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Blarney War 2019: Reef Financing

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12/12/2019 19:53:00   
Bu Kek Siansu

Blarney War 2019: Reef Financing
2019: Reef Financing

Blarney War:
The Cai-Man Island

Location: Today's Event or BattleOn - Main Town » Blarney Portal Painting » 2019: Reef Financing

«Journey to the Cai-Man Islands to stop Sham's latest scheme!»

  • Back

    «You can skip this cutscene at any time to proceed straight to the war.»

    «Uncle Sham stands behind a podium with a pot of gold icon in front and a map of Lore on a stand behind him, fourteen black silhouettes of leprechauns stand outside the Bank of Leprechaunia»
    Uncle Sham: Attention! Gentlechauns, we've been set back for the entire first quarter. While our duties in the balance of fortune are unperturbed, me- our nation's GOLD reserves were involved in...
    Uncle Sham: ...And I shudder ta say this, but ye have all been chosen for bein' made of sterner stuff than most...
    Uncle Sham: ..Expenses. I- WE spent non-zero amounts of coin on delivery services last Frostval!
    Leprechauns: Unforgivable!
    Leprechauns: ...Good thing me wife ain't here to hear this.
    Leprechauns: How did something like this happen?!
    Uncle Sham: I know, I know. But despite this travesty-
    O'Billy: ...Is it so bad? The bank has earned some actual WILLING customers since you helped Frostvale. Maybe we can make it a regular-
    Uncle Sham: O'Billy, one more word outtae yer trap and ye'll have a meetin' with me cane for treason.
    O'Billy: ....
    Uncle Sham: Right then. Despite rumors about my allegiances and health, which I'll note ta be punishable by poverty. I am no longer indisposed. Nay, I am more resolute than ever!
    Uncle Sham: I have identified the two most prominent competitors to the monopoly of the Bank of Leprechaunia. We shall mobilize the Leprechaun Armed Forces this very day and reestablish our hegemony!
    Uncle Sham: Our primary forces will lay siege to the fledging travesty that is the Leprechaun Private Bank.
    Uncle Sham: The Armada has been militarily unsuccessful these years, but ye should be able to handle this operation... I am sending ye to take back from our undercutters at the Cai-Man Island!
    Uncle Sham: Set sail to this location and dig up all the buried GOLD ye can find! This is not an invasion. We have no idea of how well defended the area is, and we'll need ye here when yer done.
    Uncle Sham: So sneak in, get the treasure, and get back out. Don't get bogged down in combat.
    Uncle Sham: Am I clear?
    Leprechauns: AYE!
    Uncle Sham: Ye have yer orders gentlechauns! Move out!

    «Liborg wearing eyeglasses writes in a red cover book with a feather pen on a rectangular table inside a building with gold walls, doorway and green rectangular carpet»
    Liborg: Not the best of quarters... That many accounts closed? The nation really isn't doing well. Even more war spending just when it seemed we'd bet on peace for once.
    Liborg: I can't believe I used to be part of this problem.

    «A cyberchaun and two leprechauns, one medium and one tiny walk in through the doorway>>
    Liborg: It's an hour early for the meeting. What's up?
    Leprechaun: Bad news, boss.
    Liborg: Yes, I'm just reading the quarterly reports. I know everyone's trying their best, don't worry. We'll figure out how to improve our situation during the meeting.
    Leprechaun: A bit more urgent than that.
    Liborg: ...Oh no, did Old Moira make camp at the stalls again?
    Liborg: Nobody panic, just evacuate the customers. Get the janitors some jars so they can catch her frogs and some cheese to lure her out with. I'll get the hose.
    Liborg: As long as she didn't bring a gogg this time, we'll be done before my 5 O'Clock appointment.
    Leprechaun: I'm afraid it's Uncle Sham. Again.
    Liborg: Really? He's been incredibly nice since Frostval.
    Leprechaun: He got better. Or worse again. He's looking to catch up to lost profits by going after all of his competitors at once. The entire Leprechaun army is marching.
    Leprechaun: They'll be at our door eventually, and I don't think they'll be up for negotiating.
    Liborg: Not when we have secessionist as clients, no. This is terrible! I don't have an army anymore, and our security can't hold against the brunt of the Leprechaun forces.
    Leprechaun: We have some time to plan an evacuation.
    Liborg: ... No. I don't like our odds, but bullies have to be stood up to. I need all three of you to send some messages for me.
    Liborg: First, go find Lallace on the double. His people beat Uncle before. That'll help our odds.

