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Harvest Festival 2019: The Waning of Famine

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12/14/2019 15:48:11   
Bu Kek Siansu

Harvest Festival 2019: The Waning of Famine

The Waning of Famine

Today's Event or BattleOn - Main Town » Harvest Portal Painting » The Waning of Famine

Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight...


«You can skip this scene any time to directly start the Harvest Quest.»

Kosefira: Helloooo-looo-looo, <<You>>! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
«You»: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
Doofus von Strudel: That I am! We Lederhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?
«You»: Nice to see you again! Although I haven't heard any updates on your Mogtoberfest plans for a while now...?
Doofus von Strudel: Things are coming along! We've just had our share of hiccups.
Kosefira: "Hiccups"? You call your entire supply of moglinberry cider EXPLODING a hiccup??
Doofus von Strudel: So MAYBE we forgot to relieve the pressure on the barrels, and a few exploded... causing a chain reaction taking out the warehouse. It's an honest mistake!
«You»: What are you putting in there that would cause--
Kosefira: Or how when you were making sausages, one of the assistants though that "1x tsp salt" meant 1x ten solid pints"?
Doofus von Strudel: Hey, who hasn't made that mistake? I know the first time I did my own laundry I added so much detergent my clothes dissolved!
«You»: Wait, how is that--
Kosefira: Or how the only band you could hire for, quote, "traditional moglin folk music" is a Princess cover band?
Doofus von Strudel: Now that's just rude! I'm sure the crowd will love We Will Mog You!
«You»: Is that different enough to avoid copyright infrin--
Kosefira: Or how the only person you could hire for carnival games was that crooked merchant?
«You»: Him?? Did he get released or--
Doofus von Strudel: OKAY! So we've had lots and lots of problems and up until a month ago I was worried that we'd have to cancel! Are you happy now?
Kosefira: Very much, actually. As a bard it's my responsibility to accurately record history.
«You»: I'm almost afraid to ask, but what happened a month ago to change your mind?
Doofus von Strudel: Mr. Kabroz helped -- he's our main sponsor, remember? He said that if any more accidents happen, then he'll turn everyone into a zombie.
«You»: … His plants are probably the most luxurious, verdant, and beautiful in Battleon. Also the most terrified.
Doofus von Strudel: Don't you worry! Mr. Kabroz hasn't actually zombified anyone. I'm sure he's just joking around.
«You»: ........................................
«You»: I'm just going to gather a tribute to Serenia while my brain processes all the ways that could go wrong.

  • The Waning of Famine

    «You can skip this scene any time to directly start the Harvest Quest.»

    «Inside the Guardian Tower Nimrod stands on the left of the table with five other UltraGuardians on the right»
    Nimrod: Raids have stopped altogether to the southwest, but I'm not comfortable pulling reinforcements from those forts.
    Angela: I don't blame you. The alliance is taking it slow and thoroughly rebuilding one fort at a time, but we need all of ours back up and running as soon as possible. How's the west?
    Grif: The main mill's situation is solved, which frees up a contingent, but that place is too important to pull actual defenders from. Even with Galanoth reinforcing it on the way to alliance posts.
    Grif: I'm getting enough requisition orders from the other posts that I'm giving that smithing corps idea a go as soon as this is over, so even if they hadn't been busy, they'd still be waiting for new gear.
    Nimrod: And the northwest corps aren't going to fully recover from the coming of War any time soon. We can't afford to neglect anything.
    Angela: Between the bandits and these BURP attacks, I don't think we have a choice but to adopt a passive stance.
    Nimrod: No, we don't. I'll be putting all expeditions and missions on hold for the time being. Get everyone back home and guarding the cities - It'll let our healers keep focusing on the wounded.
    Nimrod: Angela, you've been doing a good job coordinating patrols. You'll know best how to manage escorts for caravans
    Angela: Emergency protocols, then. I'll make sure the taverns and halls tell everyone to move with the caravans so we can escort more people at once.
    Grif: Still, none of this is a solution to the problem. I know it's a vulnerable time, but are we seriously going to let rats and bandits put us up against a wall?
    Nimrod: ...I know. I've had my head buried on my desk and the map for just about a month, trying to figure out how we can reorganize and still be able to go out and HELP people.
    Angela: And we'll get to do that. But while we recover, we have to learn to admit when WE need help too.
    Angela: Come on in!

