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=DF= Dec. 07 Design Notes: The Exaltia Tower: The Apex

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12/7/2019 20:49:09   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP



The Exaltia Tower: The Apex

Hey there, heroes!

This week's release has arrived! The final floors of the Exaltia Tower await: Ascend The Apex and claim your reward!

Will you falter in these final steps of your climb? Or will you take down all in your path to reach the summit?

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to find out!

This week's release introduces a special new element: Null!

The Null element is not affected by All resistance, positive or negative, essentially bypassing resistances at the cost of being unable to benefit from them as well.

The boss of this week's challenge utilizes the Null element. How will you approach this new mechanic?

Coming next week: It's Friday the 13th... Mysterious!

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Tags: Verlyrus
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
12/7/2019 21:32:13   

Null huh? Interesting! Not to be confused with None or ??? I suppose.


I think this confirms my hunch that I made when the Antechamber was first released. This is no common tower of the Exalted Alliance. This is the great spire of Ehr'Ishin. That weapon in the background must be the weapon the Exalted used to end the war against the Elements. I'm sure of it.

This challenge has probably been my favourite part of the Inn at the Edge of Time. The amazing art, as well as the lore teases and the challenging fights have been so thrilling to see and experience over the last... year I guess? Has it really been that long since the Antechamber was released? Regardless, I'm a little sad it's over but I'm so happy it's complete! Thank you so much Dove and Verlyrus!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
12/7/2019 21:46:35   

Man, that boss is...yeesh. I'm really struggling to defeat it, even with DmK. That nuke keeps ripping through me like butter. I've managed to get it down to 2500 HP thus far, but that's about as close as I've gotten before I go down. Anyone have a strategy to beat it, yet?

That said, still a great release. The art-design is amazing, as usual. I'm definitely going to miss the tower releases, that's for sure.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
12/7/2019 22:49:00   

I haven't beaten the boss yet but perhaps the drop bear and hidebehind are good choices as the null attacks don't take advantage of -all resist.

EDIT: I'm not quite sure what the gimmick is. Do the drones auto respawn? Why does the offensive drone also have a defense matrix?

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 12/7/2019 23:06:09 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
12/7/2019 23:19:41   

After over 4 hours of grinding, I have completed the Apex 3 times and forged Apotheosis. It is safe to say that the Exaltia Tower is my favorite Inn challenge board as it was an awesome ride start to finish. I loved the design of new monsters since I am a sucker of angels and demons. It also supported by the interesting lore linked to the Exalted and the Elemental Wastes as well as the interesting gameplay choices. I remember when I woke up at 2 in the morning doing my first playthrough of the Antechamber and I know it was something special. It was a good 9 month ride and it is now coming to a close. Kudos for Dove and Verly for everything related to Exaltia!
DF  Post #: 5
12/7/2019 23:21:29   

Any tips for the boss? Or at least how his gimmick works?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
12/7/2019 23:25:19   

Its nuke and stuns don't use Null, though. Plus, it's good to have +All to avoid getting stunned.

And yeah, I don't really see a good way to consistently beat this boss, right now. It seems to use its nuke randomly, and I keep getting downed by it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
12/8/2019 0:32:40   

Null, huh?

Hey, how about letting all element weakness-seeking abilities the player and any pets and guests have access to do Null if the target enemy has any positive All resistance and no super-weakness to any specific element that's a lower number than the All resistance is high that you need to make use of

...Also the boss is absolutely insane <_<

< Message edited by mds2006 -- 12/8/2019 0:33:48 >
Post #: 8
12/8/2019 8:32:33   

As a finale to the Exalted tower, that boss is challenging. Still haven't figured out what that gimmick is. As stunning drones, defeating them both or only one of them doesn't seem to do anything. And I refuse to use DoomKnight's Void barrier as a only solution.

But the artwork, the new equipment and the enemy design are beautiful and I will miss these releases.

@mds2006, Verly's comment on Null for players:


It has an icon, and there are zero plans for players to have access to it, as that would be terribly overpowered.

And it is true. Null as an element is interesting, but I do get why we won't access it, as it would make most of the Inn challenges pointless (Sepulchure, Uthuluc, etc).

Edit: Managed to defeat Engineer with Sir Leon, Artix and Chaosweaver, it is still hard. And since there are 8 different lights in the sky, are those The Avatars?