    «The tiny leprechaun walks off to the left»
    Liborg: Secondly, send word to Battleon. We can't make this without their help. Let's just hope they're ready to be forgiving.

    «The second leprechaun walks off to the left»
    Leprechaun: What about me?
    Liborg: Call the O'Clock family and send them my apologies. As happy as I am that the Timekeepers have started employing leprechauns, I won't have time to meet with all five of them.

    «The cyberchaun walks off to the left»
    Liborg: I'm counting on you, «You»...

    The Cai-Man Islands

    «Black silhouettes with yellow eyes of a flock of birds flying and an alligator swimming in the waters move towards the right as Uncle Sham leads his army of cyberchauns and leprechauns, a leprechuan in power suit beats on two drums»
    Sham: Alright lads, they say these Cai-Man are dangerous... fierce. We'll show them they pale in comparison to the fiercness of me greed! Let's go!!

    «Uncle Sham turns to the around from left to the right and walks in that direction»

    War Camp


    The Cai-Man Island

    Uncle Sham is back to his old ways, and
    going all out! Sending his Leprechaun
    Armada to the Cai-Man Island to destroy
    competitors to the Bank of Leprechaunia!
    Now Liborg, who appears to have reformed
    herself, has asked for your help!


  • Past Blarney Rewards

    «Liborg stands on the left and Uncle Sham stands with his leprechaun and cyberchaun army on the right, a black silhouette of the leprechaun ships in the distance sail towards the center of the island in Screen 3 without the tiki huts and monsters»
    Liborg: Stop your forces, Uncle, there's still time to negotiate.
    Uncle Sham: And here I thought you said I taught ye well... Though gettin' «You» on your side is a good con, I'll grant ye that.
    Liborg: No more cons, Uncle, only hard working chauns. Even if they're synonymous to you.
    «You»: Uncle Sham! What is wrong with you?! I thought you'd finally learned your lesson over Frostval.
    Uncle Sham: YOU are what's wrong with me! Ever since that Nightmare Queen turned me bank upside down on her way ta yer village, I've had these... these... these fits!
    «You»: Is that your word for growing a conscience and helping people out instead of nation-scale banditry?
    Uncle Sham: YES! Because of ye, I... I actually SPENT GOLD during Frostval!
    Liborg: Uncle, you more than made a return on that gold by attracting clients to your bank. I thought you'd changed too.
    Uncle Sham: It's the principle of the thing!
    «You»: I have to say I'm disappointed, Sham. I thought you'd actually developed a festive spirit. I'd have liked to see you during SnuggleFest...
    «You»: Maybe learning to be someone's hero could've turned you around for good.
    Uncle Sham: I'm sure ye would have enjoyed such a travesty, but fortunately I recovered well before then.

    «Uncle Sham turns around to face the leprechauns on the right»
    Uncle Sham: Yes, I completely recovered before SnuggleFest… And nothing disgraceful happened on that day.

    «Uncle Sham with hair dyed amber, wears a pink sash, kilt adorned with hearts, feather wings and two green, two blue balloons to lift himself into the air is chained on the left ankle to a stone sphere in his bedroom, there is a map of Gold locations, a book shelf, two potions one green and one pink, scattered piles of gold coins and gold bars, a bed frame composed of gold, there is a large crack in the vault door on the left»
    Leprechaun: No way. If we let you go out like that, you'll kill us when you get back.

    «Returns to You standing beside Liborg on the beach facing Uncle Sham and his army»
    «You»: Then I'll have to keep treating you as an enemy. Let's cut this war short right here and now.
    Uncle Sham: Couldn't agree more! Now that ye kindly made yer way to me staging grounds at the each, I will happily oblige. The Leprechaun Armada returns victorious. Now our combined might is aimed squarely at ye!
    Uncle Sham: I hope ye like cannons.

    Uncle Sham: Any time now.