    «You walk in from the left and the Guardians emit an !»
    Guardians: «You»!
    Guardians: But didn't he (male)/ she (female)...
    Guardians: Heck yeah! We've got «You» back!
    Nimrod: You're alive! We thought... Everyone who ran from that dragon said the cave collapsed before you got out!
    Nimrod: Dear Gods, you're a sight for sore eyes...
    «You»: It's been a ride, Nimrod, but I'm alright now. You don't look like you're doing so hot, though.
    Nimrod: We're going to be doing a lot better with you around, that's for sure.
    Angela: I knew that entrance would be good for morale.
    «You»: These are tough times, but we'll get through this. Angela filled me in on how there's been oddly precise BURP raids.
    «You»: I haven't seen any of their leaders, so they might be starting small and wearing you down for a war.
    «You»: And from the look of your face, they're succeeding. You need to get some rest. Starting YESTERDAY.
    Nimrod: Rest?! We're-
    «You»: People. Not wagon carts. Let the other Guardians organize the defense in advance. I'll rally the adventurers.
    «You»: But I need you to be at your best when I head out to get to the bottom of this and you're left in charge of the defense.
    Nimrod: «You»… You haven't been around for a single moon and you're already...
    «You»: It'll be alright. I'm back for good.
    «You»: Now, Guardians, let's mount a defense these rats will regret crashing into!

    War Camp

    BURP War
    The Waning of Famine

    BURPs are drawing beasts into the
    farmlands after executing surgical
    strikes against caravans and trade
    ships, wearing down the Guardians
    and endangering the supply lines
    for this year's crops! They're out to
    cause damage even if the harvest
    survives - You must stop them!


    «Angela, another female Guardian and a farmer stand in front of a wagon loaded with five barrels, the brown fields lay in the distance»

    Angela: Alright, we're all set. Let's hope this gambit pays off.
    «You»: Are you sure this is going to work?
    Undercover Guardian: This is the most convincing we can make a supply run look.
    Undercover Guardian: When bandit activity started increasing, this is one of the few roads that BURPs didn't start hitting.
    «You»: So they'll expect us to be using this for any rushed supply runs, at least while their siege is still forming up.
    Angela: Exactly.
    «You»: I'm still on board with the idea, but now I have two concerns.
    «You»: Firstly, do you think the BURPs might have been coordinating with the bandits?
    Angela: They've both gotten much more organized and hit a lot of the same targets, but they never raided together. If anything, they're practically competing.
    «You»: That makes it look like the BURPs have been copying the outlaws.
    Angela: Very good guess. Bandits have reorganized into smaller, scattered groups that focus on supply lines.
    Angela: I imagine the master of these rodents noticed how damaging that has been and decided to imitate the ambushes.
    Angela: Now, what's your second concern?
    «You»: Am I wearing an actual dead Am-Bush as a disguise?
    Angela: Yes.
    «You»: ...why?
    Angela: Grif bet a lot of gold that I couldn't make you do it.
    «You»: ...You're paying for my victory meal.
    Guardian: Quiet, here they come!

    «Two BURP? and two BURPs surround the Guardians and wagon»
    BURP?: I told you Blackwhisker was wrong! They DID try to sneak reinforcements around us. WE should be in charge.
    BURP?: Alright, Guardians, here's how this is gonna go. I'm going to deck you, then you, then you, and especially you.
    BURP?: Then I'm going to eat whatever's edible in that cart, most likely a lot of things that aren't, and I'm going to doodle on your horse.
    BURP?: Dude, Adel told us not to show off like that.
    Guardian: ...Why are you just up and telling us your plan?
    BURP?: Because you're about to have so many memory bruises that I didn't want you to forget the surprise. So yeah, surprise.

    «The dead Am-Bush leaves the scene and You walk in from the left»
    «You»: Surprise, you say...

    «The two BURPs? emit an !»

    «The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound»
    BURP?: Ow! Let go of-

    «The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound»
    BURP?: That doesn't bend that way!

    «The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound»
    «You»: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

    «The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Earth element sound»

    «The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound»
    «You»: This is what you get for making me have to listen to Kosefira yodeling!

    «The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Earth element sound»
    BURP?: The muscles! They do nothing!

    «Angela, another female Guardian and a farmer stand in front of a wagon loaded with five barrels, the brown fields lay in the distance»
    «You»: Well, that was cathartic.
    Angela: ...You uh. You've been holding a grudge, haven't you?
    «You»: A whole. Freaking. Chorus. Of high-pitched yodeling. Every festival.
    Angela: Let's just... go report the next priority target.
    «You»: Yeah. I figured Blackwhisker would be involved, but that salty rat being in charge simplifies things.
    Angela: Alright, men, get the spare wheels.
    Undercover Guardian: The what?
    «You»: ….
    Undercover Guardian: ...Oh. Uh... Oops?


