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Frostgale: Northern Expedition

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12/8/2019 11:09:03   
Bu Kek Siansu

  • Note: Currently, the quest is in limbo (not available).

    The Frostgale Set
    Northern Expedition

    Location: BattleOn - Main Town » Mage Shop » Mastercraft Sets » Frostgale: Northern Expedition

    «Pans upward at snow covered mountains with a blue ice wall resting at its peak, it cracks with breaking sounds»

    «Warlic holds a letter as he stands at a table illuminated by a candle with three wooden chairs at his shop»
    Warlic: Now how could we have overlooked something like this...? How strange.
    Warlic: The report isn't wrong, but a spell this straightforward couldn't have been performed subtly. Yet I never noticed it.
    Warlic: Far from self-sustaining. They should all have decayed long ago. Yet even from here, I can tell that it's only now radiating power - Oh.
    Warlic: This is not the work of a modern magus. Certainly not of an eastern magus, and especially not a mortal one.

    «You walk in from the left into Warlic's shop»
    «You»: Hey, Warlic. I know I'm here too early, but I've been thinking - Wait, are you alright?
    Warlic: I'm well enough, «You».
    «You»: Putting it like that when you look like you've seen your own ghost is kind of suspicious.
    Warlic: It certainly beats lying, my friend. But it's something that we can deal with.
    Warlic: I know that I called you over to discuss the coming of War in a private, calm manner...
    Warlic: But if you don't mind helping me with an investigation, there's something troubling that I'd like you to help me investigate.
    «You»: If it's something that can worry YOU like that, our conversation can wait. Tell me the details and I'll see what I can do.
    Warlic: Most passages to the North have been blockaded by enormous ice walls for some time.
    Warlic: With everything that's been going on in the past years, they are something I had noticed, but couldn't spare the attention for.
    Warlic: Today I received a report from guardians posted near one of them, who sent word that it has begun to crack.
    «You»: On its own? I know some spells that big falter over time. Although if it was just decay, then they'd all be breaking down.
    Warlic: Cleverly put. If they were fading away, they would be disappearing at similar rates. But it's only this one.
    Warlic: There is a lot of movement in the area, so they haven't yet gotten close enough to verify what might have provoked it.
    «You»: Is there anything special about this specific passage?
    Warlic: Indeed there is. There was an attempt to settle in the harsh lands beyond it, some time before you first arrived in Battleon.
    Warlic: It developed well, at first. The town would serve as a foothold for explorers and traders hoping to brave the North.
    «You»: ...Hang on, I think I know about this place. Isn't it Frost Titan territory?
    Warlic: Yes. That was one of our first run-ins with them. The Guardians did their best to get everyone to safety, but the town itself... I think only the Tower remains.
    «You»: … That got rather dark. Is that what troubles you?
    Warlic: It's not only what lies beyond the ice, but the wall itself. Now that it's cracking, I can feel its power more clearly.
    Warlic: It's a magic I thought lost to this region. And despite my interests, I felt it was better that way.
    Warlic: The last time I saw anything like this was... Before we all came to Battleon. The last great war to the West, beyond what is now the Expanse.
    Warlic: When revolts shook the elemental realms, and Lore was their arena...
    Warlic: Even the Great Dragons of the generation turning on each other. It's THEIR power I feel now.
    Warlic: They... I saw the signs. I didn't... «You». I would have- I COULD have saved so many, but to do it without dooming them myself...
    Warlic: Bringing them here was all we could- I apologize. I'm losing my composure.
    «You»: Easy, Warlic. I know it's a difficult topic for you.
    Warlic: ...You do?
    «You»: Nobody here likes talking about the West. Oh, they'll go on about Stormfallen and the expanse, but the moment you talk about what's beyond the fringe...
    Warlic: Ah. Yes, we've left you in the dark for too long, haven't we?
    «You»: Don't rush it. We can talk about it whenever you feel ready.
    Warlic: I suppose we both have rather troubling war stories to exchange now. Thank you for understanding, «You».
    «You»: Now then, send me near this wall and I can look for anything related to dragon magic.
    «You»: If there's some lost magic from back then being unleashed, I better get to it before it falls on more reckless hands.
    Warlic: Very well. I'm counting on you.

    2 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal

    «The snow covered mountains shake briefly»
    «You»: What the...
      Dexterity Check!
      Difficulty: 90
      Stat Used: Dexterity
    • Roll!

        If you fail the roll

      • Defy It!
        By an effort of will you can spend «value» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?

        • Yes
          You evade the two snowballs that roll down the mountain

        • No

      • Next

        If you selected No, Next or lack the SP to defy it
        You are hit by two snowballs that roll down the mountain for 16.66% of base Health points for each hit
    4 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal after #2 and #4 battles.

    «A blizzard blows with swirling snow and wind»
    «You»: Brrr. That's getting nasty. Maybe I can make it out of this if I really hoof it.
      Strength Check!
      A dense storm bank surrounds you! Can you power through it before becoming a Chosensicle?
      Difficulty: 90
      Stat Used: Strength
    • Roll!

        If you fail the roll

      • Defy It!
        By an effort of will you can spend «value» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?

        • Yes
          «You»: Whew.

        • No

      • Next

        If you selected No, Next or lack the SP to defy it
        You are inflicted with the Frozen status condition for one round
    «You»: Anyone... seen... my toes...?

    4 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal after #2 and #4 battles.

    «Three layers of fog settles in from the left and right sides on the mountain»
    «You»: Oh zardsicles, I can't see a thing.

      Luck Check!
      Do your hero senses tingle?
      Difficulty: 90
      Stat Used: Luck
    • Roll!

        If you fail the roll

      • Defy It!
        By an effort of will you can spend «value» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?