    «A Cai-Man walks in from the right, Uncle Sham evades him by walking towards the waters, the Cai-Man attacks the leprechauns, throwing them into the air and waters, and holds Uncle Sham captive in his right hand»
    Uncle Sham: ...These aren't me Leprechaun Sailors.
    ???: You command the invaders, then? Good.
    ???: Your pitiful armada attempted to loot our home. The few that knew better than to loot the secrets we guard ran aground on our reefs. The rest could not fight us in our home turf.
    ???: But in gratitude for the ships you gave us, I will grant your wish. If you so crave the treasure that our trusted allies buried in our islands...
    ???: ...then I will gladly bury you with it.

    «The Cai-Man turns around to the right and leaves walking off»
    «You»: ...He really has this coming, you know.
    Liborg: *Sigh* Yes...
    «You»: It's tempting to just let this happen..
    Liborg: I know.
    «You»: REALLY tempting.
    Liborg: Trust me, I know.
    «You»: ...But we can't leave him like that.
    Liborg: I got my second chance, so I'm not about to deny him his... fifteenth?
    «You»: We better hurry before those Cai-Men find a cozy hole to bury your uncle in...

  • Guest List
  • War Rewards
  • Top Character War Wins!
      Top 25
      Cai-Man Elite Pet

      Top 50
      Cai-Man Hunter Elite Male and Female Faces

      1000 Individual Kills
      Cai-Man Glaive Elite
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    Top Hat
    You are now wearing a Leprechuan's top hat!

    4-leaf clover
    This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!

    Click the chest to open, reveals eighteen stacks of gold coins, gold bar, blue gem, red gem while a purple gem and two coins fall to the ground
    You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.

    Potions By Lucretia
    Lucretia: Get your potions here! Free samples for Guardians! Full heals from the punch bowl! Talk to me for specialty potions!
  • Deal!
    «You»: Wait... Lucretia? What are you doing here?
  • ???
    Lucretia: Running a shop! I wouldn't be much of a businesswoman if I didn't go where the customers were, no?
  • I guess?
    Lucretia: If you want, I have a shop set up out back for specialty potions!Potion bag
    You must be a Guardian to refill your Health potions from this bag.

    Bubbling Purple liquid Cauldron
    You down a glass and are fully healed! Tastes like almond/anise/apple/banana/blackberry/blood/blueberry/burning/butter rum/butterscotch/caramel/cherry/chocolate/cinammon/clove/coconut/coffee/cola/cotton candy/cream soda/dandelion and burdock/dragonfruit/failure/fruit punch/ginger ale/grape/honey/lemon/lemonade/lemon-lime/licorice/lime/maple/marshmallow/mint/moglinberry/moglnberry wine/Nutella/orange/passionfruit/peach/peanut butter/peppermint/piña colada/pineapple/prunes/purple/raspberry/root beer/sarsaparilla/sour apple/sour cherry/sour grape/strawberry/success/watermelon/wildberry!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      Four Battles from Monster Pool full heal after each two
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.

    • Secret Mission!

    • Past Blarney Rewards

      Once the war meter reaches 100%

      «Liborg and You walk in from the left on the edge of the sand beach with waters surrounding the island»
      Liborg: Their lines are finally broken.
      «You»: I can't believe it...
      Liborg: They did put up a serious fight, and Uncle Sham's forces sure didn't help...
      «You»: No, I mean I can't believe Rhubarb was serious about these islands. I'm a veritable cartographer by now and even I thought he was pulling the old miser's leg.
      Cai-Man: New invaders are flanking! Attack!
      Leprechauns: ...HEY! They stole our ships too! Get them!
      «You»: Oh, NOW you see eye to eye. Glad to be of help there... Now come and get some.

      • Battle with Liborg's help
        Liborg will now battle by your side!

      • Battle by yourself
    2 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal

    Battle: [link=URL]Cai-Man (2)[/link]
    Full Heal

    ???: ENOUGH!

