43
12/11/2019 14:27:54   

Is there a reason the misc is so expensive? 30 million is more than most mastercraft set weapons at 24 million. Aren't most misc set at 6 to 12 million?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 44
12/11/2019 14:39:49   

Probably because it has a very powerful toggle effect. Still a far fry from Windter Crown though.
AQ  Post #: 45
12/11/2019 15:30:06   

The Ravenous Talisman does indeed have a toggle effect, of paying HP for increased damage against Wind enemies(at lv. 150 it's 15.4%). It also gives Wind resistance and max boosts to STR and INT. Most people may prefer Windter Crown if they have it, but this seems like it will be at least decently useful.
AQ Epic  Post #: 46
12/12/2019 0:16:32   

No painting this year?
AQ  Post #: 47
12/12/2019 5:19:47   
Bu Kek Siansu

The Harvest Fest War was over on December 10 but "Shop Restricted by Character Clan".

Can someone confirm if the misc item was released on December 10 or December 11?

Thanks in advance. :)

< Message edited by Bu Kek Siansu -- 12/12/2019 5:23:20 >
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