    «Blackwhisker runs to the left pursued by one BURP? and two BURPs in Screen 3 »

    «Blackwhisker turns to the right and then left»
    Guardians: Halt! You've been found out!

    «Blackwhisker turns to the right»

    BlackWhisker: What in the crustiest end of me tail be this gaggle of clangin' fools?!
    BlackWhisker: I'll give 'em credit, ye lot surprised me.
    BlackWhisker: Well, I ain't helpin'. If my rats can't take ye lubbers, they won't last against th' ones wot actually formed up all defensive like.

    «You walk in from the left and Blackwhisker turns to the left»
    «You»: I was going to ask how you like being on the receiving end of the ambush this time, but you seem to be taking it rather well.
    BlackWhisker: Ahoy there, «You». That be your idea?
    «You»: Yeah.
    BlackWhisker: Solid. The Cai-Men like ye enough to let ye pull this trick? Mighty resourceful of ye.
    «You»: We don't need to fight. You've been... unreasonable some of the times we met, but very reasonable at others. Let's parlay.
    BlackWhisker: Hmm. I tend ta disagree, Chosen, but aye. Ye got me pinned, and me crew can use the workout anyways. I won't try to negotiate.
    «You»: That's a pleasant surprise.
    BlackWhisker: Let's be transparent, matey, we be buyin' time, the both of us are. And ye a mighty interestin' opponent. What's yer angle?
    «You»: I could be asking that. It's not the usual year for a BURP raid, and I didn't think any of you would still be serving Famine and Pestilence.
    «You»: Besides, how'd you even get past Rhubarb?
    BlackWhisker: Ah, that I didn't. I've come to respect Cap'n Rhubarb enough to accept how much of a fight he'd have put up. And to not want that fight without a more personal-like reason, ya see.
    «You»: That doesn't quite answer the question.
    BlackWhisker: A story fer another time, matey. I gave up the route to a treasure we both want, one we want noone else tae find... and gave him a headstart before I'd share it with others too.
    BlackWhisker: S'why we came here. Cai-Men trade in secrets. The competition will have ta buy it from them.
    «You»: That's... impressively shrewd. Especially considering you seem to be yourself, and you're not working with any other BURP leaders.
    «You»: Now, I'm glad you're being this forthcoming, but I hope you're not offended if I doubt you because of it.
    BlackWhisker: HA! Offended? I'm takin' this whole parlay as a compliment! I've impressed the Chosen, that's how good of a pirate I be!
    «You»: Good to see you're still in high spirits, I guess. Just one more thing before I take you in: Who are you serving this time? Why the sudden change?
    BlackWhisker: And ye were doin' so well so far. Tsk. Me crew hoists no colors but me ship's own. I serve no one but meself.
    BlackWhisker: There was trouble in paradise, see. If ye got a twisted sense of paradise. We lost an oppressor and gained a friend.
    BlackWhisker: A friend that used to be an enemy, then gave us somethin' for that hunger no amount of gold was fillin'.
    BlackWhisker: PURPOSE. So ye won't be takin' anyone in here, least of all me.
    BlackWhisker: Alright, gents, quit holdin' back and trample the lubbers!

    Guardians: Watch it, more of them in the trees!

    «Blackwhisker walks off to the right»
    «You»: ...I guess that's what I get for taking it for granted that being reasonable meant he'd agree with me.
    «You»: This friend... I wonder... I'll need to find out where else these ships are docking.

    «Water element sound»
    Guardians: A LITTLE HELP HERE!
    «You»: Right! On it!

  • More
    Twilly: But! You're back with us! You're alive, and you're the best!
  • More
    Twilly: We need to win so we can celebrate! So if you need to be healing, I can help you!
  • Heal me please.
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
    • Thank you!
  • Let me handle this

    If you become a Guardian, you can wield the legendary [link=URL]BURP slayer[/link]!

    Potions By Lucretia
    Lucretia: Get your potions here! These won't substitute a good meal, but they'll put the fight back in you!
  • More
    «You»: Not even a siege of weirdly clean rat wrestlers can keep you from punching through and setting up shop, eh?
  • More
    Lucretia: Well, there's no better advertisement than reliability. Wait, but... «You»! You're alive! How!?
  • More
    Lucretia: We thought you were gone for good! First the dragon, then War showed up, I- Lords, I'm so happy to see you.
  • More
    «You»: I'm glad to be back too. You know, you play the ruthless businesswoman, but you really care, don't you?
  • More
    Lucretia: Spill that secret and I might just have to poison you. Unless you consider buying some of my more specialized stock back home.Potion bag
    You must be a Guardian to refill your Health potions from this bag.