        • Yes
          You evade the ice shard that slid down the mountainside

        • No

      • Next

        If you selected No, Next or lack the SP to defy it
        You are hit by the ice shard that slid down the mountainside for 33.33% base Health points
    2 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal

    «An ice dragon rises from its resting position, lunges forward to roar for two times, then pans to the left at the four WolfRiders holding their spears in front of the blue ice wall»
    Baz: Y'know, Chaz, I've been thinking..
    Chaz: I don't believe you.
    Baz: Shut up. Anyways, here's the thing.
    Baz: I like the boss. He doesn't care where we came from. And I'm all for not being a bandit anymore. Turning a new leaf and all that.
    Baz: And being in a rider gang with a dragon lead? How cool is that?
    Kaz: Here comes the 'but'...
    Chaz: More like my butt will be frozen by the time he formulates a complete thought.
    Baz: But after we're done with the wall, what does Katabar even need us for?
    Kaz: That's right, I keep forgetting how new you are.
    Johnathan: We went over this before you joined. Dragons who simply flew over the wall haven't returned, so it's best to be prepared as a team.
    Johnathan: Maybe whatever's on the other side has dragonbane weapons, or magic meant to take on dragons.
    Kaz: Or there's just enough titans that moving really fast and swinging big pokey sticks beats swooping down on them one-on-one.
    Johnathan: Besides, if we all go, we can start getting the Lost Tower ready immediately.
    Baz: Now that'll be great. Our very own fort in the North. We'll have the Titans running in no time.
    Kaz: Don't underestimate them. And let's not get ahead of ourselves. First we have to make sure no Guardians beat us to it.
    Kaz: Otherwise they'll want to reclaim the place and it won't be worth fighting them.
    Chaz: No adventurers either, they'll just get in the way.

    «You walk in from the left and the WolfRiders turn around to face You»
    «You»: What about me, then?
    Baz: Yeah, what about him (male) / her (female)?
    Kaz: ...
    Chaz: ...
    Johnathan: …
    Kaz: How did you just...?
    Johnathan: ...Without us noticing you, even.
    «You»: It wasn't easy. I was freezing my cheeks off in that pile of snow, waiting for a good opportunity for a one-liner entrance.
    Chaz: Stop wasting time and get 'em! The boss is still busy draining the wall!

    Battle: WolfRider
    Full Heal after #2 and #4 battles.

    «Katabar the ice dragon walks up next to the WolfRiders and stops in front of You»
    Katabar: ...You're a bunch of tools for trying to take on this one, but thank you for buying me time.
    Katabar: The wall is weakened. Get to work!

    «The WolfRiders turn around to face the right and walk off»
    Katabar: They may have failed, but you've still come here only to be turned away. I'll leave you just enough strength to make the walk back home.
    Katabar: Or perhaps we'll roll you down the cliff like those other adventurers who happened upon us.
    Katabar: But you're here with a purpose, aren't you? Of course. I shouldn't be surprised that you're this well informed.
    Katabar: The frozen breath was ignored for so long that I assumed that, SOMEHOW, nobody had recognized this ancestral magic.
    Katabar: But after tampering with it, of course someone of your fame and acumen would catch on to it.
    «You»: Actually, I barely had a clue about this and no clue about you until just now.
    Katabar: If anyone would recognize a resurgence of a Great Ice Dragon's power from the Lost Tower, it would have to be...
    Katabar: ...Wait, what?
    «You»: Yeah.
    Katabar: Then I just... told you pretty much everything myself, didn't I?
    «You»: Just about. I mean, to your credit, you're buying time for your gang to keep picking at the wall, so don't feel THAT bad.
    Katabar: *sigh* I really have been around them for too long.
    «You»: Would you like to skip to the fighting part and save a little face?
    Katabar: Please.

    Battle: [link=URL]Katabar[/link]
    Full Heal

    Katabar: Not so fast, Chosen... I won't be stopped this easily. Even if it means being forced to use what I took from this wall...
    Kaz: Boss!
    Katabar: Not now. Now, I didn't want to kill you, but-
    Chaz: Uh, boss?
    Katabar: Grrr. Chosen, I advise you to run along-
    Chaz: BOSS!
    Baz: The wall! It's breaking up! We're done, we-

    «The wall cracks on the right behind Katabar causing ice shards falls down»
    «You»: That... doesn't look good.
    Johnathan: ...We're toast.

    «Two more cracks appear in the center and left on the ice wall causing more ice shards falls down»

    To be continued...

    Frostgale: Northern Expedition

  • [link=URL]Shattershard Glaive[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • [link=URL]Mystic Katabari Damage A[/link] (Lvl 5, 15)
  • [link=URL]Mighty Katabari Damage A[/link] (Lvl 5, 15)
  • [link=URL]Mystic Katabari Damage B[/link] (Lvl 35, 55)
  • [link=URL]Mighty Katabari Damage B[/link] (Lvl 35, 55)
  • [link=URL]Mystic Katabari Damage C[/link] (Lvl 75, 95)
  • [link=URL]Mighty Katabari Damage C[/link] (Lvl 75, 95)
  • [link=URL]Mystic Katabari Damage D[/link] (Lvl 115, 135)
  • [link=URL]Mighty Katabari Damage D[/link] (Lvl 115, 135)
  • [link=URL]Mystic Katabari Damage E[/link] (Lvl 150G)
  • [link=URL]Mighty Katabari Damage E[/link] (Lvl 150G)

  • Exit

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

  • BlizZard
  • [link=URL]Fireshifter[/link]
  • Gologowl
  • Heat Shards
  • IceCat
  • [link=URL]Ice Minotaur[/link]
  • Ice Snayl


    October 17, 2019: The quest was released.

    Write Up, Monster Pool and correction thanks to Legendary Ash.

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