    «A Cai-Man with grey plated armor emerges from the jungle on the right»
    ???: You gave a remarkable chase, but your invasion ends now. You had ample chance to turn back.
    ???: If you wish to be buried with your leader, then so be it.
    «You»: Wait, please! Can we at least try to talk this out?
    ???: Certainly.
    Liborg: ...Really?
    ???: You fought bravely, pursued us fiercely and show at least SOME restraint in the face of mortal danger. That commands respect.
    «You»: Well, that's refreshing. Let's start with introductions, then. I am «You», from Battleon.
    Liborg: Call me Liborg. I'm from Leprechaunia.
    Archos: I am Archos, Chief Warden of the Cai-Man Islands. I will hear what you have to say, outlanders, but you have better give me a good reason to let you remain here.
    Archos: Your leader has gravely offended us and exposed our secrets.
    «You»: Actually, Uncle Sham is not our leader. He's attacked our lands over and over again. Failed every time, I might add.
    Liborg: I'm from the same nation, but definitely no friend of his.
    Archos: You sail in this greedy runt's vessels and chase his abductors across the sea, but expect me to believe that you are enemies?
    «You»: Seriously. I'm friends with Rhubarb, he can back me up on this.
    Archos: ...You are suspiciously well-spoken for a pirate, or a close ally of one.
    «You»: Says the giant armored alligator.
    Archos: Touché. Regardless, what purpose could you possibly have in saving your enemy?
    «You»: Pint-sized, warmongering pile of greed or not, he's got something of an important role back in our continent.
    Liborg: And I shudder to say it, but I'm pretty sure that the entire chain of command he'd leave behind would be even worse. I'm not okay with leaving him to die either.
    Archos: You have my sympathy. But these matters are irrelevant to a Cai-Man. We guard our secrets and those of our allies at all costs. I find no reason to release one who would so wantonly and literally dig them up.
    «You»: ...Then I take it there's no way to get him back other than right through you.
    Archos: Correct.
    «You»: No hard feelings?
    Archos: Assuming you can win...
    «You»: Oh, it's not an assumption.

    Battle: [link=URL]Archos[/link]
    Full Heal

    «Archos lies on the edge where the sand on the beach meets water»
    Archos: Argh. Well fought, outlander. You may have it your way.
    «You»: Let's just say I have more experience than most people who have been around as long as I have. Look, I know Rhubarb has some... questionable contacts, but you seem to be pretty honorable.
    «You»: Let us take Sham back. He'll call off his forces, and we'll let Rhubarb know that he can sink any ship from Sham's navy that sets sail for your home.
    «You»: Besides, being around him that much must have been punishment enough.
    Archos: Indeed. You make a compelling enough point.

    «Uncle Sham walks from the right and looks right and left two times and turns a tint of red»
    Uncle Sham: Oi! What makes ye think I'll stop me armies?! There's still enough Uncle Sham to give all SIX of ye whatfor!

    «Uncle Sham walks to the left and falls to the sand»
    Uncle Sham: Oh you, lovely money, the Rose of Goldcoin… *snore*
    Archos: Perhaps you truly should take him before he shares his morning meal.
    «You»: Thank you for being reasonable, even if it took a beating to get there. If you ever need an ally to call on, send word for me through Rhubarb. We got off on the wrong foot, but hopefully we can get along from now on.
    Liborg: And I'll see what I can do to keep word of the islands from spreading.
    Archos: If you respect our secrecy as you claim you will, then we may meet again on better terms. We can do without the idle threats should the contrary happen.
    Archos: Now go, «You». I wish you smooth sailing back to your home.

    Blarney 2019: Reef Financing

  • [link=URL]Cai-Man Warden's Glaive[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
  • [link=URL]Cai-Man Reefstalker's Glaive[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • [link=URL]Cai-Man Warrior[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Stock Breaker (Lvl 5, 10 wins)
  • Aggressive Economist (Lvl 10, 30 wins)
  • Adventure Capitalist (Lvl 15, 80 wins)
  • Cai-Man Warden (Lvl 20, 200 wins)
  • Cai-Man Reefstalker (Lvl 30, 500 wins)
  • Cai-Man Conqueror (Lvl 50, 1000 wins)

  • Exit

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

  • [link=URL]Cai-Man[/link]
  • Cyberchaun
  • Dragonchaun
  • Giant Cyberchaun
  • [link=URL]Giant Ninjachaun[/link]
  • GO-LD Walker
  • Leprechaun Power Armor
  • [link=URL]Ninjachaun[/link]
  • O'Greeny
  • O'Meany
  • O'Teeny
  • [link=URL]Tiny Ninjachaun[/link]


    March 21(?), 2019: The quest was released.
    April ??, 2019: The quest became rare.

    Write Up, Monster Pool and correction thanks to Legendary Ash.

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