    Bubbling Purple liquid Cauldron
    You down a glass and are fully healed! Tastes like almond/anise/apple/banana/blackberry/blood/blueberry/burning/butter rum/butterscotch/caramel/cherry/chocolate/cinammon/clove/coconut/coffee/cola/cotton candy/cream soda/dandelion and burdock/dragonfruit/failure/fruit punch/ginger ale/grape/honey/lemon/lemonade/lemon-lime/licorice/lime/maple/marshmallow/mint/moglinberry/moglnberry wine/Nutella/orange/passionfruit/peach/peanut butter/peppermint/pińa colada/pineapple/prunes/purple/raspberry/root beer/sarsaparilla/sour apple/sour cherry/sour grape/strawberry/success/watermelon/wildberry!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      Four Battles from Monster Pool full heal after each two
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.
  • Secret Mission!

    Once the war meter reaches 100%

    «Inside the Guardian Tower You walk in from the left as Nimrod stands on the left of the table with five other UltraGuardians on the right»
    «You»: How are you holding up, Nimrod?
    Nimrod: Much better. Thank you for getting my head on straight.
    «You»: Anytime. I know it's hard to admit when you can't go on. Don't burn out on us.
    Nimrod: Of course. The defense is in much better shape for your help, and I've taken over direction of operations smoothly.
    Nimrod: This doesn't look like it'll be a clean victory, they've done a lot more than just going after crops this time... But we've contained the damage and pushed them back. It could be a lot worse.
    Grif: Let's actually secure that victory, then. Angela, what did your scouts bring us?
    Angela: Not just scouts. Our usual tactical team is right out there on the field, directing troops. Their diversionary maneuvers are why we get to have this meeting.
    Angela: But the scouts got us the routes for all the ships sailing alongside BlackWhisker's. We've got one likely base of operations identified.
    Nimrod: «You», we can organize a counterattack, but I'd like you to investigate first. It'll take time to muster forces in our situation.
    «You»: You don't have to tell me twice. With any luck, I might be able to stop this assault before you have to.

    4 Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal after #2 and #4 battles.

    «Two BURP? guard the entrance to a building and a grey haired woman in blue robes with a blonde child walk out through the door»
    Guard BURP: Take care around the shore!
    Guard BURP: Come back soon!

    «The woman and the child walk off to the left, You walk in from the left»
    «You»: …Wait, what just happened?
    Guard BURP: ...Shoot.
    Guard BURP: Aw humans, it's the Chosen.
    «You»: BURPs guarding a tavern? That's not quite what I'd imagined coming here.
    Guard BURP: Freakin' BlackWhisker, we should've known he'd lose again...
    Guard BURP: Look, «You», let's not get off on the wrong foot. I'm Stick and this is Figure.
    Stick: I don't want to cause a scene during service hours, but we've got orders about you.
    «You»: What, am I not allowed in without a reservation or something?
    Figure: Those are Chef Adel's exact orders, actually.
    «You»: ...I'd say that's discrimination, but I AM here to find out who you work for and how hard my boot needs to collide with their butt.

    Battle: [link=URL]Stick & Figure[/link]
    Full Heal

    «You»: I warned you. Now please, step aside. People are going to starve if I don't get to the bottom of this, and I don't want to keep beating on you to do it.
    Figure: Look, we just don't want a fight in the hall. We can't stop you, just... Go around to the service entrance.
    ???: There will be no need for that. Sorry for taking so long, gentlemen.
    ???: I felt him (male)/ her (female) coming, but was still busy.
    Stick: Sorry, Chef. We couldn't stop «You».