< Message edited by Dratomos -- 12/8/2019 10:09:23 >
DF  Post #: 9
12/8/2019 8:37:28   

Boss is definitely beatable with Chaosweaver, pet dragon, and 2 guests. Not even that hard, just

Gambit+assault to destroy the defense drone, then ignore other drone and focus on boss. 2 turns of stun can be achieved with dragon fumes + empowered shred. Boss only got to attack like 3 times, and the guests can survive non-nukes.

I used Artix + Nythera for good damage and survivability. Aegis should also do the job well.

BTW, hidebehind and drop bear should be good for non-CW, but CW will get hit anyway because of Gambit, so if you try that stick to regular equipment.

< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 12/8/2019 8:57:06 >


His followers called him Mahasamatman, and claimed he was a god.
He never claimed to be a god, but then, he never claimed not to be a god.
Circumstances being what they were, neither admission could be of any benefit.
Silence, though, could.
DF  Post #: 10
12/8/2019 9:26:13   

Very satisfied with this release,most challenging boss in the Tower, confirmed alot of lore stuff,and raised new questions(Seem the eight figures in the sky above the boss arena?), and ofc the reward is very nice. Good Job DF team!
Post #: 11
12/8/2019 11:33:27   


@mds2006, Verly's comment on Null for players:

But that was in response to asking about actual, Null-element weapons, not skills with cooldowns that seek to always hit with the element most effective that always have cooldowns so they can't be spammed anyway D:
I dunno. Seeking abilities choosing Null when that indeed would be most effective, just makes sense to me?

...But anyway, there's Tower lore? I wasn't aware. Now I kinda wanna know. >.>
Like, was this tower ever mentioned or referenced in-game, outside of these challenges or something?

< Message edited by mds2006 -- 12/8/2019 11:43:23 >
Post #: 12
12/8/2019 12:05:36   

@mds2006 There is a book called Last Stand of Ehr'Ishln you can read about the tower by asking the Keeper of the Inn of Time about books. Also havent you noticed similarities between whats been coming out of the rifts in the main story recently, and what we have been fighting in the Exaltia Tower?
Post #: 13
12/8/2019 17:36:14   

Finally defeated The Engineer. And yeah, Chaosweaver + High-damaging guests (ie Artix and Sir Leon) and dragon is definitely the way to go. I was able to take it down before it could even get its ultimate off. Using Leon's stun against the offense-drone also helps to tank Engi's attacks.

Now I just have to beat it two more times. > . >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
12/8/2019 18:50:50   

I also used the chaosweaver plus guests strategy to win. The weapon look very over the top. I have replaced the UBLoD with it as my saved weapon.

However I am still not clear on how the defense matrix works. Even when I take the drone out instantly sometime the matrix will activate. And sometimes it only affects Artix, sometimes it only affects me. And the duration seems inconsistent.
One time it activated just as I went for Rebuke to kill it which was terrible timing.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
12/8/2019 18:59:11   

@above: The defense matrix works depending on your HP, which also applies to guests as well. For example, if your HP is above 50% and only the defense drone is alive, the defense drone matrix activates. Offense drone matrix only activates opposite to the defense drone's mechanics.
DF  Post #: 16
12/9/2019 9:12:29   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

I still haven't beaten the archives so I can't even attempt this. Any tips?
Post #: 17
12/9/2019 13:01:27   

Chewy905: CW + 2 guests + dragon seems to work on all levels. DMKv2 + same also, probably.

Further strategy:

If I were you, I'd just try my luck with several tier 3 classes (DK, DC classes, etc.) plus 2 guests and dragon. Try buying potions at Nieboheim, and maybe food. Choose the options that weaken enemies over those that strengthen them, then regain lost MP/HP during battles if possible.
This should pretty much cover you; food isn't even necessary, for the most part, but 1 seaweed and 1 hardtack are a good backup plan.

Specifically against the level 4 boss, kill his sidekicks first. Also keep in mind both him and the sidekicks can be stunned.

DF  Post #: 18
12/9/2019 15:44:21   

@Chewy905: Technomancer is the best free choice for Exaltia Tower, as it's power only grows the less stamina you have.
DF  Post #: 19
12/9/2019 21:08:13   

Would I need Uragiri III to help with The Apex? (because I'm currently trying to get those 120 Timewarped Medals, but its slightly agonizing).
DF  Post #: 20
12/10/2019 1:02:55   

Not the hardest boss, but as usual the art and animations for the Exaltia Tower monsters are really, really amazing; check out this and this. I'm almost sad to see that the tower is finished, these were the best releases this year IMO and I looked forward to them a lot each month.