    «Famine walks in from the right»
    Famine: And I had told you not to try, friends. But I appreciate you buying me time to fill the tickets.
    «You»: ...I thought it might be you, but... What? Famine, the Rider, running a tavern?
    Famine: An overdose of irony. I'm sure. I've known you were coming for a while, so could you get it all out of your system so we can get to the productive part of this ordeal? I do still have a lot of work to do.
    «You»: I'm here to put an end to the attacks, but you have to admit that you running any sort of business is odd. One with a kitchen? *Extremely* odd.
    Famine: I'll have you know that a common friend gave me the confidence to pursue this and keep trying to innovate in cuisine.
    Famine: Besides, you of all people should know that as much as the mantle tries to shape the bearer, it is the bearer that shapes the mantle in the end.
    Famine: Surely you, who wield the weapons of those who fell before regaining their will, wouldn't assume that I am nothing but my title. Would you... brother (male)/ sister (female)?
    «You»: ...Keep explaining. But don't call me... Don't.
    Famine: I will respect that request this time, but you should bear in mind that denial is an unwise thing to abuse.
    Famine: If I remember right, there's no consideration for a 'second greatest warrior' in the succession. You were given the privilege of choice, but beware the day when the world may choose for you.
    Famine: Although I *am* deeply envious that your reluctance is so kindly humored by the powers that be, I respect it all the same.
    Famine: After all, here I am... Remind me, Stick, how have profits been today?
    Stick: ...You want the good or bad, boss?
    Famine: Good.
    Stick: Well, we made a little bit of gold today.
    «You»: But you clearly have happy customers. From out here, it looks like you're serving a lot of people.
    Famine: Precisely. I found this little corner of Lore where people don't fear me. Where they'd come to accept me as inevitable.
    Famine: Here I feed a few dozen, to make myself feel marginally better about trying to starve the thousands under our brother's (male)/ sister's (female) watch.
    Famine: We must continue to test and challenge life. You know this, even if you've renounced it. And I must regain power, lest I be too weak to remain - Or worse, face Pestilence.
    «You»: Weren't you working together?
    Famine: He's finally had enough of my restraint, among other things that I worry include the balance of the world. This is why you've been facing stronger, well-fed rodents. We refuse to empower him.
    «You»: This is becoming a very complicated situation, very quickly.
    Famine: Then allow me to simplify it. I'd like to think we respect each other, Chosen, at least enough to each know that the other won't stop unless forced to.
    Famine: Draw your weapon, and let it decide the outcome of this day.

    Battle: [link=URL]Fading Famine[/link]
    Full Heal

    Famine: Ah... So this is just how much I have waned. Have it your way. Serenia may come when she pleases, I will call off my companions.
    «You»: That's one more thing I'm curious about. You've clearly empowered your forces, even if less than before, but everyone has been talking as if you've seriously become friends.
    «You»: BlackWhisker doesn't talk like a minion. In fact, he hasn't ever talked like this. He believes in you. Fervently.
    Famine: And I am immensely grateful for it. I'm on the side of life's continuation, «You», but I have to be ready for the opposite possibility... And be dutiful in my role in challenging life.
    «You»: This leaves us in a rather awkward spot, doesn't it?
    Famine: Indeed. Chances are that we will always be enemies. But if you ever find the next place I set up shop, you are more than welcome.
    Famine: It WOULD mean I'd have to move yet again, mind, so considering the preparations involved... Please make a reservation next time.

    «At the intersection of a path between green hills, a brown field and a black silhouette of a barn house and storage buildings»
    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!

    «Pans upward to gradient of blue to light blue with the barnhouse, hills and fields below»
    Bystander: It's a CloudZard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    «Pans downward as a light yellow human silhouette in a dress descends as a trail of loose feathers fall from her to the ground with Wind element sound, the fields turn to yellow and green as You walk in from the left, ten patches of grass sprout on the brown path and two clusters of three dark-blue interior and white-tipped flowers surrounded by yellow-grey and orange-pink flowers sprout from the green hills»
    «You»: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter.

    «A light yellow Serenia slowly flies in from the right»
    Serenia: It pleases me to see you succeed again, as strange as it is to meet as siblings. Out of order as it may be, the harvest is restored. The cost is one I will gladly pay.
    «You»: The cost?
    Serenia: We wane, «You» But you have more immediate concerns, and imminent trials to prepare for.
    Serenia: Wisdom and might meet in a trickster warrior, an ancient regent chosen by a greater crown. Where his singular gaze falls, fortune and misfortune alike follow, for he is opportunity made flesh.
    Serenia: Heroes from afar, deceived in ways they yet ignore, would seize this hour, and you would be wise to lead by example.
    Serenia: You may yet share in the sage's pride and make merry like few ever have, if snow stands the test of thunder.

    Harvest Festival 2019: The Waning of Famine

  • [link=URL]Gym Rat[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • [link=URL]Ravenous Talisman[/link] (Lvl 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Exit

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

  • Afur R(at)onin
  • [link=URL]B.I.R.D.[/link]
  • BURP
  • [link=URL]BURP?[/link]
  • Cauliflower R(at)onin
  • Nezujimbo
  • Samurai Pizza Rat
  • R(at)onin
  • [link=URL]Small BURP[/link]
  • [link=URL]W.H.E.E.L.[/link]


    November 29, 2019: The quest was released.
    December ??, 2019: The quest became rare.

    Write Up and Monster Pool thanks to Legendary Ash.

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