Would I need Uragiri III to help with The Apex? (because I'm currently trying to get those 120 Timewarped Medals, but its slightly agonizing).

All of the Infernals and Celestials in the tower resist Evil, so Uragiri isn't the greatest choice of weapon to use against stronger enemies like The Engineer.
DF  Post #: 21
12/10/2019 11:12:58   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP


Chewy905: CW + 2 guests + dragon seems to work on all levels. DMKv2 + same also, probably.

Yep this cleared it, thanks! I'd tried it in the past but I think I saw that the mobs respawn if you down them turn one and just assumed I shouldn't be killing them.
Post #: 22
12/11/2019 3:48:48   

I actually found a pretty reliable way to clear without Chaosweaver. Thanks goes to Dratomos for suggesting Technomancer. Technomancer works but not just with it's damage scaling per mana loss, there's another niche use for it which works wonders when versing the Engineer. This strategy involves Technomancer armor plus Sir Leon and Artix as guest as well as (ideally) a 200 Mischief build dragon pet. I also suggest recommend extra potions and the Zard Burger+ food (which gives a 140 to avoidance by 4 turns).

Start by entering the Apex quest and re-rolling until you get the option to decrease enemy immobility resistance. This gives all enemies a 25 decrease in immobility resistance. If you can get another one of these options during your run, then even better. If possible only pick the options which debuff the enemy. Fight your way through the Apex as normal but try to go into the boss battle with around half your MP for the attack boost.

Start the battle by killing the Defense Drone in the first turn before it can buff the Engineer (if it applies a defensive buff to the Engineer this whole strategy can fall apart). I suggest using Force Sword then having Artix use Purifying Light, you can have Sir Leon use his Final as well if you want to be safe. Then use Sonic Boom Blaster on the Engineer, this will apply a -50 immobility resistance lowering the bosses immobility resist to 25 almost guaranteeing a stun. Then (on the same turn) have Sir Leon stun the boss for 3 turns. At this point your gonna wanna wail on the boss with your most powerful attacks, I suggest buffing with Tog-Drone Tracking. 1 turn before the stun wears off use Event Horizon to apply a -50 resist to All (including immobility) and then using Drillbit for another guaranteed 2 hit stun. Hopefully your dragon should use Toxic Fumes for another guaranteed 2 turn stun, somewhere in between so adjust your strategy according and save the stuns you can manually apply for when you need them. Also the boss uses his nuke every 3 turns he attacks so have Reactive Barrier ready and use Overclock to speed up Reactive Barriers cool down if needed or alternatively use Zard Burger+ but hopefully by that point the boss should be dead.

Ignore the offense drone, it applies offensive buffs to the Engineer but there's no point in worrying about attack buffs if the boss can not attack.

< Message edited by Kyros123 -- 12/11/2019 3:52:19 >
Post #: 23
12/11/2019 9:54:20   

@above yep, the boss of this challenge can literally be stun-locked to dead using technomancer! One thing I would like to add is that you don't actually need the -25 immobility bonus from the tower. Instead, choose the -defense bonus to ensure that your stuns wouldn't miss. The fight would also be much smoother with a 200 mischief drago.

I used a beast master build to buff the party to its limit (200 cha) so I tried a defensive approach and it worked wonder! Start the fight stunning the defense drone with sonic boom, bad breath with drago to give the boss 0 immobility, then stun with Leon (this is because sonic boom and event horizon only have -50 immobility so it's better stunning the boss after drago's debuff instead) and get Artix to do whatever. Finnish off the defense drone on the second round then ignore the offense drone for the rest of the fight. Third round: Event horizon on the boss + war cry for Leon. Fourth round: stun the boss with drill (50% chance to stun with each attack since event gave the boss a -50 all, and this is why we saved the drill 'til this moment) then shield for Leon. Fifth round: Drago uses tickles - it's super effective! Then Leon BEATS THE LIVING DAYLIGHT OUT OF THE ENGINEER WITH HIS FINAL!!! After this, it's very straight forward, and it would be far too late for the boss to do anything meaningful.

This strategy requires no potions, items or luck (ok, maybe that last part is debatable). Now I feel kinda bad for the engineer...

< Message edited by toannghe1997 -- 12/11/2019 10:03:42 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 24
12/20/2019 0:55:35   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

Ah darn I didn't realize the Apotheosis switches on-click instead of per-hit. I really like the per-hit switching more, even if it is technically worse.

Guess it's time to farm back up to the Unity again!
Post #: 25
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